ml-d diary 20121104 closer2triggering earthquake

By: vis0 , 7:29 AM GMT on November 04, 2012

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ml-d raised to #2.29.  Odds of a 4.0 to 5.0 Richter scale "FELT" earthquake within the ml-d's AOIs rises to 65.8%%. Please remember as i've posted throughout the webnet since the early 1990s once over 66% and to nature it means "go/move". i wish no harm to anyone, but how else can one test what no one else is willing to help test. At least i (the tester) is doing the test around me not away from me and i would luv to see what i call an ml-d become the major energy provider by using its ability to steer winds i.e. man made wind streams onto wind turbines thus i figure at first generate ~20% of the energy grids needs equaling hydro power. Eventually 40-70 yrs reaching 60% of the world's energy grids needs. But, that will not happen unless the ml-d is tested to be a real influence on weather and other natural flows within complex entities. (creating another permanant ml-d to see if i can tweak its sensitivity as to the 1/1000s. If created the ml-d used now will be destroyed and replaced by ml-d version 21.)

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