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By: vis0 , 5:24 AM GMT on August 24, 2013

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The following images/graphs ARE ONLY to represent the ml-d with its
settings as they are as of this article written August of 2013. 3 of 5 settings are ON and all three are set to influence weather at almost 2 times the "normal", normal being the ~120 yr. average for the U.S. Please read on or read previous blogbits for more
specific numbers as to the settings.
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With the ml-d ON and its setting AS THEY ARE the ml-d AOI (Area of Influence) is
represented the oblate shape over the northeast United States drawn in the 3
colours of Orange, lime green & deep blue you see in the image immediately below.

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The blue bulls-eye represents the ml-d's center. due to the setting of ~#2.28 (in physics that's almost 2 times) its OUTPUT is shifted almost 2  notches towards the MORE, represented by the deep Blue inclusive
outline below. (The actual point in the ml-d for an output to be effected by 2 times is #2.30, 3 times is #3.30, 4 times is #4.30)
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The GREEN inclusive outline represents the middle ml-d AOI ring. (see img. number 02 above for a rough view of the ml-d's AOI - Area Of Influence to see the area affected under the lime green oblate area)

The orange inclusive outline box represents the outer most ml-d AOI

 OUTSIDE the immediate ml-d's most outer AOI (orange oblate) nature generates HIGHs. On earlier blogs i've explained the 2 types of HIGHs and why they form in such a manner.
(i think there are HIGHs all around the ml-d but the ones in control form their influence west & East as they reference the magnetic non declination line's North - South direction and form perpendicular to that. But the latter is a guess which i would have luved scientist to test.

The HIGHs i call responding HIGHS and in image 03 are represented by the inclusive magenta outline box in this case on the LESS side & below by the triangles with red "H"s in them.
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(IMAGE 04)

Notice the magenta box (IMAGE O3) begins at the LESS side at a fuzzy range (magenta bars) of -.333  of the ml-d setting  to -.999% (all the way to the left) of the ml-d settings.

This means areas immediately adjacent to the outermost ml-d AOI ring will
have a weather trend nature creates to balance whats going on within
the ml-d AOI. . This trend will encompass  a 1/3rd to 2 segments over towards the LESS THAN WHAT IS NORMAL area or 06% to 40%  of LESS weather trends the ml-d setting is set to raise with the ml-d
AOI.**  These High trends also are more vertical in there actions.

since nature throws nothing away (reuses through physics & recycles
through Galacsics) Rarely explain my sayings, but as to the latter that
means in physics one can follow the linear development or deterioration
of a physical object. Example when wine is exposed to oxygen (not the
channel the element) it can turn to to vinegar one can follow that process through a linear chart. In Galacsic one can turn water into
wine as that is done via a spiral method not linear so it cannot be measured nor done through through physics (alone). Other examples of spiral transformations are thoughts into action and high pure light
into low pure sounds as certain black holes do. (i've left the example
of sound as low as 0.00000000000000001, but it can go as low as
0.000000000000000000000000000000000000001 ...think i counted correctly though by my own theories i might be off by one zero...sue me.

Since nature throws nothing away, when
one slides its 5 "NORM" slots over be it towards the MORE  or LESS side, NATURE still has to use 5 levels as explained above. Even though LINEARLY we only see 5 LESS & 5 MORE. This means if we are only
using linearly 3 areas nature has to find a way to use 2 to total 5.
Nature does this by  multiplying
the setting(s) of the ml-d as to the oblate areas using less than the MAX (.999) energy onto each other. The green is using .666 the orange is using .333 these two get their settings multiplied either when nature has too much energy within the blue oblate area or when the ml-d goes through what i call a "pulse", that being when settings are
changed, ml-d is moved or has something besides air touch it. (As better explained on other blogs the ml-d's bottom is magnetically
separated from touching the floor)

By multiply, i mean of the settings
used (Am using these 3 ml-d settings, horizontal winds (crosswinds),
vertical winds (v. sheer),
& precipitation.

In this case since the ml-d is sliding over (almost) ~2
(N to almost 2,
1 to almost 3.
2 to almost 4,
3 to almost 5,
4 to  "WHAT NATURE CHOOSES" (remember there is nothing above 5 till man
learns of the quantum bridge from Galacsics to physics (leads to
time-twisting). So far modern science still thinks quantum is a solid
thing instead of a bridge.
5 to "WHAT NATURE CHOOSES". Why i at times post warnings WITH A HEAVY HEART  when
i change,clean the ml-d then i see F5 Tornadoes or a repeating line of
the same
disaster causing weather be it floods, droughts winds much sooner than expected.

...please remember 2 of the 3 settings are multiplied on both the less and more side.

the inner most AOI is at MAX (.999) then only the outer 2 ml-d AOI rings use this extra (recycled) energy. That means oblate areas 2 & 3 have 2 of the 3 ml-d settings mention in the last paragraph multiplied onto each other. WHICH 2 is up to nature. On the less side the same rule applies but its multiplied towards LESS than average.

If one reads my blog ( if you find it hard to read, THINK  people excavate ancient ruins and painstakingly try to decipher those
writings/marking. So. if one can't take the time to read bad inglush "" that sez
more 'bout you not caring than me being right or rong. cause that
nugget of wisdom might be hidden and wont or shouldn't come ez) 

(can't correct the FONT size to follow i tried lost half the words leaving it as is)

ml-d's history

As to the ml-d's history (mostly on other blogs, comments or workspace - latter before the webnet - , IF THE SITES still up.  So far last count in 2009, 29 sites i wrote on closed) you'll see that from the 1970s
till 1999 i never used the ml-d more than an accumulated time of 2 months within a calendar year, not to mention was changing the settings constantly,
unless otherwise stated.

Why am i including w/o permission a Dr. Masters graphic? (hey i have to include something that can be understood right?, :-P)
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(image 05)


see if the ml-d's position (movement around the Northern

Hemisphere)  matches a weather trend that should be influenced by
the ml-d . The Dr. Masters graphic shows one area of the Western United

States affected by a long term drought.

  i've blogged as to 4 other weather trends since the 1990s that seem to
match the settings of the ml-d and where the ml-d was located (as 2
severe Heat outbreaks in Eur-Asia).  Some might think i'm
trying to
give credit for "everything" that has happened. That's incorrect if you
read my blog i have never changed dates to fit major natural trends, i
post the same dates as to when i go elsewhere with the ml-d or turn

ON/OFF the ml-d, its just that weather trends match the ml-d history OR
an adjacent area might receives a secondary effect that began from the

ml-d's settings just as el Niño/la Niña does not always influence
weather only directly sometimes its a secondary effect that leads to

major weather stories/records.

following are the places the ml-d was moved to, specially after 1999.

See if it matches ( i state 96% match ) of how Lake Mead dried up or
filled up. Before the 1990s i've posted on the net since the 1980s via

(later John Jay & its annex) from 1981 - 1989.

1970s- 1999
the ml-d would be ON for ~ 2 months NOT continuously but accumulated
with a calendar year except for 3 specific years. Settings was changed
constantly except for 3 specific years.

in 2000 AD (i  think it was late 1999) i began to leave the ml-d ON with similar
settings for ~ 3 months (98 to 112 days wanted to round out weeks i.e.
14 times Z =) not continuously, 2 wks here & there for a
calender year.

 This next changed happened during the
end of summer 2002 when i went to live with a well known couple i consider
my 2nd parents/big brother. This was in Amsterdam,NY (~40 min ~W of
Albany, NY,
atop the hill from the large catholic church, 3 blocks west from blood
street) till April 2003.  Still having the ml-d ON,
but centered there and
had ONLY the precip. setting raised to #2.6 other 2 settings were at 
around #2.2), 
snowfall occurred in that area.  i had 4 VIDs of me in
Amsterdam, NY
shoveling snow on a yahoo club dedicated
to the weather channel. Think the owner of that yahoo group after 4 yrs
had to remove / refresh the VID space due to the limit on MB yahoo had
so he took 3 down, left 1 VID up i'll try to see if it has a link.

Now in 2003 i came back to my NYC Apt. and decided to really change the
look of the Apt., removing old appliances, changing
cabinetry & painting everything and left the ml-d on to the
lowest settings since 200, i think the settings where #1.7. i did not raise the settings till 2004 spring, hey i took my time (okay a bit lazy) i redoing the Apt. by the the end of summer 2004 i had the ml-d set close to what i have it set now.(when the ml-d settings as they are set are lower more rain should fall out west)

The next change happened after Dec 18th 2009  as i had found out my 84 yr old father fell in Puerto Rico as he mowed the lawn and climbed  trees to pick over 30 varieties of fruits he grows in just 1/2 an acre (mother's family land, pictures at Ipernity mentioning this cause i'm proud of my parents) 
i turned off the NYC  ml-d around Dec 20th as i was getting ready to leave for Puerto Rico by  Jan 1st 2010.  i
had a portable ml-d on the Jetblue flight. Now, for an  unbelievable effect did the portable ml-d on Jetblue heading from JFK to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (non stop) lead to  a surprise cold outbreak went from Ohio/NYS towards Puerto Rico? The cold outbreak was not on the weather maps when i left JFK, but 36 hrs later it was ion the Puerto Rican news. 

The flight was crazy bumpy it felt like we were riding a small bull who was dancing the merengue (məˈ rehn
ghue). The fight only had one real plunge (ears clogged) but very bumpy for 3, 15 minute periods everything was jumping that wasn't tied down, jumping like Mexican jumping beans. One of the funny moments was when an senior
Puerto Rican gentleman  in a loud yet understandable tone said to the stewardess CAN YOU TELL THE DRIVER TO GO AROUND THE POTHOLES! in Spanish, many laughed
Mother kept asking that i turn the portable ml-d off. (she's very religious and thinks the ml-d is weird & evil.) i explained
if i turn it off or down the plane might spiral down as the Galacsic vortex LOW is through & above the plane, so by turning it off (the air flowing above the wings changes) a sudden weight would be placed on  the wings. She took a pill feel asleep.

Was in Puerto Rico from Jan till Feb's 1st week 2010 In nyc from 2nd wk of Feb 2010 till May 2010.  By the the beginning of the 2nd week of May 2010 back in Puerto Rico, father fell again. (since the ml-d is in Puerto Rico its now further
SSE, therefore since the ml-d AOI is now more SSE it should not be as dry in the west from WNW towards the western
United States.)

Remained in Puerto Rico till the beginning of July 2010. 
When i came back to NYC in July 2010 i changed the ml-d settings, the change is explained on my 2010 blogbits here at WxU, please read where i had it set to generate more of a static charge transfer (leads to more lightning, remember fall/winter 2010/11 in the NYC area. Just within a mile of my Apt we had thunder snow/lightning over 12 times in 4 storms.

Then in Jan 2011 i began to change ml-d settings SLOWLY (as i state for some reason the lightning  setting is more to trigger earthquakes NOT create quakes that takes
ENORMOUS unthinkable ENERGY  that is too big to fit in a NYC apt. :-P , just trigger quakes).

As i changed that setting i kept posting blogs to watch out for
earthquakes as the direction a part of the ml-d is pointing seems to be were earthquakes are triggered from  (the portable ml-d seems to have that happen in the opposite direction) By the late summer of 2011 i had the ml-d set as i have it now though slightly raising settings by ~.04.

  For whatever reason weather trends from the western US to
mid-Atlantic have followed the ml-d moving.

  Plus RESP. HIGHS led to certain weather trends in Eur-Asia
that headed southward when i went to  Puerto Rico and the 2nd ml-d i set in Puerto Rico was to alleviate a drought in
Venezuela and while i was in Puerto Rico the Venezuelan
months long drought ended and when i left P.R. that Venezuelan drought came back for a couple of  months. 
  Similarly before i arrived in Puerto Rico,  Brasil was flooded. That moisture flow bent northward as i was in Puerto Rico (a
second  ml-d was between La Palguera, P.R. & Ponce,
Puerto Rico . Not stating exact place as a friend allowed me to built it in that home and enclosed it so if opened it would burn up).  When i left Puerto Rico the next few weeks/~month i read on wxu how Brazil had devastating floods as the moisture flow that had bent towards Venezuela went back towards Brasil.  

 Are all those coincidences as storms track change and weather on Earth for billions of years has done things we couldn't even imagine today
("Volcano" erupting as Tornadoes passed by... volcanic tornado's F5 with lava * rocks, THERE'S THE NEXT
HIT MOVIE) sure it could be coincidences.  

Yet,  i think 85% of what happened within the ml-d
AOI  can be attributed to the ml-d, the rest might be a
blend of coincidences & indirectly related. Just like El Niño/La Niña oscillations directly influence the weather in many places and indirectly in other areas.

  We live in an enclosed sphere and be it we pollute THERE its going to affect all of us HERE.

   Same when something that covers an eighth of a
hemisphere influences the weather.

Think this is weird? Wait till i post clues how i think the ml-d
influences the opposite side of the world.   OPPOSITE end of
the world?
Remember 2 weather outputs are known to do just that, one being lightning.

   BTW that's why you see that  other
bulls-eye near Australia in the map above.    i've set the ml-d with certain temporary settings (w/ portable ml-d near by) and EACH time earthquakes  occurred in areas near or around Australia. i think so far since 2010 80% of the quakes in that area might be related to the ml-d. i state 80%  as 2 or 3 quakes occurred  when i was NOT tinkering w/ml-d or portable ml-d for ~8 days before those quakes occurred, so those clearly can't be counted.



========   asterisk explained   ============

**Though i no longer create the 7-8yr Galacsic weather Trend outlook. NOW that we are in Late August 2013 i'm beginning to wonder if in 2013 during the Atlantic
Basin's Tropical season (June 1st through November 31) if there was ALREADY a NATURAL wider than normal HIGH & the ml-d's RESP. HIGH led to reinforcing this trend thus leading to too a calmness as to winds which lessens the
ability for tropical storms to form.

SAL (a type of drier air, see wunderground's glossary) has been talked about much but seemed to be the norm to maybe a touch more active. Yet certain winds that help tropical storms form seemed absent as if there were a HIGH in that
area even when no READABLE HIGH pressure was  bserved via readouts be they on Earth or Satellites. How can there be a HIGH there if its not readable on the any scientific or ship observed readouts?

i state HIGHs adjacent to the ml-d act as the vortex of the ml-d in that THEY ARE NOT FULLY READABLE VIA
PHYSICS or instruments "grounded onto physics". 
 But if TwF (Tropical weather Formations) bust out during the rest of the Atlantic Basin's Tropical Season it does not mean the ml-d is not  working, no it means TO ME 1 of 3 things:

1) The Natural trend was something else than to have a
strong  HIGH over the Central North Atlantic that happens in a month during the next Galacsic anomaly then change.

2) That TwF (pTwF) formed, but did so close to the ITCZ and stayed within Low Latitudes thus going "under" (south)
the ml-d AOI or any other of its secondary influences.

3) i by accident moved the ml-d or had to clean it. (this latter choice i will post if it happens so any changes shows up ~48 hrs after i post it).

The importance of not being able to read that artificial HIGH is that  compu'rs
will predict a TwF should form as they see an area becoming favorable as natural HIGHs/LOWs go through cycles but then the TwF does not form
as air seems to be influenced by a reforming stable HIGH.  This is one of the reasons
no one believes this ml-d as its influence is ALWAYS ON (if the ml-d is ON) BUT physics grounded instruments that read the ml-d area will see
nothing till a change in weather passes through and becomes influenced by the ml-d settings.  Therefore as to TwF (pTwF) in the Atlantic every
time a Tropical wave seemed to have a better than 50% chance of developing into a Tropical Depression or Storm, it barely reached TS
status then  had drier air enter the Ts from a HIGH / front reforming north of it .

Another thing as to the RESP. HIGHs as CLUE left in earlier blogbits is the HIGH in the Atlantic is WIDER at sea level while narrower at the higher atmospheres, while the opposite is fact as
to what i state occurs with the HIGH over the  western U.S. the wider bottom leads to calming the winds the narrower at the bottom causes
almost 2 times than expected in wind chances thus i've warned firefighters (NOAA to National Parks)  to be careful since 2010, but who is going to believe me ...maybe SADLY when its too late.

When will modern science be able to read ml-d output?

The way i see it one day an incorrectly wired Satellite will see more than was expected, but that has to be an accident as NASA prides itself in doing things right then checking the work many times. So it'll have to be one of those space rocket start-ups
companies that will by accident figure out the science of Galacsics.


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