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Weather Station Maintenance October 2012

By: wx75, 1:35 PM GMT on October 23, 2012

After nearly fourteen months of continuous operation from August 15, 2011 to October 14, 2012, I decided it was time to change the batteries at the weather station sensor and at the indoor console. Four AA lithium batteries were installed on October 14, 2012.

Also, on October 12, 2012, the rain gauge stopped working. On October 21st, after contacting Ambient customer service, I followed up on their recommendation to open up the rain gauge and check for insect infestation. Sure enough, when I pushed the pressure tabs on the sides of the unit and popped the top, I found a red-backed jumping spider nesting inside. Her body and web were keeping the rain buckets from tipping. After some prodding with a screwdriver, the spider reluctantly abandoned her cozy home and jumped down to the grass below. I then cleaned the web material from inside the gauge and sprayed the interior with bug spray. A light rain of 0.01 inches yesterday showed that the gauge was back in operation. Thanks to Ed at Ambient Customer Service for pointing me to the page at the Ambient Weather Wiki with instructions on how to open and clean the rain gauge.

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Updated: 1:36 PM GMT on October 23, 2012


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