Complex planets conveyor belts + Reminder as to recent ml-d resets

By: vis0 , 12:02 AM GMT on May 04, 2014

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(ORG post time)12:02 AM GMT on May 04, 2014 (made unwanted error of using dB instead of Hz, corrected June 11th 2014)

Reminder as to recent ml-d resets:
Not just the 3-4 weeks in mid Jan 2014 till Feb. 2014 after
painting the Apartment BUT in spring cleaning
the kitchen, bathtub caused the ml-d to reset. After the long
3-4 weeks in Apt painting & touch ups (medicine cab, steam pipes
etc) THEN around the 21st for each of the following 3 months i did some
spring cleaning that caused the ml-d to reset. Things as re-caulking. 
reset its the same as when one changes  the ml-d settings or moves
the ml-d position, it causes a 12-24 hour reset delay PER SETTING
changed, its explained on my earlier blogs, IF one has the time to read
w/o judgment.   Since adding anything to the walls that takes time to
dry causes the ml-d to act as if reset then
one has to WAIT for that drying time THEN one adds/counts the REST

Short version of what i just typed; ml-d was reset by
Spring cleaning actions, these actions occurred just before mid January
till just before mid February 2014, then the 21st of Feb, March &
April.Please check any ml-d changes via keyword "ml-d diary".

HERE a rare posting of a Q via my private e-Mail no longer use WxU
since its locked (since last Fall) via an AD i refuse to sign up for.

ASKED VIA MY yahoo mail to clarify that i state this planet
(any complex planet) has its MAJOR weather/climate changes determined by "45
degree areas" of the complex planet (its on a graphics i posted on in 1999 then a better graphics posted on WxU in 2013.
(see here [] its a video SO MIGHT NOT LOAD HERE

from my tinypic account (imagebox too), see my links to the mid-lower
right of this page to view it/other crappy graphics i use to try and
get the attention of readers) i state that via a Galacsics
effect(s) that influence climate change from "withon" (yes, "withon"
not within nor without its grammar based on Galacsics just like some
invision math symbols i'll add below, withoff TO ME has to do with
effects that encircle changes in the "clear matter" of space. Since
invision is not a recognized math that's why at times it cracks me up
to see other worry about my grammar when these are words i created to
describe a math not yet discovered).

BTW as i think Science already knows for decades, these "conveyor belts" of transporting energy occurs best/most efficiently, therefore more humans share the wealth of nature when a planet is healthy. When a planet is "sicK" it loses its long analogue transport waves & replaces them with digital like (bit & pieces) thus less effective in being a transport waves. ANALOGY: Imagine a line of fireman using rickety buckets instead of a strong hose to transport water i wish caring/considerate experts as Dr. Masters would emphasize this as to GCZ (my preference) most call GW.

Now one might ask HEY 'vis0'
ya nut, how come over every 45 degree of Earth we don't see some
climate affecting oscillation or thing. Simple cause for the change to
occur it has to manifest down to the physical world and since in the
physical world we have things that get in the way as mountains, air
streams, pollutants, different heat evaporation lengths/cycles (solids
v liquids), Coriolis then the 45 degree areas have to conform to its
physical limits.
Example i stated in 2010/11 here on wxU how El
Niño/LaNiña/La Nada(oops, nothing)/El Loco (crazy) or La Suègra (mother-in-law) latter
2 'cause its all over the place unpredictable (apology to  in-laws,
mo-in-law is a comedy staple for jokes) are ways i describes to The
Weather ch's Jim Cantore ~1993. (in case anyone saved those ~3,000+pgs ...i
went by Mr.X-nyc when snail mailing The Wx Ch from1990-96/7))

These 4
descriptions are due to how i STATE, NOT SCIENTIFICALLY
PROVED...yet...on how all weather/climate influencing conveyor belts as
with El Niño behaves. As there are these 45 degree areas (CLIMATE
CONVEYOR BELTS)  within the ocean (the longest) , 45 degree areas
within what i call the "mixing/blending atmospheres" (sea level -where
waves turn into ocean spray- till the Troposphere) (these should be
many sizes affected by Earth's physical boundaries) & the  45
degrees conveyor belts within the rest of the atmospheres (these should be the
shortest as in short lived sprites are an example, BTW not tooting my
horn, but i sent The weather Channel drawings of all 8 that
interact/intreact (latter, my word) with space BEFORE sprites where officially
discovered, left clues here, 5 other countries/languages & as "espyther" on

Just as i wrote The Weather channel of an effect on how salt & decay
moves the ocean's engine  in 1990 (repeated this idea till 1997, salt portion
was discovered officially mid late 1990s, the decay i think not yet
figured out) so i state the other 2 areas mentioned above (Troposphere
& the rest above that BELONGING to Earth) have things that create there own conveyor
belt motion (one of 4 reasons why i sent WITH ALL DUE RESPECT some at WxU & posted on Dr. Masters blog
that its not best to call pollutions effect on Earth GW, but Global
Climate Schizo (GCS) as natures 45 degree areas goes haywire since man made
pollutants have no natural balance, as lets say natural pollutants as
volcanoes erupting, the "ash/ashes chemical makeup" has its counter
balance through natural reactions while man made pollutants do not.
 Therefore when man pollutes since Nature can make heads nor tails of
whats next it should trigger conveyor belt activities in the Oceans
motions, troposphere & upper atmospheres. Now where those conveyor
belt are located as to the atmosphere (also why on Dr. Masters blog i
stated what more for large cold storms to FIRST try to balance man made
made pollutants as that uses more energy from where the pollutants come
from, the Troposphere). Of course i was hoping those intelligent non
judgmental people at WxU would ask me questions and i'd give my 2 cents
how to figure out the science i call Galacsics in this case locate the
conveyor belts of the atmospheres (think there are Tropo 6, 3 over
Pacific) and in time research will find those conveyor belts of moving
air, but i keep forgetting ignorance has built up to not just affect
those uneducated but those highly educated "two" ; -).  REMEMBER these
are not stable atmospheric areas they are conveyor belts so they might
move though several layers, one clue i am restating is man's own
pollutants in forms of acids are used at these conveyor belts to break
down other pollutants so its not that GW/Global climate Schizoid goes
away it just becomes more complex to fix/set it to a natural neutral

...not to mention 2 things,

the ml-d's effect as so far how the ml-d AOI shows least GW effects
sadly why i state keep the ml-d in mind since so many people that
influence the world's policies live near/around the ml-d AOI some may
not notice that the rest of the world is worse off

2) The Sun's
other cycles one of which i call the Sun phase it lasts 32ish till
42ish Earth years and as it trends Earth towards a cooler phase (not
less storms but a more mixing of cooler areas towards warmer areas)
some might think GW/GCS was a joke, but if GW/GCS is not corrected now
when the next warmer sun phase hits us (by us i mean Humanity) WATCH
OUT capeesh

Whats this?[]

a sample of an Invision answer where at least 3 answers are part of the result (blk bkgnd). right angle w/circles i use as to Black Holes and changing light into sound. BTW when i state that 186,400mps "light" i call "Ml" is the slowest of 5 "parental lights" its that of the remaining 4,  3 are "lights" that are in a format of extremely low sounds remember the clue 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 Hz and how by listening to a black hole ~16ly away one can pick up when clusters of death happen on Earth as sadly with WWII & the recent ~Xmas Tsunami  Light as sound, crazy? That how we visualize through out of body experiences via the upper olfactory, but then again i'm nuts

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