Commening of a link (8,000 years of AMO?)

By: vis0 , 1:51 AM GMT on September 02, 2013

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Can't figure out whats below rather read a well written article
here the link  noticed it from a post on WXU.

(words in single quotes are words that i made up (1970s) or if they existed before i gave them my own meaning.
i have left CLUEs throughout the webnet (as vis0 on WxU, senor equis on Ipernity, espyther on's About/Sci) in a few languages (only know 3 lang. friends translated most)

Here my "2 cents". In this type of universe 'spherical entities' built on 'complex' energies have by nature
5 influences. These 5 are from the first 5 that filled the void as to 'g-hills' to 'g-valleys' and other 'g-' in between
where g = gravity. These 5 represented 2 opposing directions we on a planet refer to N,S,E & W and the ability
to "leave" that grid thus ascend or descend.
The reason for the opposing directions ONLY being 2 (opposing in each leads to 4 N,S,E &W) is that we are experiencing  the physical dimension and that is 'grounded' at 90 degrees of the circles one side.
 Now to skip through hundred of pgs. explaining the above.
 When one reads a complex planets (Earth) "health" one is really reading the planets biorhythm and 4 other major 'parental  spherical influences'. The 4 other are the Universes biorhythm, Galactic clusters biorhythm(really something else),
 Galaxy;s biorhythm, Solar biorhythm.
 Though i've drawn it several times (here 2 crappy graphics, each coloured line represents a biorhythm of the aforementioned
 'parental  spherical influences' or patrnio-spheres influnces or alpha-patrnio-spheres  are what i called it years ago)
 a 'snake graph' best shows how the 5 influence a complex planet, If The universe's biorhythm  reads, its going into a
 cold period, but the other 4 read warm/hot then modern science has to study how that biorhythm
  combo  influences this planets climate. There are so many combos (not mentioning "combos" nor "permuos" as it depends
  on using   just hot warn neutral cool cold ~120 or so to understanding how these 5 biorhythms control so much else thus
  thousands of combos)   and one of my theories (circa-1970s) i state Ice ages (5 types) & radon Ages (5 types) are
  triggered by these 5 lining up or not.  There is a artificial warming on this planet WE HAVE TO LOWER &
  eventually STOP stressing our natural home yet also learn that stressing nature leads to Global Climate Schizo (GCS)
  not just Global warming,   GCS is much worse, i've post elsewhere why and that why will bring more attention to those only
  interested making  money to the point of it being greed,  while Global warming won't.
  Its the job of those in the scientific communities to show with science how everything around us affects us.
  Last i heard around us includes the Universe & if polluting a planet interferes with the final output of all aforementioned
  'parental Spherical biorhythms' then its not just warming that we will see but unpredictable weather from too quiet to too busy
  and that hurts ALL as to the social world & ALL as to the economic world.

When do i think modern science will figure out   what i call Once modern science figures out 'parental  spherical influences' ? Either by mistake (as most discoveries are done
  when it involves the main stream of scientist (w/ many degrees), not cause some don't care for "new" ideas but they have to question  new  ideas several times to make sure the new ideas are not going to take science down a path that will easily be revoked and/or they won't understand. The other road is when  modern science figures out how so called black holes take in light put out sound below 0.00000000000000001 to
  0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 and so called Galactic clusters do the reverse.
  So in confusion, i mean conclusion the article "8,000 years of AMO?" shows how things don't seem to go in cycles, but they
  do its just the cycles take billions of year to repeat and we're only measuring seconds as far as the universe is concerned.
  Its the little steps WE HAVE TO TAKE to eventually go where no human mind has gone before.

 On the linked URL a reply by a "Mac | March 3, 2011 at 9:02 am |"  Used words i understand as to Harmonics. Maybe one
 day  (unless its already being thrown around by other's with similar ideas) one can try to read my blogs here at WxU or ipernity (senor equis),  LIVEjournal (as akamrx) or on my original WxU posts in 2002 (rejoined in 2006 after HD was damaged) can't remember my user
 name nor passwords  to that WxU account but left clues as to a  ~ 33-44 year phase of our star and how that's linked to
 the now known ~11  year Sun cycle. Remember not to judge the book by its cover when going to any of my sites. i blend /post on beauty, ideas, theories, as the river of " 'G'nowledge" is not filled only with 1 type of fish.
  One added zilly ob, unrelated to the article; As to the site where the article was on. i see these "new" avatars that look like UPC (codes)   from gravatar and how its the all new craze. Eventually these tiny pics  will come full circle and use ones INDIVIDUAL (nano-pixel) facial features to ID a user and lets call them ...favatars (...Whats old is new...),peace

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