ml-d ON/OFF ... paintng of othr Apt.(De-ja-vu)

By: vis0 , 1:17 AM GMT on June 20, 2014

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Found out today that ~2 days ago (~201406-17ish Tuesday) had an apartment in the same "line" as my apartment painted. By "line" that means an apartment that is within the same vertical column as my apt.
Example: If i were in Apt.#52p then Apt.#23p or Apt.#72p are in the same "line" ("p") while Apt.#23m or Apt.#72m are not, the later 2 are in line "m"..

If one (tries to) reads back on this blog or another blog where i explain the ml-d as to glues or paints i.e. low viscosity liquids, one notices i state that if any wall or thing is painted/glued and that object is around the area the ml-d is FACING the thicker drying liquid affects the energy flow as the glue/paint dries the viscosity of such liquids cause the ml-d to act as if being reset (why i state you saw the super El Ni┼ło readouts) as the ml-d was acting as if being shut ON/OFF constantly, early in 2014 when MY APARTMENT was being painted (took over a month to dry being i had to do touch ups to metal cabinets which the city/fed gov. doesn't do) and i'm allergic to metal (heavy oil based) paints, so i had to paint one metal cabinet side STOP get fresh air and paint the other side 3 days later, etc. for 3 cabinets.

Now one might ask BUT IT WAS ANOTHER APARTMENT BEING PAINTED so it wasn't IN FRONT of the ml-d?

Au contraire (or as my cus sez "Oh Conair"), see in projects the steam pipes are outside the WALLS (ONE CAN TOUCH THEM) and like submarine radar picks up spiraling ping of circular tubing /pipes then in painting the steam pipe that is WITHIN my "line" though on another floor the ml-d picked that viscosity effect via the steam pipe in front of it IN MY APT. and since the ml-d readout cannot be read unless i place a mirror under it (ml-d is floating) then i don't bother to look (call it lazy). When i did look today (201406-19) i noticed the feedback indicators where yellow (means not steady). i looked to see if it had spiders on it (explained how animals/insects luv to get near the ml-d which causes a reset if i have to clean the ml-d. Insects /birds when they are to give birth, either get through my window screens or births (pigeons did in 2010 2 baby pigeons looked so clean, seagulls,falcon,crows,ravens tried too narrow @6'') try to make nests on my window ledge the spiders babies are not mine?!!)
Since i last checked the permanent ml-d Sunday into Monday after resting the portable ml-d i asked building management/workers if anyone was painting an apartment. Sure enough there was one, Tuesday PM / Wednesday AM. Now as extra info, notice 2 of several storms occurring under the ml-d after i slightly raised the portable ml-d last Saturday so its reset kicked in Sunday nite 201406-15ish. This is the 3rd time i notice this since 2010 where having raised one setting in the portable ml-d (while ml-d is ON in the same room) seems to benefit the odds for "Derechos" & twin formations of any type of Low/front. Why?, i don't know, that was a question to be solved by those i asked to help (1980s through 1996/7 via snail mail/calls, then 1999-2013 via the web) because THEY knew physics, but no one responded except with remarks as "you're a housekeeper?" from a college professor at nyc's Queens college when i wrote, then called him to help me understand Tsunamis articles he wrote in the 1980s and he was ready to reply but asked me of my phD status i said i'm a housekeeper/maintenance worker he said "you're a housekeeper?" and hung up, or on the web i get correct your grammar comments/replies before i stopped reading my WxU mail. Why i use incorrect grammar to separate those whom care from those that judge by the books cover, sadly out of 8 WxU members that took their time to eMail me all judged by the cover, not 1 Ques. as to how the ml-d works or can you change a setting tell them then see what happens. i guess only babies born w/diplomas and use perfect English grammar  can
make discoveries.

BACK TO ml-d update::

Now it takes 3-4 days for nyc paint jobs to FULLY dry so i expect any tropical or fronts to go through "pulse" type activities as if trying to form looking good then dying down looking raggedy, again trying to form looking good then dying down looking raggedy BUT NOTICE its not directly related to sun cycles as its related to the paint viscosity as it dries. IF there is a unofficial Blob (ONLY WxU member GROTHAR makes the official blob calls) under the ml-d by Friday (late) afternoon lets see if it builds up by Sunday.

Notice i stated after setting the portable mnl-d slightly higher that by Sunday/Monday i expected some tropical formation genesis and you saw just south west & south-east of Florida such spins but i think the painting on Tuesday PM squashed them temporarily, lets see the next 2 days IF the weak spins are still UNDER the ml-d AOI(search "nyc ml-d AOI" or view map here WxU blog [ aoi-bit-more-precise-yet].,peace

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