The Back Handed Slap

By: vvers, 1:26 AM GMT on February 04, 2009

The weather's been really tame for Southern Californians this time of year. I'm thankful to have the temperature be so kind to us, especially when I'm working outdoors. I'd like to talk about another martial arts tactic useful for fighters, armed security guards and agents is the back hand slap. Security guard companies and various agencies often teach this move to their people. The back hand slap is best employed to a potential threat stood slightly to your to flan...

The Wide World of Martial Arts

By: vvers, 4:07 AM GMT on January 31, 2009

The weather's been really cold here lately and sometimes I feel it in my bones. After years of martial arts, my bones will feel a certain way when the weather gets like this. The world is so rich in having so many different martial arts traditions. The Japanese and Chinese are not the only ones to have martial arts. The French have Savat, also called chausson. In Brazil there is an art called Capoeira. Wrestling is common from all over the world and Boxing (as seen ...

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Hi, My name's Jim and I'm a security guard. I'm usually posted in outdoor areas so the weather is somehting I'm definitely interested in.