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By: vis0 , 4:39 AM GMT on November 20, 2013

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Though i promised not to post  more blogs just ml-d updates in not wanting to touch/edit the last blog nor any blog in which i posted days before others of severe weather occurring so the servers "edit date" does not update those blogs and then readers think i'm changing the blogs content to match what happens days later.

TEXT IN RED are words i've created as to explain a science i call Galacsics, if one wants a deeper explanation try reading things i've posted since 1980 vis SUNY compu'rs then after 1992 on the webnet.

A sad reminder,
┬┐when did i last post that i was was tweaking the ml-d for the next few weeks?
ANSWER::: 3 days BEFORE  the tornado outbreak (November 16/17th 2013) over the Midwest/Central
U.S. of A.

WHY IS This and/or THE 3 DAYs IMPORTANT?, besides the fact that over the last 3 years on my blog i posted to watch out for severe weather 1-3 days BEFORE Wxu /NWS
experts put out warnings, in fact ~7 times no warnings were given till the severe weather (as flooding) already began  plus 3 of these warnings i posted on Dr. Masters blog yet they were removed cause i write in some weird language.

Now there are 2 main reasons as to why the 3 days  BEFORE the November 16/17 2013 severe weather outbreak are- important::

1) As i've stated before be it on my webnet comments or blogs (since early ~1990s) and here at Wxu since (2010) how the ml-d has FIVE settings IN THIS CASE as to influence  weather and for each setting changed it adds
APPROX. 24 hours for that influence to take hold WHEN THE ml-d is TURNED ON, TWEAKED or MOVED.

If 2 settings are changed then the ml-d influence will take
hold around 48 hours later, if 3 settings are changed then the influence will "take hold" ~72 hours later. (never had 4 or 5 settings ON at one time) 

2) Now here is something harder to understand since we are taught mainly physics, some quantum though i state quantum is being looked at incorrectly as its not a "stable" level of nature its an unstable/temporary  bridge that allows energies to between Physics - Galacsics and vice-versa naturally in large quantities but when forced (as in  accelerators) we only see  minuscule/singular quantities as we see in accelerators.

The harder to understand part is when this ml-d delay begins it STARTS AT THE FURTHEST AREA OF INFLUENCE (See below drawings A through D or other ml-d AOI (Area Of Influence) oblate maps, image/graphs throughout my blog here at Wxu**) . Now since the furthest area gets

the first MAX. affect of the ml-d settings change that area goes from just having 33% of the ml-d settings influence to 99% in 24 hours.

Then from 24 hours to 48 hours AFTER the ml-d has been moved or tweaked the center ml-d AOI oblate area goes from 66% to 99% while the outermost ml-d AOI goes from 99% to 33%.
Finally the ml-d 's inner most Oblate AOI goes from 33% to the "permanent" 99% OF WHATEVER THE SETTING IS on the ~ 3rd day, be it influence towards MORE or LESS precipitation or any of the other 4 remaining influences
on IN THIS CASE the area of nature we call

If one looks up when i posted on Wxu blogs (mine, Dr. Masters or others) an ml-d settings change/tweak or
literally moving the ml-d one would notice in using the
ml-d delay factor just explained in #2 that 96% of the time the ml-d AOI had severe outbreaks  (REMEMBER this includes the ml-d AOI not just over the U.S. of A. but GoMx, Canada & North / Mid Atlantic areas. This includes
since 2010 eight 100 yr storms and two 500 year storms. One heck of a coincidence  ...and i'm not including more than a Dozen  earthquakes as i also have mentioned the ml-d TRIGGERS (NOT create, JUST triggers) earthquakes, but that also has a weird formula and as any new science it takes time to understand and more time to test... then more
testing which eventually proves the "new" ideas/invention or parts of it wrong or right.

i've spent over 40 yrs trying to find just one person in the scientific community whom could help me present it to humanity.  i've explained why it was EXTREMELY important that an impartial person help me test this device. Here i repeat for the last time why.

Sure i could have patented the ml-d and the needed formulas which in turn makes the ml-d public used my money and had this device known to all. But i felt that method would be like having the ability to create the Hydrogen Bomb in the 1920s patent the method and sold it to the first bidder...Gandhi or Hitler? meaning when something so important i.e.  history changing and its in ones
hands you don't play Russian roulette with it, So why would i present a device that is just as dangerous to the public / openly now?

In taking the high road i knew i'll remain poor yet Humanity would become consciously richer. Sadly my hopes to find such a caring person never became fact, and worse even those i respect as some here on Wxu which write of how much we (humanity) needs to stop injuring the planet still never took a few seconds to ask me questions, instead felt it was more important to correct or explain to me why the cover is more important than the content of the book.

 A great example of the style of thinking as let find something new in what we know of not go into uncharted territory came through a very respected & one of the original  founder(s) of Wxu.

 When i went to the meeting on the west side of Manhattan (NYC) i saw why its so hard to break through old ideas.

Forget that just after  the MC spoke of how we waste energy over 100 people raised their cameras just to take a picture of Mayor Bloomberg
, whom i respect) but why waste so much energy taking a picture when one can see the Mayor's image on the net.

Next (move a couple of hours ahead in that convention) my favorite part of these "save the planet" meetings/conventions are when new ideas are introduced.

Of 4 new ideas / inventions  3 of them came from people Dr. Masters introduced.

One was a method to recycle polluted air, great idea but one draw back is some countries will continue to pollute and say hey we're not polluting we're adding to the ability to recycle "dirty" air. Plus hopefully in the end we'll stop polluting the Air, Ocean, Land therefore only need to use that invention sparingly or near chemically enhanced fires to pull out the carcinogens before they escape into the atmospheres.

Next was a way to use "used" plutonium, a nice short term idea but i THINK we need to stop using Nuclear in public situations as the public energy grids too susceptible to natural disasters and man made stupidity (terror to errors, Nuclear short comings). Yet both ideas are fantastic while
someone figures out a better way to produce energy.

But when someone (yours truly) tried to introduce on the web a method to harness natures' REAL SOLAR power; WIND that person can't get anyone's  attention.

Remember the most fluent * abundant energy on this planet is NOT LIGHT but WIND. Light can't be captured as its nature's way to transfer heat / life  as nature uses light to constantly transfer (ex:: reincarnate) recycled internal oscillations. But a by product of those oscillations 
caused by the changes in temperature from a planet facing the closest star(s) then furthest star(s) is wind and that can be captured, not to mention exists on both light & dark sides of a planet (think about it they can be placed on the Moon to power everything by having encased mini atmospheres where winds are created by the the mini atmosphere being built between the dark & Lit sides of the moon. Lets see who will figure this "ml-d" out next and more importantly
TO ME is will that person use it for the good of all or  for
profit, i hope for humanities case that next person is an 'ol soul otherwise we'll just repeat the destruction of a civilization all over

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Was hoping to post 3 graphics but only on is linking (why? who knows)
Just this 1 img:

for actual size ~50% bigger visit my tinypic link on the right side of this Wxu page under "Recommended Links" .

** unless those hosting sites close, i recommend you save my images for future reference since many of the sites i use are free and tend to GOOB  after a decade or so)

BTW this LOW was a good example to show the ml-d influences NOT controls. Notice the LOW sped up so quickly that on the day/afternoon it could have brought severe weather to the NYC area (bit further north near Canada) it couldn't cause the front was already near Greenland. Alao notice the Tropical Formation in the Atlantic, again the ml-d AOI coverage is large look up ml-d maps here in my blogs under ml-d AOIn or search my image hosting sites, link to your right under "Recommended Links" while at mt blog.,peace

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