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By: vis0 , 12:51 PM GMT on March 09, 2013

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  cause i felt like leaving a clue here, and i like trHUrrIXC5MMX comments.

Some clues as to the ml-d. Ml-d acronym for microLow-device and i state it influences nature, in this case weather.

Use this bad drawing which represents the ml-d's AOI when its in nyc, 27th st. & 2nd Ave.

ml-d AOI


As to "local" weather influenced by the ml-d?, It acts like a vortex, IN THE PRESENT SETTINGS the ml-d creates a slight slope vortex, as the ml-d is set to #2.28ish.  Slope deepens as to have a more noticeable affect at #2.30.
Some might say,  #2.30 seems like its just .02 away, why such a slope difference?
 In the science i call Galacsics its not a physical difference that determine a major change but the "opening" of energy angle "sieves" and the next sieve opens at ml-d setting #2.30, then #3.30, #4.30, its never been above #3.31ish. That  #3.31ish was while in Barrio Guerrero,  Aguadilla,  Puerto Rico. Its in the NW area of P.R., a 2nd "natural" ml-d i had placed just west of  Ponce, P.R., during 2 periods in 2010.).

Since 2010 when the ml-d has been on 24/7 (dates the ml-d is OFF or MOVED has been posted on my blog at wxu).

Now as to what some call Global Warming (i prefer Global Climate Schizo, again explained in my blog) its affects has been going for over 20 to 30 yrs, therefore "100 year" storms should then happen 2 or 4 times every 100 yrs over an area 1/2 the size of the contiguous U.S. of A. according to scientist whom study long term weather outputs. 
Now, away from the ml-d's AOI,  thats the percentage of "100 yr " storms occurring, as 1 "100 year" weather output every 30 yrs for an area 1/2 the U.S. of A as to the rest of the world. which IS alarming when one adds to the fact that its 1 "100 year" output for several weather extremes, i.e. Flooding, drought, TS (Typhons), winds, snow fall. So, we hear of many as approximately the rest of the world in which humans live, experience severe weather is about 26 times that of half of the U.S. of A.

BUT under the ml-d's AOI just a little over half the contiguous U.S. of A. (lower part of Canada, Western Atlantic, Northern Gulf Of Mexico ) we've had a total of 14 "100 year" weather outputs from 2010 till 2013March. From Snowfalls, Storms in the western Atlantic stalling, retrograding, turning westward, Severe Tornadic outbreaks, record snowfalls and the ml-d's low creating a strong vertical HIGH around it i state led indirectly to a bad drought becoming a "100 year" drought.... Sure these things happen but not in 3 years. By Global warmest standards what has happened over the eastern 2/3rds of the U.S. of A.  i just mentioned, should occur over 50 to 75 yrs or ~756 months, its happened in 3.25 yrs or 39 months.

Now since i only receive questions via other sites or via my eMail (not on wxu eMail) i have to ask the questions (as you see above) i think a skeptic might ask.

Here another question.

If the ml-d is ON then why don't all tropical storms head right for NYC.
The simple response, rates are too expensive inn NYC.
The ml-d reasoning is, the ml-d DOES NOT CONTROL WEATHER/CLIMATE it influences them according to the settings. i have only 3 of 5 ml-d settings ON AND all 3 are below #2.3. So instead of a good tug its more like a slight ~83% pull on any weather LOW entering the center ring (use ml-d ring map), a 48% pull on any Front/LOW under the center ring and a ~16% pull on any Front/LOW under the outer ring.   A thin vertical HIGH build where the brown ring is, as nature's response to the ml-d attracting LOWs/fronts. NOW IF THE ml-d is PULSED then the numbers change to represent were the pulse is and for each of the 3 (all 5) settings, it takes 12 to 24 hours for the pulse to traverse each ring. If i change the settings of all 3, then it takes ~3 days for the new settings to take hold in this case around NYC.

(Galacsics Calender shows periods of times when weather can change as to Galacsic influences, please blend with the physics centered seasonal calender and


add a  2 week delay for the Galacsic effect to assimilate onto the physical world)

2012(boyh approx +/- 2days)

Therefore if the NATURAL TREND for a given period of time during the North Atlantic Tropical Storm season is to have Tropical disturbances to head towards Mexico or Mex-Tex borders  the ml-d as set today will "push-pull" them with a 16% to 48% (ON AVERAGE) angle more towards the ml-d since the Tropical disturbance is moving through the outer third and/or middle ml-d ring(s). By looking at the ml-d ring overlay map one can figure out the percentage. OTHER THINGS that factor in as to influencing the storms are the spin (rotation of TS) of the storm and that includes the "rolling spin" of fronts in which they change that storms/fronts influenced percentage, as the faster or bigger an area the more the ml-d push-pulls the LOW/front more towards it.
i use push-pull as in Galacsics one push & pulls center to outer edge on natural entities to affect them, whether its a diseased cell to "balance/cure it or a tropical storm to influence its path. 
Think of one just trying to pull a spinning object towards them BY doing so at the center of that object.  Since the object has a spin if one tries to pull at it at its center the area going away would cause one to stop the spin or at best hinder the spin and the pulling would become crooked, same if one tried to push a spinning object (clue i sent the weather channel - early 1990s - as to using radars to learn more of tornadoes and how to control them, by "singing" to them, not real singing  it was a clue as to the use of certain sound waves and how to do so.)
Well the ml-d through Galacsics has one side being pulled other pushed in a manner where one side its doing it vertically other horizontally. HUH? you might say, think of Fleming's left-hand rule, but place over a LOW turned 90 degrees in one direction & over a high turned 90 degrees in the other direction (but i don't use the ml-d negatively to form HIGHs as that causes brain problems and i think might be readable by some modern Satellites. Why the weird steering rules? This is 'cause its using physics & Galacsics to steer weather formations. One finger is pointing down and causing some slowing on one side of the (in this example) hurricane, while the other finger (clue: thumb) is skimming over the top speeding the rotation the pointing finger is the direction in which the Hurricane  will be steered, again all this from notes i finished writing/compilation in 32,000pgs finished by 1976ish. The finger i took from   as most of my drawing i threw away ~1997.


Here more examples:
Lets say in another year the Tropical Storms are to have a trend heading towards Florida, then as the ml-d is presently set the TS will curve a bit more northward towards the Carolinas up the coast.

Or the natural trend is for TS to come off Africa head straight under Florida and go into Texas, as the ml-d is set once the TS /Hurricane enters the ml-d ring(s0 the TS will have its outflow going northward but its formation wanting to head westward and at times cause dry air to enter due to the split vertically (not stacking upward, looking wobbly)

Or another trend is to have TS FORM in the gulf of Mexico and head northward
 then they'll head northward, but depending on where in the Gulf they form (remember i state at certain speeds the push-pull becomes greater) if in the western gulf then a more ENE motion,while  if south of Florida a more northward motion
 Or another Trend as to have TS form in the Northern Gulf and are to head southward then we would see stalling TS as naturally they are to be steered southward but the ml-d is pulling with a northward  influence. Then if the TS/Hurr breaks out of the outer ml-d ring it would gain speed and hit Mexico with a 16 to 48% faster forward (southward) motion.
 There are MANY more scenarios, remember if the storms slow there spin then they can "escape" ml-d's push-pull.   Again,  the point that the ml-d influences (not controls, nor creates) via the ml-d's settings &  the ring's percentage as to what is to be the NATURAL TREND .
 If you think Super storm Sandy was the worst for NYC? If the Trend where for such a storm to come straight from ITCZ just east of the Lesser Antilles  towards NYC, add 48% to 84% more output (either rain, motion or barometric pressure or any combo) and that's what could hit NYC with the ml-d as its set.

So,  where the ml-d is situated "100 yr" storms happen 2 or 3 a year. And when the ml-d pulses then the other 2 rings get 2 or 3 "100 yr." storms, i'm sure Global Climate Schizo adds energy to these storms but not at such a high amount in such a short time and small area.

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