Rating disasters on a Monetary method ONLY is a disrespectful to Nature.

By: vis0 , 12:28 AM GMT on July 19, 2013

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Rating disasters on a Monetary method ONLY is a disrespectful to Nature.

Rating disasters on a Monetary method i understand.
It gets the attention of the public & gives one a reference point to compare disasters.
 But i think in the end it places disasters in wrong categories, mainly man made categories.
TO ME its a very bad precedent to set as then the value of life
and "getting back on ones feet" take a back seat (not as important) as
what did it cost.
TO ME ITS just as bad as saying the, raising temperatures AVERAGES
 are all man's fault.

Earth's climate trends are MAINLY
controlled by OUTSIDE sources NOT MAN.

Is there a problem as to pollutants that is adding
to this raising of temperature averages YES, and
it has to be dealt with NOW but if one keeps ONLY using
short term statistics and monetary graphs to
show that point,. IN THE LONG RUN it will be easier
to pointy out the flaws by those that think man has done
nothing wrong.

One says its the most expensive year.
Yet lets imagine in 200 years if New Orleans gets a TS
that sits over that area for 3 days and rainfall reaches 20 inches
(a possibility, that could happen 10 times in the next 200 yrs, but lets
just imagine it only happens 200 yrs from now)
Though no levee  breaks or is breeched, the flooding even though not as bad as Katrina's
including no death in this imagined 2213 flood occur
a well meaning Dr. Masters VI types that its the worst flooding in
N.O.'s HISTORY as it caused 170 billion in damage.
How can that be?, because in 200 yrs everything including real 3D atmospheric enclosed TV's,
expensive ion ACs, and the tanks at walmart gasoline stops, storing 55 dollars a gallon
gasoline are damaged, so even a water main break can cause millions in damage.
 Most by then that lived through Katrina and lived out their lives (hopefully in a good light)
 would flip in their grave hearing of such a comparison...if they could.

Well imagine how disrespectful it is to the millions that died in past
disasters but since the disaster didn't occur after 1900/1940s/1980s it
doesn't count as to be even placed on the global warming charts.
To me KNOWN disasters of the past  seem to be ignored because it
makes it seem as if 65% of the present warming of this planet is the fault of nature,

Which is a fact, if one reads all known weather / climate trend records.

Remember even if there is a wolf in the distance if one cries wolf,
and people can't see it, in the long run one loses. Lets post the FULL statistics
use long term statistics that so many hardworking well  respected researchers
have found by looking back at Earths history. So we show that YES MAN IS
DAMAGING this planet and correct that man made problem. NOT TALKING ABOUT
opinions of how to interpret those long term records, just post records that weird
enough nature leaves behind as tree rings, sediments, pockets of preserved fossils
that show climate trends.

If nature (meaning all Natural things that influences Earth) is going through a
heating period man should work on maintaining Earth at the natural rate or
¿#maybe tiny bit cooler. What if in maintaining Earth NATURALLY warmer nature is
preparing its contents for a warmer Sun...okay that is millions of years in the future but
it took millions of years of Ice & Radon ages for humans to exist as they do.
(¿# my way as to leaving a question / remark for blog writer)

Why do i carry chip on my shoulders (not Intel nor ADM ...nor potato) i find it weird
that from 1976 till 1997 i tried to give scientists, science related media outlets a
look at a device that i state influences nature. To state it simply this is to the ethereal
world what electricity is to the physical world, but things grounded to the ethereal gives
off no side effects (stabilized) unlike electricity. One of the points i tried to use to get
anyone to see this device was that it can influence  wind currents to come down as
i then call those "wind streams" (not to be confused with Jet streams).

Then by placing this "ml-d" 9the device i state influences weather)  2 floors above & below (clues)
a wind turbine can harness these wind streams  (the "TRUE SOLAR POWER")
Eventually bring the CLEANEST energy (unless the wind is blowing from my bathroom after
eating onions & cold beans, just a joke) to EVENTUALLY fill 60% of Earth energy grids, i think
presently Hydro reaches ~20%). Did i hear from any of those i wrote, no. (actually mailed it,
 was the 1970s-90s) including several at The Weather Channel. i was even asked to leave
 ABC7 (NYC) weather board 'cause i was thought to be bothering the weatherboard's "content"
 by posting my theories (as i do here). And on myfoxblog just when i was getting ready to post
 LIVE feeds from Puerto Rico (had a friend with a TV studio in South P.R. that was skype ready)
 as  from September 2009 till November 2009 i was placing LIVE feeds from a station in NY
 where i volunteer as a gopher to camera man to food eater (inside joke)
at the studio is called "TV studio Inc." and the show was "The Grube Tube" . Yet, myfoxblog
began to set anything i posted to "pending" (see if its still their mt user name was AKAMRX, look
for TV studio or Grube Tube at myfoxblogs.
In late December 2009, and myfox never replied to by questions so i tested the ml-d in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico,
& East/NE of Ponce, Puerto Rico and only sent NOAA messages to read Puerto Rico's weather
Sats/Radr (Jan 2010 - February ~3rd 2010 & mid May 2010 till ~July 2010). Never heard from
NOAA either.
So here was someone offering to help lower Earth's temperature by 1 degree CELSIUS by 2022,
if wind turbines are created i think it would take ~10 years for enough to be built and protected plus
workers have to be retrained as i wanted not one single job based on present energy work forces lost.

Instead i'll continue to post clues and hope/ pray / meditate thar whomever comes up with this theories and creates his or
her version of the ml-d has a good heart to share it CAREFULLY and not be influenced by money.
Remember I STATE this is the other side of Atomic Energy output. This can turn one into sand from
the inside out as opposed to Hiroshima or larger type explosions vaporizing one from outside inward.
My offer to present this stopped in 1997 for several reasons, as it i THINK would take 10 to 15 yrs to implement.
From testing it to see if its for real (hey i may just be on a 40 yr luck spree), i'm getting old and odds are could not
be around to see it finished as i only would be making this device 9been side swiped by a truck and BOLT
bus in the last 2 years... i was walking, one was my fault other truck went on sidewalk, luck some times
out. Finally  40% of my present chores/love is taking care of my father
(mother ...next? hope she remains healthy) as both near 90
they are still with good minds but physically challenged and i feel its more important to warn humanity of
a crime being committed (since the 1950s) that weird enough uses a portion of the science i call Galacsics.

BTW, When this science is proven to be factual give 90% of the credit to Tesla, i stumbled upon it and nurtured it. Tesla
suffered hours to figure out the math, heck Tesla's dandruff has more smarts than is in all of me. Tried to give
a few big clues to the Tesla car company, as to an engine that charges batteries by using the breeze going
through the cars ion grills, Tesla co.  never responded as twice i left notes on a Tesla service van parked near the
Flatiron building.  i will no longer have comments On, by default am too busy.

i'll be posting that crime around Fall 2013 on my site no wxu,peace

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