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Later on after Isaac

By: wanzewurld, 7:25 AM GMT on September 25, 2012

I just tried to upload 5 photos of a phenomena I'd neither seen nor heard of ever before! The photos were taken with my Canon 60D and were all just slightly over 4 MB so they wouldn't post. I've sent a message asking for special permission and would welcome someone telling me what I can do to reduce the resolution or file size; I've still got them in the camera and there's a way to do that in there so, barring special permission or information I'll do that and post them later.

I thought I'd captured a shot of an/the??? Aurora Borealis way down here in Mississippi but just a couple of days later I saw a shot in http://www.spaceweather.com that described what I'd apparently taken photos of - "Airglow"! If you'd care to read about it the specific address is: Link

It burst my bubble because I'd predicted we'd see Aurora here during this Solar Max and there it was!!! I didn't see it right away until I was reviewing the photos later that evening/morning and saw the green streaks; I set the camera on wide-angle, opened the lens, and set the shutter to 15 seconds, ISO 6400, and took 3 consecutive shots as quickly as the camera would allow. I was thrilled to see the movement of the green fingers of light from frame-to-frame which seemed to prove Aurora Borealis as the culprit but was equally thrilled to find out I'd photographed a phenomena I'd never seen before. I'm going to give it another chance the next time I get a clear, moonless night. This was taken right after a tropical disturbance had cleared the area and the sky was marvelously clear - Clear enough to see the Milky Way which is an unusual occurrence for this neck of the woods in itself... Actually, that was the reason for my taking photos that night, the Milky Way.

Well, Stub, the wonder dog, grows impatient with me writing while he's trying to sleep so I'll make this a comparatively short blog. As always, comments are welcome, solicited, and appreciated.


Not Aurora Borealis - Airglow! Photos


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