My Alert NOT official, 2X WxOutput shifts careful

By: vis0 , 11:12 PM GMT on May 04, 2014

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THIS IS NOT A wunderground alert, is it an alert by me as to a
dangerous affect that can occur due to effects triggered by things that
affect the ml-d (weather influencing device) i post of.. If one read my
blog of 2013 you'll notice 5 major sudden changes happened after i
tweaked the ml-d (3 are on Dr. Masters billion dollar damage list of

At 1830 EDT on Sunday May 4th 2014**  

Now, i had
to fix 2 things At 1830 EDT om May 4th 2014 that will cause SUDDEN
changes in weather over the next ~7-10 days) (examples i think where
exaggerated by a similar effect on the ml-d was last years Flooding
Colo. , sudden fire shift in forest fires)
what will nature do with
this 2 times energy sudden shift is up to her, the ml-d ONLY influences
by presenting nature with the "fuels" (more ease by 2 times to generate
vert. winds, horiz. winds, precip. etc). Watch how El Nino behaves
during then after these days. What i'm fixing also might lead to some
earthquake activities.

Remember as the ml-d RESETS the
ml-d AOI furthest from NYC becomes 99% active from 33%, middle stays at
66% but has "flux", and NYC area goes from 99% to 33% back to 99% by 7-10
days (+-24hrs)
Please check the ml-d AOI maps and remember the ml-d
AOI is centered in NYC but it opposite affects are on the exact
opposite side of the globe and will also have sudden changes OF 2 times the expected SO WARN those fighting weather related disasters to be alert to sudden shifts. At worst you're be extra cautious at best lives are saved

**(the fixing i'm doing is AFTER that wind storm (almost as if a shelf cloud)
passed NYC, i was under it when it loosened 2 bricks from buildings
& a rooftop tree branch all near 23rd st & 6th ave, only damage
was to a car back window brick blew it out)

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