By: vis0 , 12:10 AM GMT on May 16, 2014

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just knocked into my tower w/vice grip (yanking nail it slipped out of hand) & shocked the HDrive if the damage was bad i'll find out after i restart the compu'r if it freezes ya know why i stopped posting for as long as it takes me to but a new HD,peace

This was posted BEFORE the ...HDrive damage?

The "rawreal" reason Jupiter's red is shrinking...

CREDIT: WxU post, imagery Gro's instamatic? (click...>POOF<)...NASA


CREDIT: WxU post/members


What happened to the other 5 levity creations?
i think 1 or 2 are on this blog under "zillies" i removed the others
as i felt moderators being "heavy" on my discoveries might
also not like my sense of  zilliness even though i made sure it
was a slow wxday before i posted on 'anothers' blog.
If you like creative LIVE commentary humor watch youtube try
TheGrubeTube or VoleShow.

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