ml-d diary 201312-22;1919EzT

By: vis0 , 12:16 AM GMT on December 23, 2013

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The last ml-d diary/change involved a rare manipulation as i lowered the horizontal direction energy transfer (crosswinds) but raised the other two settings which led to the slight raise in quake %.

Since we in the NE received a strong shot of very warm air it leads me to believe that Northerly winds are very strong during the present Galacsics i lowered the ml-d influence on making the controlling
horz. winds less stronger thus the weaker direction (opposite of Northerly) should have all of a sudden become stronger and thats what i state we saw as the southern flow push-pulled warmer air northward (N/NE...Coriolis thing)
(remember the 24hr. delay 1 day per setting changed, and in the rare manipulation 3 settings where changed in 5 directions (hence the weird symbols i used) thus a 5 day delay or on the 18-19th of DEC 2013 we should have seen warmer air heading northward from just outside the outer ml-d AOI))
Setting (201312-21;2200 / 22;1830* EzT) the ml-d settings back to what they where before the last change and raising 2 of the 3 settings by .001. Chance of Quake(s) as i've explained in this blog from 2010 is now PLUS ~12% across all 3 settings.

If you're upset that you can't understand this new science blame those that don't ask questions, don't blame the messenger.

**Why the 2days to change settings, SIMPLE: i forgot to change one of the three on the 21st,  oops! So there should be a 2 output extreme over the next 3 days due to the delay.

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