ml-d diary 201405-11

By: vis0 , 11:03 PM GMT on May 11, 2014

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SAME animation but in mp4 format:
            Magenta line shows southern boundery of ml-d AOI.

           hosted by Vidmeup.

Magenta line is NOT DIRECTION OF ANY STORM but the southern (S-SSW) boundary of the ml-d.

Imagery courtesy of NASA

represent NASA nor any other site, they are the words of "vis0".
 If scientifically proved to be incorrect its my fault if correct use the science for good
purposes...i hope.

CHECK FOR MALWARE, if adware bundled read carefully if one can untick
via choice.

Freewares / APPS used:

TO CAPTURE:Vidshot capture v1.0.0.1 (from

TO create mp4: ShanaEncoder v2.1(search VideoHelp, in my mind the best
site...after WxU & its caring members)

To CAPTURE entire/scrolling pages w/o to much fuss: Simple 
Webpage Capture v1.0.0 (

When people have trouble using newer Firefox versions its usually that
addons be they added by user or bundles cause lockups or buffering
(what is decided to load up first and at what rate) problems. Try
addons that correct "script errors" & buffer. An example as to
the latter is "SmartVideo for Youtube v0.979 or later. Another way to
correct this is WinXP as it has a workhorse approach in accepting
script errors BUT that has security issues and no longer

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