ml-d diary 201311-13

By: vis0 , 3:18 AM GMT on November 14, 2013

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(The words in red are created to represent things i've invented or a science not yet understood by modern science, which is
why you will not find them in your everyday dictionary)  ml-d diary  201311-13 PREFACE:

An ml-d as i call it, is a device i state taps into a part of nature i call Galacsics.
Galacsics (i STATE) is area of nature outside Physics yet influences Physics through temporary 2-way bridges of Quantum.

By tweaking areas of Galacsics one can influence natural "windows of energy" to either open or close and in turn influence areas of physics.

At certain times since 1970 till the present date i've tweaked different versions of the ml-d.
Since late Summer of 2010 i've placed a diary of the ml-d & other information as to my knowledge of Galacsics on weatherunderground (Wxu) (mainly in CLUE form).

at Wxu thinking if any people are going to ask questions it will me
long time Wxu members. Boy, was i wrong  the "Ignorant  Ages"
(1970s-???) has wrapped its arm over, not only the non caring but also
the degreed people as to cause them to judge before asking any questions, even though
i'm sure they've studied how doing so was the greatest error of past generations.

Might be 1 or 2 blips i posted as another user name on Wxu ~8 years
ago. Weird how then i paid 1 yr. but posted nothing as had other active
blogs &  now i didn't pay the voluntary  Wxu suggested support fee
but the scarcity of good blogging sites forced me to post much on WxU,
one of the last good blogging sites even when they change page designs.
i  went through 4 Wxu changes and at first one hates the new format but in time if
the content is good the functionality will become 2nd nature.

i no longer am centered on weather but more as to how the ml-d (i
STATE) triggers quakes & how it reverses diseases i ask you please 
make sure you & those you know practice minimizing earthquake dangers. i think Portlight has such a program.

i will be tweaking the ml-d above #2.3.
To most that means nothing but to those that read my pages at Wxu understand why i never tweaked  the ml-d much above #2.3.  Specifically after
~2011 as i state doing so raises the odds for triggering an Earthquake, FIRST within the ml-d area  of
influence. (Search: ml-d AOI for maps showing the ml-d's AOI ) Please
remember there is an opposite side of the world effect and since we live in an enclosed sphere therefore a device such as the ml-d can influence weather patterns not just within its AOI but have indirect influences outside that AOI.

to weird to be true? just look at what NATURAL Oscillations can do from
MJO to El Nino and both of those originating areas are  smaller in
coverage than the entire ml-d AOI and since this is an enclosed sphere we live in what happens in/on one area of Earth might  affect/influence another area The ability to trigger quakes is why i really was hoping to find some entrepreneur to help me study the ml-d   in
The Saharan desert being that is the only land area (i can think of on
Earth) where least damage can occur if "unexpected" floods or quakes are triggered.

 from this point on only ml-d diary updates when i feel like it.
Regular updates are being entered into a closed server for historical
purposes. If that server is one day dug up someone will find important
information as well as theories that years  later others should

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