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By: vis0 , 9:45 PM GMT on June 18, 2014

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Loong comment:(at my blog if one cares to read)
Anything as to an energy source that will pass the test of time in that it will benefit mankind and create the least chaos within nature has to follow the rule that it (the energy source) flows naturally as an element and is tapped into without altering that natural flows' element after its used to add energy to mankind's power grid needs..

Benefit to mankind Example1: Hydro power, is the tapping into the flow of water. When the water goes (falls) through to generate power through large turbines it still comes out as water...might not be the cleanest but that's why we have the EPA.

Benefit to mankind Example2: Solar power, is the absorption of light/heat to be changed into a current. Light/heat goes "in" and some heat flows out around the solar panels. No toxic fumes are emitted by the panels (older panels did as they were being tested MANY years/~decades ago)

 NOT Benefit to mankind Example: Coal,oils,gas ANY element one has to burn be it directly with a heat source or chemical reaction causes that element to change as it comes out after its use to generate energy for power grids.
 Soso to not Benefit to mankind Example: Nuclear now this is tricky 'cause if one could constantly & SAFLY recycle the "rods"
 (as a young lady presented (by Dr. Masters) at NYC convention Sept 26 2013, as she (a professor???/Dr???, apology my bad memory) presented an idea/invention to recycle used "rods", then up to 3 recycling i could call the element in is similar to element out, but thereafter the element has been changed. So in the end Nuclear is best used as a last resort and when transferring of payloads is needed OUTSIDE a planets atmospheres and no human being is near the nuclear power source, i.e, far away space missions...till mankind learns how to use low sound impulses to go faster than the speed of light 186,400mps beyond the "complex Star's" Gray halo, within that Gray Halo light becomes tired and is slightly "slower".
i state the REAL solar power is wind.
Wind created by nature trying to balance the warming & cooling areas of a its quasi-closed atmospheres.
If man kind can create "wind streams" (not to be confused with jet streams high above), but wind streams then pass those wind streams through large turbines that have bi-directional 360 degrees of ball bearings to act as gyroscopes in pointing immediately as to from whence the wind stream came then any breeze could be tapped into as even the turning of the turbine would generate power as no motion is wasted.
Now add to that a device that can be set to attract a constant wind stream between 2 floors that are horizontally concave as to the wind stream intake and between those 2 floors (never have the concave be more than 3 fold in size change from widest to narrowest) are wind turbines one can create/generate (i state) up to 60% of man kinds need for energy, 605! now 2014 AD at best/cleanest its ~15-20-% as to Hydro power). One of the important rules (i state) is NEVER USE THE ml-d (or whatever its called when someone else invents them) MORE than 8 hours within a 24 hour period.
Why ?
Because one wants the natural element of wind flow to regain its natural flow and to do that one has to only tap into nature 1/3rd of the warming/cooling period also known as day/night cycles. Therefore 1/3rd of 24hrs is 8hrs.
Some might notice i prefer to use .666 to .333,
Am i the devil i.e. 666 as several would reply to my AOL posts in the early 1990s.
Let me check ("Happy birthday to me  happy birthday Gregorio", nope not Lucifer -ol Benny Hill, Vaudeville skit)
The reason i use .666 to .333 is 'cause its the ONLY 1/3 to 2/3rd ratio that leaves a remainder as Nature uses that remainder of .001 (.666+.333=.999, remainder of .001) to ignite recycling within her means. Other 1/3 to 2/3rd equations end up with whole numbers.
This .666 to .333 (A:B:C as .333:.333:.333) is why scientist in Europe (Einstein's 'ol lab) were able to transfer light from one sealed room to another with the light carrying a "one of a kind message"...but don't tell them they know not IN DETAIL how they did the quantum transfer. By the way its also how Black holes take in light and change it to 0.000000000000000000000000000000001Hz. and "Q-novae" do the opposite and why as of late deep universe reading are picking up light that is stronger by 2 or 3 times than any point should "emit",  (lately i've...the ml-d... gotten up to -40 but only 3 times so not sure if its an anomaly reading)...but i digress.

So i post this in case some young girl or boy passes by WxU and this crazy nutty comment sparks their imagination which in time leads to the creation & harnessing of wind stream.

This is why since the 1970s**  i tried to get anyone in the scientific communities to test a device i call an ml-d (microLow-device).

i in 1996/7 gave up on mailing science related media outlets as The Wx Ch. to whom i sent over 3,000 pages and the only hand written Mr.X dictionary.  i called my self Mr.X-nyc(smilie face), due to the fact that in pre-K (1960s)i defended an African woman who was being insulted as to her race and she called me little X (after Malcolm X) cause i'd stepped up to bigotry (was her words), in time it went from  littler X to mr.X-nyc in  in 1972.

 In 1998/9 when i joined (3 user names, only remember "espyther") i felt let me give the webnet a try to see if anyone interested in testing the ml-d. Now (2013 as posted on my WxU blog)  stopped looking for anyone to test the ml-d and just tweak the ml-d to improve it and as my hobby as i have much more serious responsibilities in life.

**(included over 3,000pgs to The Weather ch. & its parent company THEN located in Md., to in 2010 till 2013 asking members of WxU. Instead i received comments on my terrible grammar & form of writing which BTW i state why i type/write in the manner that i do on every blog i start, but today EVEN GOOD PEOPLE tend to jump to conclusions instead of having a rich conversation. i remember my father having conversation at his job with people whom spoke little English (so did he, he never graduated from primary school, 1st 6th grade...Puerto Rico) and taking an hour just to understand a few things and being happy that they conversed, now if what anyone post has no nudity or shock value or way to make money or one has no "graduate letter" following ones name readers/people will tend to throw the baby out with the basin so they can have the water. (its a play on the old saying...try to hold the water with your arms), get it,peace

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