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Waiting for the gathering storm

By: wanzewurld, 6:39 AM GMT on January 26, 2012

Well, as usual it's been a long time since my last post.
I'm laying around here just before midnight waiting on what promises to be some pretty severe weather on a slow-moving front.
There's a feature I've seen before that always preceeds bad weather - Like BAD weather! I've always wondered if the feature has a name; it's a slowly moving point on the radar, satellite, and water vapor loop that looks like clouds flowing out of a small, single, well-defined point. The cloud just seems to start right there and flow out like a river, growing ever wider as it stretches out (to the northeast today) gaining in opacity as it reaches out bringing heavy rain, high winds, and the possibility of funnel clouds. Tonight the single point is down in the Gulf of Mexico and stretching up through Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the whole eastern corridor, almost reaching the Great Lakes before being caught up in a strong jet stream blowing out of the plains states towards the northeastern seaboard - The jet stream is stronger than I've seen in quite a while and blowing in a seldom-seen straight west to east line! It's just strange weather all over the eastern half of the nation!
Me 'n' muh dawg is just laying around trying to keep off each other's nerves - Actually, he's probably trying a little harder than me, having already been disciplined for gettin' crossways with me earlier in the evening; I got tired of his high-pitched whining as I drove the two of us out to our friend's house for supper. he's got 2 girls out there - Boston Bull Terriers named Dottie and Holly. Holly's his favorite bud of all - me included - and he always whines with anticipation when he realizes where we're going and it gets on my nerves after a few minutes! I pulled over and whaled the tar out of him with an empty business-size white envelope - the kind I get credit card solicitations in; it doesn't do any damage and doesn't hurt but the noise and further threat of application is enough to settle him down. I've got to do it about once a month to settle the air between us and remind him who operates the can opener and drives the car! I wore that little booty out for aobut 10 or 15 seconds pulled over to the side of the road.

Anyway, the storm's headed this way and is as strange a system as I've seen in a few years!!! it's stretched out raining from about 150 miles offshore of Texas/Louisiana in a band from 50 to 250 miles wide all the way up to about 50 miles south of Lake Michigan.

The appearance of the point has got weirder and stranger!!! Since the last time I looked, it looks like the point is slurping a straw!!! The point has grown a very, very narrow tail reaching about 50 miles to the south! I'm getting my images from a water vapor loop at http://www.goes.noaa.gov/GSSLOOPS/ecwv.html and weather maps of radar from here at wunderground and www.intellicast.com. The whole of the rain is moving straight up NNE while the trough - About 200 miles wide here as the eastern edge advances east and the winds blow the storm inside the system north. This is all pretty confusing and I plan on coming back at some future time and slimming it all down to a more readable and understandable blog.

I'm in the bedroom watching (or mostly listening) to Hill Street Blues, one of my favorite classic serials! I can hear the deep, low, distant, rumble of thunder and have the cameras ready for anything I can see after dark! There's actually more than most people imagine because I can expose the camera for severl seconds or minutes and gather thousands of times more light than the human eye can detect. I probably won't get anything tonight but all the places I could go to get lightning photos are too exposed; I'm not scared of lightning but I know better than to "dis" it!!! I've never seen a storm take as long to get here as this one! It was crossing the Mississippi/Louisiana border about 6 PM and that was over 6 hours ago! it crossed the Marion/Walthall County line, about 15 miles west of here over an hour ago! the storm is moving north, inside the system about 30 or more mph while the eastern edge (which is what will bring the storm to us) appears to be moving about 5 to 10 mph to the east and looks to be slowing down.

I just had a thought: I wonder if this is tied in with the recent solar storm??? I'm certain there's some relationship but I know of no way to gauge its effect.

Well, this is more of a blog than I've been writing, even if it is unintelligible. Somebody please read this thing and give me some feedback -K?


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