Bogus OK on maps but lets try MAGIC!

By: vis0 , 6:58 PM GMT on June 13, 2014

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Beginning at 1:30P EDT (Friday June 13...full moon too) i set the PORTABLE ml-d to see if it can pull up some tropical moisture, eventually disturbance towards the NE.

When setting/resetting the PORTABLE version it takes ~12 hrs per setting (the permanent ml-d 24hrs per setting and more dangerous to tweak with) and since i only tweaked one of the portable's settings lets see if by Saturday AM / Sunday AM we see Tropical LOW genesis. Of course the Dr. Masters Bogus comment was as to a deep in the southern GoMx formation riding ~northward predicted many days from now.

AGAIN IT IS NOT CONTROLLING OR OUT OF THE BLUE, i see a blob heading into the GoMx (under the ml-d's AOI) so i'm going to see what the ml-d can influence out of it. IF THERE WHERE NO BLOB the ml-d might raise the humidity and cloud coverage but not create something in a snap, kapeesh.
i use the word magic as anything new as to science first appears as if magic, read how X-rays were first thought to be magic or certain medical breakthroughs, anything new has to be tested retested but since my creation is too unbelievable no one cared to even test it, lets see where that type of thinking ;leads this country.
Now let me turn into a ware-wolf...,peace

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