DORIAN & the ml-d

By: vis0 , 11:22 PM GMT on July 26, 2013

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Imagery provided courtesy of the Naval Research Laboratory Monterey
These images are from 201307-26=0045till201307-26=1515

A bit more than half way though the animation above
you'll see an ablate turquoise shape and a more Longitudinal oblate Orange shape.
The turquoise represents the ml-d area (repeating a clue: 45 degrees of a planet x .666)
while the orange oblate represents nature's response to the ml-d which are HIGHs around
the ml-d, BUT REMEMBER there is a salt water (moist land) versus fresh water (dry land)
rule of thumb. The salt water side(s) the HIGH is thinner above wider at sea level.
This is why if one studies the orange oblate lines there are 2 and the inner oblate area is shifted
towards the either fresh water or dry land area (western U.S.)

To reiterate one has to view the dash line ml-d mapping animation (below)
to either become more confused or understand the ml-d influence area.

PLEASE REMEMBER there are two thing at work under the ml-d AOI,
the devices settings & NATURE.

If a TF's (Tropical -cloud- Formation) NATURAL TREND is to follow the green dashed
line direction  it will blossom.

If a TF's NATURAL TREND is to go against the green dashed
line direction it will run into some form of chaos.

This chaos is HIGHLY DEPENDENT on how strong the NATURAL TREND is.

If the natural trend IS HIGHER/STRONGER than the PRESENT ml-d setting
of almost 2 times the man recorded natural average (~120 yrs is what i use as the natural average)
then NATURE WILL WIN versus the ml-d BUT there will be chaos
as to the formation of a TF since the ml-d is ON, just that it will be a lesser chaos (i.e. dry air intake, unstacked vertical formation) .

The more away from this direction the more
chaos, worst being (perpendicular)180 degrees from the lines
direction or 0 degrees ml-d "space" grounded center.

Green equals 100% to 67% chance
Yellow equals 66% to 34% chance
Red equals 33% to 1% chance
Magenta means no direct ml-d influence, though if the YTF is
close or has a third under the ml-d AOI an
indirect influence does occur.

Xtra notes:

The scale i use goes from negative 5 times the average to positive 5 times the average.

This is why i STATE (my opinion) when experts state it'll be an El Niño or El Niña year yet we get they
"poof" "El Nada years" (i called it in 1998-2000 on an science pgs username: espyther) (some call pho-el niño/la niñas) as for El Niño or La Niña to overcome the ml-d influence they have to be
over 2 times more active than their average  "normal" zero balanced state.
The danger i see in this is since the ml-d is squashing El Niño / La Niña's
outputs when they are below a 2 times strength, then when El Niño/La Niña
goes into a 3 times to 5 times output WATCH OUT 'cause
things will go from nothings happened in a few yrs to 3 times the norm floods or drought.
Why i warn to watch out for sudden shifts in wind and trends around the ml-d.

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