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ml-d accidently brushed...e-PAC Marie might react w/ rI

By: vis0, 4:36 AM GMT on August 23, 2014

ml-d had an accidental brushed against**,
(taking off my shoes, i hop hop skipped near it causing my shirt sleeve to brush against it] this means from when this happened ~201408-23'1915EDT (0715pm)
the ml-d is going to go through a rest phase. Now the question is will it be a 24hr reset period or 72 hour reset period. Since the ml-d was not moved i'm guessing 24-48 hours 'cause the sleeve brushed next to 2 (of 5, only 3 are ON) of the ml-d's influencing outputs. Lets see how TS/Hurr Marie enjoys some NW evacuation of Marie's flow thus causing rapid intensification (rI) as what happened earlier this year when 2 or 3 times i blogged (read mj blog on dates prior to rI of ePac TS) of the ml-d going to be reset / cleaned and we saw record rI on ePac systems near Mexico...coincidence? could be as its a Natural occurrence to intensify rapidly and i;m sure over the last several billion years extreme weather has occurred but this has happened other times when i've just had to ml-d reset so i think in part RECENTLY the ml-d has had it fair share of influencing rI in the near e-Pac(Eastern Pacific)

**..hey if a butterly landing on an Elephant in Africa can influnce weather in California, then an Hippo taking off his shoes in a NYC apt. bumping into a device that influences nature ...ya know da rest.

Lets also see how 96L reacts.
My Galacsicaly educated guess is since the ml-d is resting this allows 96L to maintain development a bit more west of the Longitude line that crosses zip 10016(NYC). By 24 hrs After the rest start 96L will see decoupling if it maintains a more westward than northward forward motion. If it head s more Northward in 24 hrs ie NNW, N,NNE it should strengthen up to 2 times more than expected vis-a-vi(s) physics.

BTW used a French word NOT to show off but to remind me to go to a web site and post a donation via my sister's visa (or AE),peace

ml-d diary

Updated: 3:04 AM GMT on September 06, 2014


areas showing Bertha reacting to ml-d AOIs(i say)

By: vis0, 10:21 AM GMT on August 06, 2014

The talk-box pointer (in 1st VID below) points to where the ml-d AOI has its boundary, South to North, 33%,66% & 99%. See graphic of the US of A with the ml-d center represented by a black L over NYC. Inside the inner most oblate area is 99%, between the blue and green oblate areas its 66% and between the green and the brown twisted thickest line ml-d is influencing at 33%.

What do the H stand for in the Map of the world to the left?
Those are Nature's response to the man made constant LOW over NYC. If one follows how the path weather should take one notices the H off Spain will bring heat northward, in fact look at the graphic in it whole *****here****** ans see if the ml-d AOI and its opposite action on the other side of the globe is causing certain repetitive weather trends since 2010/2011

Clearing the air:: in the white talkbox it reads "...Early June 2014 till Aug 2nd 2014 seemed UNfavourable as to ..."

The UN is covered.
My glossary (don't worry not the 500 word version)

weather glossary from NOAA/NWS
CREDIT:NOAA/NWS/NHC those whom created the terminologies,

If you download this VID i highly or soberly recommend the use of mpc-HC as its a video player for many formats & out of the box (w/o having to set hotkeys.) can frame by frame  forward or backwards via CTRL+right arrow for frame by frame forward (this VID changes frame @2sec intervals via normal speed) or CTRL+left arrow for a backwards frame by frame.

The actual full world map used at the top of this blogbit, i added all the ml-d graphics it was originally a map w/graphics posted by a wxu member showing heat extremes in Europe.

Whats that west of Australia?
Its the ml-d oppisite side ogf the world influence left CLUEs on the webnet & here on my blog, apology as its not drawn to exact/scale points but one gets the idea i hope.,peace

ml-d AOI

Updated: 7:40 PM GMT on August 07, 2014


Look nothing, WOW!!!, Plant some thinking seeds.

By: vis0, 8:54 AM GMT on August 05, 2014

When one thinks the blog is "dead" look & learn at the period of time where nothing seems to be happening.

That's why i really luv one of your WxU members who continuously posts -not to overlook areas where "nothing" is happening-.

 why? (via my 22cents...seemingly foreign 22 cents)
 (one of my teenage years sayings:: "cause when one ignores emptiness (areas of seemingly nothing) one ignores the most".

 Look at the uni-verse, scientist have been trying to figure out what is happening in the uni-verse and most of there attention is focused on the ~60 to 70% of space that appears to be void/empty. Many are trying to attach that area to "dark matter". i state its ~22% dark matter ~45% clear matter and have left CLUES as to what is "clear matter" some of those CLUEs as to how Black Holes take in "light" and in return put out "sound/res beginning as low as 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 Hz, any Black Hole with "higher" hertz is not used to filter light into sound but 1 of 4 other uses i state Black holes are used for including reincarnation as one black hole that should be the sibling void star of our Sun and that Black hole should be ~16lyrs away from our Star(Sun) this from notes written in the 1970s.
 But i digress
 When you see calmness in the Tropics don't throw your greatest opportunity to learn away.  Would a farmer throw away seeds because when she/he opened the seeds no tree was inside?
 Now as to the next 2 weeks lets observe if a lull as to pTwF (Tropical storm genesis) off Africa's NW coast continues.

 (change anomaly period to GAL-anomaly periods, make a note now blow yer nose with it, 'cause most think this is garbage)
 UNOFFICIAL 2014 Galacsics Calendar (notice i guestimated that the nearest to now 2 week GAL-anomaly was to start ~August 6th 2012, see the barbell / dashed line(s) icon(s) )
 UNOFFICIAL 2014 Galacsics Calendar
The lull seems to have begun around Saturday/Sunday August 2nd/3rd 2014. If for the next 14 days (counting from last Sat/Sun +/- 1 day) we see the Atlantic lull continue (might pick up in GoMx) then THIS 2014 YEAR it seems that the 2 week "GAL-anomaly" period as to the Atlantic Tropical weather trend is sluggish. Last year (2013) during these 2 week "GAL-anomaly" periods (are 3 or 4 "GAL-anomaly periods" during the Atlantic's Tropical season) we saw the Atlantic spawn ~87% of the Atlantic basin's Tropical storms.
 If its "quite" during these next ~11 days lets see what "Galacsics" activates for the 2 months beginning ~11 days from today. It could be more expanded doldrums conditions or an explosion of Hurricanes including in GoMx. Since i did not "read" the star energy maps late last year to help me determine the next yrs. trend/or 7 yr trends i know nothing as to what this years trend will be.
 7year trend?
 i've explain on this / other blogs CLUEs as how this is done in reading Star energy outputs towards & away from this solar system. CLUE:: The complex animals Brain is bathed in these energies in an ~8 yr mag. cycle. If one study how the complex animal's brain (Humans...for now) seals its internally built cycles one will discover an ~8 yr cycle, meaning every 8 or so years the complex brain becomes harder to "tap into". As an example if someone up to age 8 suffers (goodness forbid) a brain trauma compared to the same person at age 16 it'll be harder for the 16 yr old to recover fully, then 24 yrs of age then 32 yrs. of age what i call a "lightgate" fusion occurs in the brain every 8x4 yrs, BTW IBM took my "lightgate" account at MSN after they create some compu'r device using the world "lightgate", to bad as that MSN account had clues how to reverse many forms of dementia/Alzheimer (not related but affected similarly by blood's mag. content spiralling content +/- flow. something not yet discovered (not to be confused with A-/A+,B-/B+ & so on) via a 5th compartation of how blood can be categorized.  BTW this is the same cycle that controls most of Earth's mid- term cycles including the 11 yrs. Sun "cycle" which leads to the ~33 to 42 Sun "phases", and then Sun "turnover" cycles, DON'T look the last 2 names up as all 3 where names / my terms for cycles i think i figured out 35+ yrs ago and only Sun Cycle is similar to the official scientific term. In the complex being this cycle is what determines the MAX length of any human's life on a complex planet, in Earth years that is ~133 to 135 yrs of age with consciousness (be it slow) and w/o consciousness till somewhere from ~135 till 164 though i question if one can surpass  ~152 yrs of age. i know/heard of news clips stating there are people whom lived longer but i think those are birth record errors that became official birth-dates...Grothar & sar (Wxu members) are the exception or so their younger brother Methuselah sez :-p . Of course most don't reach that age AND IF we figure out how to move our true selves i call "light DNA" from one body to another oh lets say Grothar clones his body at age 32, sets the copied 32 yr old body to be preserved via Cryogenics then at age 78 moves his true self via his light DNA is moved into his 32 yr old body that was frozen for ~ 40 yrs.(hubba hubba) it might seem like a great idea BUT remember one eventually has to reincarnate to reach the next level and being in a physical body longer raises the opportunity for "sinning" thus raising the opportunity for Karma being negative rather than positive. Therefore though a longer life looks good on paper its best to put ones eggs into a single basket than the freezer.
 i hope all that read this are confused and dizzy/sleepy by now.
 Lets watch and see if the lull that began ~August 2nd 2014 continues, if not then the Galacsics map is off (as i stated on an earlier blog bit here on WxU that this years Galacsic 2014 Calendar is more of an educated guess and can be off by ~8 days, BUT if the present lull stops after 9,10 to 12 days and we see a change anywhere within the Atlantic basin then lets see what 2 month trend is in store, it could be a lull for another reason or that GoMx becomes active or we get heat waves or we get cooler fronts. (BTW this change occurs all around the planet but is more noticeable within the mid-Lats.

The worst scenario for me is that the next Galacsic (August ~15 till Oct 14 2014) 2 months after the lull (if it is a GAL-anomaly induced lull)  is to have more "lulling" therefore it will look as if nothing changed and people will throw foam stones at my web page and scream see vis0s wrong the lull lasted 80days.


Galacsics Galacsics Calendar


Ml-d diary, Bertha (2014)

By: vis0, 6:21 AM GMT on August 02, 2014

    The reason i uploaded this period in TS Bertha's movement was to show one of my theories as to the ml-d (weather influencing device).
True slide controls once loaded fully slide slider to view animation faster/slower forwards/backwards

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  One thing i state is that the higher rotating weather entity (as to the present settings it favours higher rotating LOWS as opposed to stronger HIGHS) is that UNDER THE ml-d AOI (see graphic 3 below)
the higher rotating LOW trumps over the "slower" rotating Low/Front. This rotation(s) can be vertical (Low) or horizontal (Tumbling depression clouds, pre-tornadic cells or gust front).
Now even though Bertha is just rotating barely above TS strength its rotating faster (not stronger BUT faster) the the Low to Bertha's N/NNE). Notice how during the midday when Bertha's outer AOI entered the ml-d AOI the front is giving way to Bertha's rotation (Front is breaking at its strong point)

Why zip 10016? Its where the ml-d is located / floating / hovering.

  Now REMEMBER the ml-d is NOT controlling but influencing. This means that the faster rotating LOW is being attracted towards zip 10016(nyc) BUT since physics will prevail Bertha will go through many challenges. One is as long as Bertha NATURALLY is to head towards NYC it'll become stronger BUT if the NATURAL COUSE is to head more westward AWAY from the shortest point towards zip 10016 Bertha will decouple, allow dry ary to interact because the ml-d is push-pulling towards zip 10016 but Nature is moving Bertha westward and one action is acting on Bertha's upper area the other on Bertha's lower formation thus weakening Bertha therefore a weaker Low means things around it will ruin its circulation.
  Of course since we still observe things through pure physics (not Galacsics, yet) then we will say poh look the dry air, SAL, The Front affected Bertha, in time when modern science creates there own ml-d then the average joe will see what i stated above is fact not fiction. i see Harrp has been left behind, i think the military is discovery a device as my ml-d, Why? in 1998 a military person dying at a hospital i worked at told me to be careful cause off Puerto Rico & in the Pacific "they" were beginning tests on something he overheard me talk to a friend of, that thing was the ml-d.

  NOW one thing the can be at work that i did NOT study as to THIS year (2014) is what i call the Galacsic Calendar. It consists of 2 month period separated by what i call 2 week anomaly periods.
If the  2 week ANOMALY periods are occurring NOW then the ml-d is at its WEAKEST and Bertha can build up in any direction nature (by herself) dec8ides to go, since i did not map the Star/Universe energies for this year i know nothing as to the 2014 Galacsic Calendar's trends though i tried to start one on my WxU blog a few months back but gave up, to busy taking care of friends & family..  Read my other blogs in fact check out my 2013 Galacsic Calender

(The tiny barbell like icon & 3 dash line under certain dates marks as to the 2wk anomaly periods, blue if for the Descending Galacsics  period Red for the ascending Galacsic period (6 months per period), each period is divided into thirds.)

and notice how 87% of the TS formed (tried to form) in 2013 happened during the 2 week anomaly periods during Tropical Storm season which led in total to a 93% correct prediction rate & trend by me (actually Galacsics i just read the Star energies influencing the solar system & in understanding Galacsics (self taught) maping out the Galacsic Calendar is easy IF you do it starting in October as it takes 3-4 months to map out its staring point which has to do with observed Passover & true sidereal passover)

(please remember these are crappy graphics not to precise dimensions but i hope you get a taste of the ml-d's AOI. Also at this point Bertha is a third under the ml-d's .333% influence. When Arthur passed the ml-d's .666 AOI oblete area it blew up, if blew up means added was 20mph to a ~74+MPH/more saturate Hurr.)


Some other graphics thrown in(for explinations find  the blogs where they're posted as CLUES or explinations should be near by.


ml-d diary Bertha 2014


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