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By: vis0 , 11:33 AM GMT on September 03, 2013

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shrt re: If one wonders when is the next "wx trend change" via what i state is the science of Galacsics, its the 2 week period for anomalies from September 22/23 2013 thru October 6/7 2013, afterwards the next (~2 months) NATURAL Trend begins.
See Calendar here

Calendar keys:
Red lines underlined dates represent Galacsic Ascending
Blue underlined dates represent Descending Galacsic season. The micro dashed lines and micro barbell icon under dates every ~ 2 months are end dates of the past weather trend. The wxtrend end is followed by ~ 2 weeks of anomalies. (If the next weather trend is similar to the past the anomaly midpoint less distinctive. Here

a map ROUGHLY showing  the ml-d AOI & RESP HIGH areas. (the dates can be off by as much 2 days as i might have incorrectly read NASA star maps by that amount)

Please (try) reading my WxU blog here for the looong re.

looong response:
So far IN MY ESTIMATION the TROPICAL Atlantic/GOMx has had similar trends in the past 2 Galacsic Trend periods.
(Early June 2013 thru mid Sept 2013...1 more week left)
These last 2 Wxtrends  has pTwF (positive Tropical weather Formations, positive to mean Tropical weather formations that
 builds moisture, a nTwF would be SAL) heading either westward or south westward.

Since i state the ml-d is set to push-pull anything rotating under its AOI (Area of Influence, maps on my blog) more towards zip code 10016, then pTwF are suffering from the tug-o-war that's happening as NATURAL TREND is to head westward with no northward component to the TS forward motion while the ml-d push-pulls rotating pTwF towards zip 10016. Zip 10016 is in Manhattan,NY which means any TS building from the Atlantic ROUGHLY 20º N to 60º/65º W to GoMx ROUGHLY 20º/25º  N
to 90º W has to have a Northward component to its forward motion i.e. WNW,NW,NE,ENE,NNE,NNW.N at least till Sept 22nd NOT COUNTING the 2 week period for anomalies that i state occur between weather trend changes

NOW as to the sinking air. Could it be what i call  RESP. HIGHS forming just outside the ml-d AOI.

RESP HIGHS ( Triangles around ml-d AOI oblate is Nature RESPonding with HIGHs just outside the ml-d AOI. Since the ml-d is ON continuously (unless stated on my blog) then even when the natural HIGH is breaking down,  Nature is already raising another HIGH just outside the ml-d AOI in response to the ml-d continuously influencing  weather with its settings set to generate LOWs.

The barometer pressure rise from a low barometric number where the last HIGH is decaying the most. Since most
instruments are not going to read a HIGH going from 29.60 going UP when the old HIGH is going down from 30.15,
because instruments read 30.15, 30.14, 30.13 till the new still weaker HIGH passes the weakening HIGHs readings. Therefore the sinking air has on any pTwF this continuous "as if falling into a bottomless pit"   reaction in that the TS just can't moisturize itself.
 So lets see what is in store for the 2 weeks of anomalies, notice 2 of the Atlantic Basin TS formed from within those anomaly
 Tropical Storm Andrea (YES) June 5 -- 7 2013
 Tropical Storm Barry    (NO)  June 17 -- 20 2013
 Tropical Storm Chantal (NO)  July 8 – 10 2013
 Tropical Storm Dorian (YES) July 24 – August 3 2013
  The one that hugged Mexico, Barry was the only one that interacted the least with the ml-d AOI, maybe a bit as Barry's
  extreme northern edge of wispy clouds might have entered ml-d AOI as Barry crossed the Yucatan Peninsula.
 Some might ask if the ml-d has done this in 2013 why not other years?
 First its only been on CONTINUOUSLY since Jan 2010  in NYS (state not just city) EXCEPT FOR:
 Jan1st - Feb ~3rd 2010 ml-d in Aguadilla,Puerto Rico.
 May (2nd week of) 2010 till July (early) 2010 ml-d in Aguadilla,Puerto Rico w/ a 2nd ml-d between Ponce, Puerto Rico &  La Palguera, Puerto Rico.
 Then please remember IT INFLUENCES  NOT CONTROLS weather.
 Meaning if natures' NATURAL TREND is weaker in  strength than the ml-d setting of almost 2 times above the NORM in
 strength the ml-d wins the push-pull tug-o-war by creating weather formations that favor rotating pTwF to be influenced
 northward towards zip 1006.
 BUT if natures' NATURAL TREND is STRONGER in  strength than the ml-d setting of almost 2 times then nature or the
 natural trend will win over the ml-d, specially is if 3, 4 or 5 times stronger.
 Why did i state 3, 4 or 5?
 i use a 5 level chart to measure strengths as to things in nature (in space i use another chart).
 NORM is "0" most so called 100 year storms are 4 to 4.5 so a 5 is very rare.
 Since the ml-d has skewed things to almost a positive 2 in strength that means when other years westward TS had a
 50-50 chance of developing. AS lets say in a 40 year period we have 20 years with more westward moving TS and
 20 years with more northward moving TS during those same years the ml-d would change their tracks to 28 years with
 storms push-pulled towards a northward direction (THOUGH the TS would look raggedy/anemic) and 12 years where
 westerly moving TS stayed healthy. That's why i state the last few yrs we see these anemic or unbalanced pTwF.
 Yet if next year or the next NATURAL TREND is to have TS with a northward motion WATCH OUT cause in my Galacsic
 equations (NOT A JOKE, yet not trying to alarm)
 with a Natural trend of 1.5 to 2.5 one could see in a 2 week period 4 cat 3 Hurrs all hitting the same area. i know most think  that by the 2nd Hurr. upwelling would lower factors that add strength to Hurr. (mainly warmer water) but my science shows  nature gets her energy from 3 areas, the ocean, the atmospheres & from space...SPACE? yes by either raising friction or  lowering friction via an intrÆction of "light(s)"  storms can become stronger or weaker, NASA space weather division wil  one day be the most important as to prognosticating,peace

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