areas showing Bertha reacting to ml-d AOIs(i say)

By: vis0, 10:21 AM GMT on August 06, 2014

The talk-box pointer (in 1st VID below) points to where the ml-d AOI has its boundary, South to North, 33%,66% & 99%. See graphic of the US of A with the ml-d center represented by a black L over NYC. Inside the inner most oblate area is 99%, between the blue and green oblate areas its 66% and between the green and the brown twisted thickest line ml-d is influencing at 33%.

What do the H stand for in the Map of the world to the left?
Those are Nature's...

ml-d AOI

Updated: 7:40 PM GMT on August 07, 2014

Look nothing, WOW!!!, Plant some thinking seeds.

By: vis0, 8:54 AM GMT on August 05, 2014

When one thinks the blog is "dead" look & learn at the period of time where nothing seems to be happening.

That's why i really luv one of your WxU members who continuously posts -not to overlook areas where "nothing" is happening-.

 why? (via my 22cents...seemingly foreign 22 cents)
 (one of my teenage years sayings:: "cause when one ignores emptiness (areas of seemingly nothing) one ignores the most".


Galacsics Galacsics Calendar

Ml-d diary, Bertha (2014)

By: vis0, 6:21 AM GMT on August 02, 2014

    The reason i uploaded this period in TS Bertha's movement was to show one of my theories as to the ml-d (weather influencing device).
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  One thing i state is that the higher rotating weather entity (as to the present settings it favours higher rotating LOWS as opposed to stronger HIGHS) is that UNDER T...

ml-d diary Bertha 2014

TS#2, directions? depends whose driving

By: vis0, 7:04 AM GMT on July 24, 2014

These images

represent 2 directions as if only physics or what i call Galacsics existed. In reality these 2 dimensions interact / intÆrct (if one believes my theories) plus there is the Galacsic Calendar's 2 week long anomaly period of which i have no clue when the next 2 week period is, why? Again my compu'r conked and in not having programs i've used for 12+ yrs i am relying on 2 good neighbors, one has internet but not a compu'r that can be used... DR. Masters (Guest: S. Gregory, NOT RELATED) entry 2730p10cmnt505

By: vis0, 10:04 PM GMT on July 20, 2014

my other 11cents:

Those who've read my blog know of what i call an ml-d. If the North east continuous to stay cooler or below the rest of the world as to temperatures going through extreme heat REMEMBER many of the people whom would donate or support GW/GCS IF THEY LIVED THROUGH HEATWAVES yet being that the North east to Miss Valley are not going through LONGER DURATION heat extremes i hope they can check out my blog as to my explanation via how since the ml-...

Global warming Climate Change Global Ckimate Schizo

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