ml-d diary 201401_31 (posted 3 days late,,,SB wkend delayed)

By: vis0 , 9:19 AM GMT on February 02, 2014

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ml-d cleaned last Fri Jan 31st 2014 (staggered cleaning as 1 setting per 6 hrs) will explain how cleaning affects the ml-d later including + recent 2 week anomaly period.

For those that have read my blog (tried to) you already know what happens when the ml-d is cleaned (spider webs) though i staggered the cleaning which is different & will re-re-re-explain of the natural 2 week anomaly period, notice last years TS season was a magnificent example of this 2 week anomaly periods that occur every ~2 months. The chart i posted in Oct 2013 shows how of all TS/TD only 3 occurred outside these 2 weeks...ooops almost got back to trying to teach Galacsics forgot i stopped that and am only posting the ml-d diary.

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