ml-d diary,after Apt. paint dried (dissapearing jet)

By: vis0 , 3:10 AM GMT on March 24, 2014

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Though i included a paragraph on the 777 jet that disappeared over the Indian Ocean notice i don't tag it as its on going & my reply are for the dozen or more that eMailed my y! account as to the ml-d affecting the opposite side of Earth. My deepest apology to those whom are still hoping to hear of lost loved ones.


for those reading my blog to keep up with the ml-d diary that when i
stated the apt was to be painted till (last ~(APPROX)
    Friday the apt. had paint drying as i also did touch
ups (ie painting medicine cabinet w/ real quality paint NOT crappy
NYCHA paint)m how the weather patterns reacted AS i have stated BEFORE
when the ml-d is in a room just painted the "Galacsic" energy flow goes
haywire as fluxs from .50 + or - constantly as it travels through
different viscosities of paint(wet & drier blobs of paint)

result is whatever setting the ml-d has becomes sporadic i its
influence. As you can see during the 3-4 weeks in where the paint was
drying we saw 2 snow storms that were to put pout 4-6 inches and though
4-6 inches fell no real  LOW formed instead it was more of a frontal
activity than a centered LOW. Also the 8-10 inch storm became a 1-2
inch storm around NYC when the difference between driest & wettest
paint was highest (when the apt. paint was 7-8 days old i began to
paint the cabinets & medicine (steel) cabinets and those whom know
understand that metal furniture paint is thickest to use thus the major
RANGE IN VISCOSITY FROM CHEAP apt paint and high quality metal
furniture paint. Then notice also how moisture flow out west went from
low to high as the paint dried.

Now after last Friday notice
moisture/clouds are heading back towards a direction as towards the NYC
area (NOT DIRECTLY NYC but center bullseye of the ml-d maps (on some of
my 2012 blogs here at WxU or search ml-d AOI  wunderground). Notice how
a LOW that was to stay below NJ predicted 2 days prior to it actually
leaving 4-8 inches in southern NJ...8+ in DC. Now today a cold partly
sunny forecast 24 hrs before & its cloudy saw drizzle (was is SE
Brooklyn shopping). Watching to see what happens with the LOW that is
to go East of DC 2 days ago now 36 hrs later it has 2 tracks 1 still
East of DC other ESE of Long Island,NY  i will be doing some more painting in a week or more & will post that update. Again my wish is my discoveries.inventions be tested where it affects the least people but in not being believed i study my theories in my NYC Apt. and that means the public is affected...that is if you believe my statements as these are the "continuing theories of Tesla updated", or at least that's what to relatives whom are readers of science journals/teachers call my work.

For those wondering
could the opposite side of the world ml-d effect (see maps through LATE
2012 posts (Sept-... or use this graphic & draw the opposite of NYC ml-d area, oppisite would be between Africa & Australia & remember there its a semi perm. HIGH w/thin Lows around the HIGH) affect the lost flight over the Indian/sub Indian
Ocean , i don't think so though as i've stated with flight twa 800
SMALL CYAN TUBE BUT SIMILAR TO THOSE THAT ALMOST DIE spheres 45 in dia. are timetwist windows related but on another level, don't laugh those where discovered in the 1990s by accident in Iowa and are still being researched) that
when radar are used at HIGH "rotating" settings and my ml-d is ON a
"galacsic" (NOT misspelled Galactic, Galacsic is a science as physics i
state its to n fro as physics quantum Galacsics) static forms within
certain planes (more towards composite builds but even metal skins) THUS leading to smoky conditions that are not resolved
and if the plane is not landed of grounds itself via metal a spark can
cause a reaction within empty or more empty than full gas tanks in
planes, i spoke to the lead investigator Mr. Khalihan??? of this, a year or
less after twa 800 as most people are not informed of my discoveries he
thought nothing of it, though yrs later a Boston University professor
came to a conclusion that high radar activities causes (she believed)
smoky conditions & had a senate meeting on it...go figure the
discoverer can't get anyone to listen but theorist get senate hearing.
 Now if the missing 777 jet was a terror job maybe a supporter of Bin
Laden took it down near where Bin Laden was buried at sea in the Sub
Indian Ocean towards South Pole...,peace

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