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recap for previous week and forecast for monday feb 24th- friday feb 28

By: weatherlover2010, 4:30 AM GMT on February 24, 2014

Hey everyone a much nicer reprive from the winter this past week is ending as we speak heres the recap with degress of from my forecast.

wed night feb 19th to 20th: mc skies low 24 (8)

thursday feb 20th: a nice start to the day then clouds overtook the area high53(5)

thursday night:fog with a low 36(4)

friday feb 21: foggy until 11:45 then cloudy and warm with a south west wind warmed before thundershowers passed between 2:10-3:10pm .13 fell. high 59(2) very good forecast except for priecp winds gusted to 35-45 mph with frontal passage

friday night:clearing with a low of 25(10) way colder then i thought

saturday: a really really nice day with sunny skies but brisk with southwest winds 10-20 mph gusting past 30 (17 on my weather station) high 58 (1) a great forecast)

saturday night:mostly clear skies low 31 (6) warmer then i thought

sunday: another beautiful day with less wind high 59(13) way warmer then i thought with more sun.

so far my forecast for this week looks ok with cold weather mon and tue with snow possible tue night into wed 1-3 inches max! then very cold through highs around 30-35 lows below 15

i will give my new forecast thursday night: and look forward to my "local weather forecasters challege where i will put everyones forecast for temps i can find for 4 days out with highs and lows and sees whos most accurate. i will do that once a month until summer expect all local stations,, accuweather,weather underground both), nws, forecast io, and weather nation. all for phl airport.


recap of past week and forecast through feb 25

By: weatherlover2010, 5:49 AM GMT on February 20, 2014

wow what a week heres the recap

sat feb 15th. a chilly cold day with light rain and snow showers high 36

sun feb 16th: a cold mostly cloudy day brisk high 33

monday: another cold day after a low of 19 only the 9th sunny day since dec 1. high 36

tuesday: am snow of 2-4 inches 2.7 in wallingford turned mostly sunny by noon with a high of 45

wen: a cold morning followed by a thunderstorm with extremly loud thunder at 10:20am 0.37 inches of rain here in wallingford followed by a mild partly cloudy afternoon high 45

now for the forecast through monday

wed night: (temps rose from 35 to 44 between 7:15 and 8:30pm crazy) clear skies patchy fog low 32

Thursday: am clouds and fog followed by a little bit of sun and then mostly cloudy with a passing shower in the afternoon (high 48

Thursday night: increasing clouds with temps rising aftermidnight midnight low around 40. south winds 5-10mph FOG will be a problem

Friday: a cloudy mild morning with pockets of morning fog showers and storms between 12-5pm. some storms could be servere with wind gusts around 40mph at local weather stations. -5 inches of rain in most spots with possible 1 inch amounts. high 61

friday night: clearing and brezzy low 35

saturday: a nice brisk day with mostly sunny skies high 57

saturday night: less wind mostly clear skies low 28

sunday: brisk again with clouds and sun high 46

sunday night: colder and mostly clear with a low of 24

monday: cold with sun and wind high 38

Tue-thursday very cold with snow showers possible up to 1-3 inch max on tuesday night or wendensday high tue 35 high wed 34 high thursday 30 with lows in the mid 10s


recap of feb 12-13 snowstorm and forecast through tuesday feb 18

By: weatherlover2010, 2:30 AM GMT on February 15, 2014

WOW what a big time snowstorm especially on the front end with unbelivebale 3-4 inch snow rates an hour and totals of 10-18 inches for most of pa. then rain and sleet most of the day and then thundersleet changing to snow between 600 and 10pm with the upper level energy. in terms of my forecast i did horrble for snowfall totals with under doing it big time but with timing and possibly saying philly could get a foot i was pretty good i did not see 18-24 inches possible as close to the cites of baltimore dc and philly as they came

snow started here around 8:45 pm (i said it would start around 9) and became accumlating snow by midnight. the snow was light to mod from 12-3 with 3.5 inches on the ground at 3:00am. then between 3-4am we saw 3 inches of snow and between 4-6 am we saw 4 inches of snow bringing the total to 9.0 inches then as precip switched over to a sleet snow and rain mix it accumlated up to 10.5 inches by 9 am then it was light showers until 5:30pm with temps in the mid 30s and winds ene gusting to 30-40mph. totals of 10-16 inches were common close to dc and baltimore and philly suburbs before the second wave came through

then by 6pm the upper level energy came into the region and created thunder sleet/rain/snow from northern va to northern jersey. 2-6 addtional inches fell from dc to philly between 7-2am. with total snow totals of 12-26 inches

i got a total of 12.0 inches, phl got 11.5, west cain, 20.5, allentown 19.6, dover 6, wilmington 12, millvile 6.5 atlantic city 3

dc got 8-16 inches close by and 14-24 north and west suburbs.

now for the forecast with temps for my weather station

friday night: increasing clouds light winds with low of 22

saturday: rain snow mix before noon then changing to snow between 12-2pm ending by 7pm with accumlation of 1-2 inches here and 2-5 inches north and west. high 37. winds increasing wnw to 10-20mph

saturday night: snow ending early clearning by midnight and windy with low of 12

sunday: brezzy with clouds and sun chills in the morning of 5-10. high 31

sunday night: mostly clear skies light winds with a low of 11

monday: partly to mostly cloudy skies and still brisk high of 34

monday night: increasing clouds with ice late possible of .1 ice or 1-2 inches of snow low 28 early then rising to around frezzing

tuesday: light rain accumlating .2-.4 inches high 39


Forecast for feb 12-13th storm at 8pm

By: weatherlover2010, 1:02 AM GMT on February 13, 2014

yet another winter storm is approching the area with it already snowing in va, dc and metro baltimore up to .5-1.5 inches of ice across georgia and south caralina with over 6 inches of snow possible north of atlanta tonight.

with snow already falling in dc i expect snow to start south to north between 9-11pm tonight it will be heavy from 1am-8am from i-95 north and west with the mix line approaching philly by 7:30am thursday. expect a rain sleet mix for metro philly through the day and then back to snow from 8pm-3am friday.

now for the forecast

9-11pm: snow moves in temps 23-26

11-3am: snow gets heavy temps 25-28, 2-4 inches

3-8am: snow heavy at times 1-3 inches per hour with possible thundersnow mix line approaching if not already in philly temps 28-33
4-7 inches with possible 10 inch totals north and west

8am-12pm: precip slowing down with mix being at leigh valley. temps 31-40 south.

12-7pm lull with scattered showers

9-3am: possible mod snow on back side 2-5 more inches possible


south jersey and southern Delaware cites like Vineland, Millvile, atlantic city dover 1-3 inches total

dover to gloucher to toms river line, 3-6 inches total

1-95 corrdior: 5-9 inches with possible 10 inch amounts if it stays colder longer with heavy precip

north and western suburdbs north of west chester perkise line 8-12 inches up to 15 inches in spots

Critical times 3-9am and 10-3am friday

very tough forecast with rain snow line close to i-95 as heavy precip moves through if snow line stays south until 9am philly should get 9-12 inches but im leaning toward 5-8 inches

For dc: 6-9 inches for city 5-7 for regan and 9-14 for north and western suburbs.

8pm weather info for wallinford pa

temp 25
wind ene 1-6
hum 70
dew 17
pressure 30.37

next update during storm then forecast blog for next period later this week


Feb 6th forecast

By: weatherlover2010, 12:20 AM GMT on February 07, 2014

so a cold winter day in the delaware valley is more cold on the way? keep reading for the forecast!

first i would like to give a "this day in history" segment

on this day in 2008 record heat captured the east coast with highs of lower to mid 70s in virginia with mid and upper 60s across the delaware valley.

more crazy then that was this was day that the first of 2 storms in less then a week to bring 15+ snowstorms in 2010.

I was in dc at the time and the dc metro got pounded by 15-30 inches of snow and that 15-25 inches made it as north as trenton and philly with 23.2 inches falling at phl. south eastern pa picked up anywhere from 8-18 inches with south jersey picking up 20-30 inches with miminal mixing taking place. In arlington va we picked up 23.0 inches of snow. i will have much more on that storm next year for the 5 year!

now for the forecast:

Tonight: decreasing clouds late with temps dropping into the upper 10s and around 20 for city.

Friday. lots of sun temps not getting very warm with frezzing maybe a degree or two above for a couple hours in the afternoon. light north winds. high 34

friday night: increasing clouds light winds low 22.

Saturday: mostly cloudy with possible light snow <1 inch in most spots high 31.

Saturday night: mostly cloudy snow still possible: low 23

Sunday: mostly cloudy still cold with snow possible late high 30

Monday-wed: pc to mostly cloudy skies and windy monday with highs 28-33 and lows in the mid teens.

PS; i set up my new vantage vue weather station and each update i will give my current conditions from it.

feb 6th

Temp 23.9
Hum; 74
dewpoint 17
wind calm
pressure 30.28


Snowstorm recap for feb 3rd

By: weatherlover2010, 7:43 PM GMT on February 03, 2014

Hey everyone!

SO what a snowstorm north and west of the city and very dissapointing south of a wilmington, kphl cherry hill line. as of 2:30pm the rain snow line has only made it to a dover, vineland, atlantic city airport line. totals of 3-5 inches around i-95 with 6-9 inch totals from chester, mont, bucks and berks couties up to the southern leigh valley with 8.1 inches falling in allentown. still snow is falling but with temps in the mid 30s and lighter snowfall accumlation is mostly done. here in wallingford we picked up 4.2 inches.

Storm recap:

Rainfall started across whole area between 2-4am with heavy rain from a reading, lancaster, trenton line as of 5am. rain quickly changed to snow across northwestern suburbs between 4-6. by 7 am the mix line was around a kennett square, media, bensalem line, by 7:10 rain quickly changed over to a heavy wet snow in wallingford and most of the city. as this was happening very heavy precip was located from reading and lancaster southeast through philly into south jersey, snowfall rates were 1-2 inches per hour. by 8 am preicip countiued with the mix line from wilmington, chester to lindenwold nj line and things were just starting to get white around here. between 8-11am the rain snow line made it from woodbury north and east line to glouceter, shamong and woodland by 11am which is only 20 miles or so.

on the other side of the river totals were apporaching 6 inches by 11am in the northwestern suburbs and 2-4 inches across philly metro. by 12pm 3.5 inches of snow had fallen here in wallingford with the bulk of the heavy precip moving out of southeastern pa.

here are some totals as of 2:30pm with snow still falling

4.2 wallingford
malvern and west chester 8.0, 8.3
norwood 4 inches
allentown 8.1
kop 6.8

KPHL 3.5 inches

NEW jersey and delaware

Burlington 5
cranberry 7.8

0.5-2 inches new castle county

one more update coming with more totals by 6 or 7pm tonight and a first forecast for tuesday night into wedensday timeframe.

Ice accumlated .2-.5 inches across the area from wallingford pa north and west. major power outages still 36 hours after the storm

Winter Weather

Updated: 11:59 PM GMT on February 06, 2014


Snow monday feb 3rd

By: weatherlover2010, 5:28 AM GMT on February 03, 2014

Hey everyone im patrick and i just wanted to start weather blogging i will give updates 3 to 4 times a week with forecast and nowcasts. mostly for the philly metro.


overview: rain to snow between 3-6 am monday morning from west chester to trenton line through wilmington cherry hill toms river line. North and west counties will be a quick bit of rain then snow all morning. then after 6am mod to heavy snow for philly metro to allentown with mod rain for south jersey and delaware south of newark. between 6am-11am expect 2-4 inches for philly, wilmington, cherry hill and close to i-95 and expect 4+ for west chester, pottstown, reading, perkise and north and west to allenton. from 11am-3pm expect all areas except cost to change over to snow with more snow accumlating 1-3 more inches. after 3 expect clearing and a cold night for monday

: totals

costal counties; atlantic city wildwood south and east expect maybe a coating to an inch of snow

Salem, kent, millville and south jersey expect 2-4 inches of snowfall

Newark, wilmington, chester, media, philly and trenton expect 4-7 inches of snow (leaning towards 4 inches)

Western couties (wayne, norristown, pottstown, reading lancaster and westchester and glen mills expect 6-9+ (plus indicating some areas could see 12 inches!

north and west of their expect 3-5 inches

poconos 1-3 inches

this is a very difficult forecast with temps being extremly important and bust is possible for philly but i am confident north and west will see 5+

Expect more winter weather tuesday night through wed especially north and west and then cold for rest of week with another storm possible saturday

as for dc and baltimore 1-3 for cites with 3-9 inches north and west!


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