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TS#2, directions? depends whose driving

By: vis0, 7:04 AM GMT on July 24, 2014

These images Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

represent 2 directions as if only physics or what i call Galacsics existed. In reality these 2 dimensions interact / intÆrct (if one believes my theories) plus there is the Galacsic Calendar's 2 week long anomaly period of which i have no clue when the next 2 week period is, why? Again my compu'r conked and in not having programs i've used for 12+ yrs i am relying on 2 good neighbors, one has internet but not a compu'r that can be used for media the other neighbor is an artist and she has a compu'r filled with image/video editing software but hates the webnet so not connected.

Just to make these 2 images took me 3 hrs.(actually was for a video but its 3AM and though the senior neighbors said i could come by 24/7 (cause they think i'm a fantastic...i think its their medication speaking...they're next to me as i type ;>)    its/i feels intrusive. Green arrow means in THAT field of dimension (ID in upper right of images) it is more likely to succeed, yellow 60/40 to succeed, pink less than 40% successful (successful being the TS grows/strengthens). The DASHED lines are OUTSIDE (barely) the ml-d AOI and therefore more likely to decoupled EVEN if the TS  looks "healthier" at certain levels as the TS is then being pushed-pulled in 2 directions. Since both dimensions are at work the middle arrow looks as the best direction to see growth but also worst as to a direct path towards the U.S. coastline.,peace

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By: vis0, 10:04 PM GMT on July 20, 2014

my other 11cents:

Those who've read my blog know of what i call an ml-d. If the North east continuous to stay cooler or below the rest of the world as to temperatures going through extreme heat REMEMBER many of the people whom would donate or support GW/GCS IF THEY LIVED THROUGH HEATWAVES yet being that the North east to Miss Valley are not going through LONGER DURATION heat extremes i hope they can check out my blog as to my explanation via how since the ml-d has been continuously ON since 2010 (except for the times i posted its OFF, usually no longer than 4-7 days) therefore these people can read WxU/wunderground and notice how the rest of the world is suffering from weather extremes WITH THE ADDED extreme of long term or faster repeating heat waves. As proof of the ml-d influences remember check the opposite areas on the Globe as to NYC (SE Indian Ocean to western Australia, if the ml-d is causing an opposite influence as to its settings over the mid-NE US of A in being wetter (thus slightly cooler than the rest). windier vertically & Horizontally (as to "cleaning" air being "scrubbed")then the opposite area of the globe should notice longer trends of drier(less precipitation), and more static air (more smog).

IN CASE THE OTHER PART (on DR Masters blog) IS REMOVED here it is::This might have been posted.
climate-records-shattered-in-2013-140719*( climate-records-shattered-in-2013-140719.htm)

(i prefer Global Climate Schizo(GCS) as TO ME the word "warming" in GW misleads those trying to learn or trying to find information while GCZ tells you out front, the weather will go nuts and more unpredictable.)

As to my 11Cents:

Pollution is affecting Earth (FACT).
Even if
THROUGH natural means when Earth had more of ANY "pollutant", the
problem is when the pollutant is/are NOT emitted via Nature herself (ie
Volcanic activity, cyclical extremes as to Planet's biorhythms)  it
becomes a DANGER to ALL species as then there is no natural steady

Now species come & go & go & come, but do
you want to take that chance with the more complex human species. MY
STATEMENT: Less complex species and even mid complex species have their
blueprints within Natures' "memory" because their consciousness is
embedded within the planets "soul". The human species has evolved with
its OWN /some what independent consciousness thus most complex "animal"
on this planet called Earth.

Because of the last statement we can
disagree as to whats worse now or then (we can't change the past but
can change whats to be our future, eventually our present, and if one is
only thinking of them self or even the price of economic stability from
enforcing laws on those that add to GW/GCZ not stabilizing just
remember it is better to feel the pinch now, than the punch later. As to
what will be the consequence of putting the needed "cleaning" of or
drastic lowering of elements that are polluting our planet off till
another day,months,year,decade only time will tell, but any-time you put
off cleaning the yard or house you know it became worse no magic genie
came one night and cleaned it all up for you so you could watch reality
TV, same with the planet except lives are at steak not some TV show.
Their needs to be enforcement of laws and/or incentives to help reverse
what has been started in the area of GW And UNPREDICTABILITY is worse
than warming alone because THINK if the accuracy of the 3day forecasts
return in accuracy rate of the early 1900s how can we plan for disasters
if we can't get the forecast right on which storms will develop, which
won't which have sudden turns or sudden growth and how can any level be
it Federal, State or city plan for major events that bring in tourism
(tourist dollars..pesos,lira???, Euros) even sporting events to your
vacation will be affected .


Global warming Climate Change Global Ckimate Schizo

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ml-d diary 201407-11

By: vis0, 9:25 AM GMT on July 11, 2014

ml-d cleaning (began midnight Thur>Fri still delicately going 5am...) BUT i'm going to try a new method of cleaning to see if it reset the ml-d. i'm hoping it does not reset it as the major reason for the ml-d resetting is every time i clean it be it from dust to spider webs. Why so dusty, i'm on 2nd Ave. & that and i think 3rd Ave. (Manhattan,NY) in this area are the car exhaust (Soot?) capital of NYC and that type of pollution affects the ml-d settings. i am hoping it does NOT reset it to see what happens with the tropical wave i am watching as POI4 that might either try to build (TRY) in the BOC or a bit before with a lower chance to go all the way to ePAC (because of it trajectory) BUT once in ePAC it has the highest chance to build up in a tropical cyclone.

Added ~0710EDT Friday July 11, 2014.►
If you see moisture even precip. heading towards the drought areas (next ~72hrs) the El Niño areas rising then it might be (by my knowledge) that the cleaning i did reset the ml-d. Of course by the present day known science it just nature, but please notice that EVERY time something has affected the ml-d to reset it this year be it painting or cleaning of bumping into the ml-d El Niño has risen dramatically and when the ml-d is stable pro El Niño numbers fall even when just 2 weeks ago 5 major scientists/weather specialist state that MJO was going to give El Niño numbers a kick upwards.

Since some might ask "Then why doesn't the ml-d control El Niño/La Nina areas every year in the same manner"?

As i have stated repeatedly the ml-d INFLUENCES, not controls the weather. Therefore if nature next year decides to have a moderate or lower La Niña/El Niño IF THE ml-d IS ON and in NYC (anywhere where the ml-d's AOI WESTERN HALF touches the GoMx) then La Niña/El Niño will be AT MOST weak. If any SUPER VERSION is expected it will be weak to moderate ONLY. NOW,  an El Niño/La Niña with another Large climate Cyclical influence combining can trump the ml-d, why> Because the ml-d is ON continuously not oscillating as all NATURAL climate controls are, be it for 3 days, a week or millions of years.

 If there was one thing i'm not sure of are Modokis??? i think cause of how i've read Modokis grow it can sneak in with 80% of its natural flow be it weak or moderate thus NOT being influenced by the ml-d as the ml-d is constantly push-pulling but a Modoki is bobbing & weaving, i THINK. (Refer to Ali vs.Frazier as a comparison, Modoki is Frazier bobbing weaving ...left hook is a Modoki moisture plum)

Now one thing we have seen consistently for 5 STRAIGHT months is "eNino", that's the blogging/commenting pro or con of an El Nino. (eNino i first saw mentioned as a misspelled El Niño in February on another site)

ml-d diary bobbing n weaving

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FunktopGal, i knew her...

By: vis0, 11:07 PM GMT on July 09, 2014

Just talking to myself, no one else will.

concerned visitor: Are you (vis0) copying Mr. Funk's colour schemes he created in the 1990s (or earlier)?

yours truly: No.

concerned visitor: Then why does your (vis0) colourful satellite maps look like Funktop's colourful maps?

yours truly: Because one sees lots of colours in a Sat map and jumps to the conclusion, vis0 is copying off someone else's work. INSTEAD one should either ask questions or try researching my many blogs. Though simply asking me that aforementioned question is the easiest.

concerned visitor: How are your colourful Sat maps different?

yours truly: First i began creating what these colourful satellite images in a willy nilly / experimenting manner as i tweaked images with my darkroom enlargers to separate bright pixels from less bright pixels that represented clouds in my Ektachrome film. This was not possible with compu'r as THEN as i had a commodore compu'r  and orange & green depending if pixels where damaged :P were the real only colours.

Now, in respect to Mr. Funk whom created his work with lots of knowledge of math i'll now call my colourful SAT maps "FunkTopGal", FunkTop (his) Gal (for Galacsics) and to some it'll bring back 2 memories:
1) The tune "...Funkytown"
2) Those girls in the 1970s that wore tube-tops whose elasticity had worm out so guys 9some gals) watched closely when they danced.

yours truly:(interrupting the guest, how rude)If i may continue, my colours show physical AND GALACSICAL attributes.

i'm going to show this via this NOAA Satellite imagery animation i pasted together from NOAA imagery that i downloaded from a web site and filtered it through my FunkTopGal filters.

BTW, i think i create 93 filters but only remember 4, rest in are damaged Maxtor HD of 2002 or in text format in a junk yard that has thrown away commodore compu'rs)

Now as to the animation/video, that yellow line under the Celsius temp key show (ROUGHLY) .666% of the entire cloud temperature scale used. If one ONLY looks at the numbered area of the Celsius key you see it goes from almost 30 (29) above zero Celsius to 70 (-70) below zero Celsius.

Take .666% of that main range and we get a range of ~66 degree Celsius.
i use .666 as that is a very important part of most Galacsic formulas, its explained on my blogs.

It can be any "main" scale/key, just happens that's what NOAA uses for public showing/presentations of their on this Sat imagery has this particular temperature key range.

Notice the yellow line is sliding to the right, it maintains its size i.e. 66% range. When the yellow line's right corner is at -55 Celsius the left corner is around 9 Celsius, when the right / min. temp corner is at -49C the left/max corner is around 18C and so on.

Notice the cursor arrow in the animation pointing out a disturbance (i call Tropical disturbances pTwF). Look at that pTwF's contiguous MINIMUM temperature cloud tops (really need High Definition for this). Lets say on a screen measuring in pixels instead of miles  the coldest CONTIGUOUS cloud temps are -60C (darkest) and on the screen their longest contiguous(ness) area reaches 10 pixels is measuring in a straight line. TO MY GALACSIC FORMULAS that means the HIGHEST CLOUD TEMPERATURES AT 5C (5 above 0C, a orange-green hue is on the other side of that 66% yellow line) has to have a width aROUND this pTwF (AT THIS POINT IN THE LOOP) of no less than 10 pixels to protect the colder clouds as if the amniotic sac protecting the fetus/embryo. (as above so below, those ancient (no not Gro's) words) Here i throw in a few CLUEs at no xtra price ...also works for the "birthing " of Stars and i've left clues elsewhere on that. Also when you where conceived though not a "human" yet one has 3 rotating cells, they represent your true (light/light DNA) self, what will be your brain & what will be your body. If they don't align correctly when they join to spilt into 2,4,8,16 (so on) this mis alignment can show (if/when science developes instruments to be able to view this) the deficiencies in you that you'll carry for your entire present life, again this from paper i last updated in 1976.

concerned visitor: WHAT DA HECK DOES that have to do with Satellite images and how you colour them?

yours truly: Everything, see maybe if science takes a clue i give as to ones development at conception & puts it against moisture droplets as they rise to form vapour/clouds they'll see the similarity as to spinning via sub atomic levels.  Don't get upset with me that your scientific instruments can't read that info...yet.

concerned visitor: i've got a headache, now towards which directions does one measure this +5C area of clouds/temps.?

yours truly: To make it easier, try first N-E-S-W, then study the 5 magnetic polarity potions of a complex planet...Huh?...5??? most think 3 or 4 exist...
...i sent The Weather Ch. clues to this(1990-96/7), look for crappy drawings that look like this (add U upside down U + + - etc, sent to The Weather Ch. by a mr.X-nyc(drawn smilie face after "mr.X").

yours truly: Lets stick with N-S-E-W. (ignore that i was also going to use the pTwF in ePac that i think became Fausto as another example, its too much work for me.

concerned visitor:Why?, too much work?

yours truly:  i am not using some super expensive state-of-the-art compu'r, but a 2001/2 HP power horse desktop that was for win98 & the next win (win2000?) it was built for video work (public access shows i did camera work for 1980s-2012) In 2006 i had an HP person in CA., "tatoo" the motherboard to upgrade its usefulness (not 100% legal) that person knew of my theories and liked my not quitting style of helping others....i'm old now, no longer can volunteer, broke discs in back, 2 times . Some might have bumped into me w/o knowing of my theories as when i'd volunteer all i cared was to help people, which is what a volunteer during disasters does, period.

 To create this simple presentation takes me 8+ hrs, and i don't like to take break otherwise i forget what i'm doing. My forgetfulness is from birth but in not having a good memory i think my brain gained the ability to see energies at my young years & later figure out complex questions w/o the use of knowing complex math.
 IMPORTANT:: NOT RECOMENDED to youngsters reading this, GO LEARN ALL the maths its help you figure things out in a breeze instead of relaying on others and still not knowing if others are correct, this includes on how to retire in comfort which either Grothar or Sar has left great hints on how to retire comfortably and have left these tidbits to strangers which is what makes mankind great, helping strangers for the sake of helping.

i digress, again!?

Now in the video after the yellow line under the temperature key disappeared BUT just BEFORE the yellow line comes back up ~3secs), notice pTwF (disturbance/wave???)coming off Africa's west coast.

It seems (from this hard to vue angle) that the southern area of +5C is protecting the coldest cloud tops. Meaning the pixel area of the COLDEST (darkest) cloud tops just where it joins to the  2nd coldest clod tops, one measure from that point, TO the colour that represents +5c (orange turns to green) is more than 10 pixels and has no "holes"(by holes i mean, no sudden/rising/infiltrating warmer clouds) in those colours.
See crappy graphic here:: please Click to enlarge

It seems (from this hard to view angle) that the western area of +5C is protecting the coldest cloud tops BUT +9C temps (more blue than green areas) are close by.

It seems (from this hard angle) that the northern area of +5C to the edge of the coldest clouds is under 10 pixels maybe at 8 pixels therefore NOT protecting the coldest cloud tops.

It seems that the eastern area of +5C is NOT protecting the coldest cloud tops
as its the thinnest at 4 pixels.

conclusion: This pTwF has a S=100%,West=95%,North=75% % East=<50% total:320/4=<80% protected AT THIS POINT IN THE VIDEO/animation, . Anything under 66% is NOT GOOD via Galacsics if i wrote/translated that % into physics it would be 30-50% chance of development within 3 days.

Above 66% means okay, below 66% in Galacsics means below a 50/50% chance therefore if 50/50 is at 66% IN GALACSICS, 80% in Galacsics means 0.64 of 100 as to physics or 64% chance as to physics AT THAT PERIOD/FRAME/TIME.

concerned visitor: So what is below oh lets say 30% Galacsics into physics?

yours truly: None existent. As far as being able to be detected by today's physically ground devices be they on Earth or Orbit anything in Galacsics below 33% cannot be observed interacting with physics, only after it already influenced physics and the physical world THEN notices something is happening this raises the Galacsic "flow back" (like a back flow) 'cause physics can only take so much Galacsics that the Galacsic energy builds up and then my devices can read that area, so even the ml-d can't see everything, btw why i state that in "space" Dark Matter = ~23% while what i call "clear Matter" is ~45% of space and 33% of that 45 WILL NEVER BE SEEN till the big quiet/silent crunch, how the uni-verse "ends"...but we have a few more lives to go through so stay positive.
If i were using the full 5 magnetic fields i mention exist to get a reading i'd use the words "protection SPHERE" instead of "protection circle" & percentages might be different.
Left clues as to the yet unknown magnetic field ITS REALLY anti magnetic and is one divided as 2 within the area called the Equator. (why i state there are really 2 Equators, one belongs to the N. Hemisphere/pole other to the S. Hemisphere/pole and how this area will one day present answers to those "plasma" spheres i call (since 1976) "Sphores" (a rock group now has that title). These science Sphores which in South America people record as glowing UFOs and can suddenly move at even acute angles, plus When Sun Cycles down/or HIGH inward activities the Sphorbs can move further away from the Equator, opposite action of aurora(s) (borealis) as Sun Cycle up/more outward activity causes Auroras to head further toward Equator. Left clues on a few youtube sites. CLUE: MIT plasma research i think will discover the edge of this field, be careful. Clue: Humanity does not grow linearly but in cycles (cyclically) just like the sun, think of a slinky placed on a ground that has continuous hills & valleys, except if man keeps learning that hill & valley is on an up-slope while the Sun is on a down slope

More digressing

Now the more pinholes that protection area of the pTwF has the less protection ie i call anemic/anaemic looking pTwF.

As the crappy vid goes on, you see my cursor pointing out the area around the Tropical wave/pTwF off Africa & the one off the E-Pac.

As the pointed out Atlantic Tropical wave approaches the Northern Coast of Venezuela** since the waves highest clouds have shrunken BUT are still UNITED its protective circle actually became better. Since the highest cloud tops are then only 6 pixels at its most contiguous area then all the wave needs (if we used only physics) are 4 areas N-S-E-W that have a +5C temp of 6 pixels in coverage. N, S,E seems to met this criteria, but the eastward area does not ...lets see how a now ~85%^ protected circle reacts as it moves w/WWN ~280 degrees. The ml-d is not DIRECTLY influencing this Tropical Wave its too far south, lets see if it FIRST turns northward and then how it reacts IF IT HEADS into the ml-d AOI.

concerned visitor: What's an ml-d, isn't it a beer?

your truly: Oy vey. An ml-d is what i call a device i created that i state influnces weather, for more on that (try) to read my blog

concerned visitor: Is that it?

your truly: There is more to this, as the importance of what happens when a protective area doubles as to the minimum amount/pixels that is needed to protect. Alternating Physics & Galacsic read out areas, & MUCH MORE, but those things cannot be understood if what i explained in not first studied and proven to have valid use in helping predict more accurately pTwF's directions & trends.

Since this blog is free to all lets see which country[ies] uses this info to better predict pTwF, Europe, Japan, China???

E = mc²(VERY important physics, kidding) but to Galacsics E = mc² only works in a third of its intrÆctions.

**(BTW Chavez was one of the 3 people/countries i was wiling to test this ml-d too. He was nutty but he took chances, something this country use to do as far as listening to its "small people".  Am asked by those that judge by the cover why i haven't patented the device. Now that only corporations get the benefit of the doubt and only ratings (reality TV) get nuts like me to pass on their ideas to companies w/o the consciousness of the inventor attached to the idea sold. Not good as then that "idea" is no longer the property of those that understand it most, imagine showing how to make an H-bomb on a reality show and the highest bidder gets to take it as if they created it, so why would i give such a important device as the ml-d to anyone by posting how it fully works on the webnet. Now if Einstein were heading the patient office i might think of it.

Xtra Xtra::
Advice as to "Trolls".

Have WxU create a discussion blog ("Dr.Masters off present topic" blog), when a thought to be troll (TTbT) enters Dr. Masters site one invites the "TTbT" to converse, at the off topic site. Place a link to the off topic blog in REPLY to troll, not a real reply just the link. Either the TTbT presents real ideas at the linked blog or falls flat on face (TTbT becomes itty bitty), BTW same as to those that believe in GW w/o asking questions, both informed through emotions/beliefs. If the TTbT comes up with several good counter points then we can separate that TTbT  into a thinking person whom has a different point of view and the more we converse amongst like or unlike minded people the more it helps us all. Its like someone just looking at the "active" areas of a satellite image to learn about weather, ONE NEEDS TO LOOK & ask questions AS TO ALL AREAS CALM OR ACTIVE to learn about weather

ml-d science not sweetheart

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By: vis0, 5:00 PM GMT on July 02, 2014

DO NOT USE THIS FOR ANY OFFICIAL WARNING in the future when someone else introduces such a device as the ml-d THEN they will know enough to use it HOPEFULLY to help mankind & help as to warning systems or to influences Tornadoes to break up/lift when they approach populated areas and many other useful uses. Then, later find out how the ml-d can be used to reverse diseases. FOR now think of my words as Sci-fi none of the graphics represents any present or future storm path even if it matches exactly as these are examples.

If it reads too good to be true , think of it as when electricity was harnessed, how that "improved" many things from Hospitals, sports,the transmission of signals for TV,radio, highways, space travel,flight etc. Same with the ml-d except it taps into ethereally ground energy therefore no side effects as planet grounded energies. There is one big "side affect" that in the wrong hands ITS VERY DANGEROUS.

(Animations below have been explained in previous blogs, some months ago)
The star-burst lines (blu-grn) indicate a direct
route towards the ml-d (when located at zip 10016).

this does NOT mean all Low systems will go directly
to the ml-d as if the ml-d was an iron magnet & the
Low systems made of iron.

We are on a physical plane, to nature via the rules of
this type of uni-verse this means physics has 66% of control
and Galacsics 33%.

If the weather trend (i state they have a change to change every
~ 2months, please use the sidereal Passover as a starting point) is to have
Low(ering) pressure systems head due west, then as that Low passes
oh lets say star-burst 180 degrees going westward and ENTERS the ml-d AOI
(by ENTERS i mean the Low has at least 2/3rds of the Lows AOI within/under
the ml-d AOI) then the ml-d starts push-pulling the Low towards the ml-d's center.
BUT since the natural trend for Lows during this period is to head
west/NW towards Texas then you'll see that as long as the low continues to go away from
the ml-d it will go through an assortment of weather interactions that cause the
Low pressure system to look anaemic.

Now since the ml-d attracts (is set to by me) Low(ing) pressure systems
then the more spin be it Horizontal or vertical the Low has the more its push-pulled towards the ml-d, in other words if the low weakens becomes anaemic then the ml-d affect on it lessons. Why since 2010 you've seen tropical storms enter the ml-d area as Tropical disturbances thus having very slow turning (Horz or Vert) then as the pTwF/Tropical Formation
begins too look healthy TILL the TS/Hurr passes a point where it is heading more AWAY than TO the ml-d, then
the ml-d in trying to push-pull the low causes the low too weaken but since we are in the physical plane what will happen
is some form of Anti-Low (be it dust, vertical instability,dry air etc) will be push-pulled toward the
Low(ering) pressure causing the Low yto become chaotic/anaemic.

Does this mean we no longer need meteorologist and those that measure any & every conceivable activity that occurs to
create weather, YES & i have a bridge a few miles south of me to sell.

We will ALWAYS need to teach our children the language of the uni-verse, maths and that leads to anything that deals with weather/climate. Since we live on the physical plane the beauty of that is diversity therefore even if to some they might think i'm saying the ml-d trumps physics, no siree Bob or Bobbett. There are so many variances as to physics what the ml-d does have the ability to influence parts of the physical plane as to steer things as man desire. BUT understand if one takes bits n pieces of energy from around the ml-d AOI to benefit its center as lets say to prevent long term droughts you create negative flows as droughts from whence one took those bit n pieces of energy from as you see the droughts growing just outside or outer most ml-d AOI.

Of course since this is all sci-fi no one is going to ask me to lower the ml-d or turn it off to lower the odds of the western/SW drought to continue, so lets just thinks that i'm a nut and lets see how long the drought lasts, i've stated on graphics in my blog that as long as the ml-d is set as it presently is the SW/Western (excludes extreme NW, extreme!!! SW ~Baja ) will have drought like conditions 20-30% more. If it would rain above normal 2 of 10 years , and 3 years with average rainfall , for now we'll see 1 above normal rainfall year & 1.5 normal rainfall in a 10 year span.

(bit of explanation for crappy graphics;
When the TS icon becomes larger it represents stronger NOT BIGGER, when it gets smaller it represents aneamic/chaotic state TS (be it open eyed,dry air inflow,not stacked (since i read what i typed lady on bus just slapped me ;-) ) but not necessarily smaller.


ml-d diary


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