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By: vis0 , 3:05 AM GMT on October 06, 2013

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Due to size constraints i've had to break up this last blog  into "last blog A",last blog B,last blog C etc. If you don't see a graphics referenced to below chances are its in part B...C etc.  will add as stated below till its last entry Nov.  31st.  Sadly in updating i lose the original upload date rest assure most of these blogs were created before the predicted weather event occurred.

i thought one could add as much as one wanted to one pg, oops my error.   Thank you to Ms. RJ (personal mail) for bringing this to my attention. This last blog i will add bits n pieces to when i feel like creating a satellite animation blends or clues to the science i call Galacsics Words in RED describe that science be they known words or my words.
Will take no questions (like anyone here wants to.) Was axed 0 (Z E R O)  REAL questions in the 3 years of  participating on WxU. i had 2 friends act as trolls to see if they could get questions, they DID in just days! Shows why a car wreck gets more attention than a good conversation... uh hold it a car just crashed outside :-P. 

NXT NOTE: ml-d diary 20131018

ml-d tweaked Sat 20131026 & Tonite 20131028 at a grand amount of #.001. 

Remember its not the amount of the change but how much closer the actual setting is to #2.3000. 
Its at #2.293.  
Please (try to) read my blog as to the importance of the ml-d setting(s) reaching #2.3 (#2.300) & other #x.300 settings.

NXT  bLOG============ 

(as posted on Dr. Masters blog w/2 appended areas) Hope this is not removed (has TS Karen prediction info) , though i will remove it to my blog  after i've tweaked the ml-d (harder to post on my blog , my blog hard to format style and am too busy working on ml-d, remember its floating and one bad move a 300 lb device falls ~1 foot anywhere it tilts too not  fun if its on ones toes, i wear steel toed boots as i tweak.

▪ i rarely post an ml-d settings change before its FULLY changed.
▪ Since i'm now ready to implement the thousands/ten thousands decimal column on the device.

▪ Began testing it yesterday evening (sorry TS Karen fans, as i made
settings SLIGHTLY favorable for for TS Karen (posted on Dr. Masters blog 2 days ago) -any weather under the ml-d to flourish Wednesday night but now that i'm tweaking the ml-d one has to wait till ~Saturday/sun for

TS Karen to re-Flourish BE CAREFUL you saw how the last tweak caused  higher isobar squeeze out west (wind /rainstorm, Tornado odds raised  mid-west & TS Karen was healthiest at night non Sun max or min but  at 3AM eatern then INVEST 97L was looking perfect i believe that was the ml-d at work

▪ Couple of years ago posted (my blog) on WxU that i began the 100s
column as to the decimal point i.e.  .01,.02,.03. (Now trying .0001,.0002,.0003. , fine tuning 1000s & starting 10,000s) Since
i never could get this device studied by today's science/scientist i 
know not what those numbers mean as to their value (calibration) within physics. All i know is once i go over an ml-d settings of #2.3 on AT LEAST 3 of the 5 controls that #2.3 acts as if TWO TIMES the 120 or 128 year weather  average & it seems to trigger (NOT CREATE)  earthquakes by upwelling a slightly BUT CONSTANT cooler molecule that has less friction. Never set it above the mid #3.?  .

▪  Settings change should be done by 8AM on the day of "save the  elephants" 2013. DON'T forget the delay that occurs as the energy lag going from  Galacsics to "molasses" physics', SINCE i'm TWEAKING 1 at a time a STEP DELAY occurs. TO ME step delay means 12 hrs we see a bit of the ml-d  affect then at 24-36 hrs the full ml-d affect

▪ WATCH out AFTER these time periods for any storm outbreaks land or  ocean (TS Karen other "baroclinic BLOBS" so deemed by the great
Grother???) under/adjacent the ml-d AOI, see my blog for ml-d AOI 

WxU TIP i posted in August/September  2013 as member posted they could not see the top areas of WxU  new page. If one zooms their page more than ~150%, WxU home page does not load correctly, i can't remember a free program i posted THEN (hard drive damaged) that delays the zoom action AFTER page loads , this action removes any resizing errors that occur.   It might be corrected also by only resizing the text (not full  zooming), a firefox program (used for years) titled (one word) NoSquint  v2.1.9 or higher does that nicely ...see if  one reads through my crap  one can find some useful info.

(This is how i first posted years ago sar2401(whom gave very good advice),  problem is i tried that advice 20 yrs ago when i 1st posted on
webnet,  40+ yrs testing this invention), but in no one responding why bother BTW can't use my WxU as i posted months ago its "broken" & i'll be only "lurking" after Nov31st

APPENDED: (i think, NOT SURE this is the 7th or 8th comment removed from a Dr. Masters blog.  By "removed" i mean  5 or 6
just outright removed & 1 or 2 removed before i was to remove
it as i stated in those comments. Sad that a person posting weather
notes on a "weather site" as to a scientific discovery (weather you
believe the ml-d or not i'm posting as to weather AND on a
breakthrough as to science). Am not spamming or wasting time fighting or posting "win-win" comments. Win-win or "Winwin" to me is when one posts "if the TS continues to head as it is it should strike a certain state otherwise its going to curve into the ocean and miss land."

This type of statement allows its writer to say "i told you so" no
matter  what the storm does ...unless it falls off the edge of earth, lands on

the moon,  :-P.

CONTINUES in the next blog
which is " Last Blog ptC" ==== 

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