ml-d diary 201407-11

By: vis0 , 9:25 AM GMT on July 11, 2014

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ml-d cleaning (began midnight Thur>Fri still delicately going 5am...) BUT i'm going to try a new method of cleaning to see if it reset the ml-d. i'm hoping it does not reset it as the major reason for the ml-d resetting is every time i clean it be it from dust to spider webs. Why so dusty, i'm on 2nd Ave. & that and i think 3rd Ave. (Manhattan,NY) in this area are the car exhaust (Soot?) capital of NYC and that type of pollution affects the ml-d settings. i am hoping it does NOT reset it to see what happens with the tropical wave i am watching as POI4 that might either try to build (TRY) in the BOC or a bit before with a lower chance to go all the way to ePAC (because of it trajectory) BUT once in ePAC it has the highest chance to build up in a tropical cyclone.

Added ~0710EDT Friday July 11, 2014.►
If you see moisture even precip. heading towards the drought areas (next ~72hrs) the El Niño areas rising then it might be (by my knowledge) that the cleaning i did reset the ml-d. Of course by the present day known science it just nature, but please notice that EVERY time something has affected the ml-d to reset it this year be it painting or cleaning of bumping into the ml-d El Niño has risen dramatically and when the ml-d is stable pro El Niño numbers fall even when just 2 weeks ago 5 major scientists/weather specialist state that MJO was going to give El Niño numbers a kick upwards.

Since some might ask "Then why doesn't the ml-d control El Niño/La Nina areas every year in the same manner"?

As i have stated repeatedly the ml-d INFLUENCES, not controls the weather. Therefore if nature next year decides to have a moderate or lower La Niña/El Niño IF THE ml-d IS ON and in NYC (anywhere where the ml-d's AOI WESTERN HALF touches the GoMx) then La Niña/El Niño will be AT MOST weak. If any SUPER VERSION is expected it will be weak to moderate ONLY. NOW,  an El Niño/La Niña with another Large climate Cyclical influence combining can trump the ml-d, why> Because the ml-d is ON continuously not oscillating as all NATURAL climate controls are, be it for 3 days, a week or millions of years.

 If there was one thing i'm not sure of are Modokis??? i think cause of how i've read Modokis grow it can sneak in with 80% of its natural flow be it weak or moderate thus NOT being influenced by the ml-d as the ml-d is constantly push-pulling but a Modoki is bobbing & weaving, i THINK. (Refer to Ali vs.Frazier as a comparison, Modoki is Frazier bobbing weaving ...left hook is a Modoki moisture plum)

Now one thing we have seen consistently for 5 STRAIGHT months is "eNino", that's the blogging/commenting pro or con of an El Nino. (eNino i first saw mentioned as a misspelled El Niño in February on another site)

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10:04 PM GMT on July 20, 2014
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2. vis0
3:03 PM GMT on July 16, 2014
Wow 2 comments...ah :-/...both mine...geesh.
July 16th 2014 11pm EDT
ml-d (the weather influencing device) cleaned therefore a 3 day delay beginning 201407-16afternoon. Trying to only clean one of the three settings therefore only a ~12-24 hrs resetting on the ml-d influence.

What does this reset mean?

Read (try to)  my blog. If its too hard to read its meant to be, nothing good comes easy imagine if those archeologist digging for ancient pieces gave up after 1 day of digging or those trying to decipher the ancient scriptures gave up after reading 1 blog oops i mean after reading just one scroll
(BTW i hope WxU noticed 6 yrs ago i mailed certain WxU staff the same idea i sent Microsoft, Apple & Phillips (UK), of a scrollable cell phone where in the scrolling area are its components. It adjusts the scrollable viewing area as you open or close it,  imagine an cell phone sold by how much its area scrolls. Want a 2'' to 2' iphone/ipad combo 700 bucks 1 '' to 3 feet 1200 bucks, 1/2 to 40 foot 5k bucks**. CLUE the scrollable part changes size as it a sectioned tube as an antenna. Compact it in for the 1/.2 inch viewing area pull it out (as antenna) for the wider screen as the wafer stretches). i mentioned that i sent it to Wxu,Apple,Microsoft & Phillips(UK) on a NYC public access show 6 yrs ago as my poor man's proof that i share innovative/break through ideas 'cause i'm too selfless (some call that stupid or maybe i have a phobia of success) either way i try to pick caring souls to advance my ideas .

**sure it has to be wafer thin but THAT IS WHAT USE TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT WE HAD INVENTORS inventing the imagined unimaginable...not to be confused with "imagined unmentionables"??? that's Victoria's Secret, BTW," wears da catalog i have to ketchup on my reading" (as if quoting TazBot),

"Looks like its gonna rain" (there,   the weather portion),peace
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1. vis0
3:40 PM GMT on July 14, 2014
Since this is not weather related its going in as a comment.

in order of importance the following news is no were as bad as a health issue or dealing with life threatening weather conditions. Its a bit worse than misplacing ones car keys.

On Thursday my 12 yrs old compu'r seems to have conked out (hoping it was just an old HD that gave up)

No problem as a gift family bought me a Win8 HP with TetraBytes of storage and memory so it was time i use something besides winXP at home. Turned it ON no picture??? Tried all types of cables VGA, DV-I, VDVI.,clothing line, nothing worked! I EVEN BLEW ON THE SLOTS (ya know that's how old game cartridges worked after one blew into them).
Called HP and after an extensive over the phone step by step tests, the prognoses bad mother*** no bad motherboard.

Sadly since it was bought atr J&R nyc over 1 yr ago i have no warranty choices so i'm on a 1996 refurbished in 2003 HP. And since this compu'r i use ONLY for emergencies (here the good news) i will not be updating my blogs till i get mt new compu'r...probably as a birthday gift to myself in Sept. i still might leave some comments on Dr. Masters &/or TWPR's ENSO blog, & a ml-d diary update on my blog but to all 30 blog/comment sites i leave my science clues at, they'll be no regular updates on the ml-d till later in 2014. 

Member Since: December 15, 2006 Posts: 254 Comments: 514

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