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By: vis0 , 7:45 PM GMT on February 08, 2013

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  (was to be uploaded this morning, had to go out & do shopping for elderly neighbors (widow & a WWII vet.),  plus give Dad (he's near 90 and rehabilitating from several falls last yr 2010/11, he's stubborn but that what makes him a good parent), that took me till 11am then i remembered i forgot to upload my science notes NTM for some reason my explorer at WXU ctrashed 3 times in 1 hour as i've had to change from FF to IE to chrome to IE to post this.
   i have tweaked ever so slightly the Horizontal winds (sheering winds to some) as this is one of the 5 controlling "arms"  that the ml-d uses through "Galacsics" to influence weather patterns.

A bit of background on ml-d settings before i explain this weeks setting changes:

 i've stated that if one changes/moves/disturbs the ml-d settings or surroundings it takes 2-3 days for it to regain the settings, BUT here a clue i never posted. The reason is each of the five influential settings takes ~12 hours as it has to do with the closest bodies in  the heavens that influence the ebb & flow of not just H2O but all ~178 elements (40 or so not yet discovered) as EACH YES EACH ELEMENT has its 5 categories/form as H2O thus in time science shall learn how in TOTAL there are nearly 890 fluctuating elements. This is how one can (by intrAEcting or intrEAacting, please read my webnet posts since 1980s as to AE or EA) through ABS0's sieves as this changes metals to act as a blend(s) of other metals even as as a fluid. One of those uses can be as to timetwist (what most call timetravel. Timetwist not to be confused with a fav, Chubby Checker twisting forever).

Back to the ml-d.
Now by just tweaking one (in last nights case the horizontal winds) i'm hoping to keep the cooler air in as the LOW from the west arrives a bit late. Notice instead of the lows auto combining as occurs usually (further south ~ Carolinas cause of topography) they are acting as if dancing around the area where the ml-d is influencing again see orange ring. PLEASE REMEMBER SINCE i HAVE the ml-d just under #2.3 as i state once at #2.3 a quake of 4. to 5.0 has then over 66% of being TRIGGERED, then by having the ml-d setting at ~#2.29 the most weather ACTIVE areas should be AROUND the inner most circle (orange in this map, inner most circle)

Now by only tweaking 1 of the 3 (are b5 in total as leaving 2 inactive, too dangerous to use all 5) weather influencing "arms" in active use the delay is ~12 hours and since the tweaking was done last night after Craig Ferguson's show we should see that more dominant horizontal air-flow take charge around 2-3pm 201302-08Fr. Now since i've notice it seems that the most dominant airflow is from the NNW  & N.  i'm taking a chance as to tweak that setting (in wanting more snow. The reason i'm taking a chance is if the dominant airflow was from the south then it would rise to around 44 degrees around NYC  by 3PM or even too strong a NNW  might force the LOW further towards the ocean more snow for Boston less for NYC. Yet in observing the Galacsics weather flow (see last years Galacsics calender

(above was for 2012, adjust for 2013)

to figure that out, its simple start it when TRUE SPACE PASSOVER occurs Now to learn what will influence the Rossby waves as i state one can "read" up to 8 yr patterns/climate trends (as Mians did) at an over 90% success rate will no one asked (i wrote to TWCh, FOX5,ABC7,NBC4,PIX11,Accuweather & here at weatherunderground, heck just read my blogs no one cared to ask me how only response in 25 yrs of writing to or at places where people in fields science work was the wxu autobot) so i'm taking that info to the afterlife - hopefully not in 30-40 yrs am in my 50s).  So the latter info that takes much more reading of how stars or lack of including resonance output by blackholes (i prefer void holes (5 types), void toward its entering point)as the light doesn't escape its outputted at .000000000000000016 SOUND honest.  i sent clues to Jim Cantore on that 1990 - 96/7 as Mr. X (nyc).

So lets see how this turns out if the temps last night by all 7 meteorologist i saw stated HIGHs around 38-39 then it should not get above 35 in NYC,peace

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