ml-d diary 201308-07 (re-Cleaning) 201308-11;500pm EDT

By: vis0 , 9:13 PM GMT on August 07, 2013

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THIS AFTER THE BLOG BELOW in blk fonts, Had to clean the ml-d AGAIN, spider. Found mom spider ~3 feet away in radiator, flushed her alive hope that lowers the spider webs. i tried to maintain the ml-d in a zero stable mode. Never did this in NYC (done in Puerto Rico). Its very tricky as one needs stable hands & the use of the portable ml-d for 3 days, which means i can't leave home for 3 days, why i don't like to use this stable mode feature. In doing so i hope the "ml-d pulsing" is held to 24 hours severe weather out west/mid west should have shorter life spans and weather trends should be readable by 201308-13 morning (That time is, for those here watching the Atlantic / GoMx TS development at WxU (U'rWx). As it is very IMPORTANT FOR THE TROPICS where the ml-d AOI is over as to tropical weather trends, if one reads my previous 2 or 3 blogs there's some ml-d AOI info there). THE DANGER IS IF THE portable ml-d is disturbed weather out west/mid west becomes very severe and longer lived

i had to tweak the ml-d as the thing that disrupts it the most are spiders.
As posted in previous blogs i get all types of non to known new york city creatures
reacting to the ml-d in this Apt.
From seagulls flying at the height of this Apt for hours , Hawks way up high over this area
to woodpeckers pecking at the projects bricks at this Apt. level to grasshoppers
"singing" (friction) and holding on to the spaces between the bricks to and butterflies of all colours to pigeons building net on my
window ledge (baby "rock" pigeon are so clean n cute till 1 month). Yet spiders somehow find themselves
in and love to connect their web to the ml-d.  A theory of mine thinks the ml-d to the Animals
instincts is as if a light water fall as the ml-d taps into centre earth.
So since i had to clean the ml-d it will mean there is a 3 day delay and please watch out from
west to east as to sudden changes or weather 1.9 times more severe than expected, again working itself W-E.
As to the tropics it will also affect it as to the ml-d AOI covering the Atlantic Basin and GoMx, please
search my other blogbits for maps of ml-d AOI.
The cleaning began ~3;00 till (i hope) 5;45pm EDT.
Please note there is also (i state) a NATURAL trend changing window happening as we speak
 so to read this trend CORRECTLY please read yesterday weather trend (skip Thurs 99%, Fri 66% & Sat 33%)
  then wait till ~Sunday 201308-11 to observe the NATURAL trend w/o the ml-d pulsing.
  Again "ml-d pulsing" is what i call as to the ml-d when it is moved or has its settings cha

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