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By: vis0 , 4:55 AM GMT on July 17, 2013

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Part A as to 97L, 
Pt. B as to a question on how i figure certain
percentages on 300 hr predictions.
Pt. C (eMailed question as to If the ml-d is real why are storms retrograding NE to SW)

PART A: But miffed at how 97L is marked though its from remnants of Chantal see VID
though the low level swirl is what i place the yellow arrows over, green areas of yellow
arrows are the direction i saw in the low level vis but i couldn't get all those frames
so i used Images from the Naval Research Laboratory of Monterey.

For a animation/mp4 of CHANTAL from start to Faction/fractions please view this clip

(if one want to view that TINYPIC album its

PART B: Someone web named "SAR241" asked how did i get percentages in stating what
might occur in the Tropics several hundred hours from now.
 i used the equations that come from figuring out the science i call Galacsics. A type of
math not yet discovered (as far as i know) that i gave several
nicknames one of which is "invision"** in the early 1970s.
As examples; In addition we have the SUM,
in subtraction we have the DIFFERENCE, in multiplication we have the
PRODUCT, in division we have the QUOTIENT, in invision result i'd call the answer TRIBRIDGE (1972),
TRIUNE (in 1976) and a few other names. as there are ALWAYS three results,
which is why i think it might have been discovered or
seen on certain ancient  scriptures even stone carvings, but since modern math tries to MAKE THE FINAL RESULT,
 ONE or a common result, therefore an answer of 3 falls under the heading of an error.
 Well the 3 are for the "intrea"-action (H & He thang)  windows as to; 
 physics (grounded to the planet),
 and the science  of Galacsics (grounded to the heavens).
 i no longer share those formulas, last i  sent it to in a encrypted manner was the
 weather channel (1990-1997ish, only other i sent  during the  1990s were to a Mr.
 Snowden Ifft (professor of Crystals, i think), Dr West who i
 saw in a TV show on the Sphinx in the 1990s & Dr. Gray In Colo. St.
 The encrypted words (sent in the 2nd envelopes, as i send envelopes in pairs, TWCH on science
 alone i sent ~3,000 pgs not counting my pen pal letters to Mrs. Vivian Brown (1988-96) though i'd send
 some science clues to her as well) can only can  be figured out by using
 the Mr.X dictionary. The only Mr.X dictionary i sent was to the weather channel in
 December/January 1990 via Md. as then  TWCh's parent company THEN was located in Md.

**As i was 8 yrs of age when i tried to give this math a nickname, i first gave it envision but
soon found out by asking my home room teacher (P.S. 104??, near the Elevated train tracks
of #4 & #5 trains, Ms. Familatt, i think was that teacher) if that word existed? It did so i went
with invision and about five other names, but friends liked invision so its stuck, BTW, yup
they though i was weird in asking even deeper questions of science and ancient scriptures,
but they also knew i was a good kid.

Apology to "SAR241" since i did not give an answer, just a bit of the history since i don't share the
actual formulas after 1997.

Part C:
If a natural HIGH has a higher "strength" level (higher in strength than 2 times
the average at which the ml-d is presently set at) than you get the present result.
Where LOWs are retrograding (going in an unorthodox direction for this area).
As the ml-d is still influencing at 2 times, but its output in not being able
to manifest OVER IT or slightly eastward then the LOWs are produced where nature allows it,
in this case heading west/southwest. REMEMBER the ml-d INFLUENCES not creates thus i like to say
the ml-d DANCES with NATURE, and when one dances with nature she allows
you to continue your desires. Also why the ml-d Trumps haarp as haarp tries to force
nature and you'll suceed till a point then get bad side affects,peace

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