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By: wanzewurld, 4:38 PM GMT on October 13, 2012

Well, I had a positive experience this past week; I posted an overflight of the ISS (International Space Station) with times, directions, and elevations for the Columbia Mississippi area on Facebook after I updated myself from www.heavens-above.com. I had no idea that anyone would be interested and said so when I posted it. An extremely bright overpass, though, was worth sharing for the many people who had never seen one or had seen it and didn't know what it was. This one was a magnitude -3.0 which is about as bright as it gets!!!

I posted the event fairly early and got a couple of replies fairly quickly - Something of a surprise - and answered the questions as best as I could.

Then I got ready to head out and photograph it myself but was interrupted by a couple of ill-timed phone calls which were unrelated to the event but important nevertheless so I was a bit late leaving. I decided to head out to a location in the city limits which is relatively open and usually free of interfering direct light - a road behind Walmart and between Walmart and a usually dark football field.

I was setting up my camera and tripod and had just locked the last leg on the tripod when the city decided to turn on the stadium lights on the football field! There was just enough light spill-over to overexpose my shots and render my photo unusable but I saw the ISS and those lights didn't diminish my enjoyment of knowing I was seeing something over a hundred miles distant moving at thousands of miles per hour and the time of its passing was accurately forecasted for my location from a website on the internet!

It got me wondering what life was like before the internet? It's been so long ago I had problems recalling what we did before all of the information was literally at our fingertips! The next thought to occur was, "What would life be like now without it"? That is even more unimaginable than the recollection of what it was like before!

It is with a sadness that I faced up to the realization that I will probably live to see that lack of information one day in the not-too-distant future due to interference, war, or national/international intervention. Of course, this is mere fantasy and has a very slight chance of coming about - But it is something to think about and prepare for.

It is on this sad reflection that I close this most current blog...


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