Don't read u gnow i'm wrong

By: vis0, 4:57 AM GMT on October 22, 2014

This was a title of a recent news story:
olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) from the patient's nose helps man walk again.

FIRST since its just a test it will take many more tries to find out why his spinal injury was "reversed" and IF this man continues to improve more research is needed.

. These (OECs)  cells send the sense of smell from the nasal lining to the brain..(i vis0 adds) as to their most basic (physical)  use.


Galacsic regenerating cells weather? ,peace

Influencing weather

By: vis0, 9:16 PM GMT on October 18, 2014

Any time one tries to change "nature" it can be dangerous, but its done on a constant bases be it through medicine or just plain lab experiments. Notice the discoveries i state are to "influnce nature" not force or change nature DIRECTLY that is no good and can be done via the sciences i type of. If i am proud of 1 thing is i never (knock on wood i don't go crazy in my elderly life) let $$$ steer my thoughts.  i had millions offered by rouge countries a...

influencing weather ml-d bound to repeat the same errors

...from the link...

By: vis0, 5:15 PM GMT on October 12, 2014

(from Dr. Masters 2826-490) (not spellckD) being directly influenced by the ml-d a TS as the ml-d settings rise from a reset or from what i call the "2wkA" , in this case its the latter (see previous Dr.
Masters blog (#2825, last 2 or 3pgs) for an "incoherent" explanation as a reply to a Grothar post) these , if HH Dropsondes**  interacted with "intrea-pulse gusts"
 they'd think FAY were a cat 1 or even 2 storm IF ONE ONLY USED DROPSOND...

2014(all eggs not hatched)TS/ml-d interactions

By: vis0, 6:07 PM GMT on October 07, 2014

  i recommend if you wish to re visit this blogbyte one save the image (ABOVE TXT is a PNG image) as its on a very good host (postimg) but they delete inactive image links and since one can hear an echo when reading my pgs that means no one visits so this blogbyte will have 0KB in a few months. Why post images of text?, i prefer to use colours and unicode and most blogs (as here) reset ones format if its opened by the member or someone on the server side an...

ml-d diary temporary image

GW(GCS) on vacation?

By: vis0, 9:56 PM GMT on October 04, 2014

If you have firefox and add-on "Image Resizer/Scaler" use it here by pressing ALT and use mouses left click-hold-drag to resize/scale the image to best fit your viewing needs...if no such addon on your compu'r or prefer to open the image in its org size click this link .png.

An ounce of prevention ...(you know some are going to "edit-review" this article, meaning take snippets of comments to prove GW i...

GW GCS read fully

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