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By: vis0 , 11:46 PM GMT on May 10, 2013

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My FAV qoute,
..."The last time CO2 was regularly above 400ppm was three to five million years
ago - before modern humans existed." ...

now below are my theories do not blame wunderground, MAYBE THANK THEM
(original  wxu creators) for they allowed this nut to post his work when others
(as 2006-2010 myfoxny blog,  2002-2005 ABC7 ny  weather blog) preferred to
remain in the "ignorant age" (1980s ... 2020...???)
not 'cause i don't believe there is  a Global Warming, THERE IS, BUT!!!,  that it should be
named "Global Climate Schizo" (#GlobalClimateSchizo), as nature tries to balance an
artificial (non analog to "her") input, that which most call humans pollutants which causes
nature to go "haywire" and that includes warmer at times to cooler at times (the cooler
will occur during the next Sun phase of 33.6 to 44.8 yrs. (see my Galacsic sun phase
charts on the webnet, some clues at LIVEJOURNAL links)

Again when one visits my blogs you'll find ideas/theories to an entire range  of subjects,
some adult in nature some might ruffle feather, other ideas seem silly.

Hey my deep thinking comes from an open human mind, most deep thinkers are wired that way
For those that might say (after i post more clues to the math i state is yet undiscovered)
ah that's from the green lantern. Here just 1 of 8 sites i posted before the Green lantern
movie. earliest post was mid 1990s. Of course the comic strip is from way before, but
its symbol/logo had the bars touching the "O". i & some friends called thgis math  "invision"
other envision i'll let modern science name it after its proven factual till then its fiction.
(a couple of clues left at LIVEJOURNAL:

Now as to Global Climate Schizo its been around NATURALLY since the beginning of time,
to physics thats ~20 billion light years, To Galacsics thats ~100 billion light years, i know
modern science says the universe is only 18 B. light yrs, i'm talking 'bout when the universe
was sleeping before the ebb & flows of things like G-mountains, G-hills to G-plateaus to G-valleys,
G-wells G-etcs

(in no manner does my opinions represent Wxu or Ipernity, think of it as (IF i MAY COMPARE) Einstein/Tesla posting his ideas/theories BEFORE they were tested) 640.jpg
or crappy drawing here (if it appears)

Colours used for detail not scientific.
Hint: Mayans snake/serpent  graph
Actually: These colours represent Universe (yellow),  Galactic clusters...really something else
not yet correctly named (Violet/purple), Galaxy (green), Solar system (blue), Earth's
biorhythm (red), at least modern science is figuring the 5 types of ice ages, well they
are represented in the 5 above.  . Notice the blip in the red that is what nature
(other complex beings if sophisticated enough) sees as Humans pollute. Now imagine
the curves that we see as higher/ascending to mean dominant radon ages (physical
mutations occur at each full +/- of these) and the curves we see as lower/descending
as dominant ice ages (mental developments occur at each full +/- of these). Well as
humans pollute it throws off the natural ebb & flow expected by nature
and the long term price is that we slow down to
stop our development as nature throws a Phil Niekro spit i mean knuckle ball
(surprised ex-Mets knuckler went north knuckle ball best work when hands are warm
and/or spit is juicy not flem-like i'm human i have other luvs besides science).
Therefor as to the snake graph there are times when Earth due to the universal
ascending of radon output via deep low sounds that represent those elements
(why i state the full elements chart will have nearly 900 "elements", as each element has 5 properties
as H2O has 5,
 solid (give me FIVE),
 liquid (not to be confused with Squid Liquid aka Larry Fisher),
 gas (excuse me),
 plasma (ethereal) and
 Cantoring (water has the lowest cantor, deepest / lowest resonance in space, how deep?
it can cover the entire uni-verse within a 3-fold-traverse, and is what some black holes
return as a deep i mean deep/low resonance in return for the intake of (Ml) light. Whats a
3-fold-traverse?, oh i forgot i haven't explain that undiscovered math yet (unless one tried
to read pgs. sent to Jim Cantore 1990-96, as i wrote to Vivian Brown and explained i
choose Cantore as he seemed really into "weather/nature and his name represents
singing as those nature's natural song across the heavens, resonance fit his family
name Cantore, in case my science (not really mine its natures) becomes fact give that
resonance of folding matter the name of "cantoring". Like we use time in space the title of
light years maybe (i thought in 1990) that the measure elements as resonance folding
matter would be measured in "cantores") NOT HORSING CANTERING.

So there, a clue / as to one of my descriptions of that math i call "invision" or "envision"...
Well guess what EVERY ELEMENT can cover those 5 categories but humans up to now
still think only water being the element that can cover at least 4 of the 5 properties. ah go
to go time to help my father bathe himself, still has that injured knee from falling & climbing
trees in Puerto Rico at age 88, but his mind is still better than mine,peace

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