Shifting interstellar wind (LINK) + few helpful hints

By: vis0 , 2:00 AM GMT on September 08, 2013

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(SOURCE1 SOURCE2 SOURCE3) posting all 3 in
case 1 is removed,plys each has slightly different

Can what i post be left alone every time i add colours to identify
certain text on my blogs, everything is okay, double, triple check.
 i come back a few hours later and what i posted has snippets
of HTML language showing up, words repeating or moved and the coloured
texts are removed. Its happened before where i thought it was
the HTML i was using. But i see others post the same style and their
blogs HTML doesn't change. 
re: About 8%
of how i
would figure a 7(8**) year climate prediction came from reading this

looong re: (words in
are either words i created or

words that exist but
i've given them my own meaning.)

If little 'ol me (okay,
chubby 'ol me) from the ~1980s till 2009 had a
success rate over 90% (didn't predict ~5 years in that period) and sent
or posted predictions to scientists,

weather ch., Colorado
State, ABC7 weather board, myfoxny blog and
shorter 2-3 week outlook predictions here at WxU yet rarely get a
response, and any response here are as to grammar not the
numbers yet this is a "science" /media outlet site, ¿where
are the science based
questions?  Short example, from June till 201309-05
am ~95% correct here at WxU on posting at least 1 week before as to how
4 of 5  pTwF
(Tw/TD/TS) would move and if the natural trend
was for pTwF
to move without a northward directional component i.e. WNW, NW, ENE, NE
without nTwF
interference on pTwFs,
they will not stack up vertically specially when these pTwF interact
with the ml-d

(BTW 3 or 4 of those
predictions in comment post on Dr. Masters blog
were removed, reason?, non given BUT i AGREE that
responses can't be given to all as supervisors would
need 500 hrs a day just to eMailing all that had comments
removed every week.

i looked up WxU rules,
i think they think i'm mono commenting or i call
mono-blahing 'cause i use lots of words that are not in your everyday
science books so they figure it must be junk being repeated.
If i where someone
else in reading vis0 comments/blog i would think "What the
heck is pTwF,
ml-d AOI???",
just like some might say what's ULL, TUTT, TW then ask a few questions
& get a reply by vis0 or another member.

Now if i where a person
reading my posts i'd notice TS are not stacking
up "MB"(millibar) wise specially in the area i'd see where vis0 took
the time to create maps showing the ml-d AOI or
adjacent areas and spend a minute or two writing "Hey
i can't understand your words, but noticed your numbers and trends are
FYI, in comparison of most years as to Hurricane
Season the professionals rate is 50% correct (May predictions, mine
were from Dec. 4 months earlier) as to Colorado State, NOAA, European
predictors when one compares their first and unadulterated predictions
(re re re updated predictions to curve towards reality), as the
extraneous matter is that  the real numbers are incorporated
into the predictions, so readers might think "how" is it vis0 gets over
90% correct is he re editing posts  (nope i pick sites where
that can't be done), does vis0 have a crystal ball?, luck vis0? It
could be all or one of those reasons or i really do have a mind for a
type of science not yet understood, but if those deemed intelligent by
society & degrees don't investigate, who knows. If Time is
worth money, is not learning worth the the simple breath of a question.

Then a reader might
ask, "If not
luck, show me some more
predictions, vis0

Instead i received 3 WxU
mail saying "huh",  3 more WxU mails at least had body to the
mail, but still complained of bad grammar. 1 had tips as to adding
bullets my notes, i did that in 2010 but WxU couldn't read my HTML code
so i stopped. Have a better Html editor
so was thinking of adding bullets in the near future.  Dozens
(in a month) respond via to my eMail (i post) mostly negative, but
since 2010 i have received 3 eMail at one of my eMails (not WxU) asking
scientific questions and i've become "e-penpals" with those 3, though
my luck though they have important responsibilities none are in science
related jobs, 2 mothers (most important responsibility/jobs
...alongside fathers) & a French cook. If 3 stranger
took the time, why is it that those whom supposedly are in the business
of science (isn't a prerequisite of science to ask any questions, not
necessarily questions that match book knowledge) cannot take the time
to read through bad grammar, no wonder U.S. of A. as great that our
freedom is, though its being slowly strangled, has its up and
coming science related "minds" lagging behind others? Not
every creative mind is going to be an English major (or minor as much
as one tells that Girl or Boy you need to study correct grammar) as the
part of the brain that develops new ideas is more related to math than
English, why its harder to share ideas via different languages easier
when its math or singing (one of my theories shows how the human brain
uses the math area of the brain to form music, why baby's sing when
they first speak as maaaaaa maaaaaaaa or pooooooo pooooooooo with
singing inflections, but i digress).  Imagine if archaeologist
saw scribbles on cave walls and said "ah, thats bad grammar let me go
elsewhere" (comparing the scribbling to that periods official language
and ancient writing/messaging style.) Do you think every Maya, Sanskrit
stone is etched correctly let alone damaged from natural events or man
made ignorance (i.e. conflicts/war damage).  Yet, everyday men
& woman bust their you know what to read those
symbols.  This attitude trickles down and when kids see people
ignoring other just 'cause someone sounds or writes in a manner not
understood, the kids think "why
do i have to read that crap", "crap" in
this example being they can't read algebra cause its not 2+2=4 (not
22?...  :-p), or a new math or theory 'cause its too different
from what one was learning as

Algebra its another
"dialect" of the international language of math one
learns after basic math, kids do as they saw adults act,
ignore what they can't understand and anyone with new ideas feels out
of place and tells themselves to forget them. 
i see CORRECTLY, members posting not to
vulgarity 'cause impressionable kids (adults too) are on the site. A
few messages later in response to my words the respected members not
"trolls" just post "HUH" or "makes no sense", instead of a well phrased
question like "vis0,
how is it that you say invest## will not
develope above TS strength if it doesn't have a natural NorthWard turn
around the Antilles
as thats

what i clued to/left
hints to and took the time to create an animation,
be it crappy animations (still using PSP 7 to create my animations,
can't you tell its low quality vs. todays photoshop but PSP more
"human" oriented). i purposely use incorrect grammar (have explained
why), but i post my predictions or numbers clearly. On the other
hand i at times make fun as in using Dr. Masters graphics but
notice i alter the real graphics i add my zilliness to
it, just in case some "newcomer" has their eye caught by the humor yet
still will notice Dr. Masters important clues/hints as to his
presentation. (Remember FACTs are not, until they pass the test of
time, "time" being long after that whom posts todays
theories/hints/clues are gone.) If i read that a comment asks for help
i evaluate if i can and do so if i can, not ignore the
comment.  Even if one can't understand the words yet i post
the correct amount of storms or weather trend months even years ahead
of the period being predicted i think that should get someones
attention. Hey at worst i'm an idiot savant and society can still get
some info. In case some ask, "Why stop my
successful predictions in 2010?"

Family responsibilities.

Taking care of parents
(their in the late 80s). Just to predict the
Hurricane season takes me 3 months of studying raw NASA space readouts
at 8-10 hrs a day for faah-ree, probably spent 50k since the 1980s on
plotting my numbers all by hand as i know of no calculator that has
Galacsic math on its keypad.


Had images of parents
here at WxU but they were rejected, of the 20
imgs that i wanted here a few are at my facebook or some at ipernity.
Images of Father while he worked his field in Puerto Rico, Mother
feeding animals, my pets. Usually i incorporated the weather behind
them into the shot.  Pets are hard for that style photography
as one has to lay on ground to get active weather & pet in
shot. But lying in front of pet usually gives one a shot of your dog
sticking out tongue as the dog thinks your playing or hurt once you get
low to the ground, the dog comes towards you w/tongue out. i think
thats why my images were rejected (or imgs in their evaluation, zucked)
as 4 images had one of my dogs "Leal" (Loyal in Caribbean Spanish),
tongue sticking out with lightning behind him over the Atlantic's
horizon or a rain shaft and a hay devil as opposed to a dust
devil.  i figure site editors rejected as the images had dog's
sticking tongue out are not weather related, then tried regular simple
NYC skyline images but the WxU image up-loader no longer activates for
me. One of my local photo awards was from the 1970s for images with
pets in front of NYC buildings/some landmarks...some of them looked as
if the building were their fire hydrant if ya know what i mean as i let
the dogs be themselves not posed and i was low to the ground. BTW i
sent inquiries, but just like my inquiries as to errors i see no
response (saw 2 HTML fragments, using element inspection (Q) in late
Aug.  2013 that seemed suspicious went to the HELP pg. entered
info , no response, i'm used to being ignored, best at that was
myfoxblogs i posted clues to several categories of science there and
only a Bronx teacher replied publicly (and supposedly there one could
select for a reporter to be alerted as to ones post, i usually chose

Meteorologist Nicholas
Gregory, Mike Woods & Dr. Sapna Parikh)
but again as to incorrect grammar though

made 9 e-penpals via my
eMail one from there is in the scientific
community and is passing on my clues to research via sound waves.

As i've written over
the past few weeks i'll be moving to another site
(i here or two saying "don't go" owe me a Fresca)
and as usual i remove previous site posts except for the last few to
that "new" site, unless as with my myfoxblog blog,
they censored my posts via their "pending"
status. that blog was frozen (Dec 2009) and i can't edit it.
Most of the time the previous site's stuff goes to a site in another
languages and private servers i don't like repeating exact same clues
as that would involve no brain activity besides cut n paste. Oh, i'll
still lurk here at WxU as i was from 2002/2006 till 2009 its a very
"infotaining" site.   Thinking of just leaving this
blog alone & just posting some satellite loops using filters to
create new views from official imagery on the
next blog in case members like to see unusual SAT
loop blends, and just reuse that last blog every time i post a blend od
Satellite imagery. See some i posted here at WxU at 1 or 5 sites, this
is the least up kept site, don't want to attract any trolls to my
edited sites already have 3 WxU trolls at the just aforementioned
(i can't
to my WxU to reply to a few questions so posting those responses next)
Some might ask how does one post text in colours here at WxU, its
tricky but use a text/html editor (recommend; Kompozer (portable, its
less fickle than the exe), TextEd, PspPad, tiny but useful
FreshHTML or some WYSiWYG (i call Why, Si! Why,

Gee? cause its works,
buy not sure why as code is not structured
incorrectly/differently from one WYSIWYG to another WYSiWYG at
times) i like Kompzer as it shows TEXT colour easily as one highlights
the sentences, if the TEXT COLOUR ID BOX becomes transparent that means
2 colours are being highlighted. Go back slowly un-highlighting the
till the TEXT colour ID pallet become filled in with a colour.
Once you've written a page, then highlight & change
the text with special colours (RED, Green, yellow okay not yellow)
first. Then for some sites as here GO BACK and highlight the black text
go and change the colour  from pure black or "RGB 000, 000,
000" to "RGB (001, 001, 001)" or "rgb (1, 1, 1)" do this by highlight
whats to be black text up to JUST BEFORE THE RED (or other
colour)  DO NOT CROSS OVER OTHER COLOURS or we'll have to get
Mr. Funk to name your text, FUNKTEXT (Meteorologist joke). Then leave
the red alone and highlight the next string of chracters to be changed
from RGB (0,0,0) to RGB (1,1,1), again done 'cause some sites need to
be told that black or a default colour goes were there is no red, green
other colour otherwise the entire page you write on will change to the
last commanded colour. The output HTML should have " to " in its

& REPLACE to change all "font" to "font"
again for WxU and some other sites. Go back to the editing or preview
copy & paste into Wxu input box by selecting RICH TEXT then
[paste using "crtl+v" keys. The rest one learns by trail &
error, .

Now if one uses
Kompozer one knows its firefox "based language" tends
to crash, so save your work constantly. BUT here a remedy i've
shared with those that took the time eMailed me over the past 4 years,
open the program folder Kompozer is in if there is a "plugins" folder
there should be a "myspell" folder. Open the "myspell folder" now in
that folder should

be  .dict
file, short (enter joke here) for dictionary file.

make a folder titled
something like "ORG KOMPOZER DICT FILE"
copy that file org. .dict file & place in that folder
make your own name & add 4 or 5 random numbers for
safety" "ORG KOMPOZER DICT FILE T45tge" as a person w/bad
intentions reading this might use spyware to read folders
marked  "ORG KOMPOZER DICT FILE". Remember were you
placed that OUTSIDE the Komposer folder.  Now create a text
file open the text file and drag & drop the .dict file into the
text. In a few seconds one should see a bunch of words BUT the first
characters are numbers like 62074. change the 6 to a 7 therefore its
now 72074. Now save that open texted file by clicking SAVE this will

update the .dict file
and the "NEW TEXT DOCUMENT" will remain empty if
done as stated. (

"save as" otherwise
you'll need a file extension changer as it'll save
the new file as a ".txt" which then you'll have to change to a ".dict"
file. Speaking of File extension changer i highly recommend 2 file
extension changers, both made by the same person, File Extension
Changer Shell & File Extension Changer (FEC) Drag &
Drop mode if you can get the full v 3.3.1 from 1999 (using it since
2001) by Abhishek it includes both shell & drag
& drop modes here an animated screen cap.

click this 272x200 IMG for actual size 747x425

Place the link to
the program shortcut in the start menu as
that drag & drop mode style can only be activated via the
programs MAIN exe. If you try to open 50 files via the context menu
(mode) link you'll have 50!!!! FEC interfaces opening 1 for each file,

The context menu
version are for quick 1 or 2 file changes, READ its
READ ME for good info. There are other file changers but for just
changing the extension, none better.

fix permanent?, not always as

there are 2 more
"clues" to make it permanent but i choose not to post
all clues, cause i'm mean? no cause it involves changes that are
delicate to the WINDOWS settings and if the above goes wrong all ya
have ta do is put back the original .dict file not ruin the flow of
WINDOWS. Of 19 i've shared this with 17 (2 said just a bit better) said
Kompozer lasted 4-8 times longer , less "hiccuping" between changing
TABs & seemed quicker w/o crashing, and after the crash the
.dict file reverted to the old setting so they just changed it as
stated above again. STILL as a way of life SAVE early and OFTEN as you
type 'cause with anything compu'r related you never know when something
will crash or power go out. AS ALWAYS download programs from RESPECTED
SITES and then STILL SEND IT through a virus checker preferably as its


*explained most in RED
including why of what

i call an 8 year Galacsic cycle
the 8th year can't be
predicted, i call
the 8th year void here a WxU or had links to other sites, 2 links
removed as sites OOB'd Out Of Business)

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