add-on to last blogbit, worry of triggering quakes

By: vis0 , 11:36 AM GMT on March 04, 2013

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This was the reason i was to post the previous blogbit last Saturday and forgot Sat, & forgot again just an hour ago.

In my studies i've noticed that when the ml-d produces occluded fronts the odds
for an earthquake rises. How much is that percentage ??? all i can say by the notes i've  kept (threw most away in 1997) that when occluded fronts show up  53% of the time quakes occurred. NOW  IN THIS CASE since the ml-d is near a #2.3 setting on 2 of the 3 settings that are ON, means the quake FELT around the ml-d's INNER AOI would be of a 4.0 to ~< 5.0 RICHTER SCALE strength.

Since last Friday i've noticed a few more occluded fronts and that has me a bit worried. NOW OF COURSE  weather is not NATURALLY related or causes earthquakes vice versa (unless a Volcano eruption triggers a quake then the ash influences weather, at times worldwide. BUT when the ml-d is at work its influence is not a natural trend but an assisted or influencing action and that might cause a link between occluded fronts & quakes.

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