Weather Underground Introduces Green Initiatives

By: wuinitiative , 9:45 PM GMT on December 22, 2011

Did you know that many cities throughout the Bay Area have a robust composting program where residents put items able to be composted into a separate bin alongside their recyclables and regular garbage? Perhaps if you live in the Bay Area, this will not surprise you. But, in many parts of the country there is no such program. Heck, in some cities do not have any recycle program for residents to recycle easy things such as aluminum cans, gas bottles, and plastic containers.

My point in bringing this up is to point out that there are many easy avenues to climate change solutions currently present that are simply not used, or downright ignored, by various municipalities. Processes such as composting not only limits what we are putting into our landfills, but it also also creates a much-needed soil supplement people can put into their gardens (which also happened to be an oft-ignored solution to climate change).

For these ignored green processes, Weather Underground has create our Green Initiatives. If you have always wanted your city to take a greener approach to a current citywide process, we want to know about it! Do you want your city to take on a composting program? Would you like to see more trees in your city's parks? Want an easier way to recycled used paint? Wish you knew what to do with all of those used electronics piling up in your garage? Tired of seeing your neighbors car smoke up your street every time he starts it up? We want to hear about it in this blog's comments section.

Our hope is that, by advertising a desire for your city to take a greener approach to a city's functions, one of many things will happen. First, perhaps there is someone if your town who has the same idea as you and is also on Weather Underground. By teaming up, you will bring a collective voice instead of a solitary one. Second, maybe someone in a different town who is also reading this blog has gone taken on the battle of suggesting a similar thing to their town. Maybe that have some suggestions for you to use to get your city to be greener. Third, if we get a collective voice in the Weather Underground community saying they want to be green initiative "X" to city "Y", we'd love to help out! We would help by providing resources, expert opinions on climate change and how making your city greener is actually financially positive for a municipality, or any other way we are capable.

You see, as a company who believes in the scientific consensus that global warming is mostly due to anthropogenic processes, we have an obligation to promote greener, more sustainable methods to everyday live. It is within these everyday interactions and decisions that we will create a more sustainable and pleasant Earth. Help us!

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