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my 2cents on 91L

By: vis0, 6:26 PM GMT on June 30, 2014

Imagery centered::Tampa,FL .
Subject:: Invest 91L


Imagery period::201406-30;1515 till ;1715UTC

Imagery period:: 201406-30;1437 till ;1707UTC

The following is not written in stone but UNLESS a weather/climate trend is at an extreme, i call a #4 or #5 level, the ml-d trumps what was to happen naturally. I've explained the #5 levels on earlier blogs.

sci-fi:: Galacsics (an area of science not yet officially discovered as i state its a missing part of the puzzle as think of the following 3 areas as a circle, physics(science grounded via solid elements) quantum(temporary bridges) Galacsics (science grounded via ethereal elements)>

Some rules as to pTwF UNDER the ml-d's AOI.
By UNDER i mean at LEAST 2/3rds of the pTwF (presently known as Tropical Formations/disturbances)has to be under the ml-d AOI to be influenced.
If only 1/3rd is under the ml-d AOI it leads to a tug-o-war between the NATURAL TREND (that areas natural weather/climate influences as Coriolis,MJO,sheer,sun activity/inactivity trends & other natural cycles/oscillations etcetera.

The faster the rotation the more the pTwF "communicates" to/with the ml-d.

(No, the ml-d isn't saying come here uses Morse code :-p, just being zilly.

Then if an area of vertically turning LOW pressure (as an "arm"/front of a LOW has the same rotation speed/force as a HORIZONTALLY spinning LOW (a tropical storm) the tropical storm trumps over the front.

Notice when 91L was coming off the Carolinas towards the Atlantic as soon as the "Blob"(used w/o Grothars permission) began to spin the front which barrelling towards the blob began to break around the blob's AOI.

Now as long as 91L is heading southward and ITS STILL UNDER the ml-d AOI (see my graphics in previous blogs, or in my Tinypic or Imgbox accounts)its a tug-o-war, so vertical stability is compromised as physics is puling-pushing in one direction & Galacsics is pushing-pulling in the direction of zip code 10016 (where i live, ml-d resides)

If 91L stalls it will become stronger and 2 times quicker than expected.

If 91L/TS heads northward then it becomes tricky as the ml-d will add 2 times the energy the TS can use (Nature decides how to use that 2 times energy as it could be 2 times the expected precip.,winds,duration,directional movement. As to directional movement since the Appalachians are a directional barrier if nature uses the 2 times extra energy via directional movement and the TS/Hurr is heading towards the Appalachians it will barrel through the mountains as if the mountains where hals as tall/high. Notice since 2010 when the ml-d has been ON continuously (unless stated to be OFF or in Puerto Rico) how NYS/Appalachians have had at least  3 TS/Hurr barrel. Each storm was a 100 year event ^ Sandy a 500 yr event all in 4 years. through and Sandy.

Some might ask as to certain TD not forming, in some of those cases notice i blogged BEFORE the "demise" of those TD/pTwF and what i posted occurred. Notice what i posted as 90L (2014 WeATL) approached the Bahamas as to something affecting the ml-d (paint/spider webs etc)...notice how this year when paint affected the ml-d El Niňo SSTs spiked once the paint dried SSTs drop or roller coater, coincidence, could be but when weather is constantly affected as i post BEFORE these weather trends happen either i have kidcaymen's Creeestal ball  or darn lucky.

Gotta go do shopping for me & elderly neighbours,peace

ml-d diary 2014

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91L WeATL june 201406-27;0015_-29;0345

By: vis0, 7:56 AM GMT on June 29, 2014

Imagery credit:: NOAA
Subject:: 91L
Imagery period:: 201406-27;0015_-29;0345
SAT:: GOES Eastern USA IR 10.7µm

the post below for whatever reason did not show up or was del. )in 2011 i began to cap what i post after having several comments removed, never curse nor troll guess my statements of creating a device that influences weather rubs some the wrong way but notice i post things 2-12 days Before they happen as with SANDY as after Grother posted that Sandy will have a lower pressure i replied by saying 12 mb lower, Sandy went 13 lower yet no one sent me a chocolate chip cookie. Since 2010 have an accuracy of 85% or higher in amount of TS & trend. last Early August stated to see if during a 2 week periodS i call anomaly weeks we should see TS forming  and looking less anemic. What happened? 77% or higher of the Ts formed during these "anomaly weeks" (see my Galacsic Calendars for those periods. Just last week replied to a members comment on Dr. Masters to look out for a TS forming off the Carolinas gave odds above 50% that a TS would form and if the TD/TS heads northward just off the Carolinas after it turns a 60% chance of a cat 1 or klow cat2 Hurr THOUGH THE TROUGH MIGHT SPEED ITS FORWARD MOTION and uncouple it vertical stability.


91L 2014 weatern Atlantic Western Atlantic

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GoMx 201406-24_;2045_-25;2045UT

By: vis0, 11:09 PM GMT on June 25, 2014

GoMx201406-24_;2045_-25;2045UT by vis0


GoMx June 2014

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ml-d monkey wrenched!

By: vis0, 8:41 PM GMT on June 21, 2014

As i've typed in the last few ml-d diaries as how the ml-d is affected by paint/glues as they dry their viscosities change therefore changing or throwing off the ml-d settings. Also as stated these changing viscosities have to be facing the ml-d's IMMEDIATE surrounding walls / area. This includes steam pipes as apts. share the vertical steam pipes therefore if an apartment is painted below or above me it throws off the ml-d.
Guess what, its painting season and it seems this year more Apts need painting , yesterday 2 more where painted in my "line" (meaning DIRECTLY above or below me/the room that houses the ml-d). So we'll see more pulsing weather under the ml-d and the present. I've asked and was told no more apt. paintings in my line till maybe Sept 2014.

El Niño areas should continue to go through sudden ebbs & flows THIS HAPPENS NATURALLY due to natural (atmospheric) oscillations as MJO

(which is going (giving) to give El Niño some umph upward BUT i state the ml-d will trump El Niño or any other near by cyclical weather trend as more than not the ml-d is ON & at a constant setting, and only a steady super El Niño can trump the ml-d AS LONG AS the ml-d is ON and the ml-d's AOI near by.
The next 3 days watch El Niño SST anomalies go up & down with a more upwards plot (due to MJO) but by next Tue/Wed 201406-24/25 even with MJO's affects (Madden–Julian oscillation, Read Dr. Masters blog or WxU's glossary as to MJO) the STT plots should level off .
Plus even though this period should have less precip. out towards western Texas watch how till Mon (from early today) wTex get higher humidity +precip.

Similarly The tropics under the ml-d AOI will have weird unsteady ebbs & flows till Tue/wed then lets see. i really think if since late May 2014 there were no apt painting we should have had 2 Tropical Storms riding up the East Coast, one was that Tropical Distirbance that flourished over Puerto Rico (could have been 65mph strength) ~month ago and this disturbance just off Florida teetering near a cat1 Hurr.. but just read what i blogged (apt paintings) BEFORE both areas lost their stabilizing influence.

In case one thinks that i think the painting in my building affects weather/everything ARE YOU NUTS :-p The ml-d i state has major affects on (in this case) weather and if someone or something throws off the ml-d then the influences of the ml-d is also thrown off, crazy?  

Ever seen an electrical grid go out 'cause a mouse bit into a power line, well think of the power line as the ml-d's AOI and the mouse as the painting of apartments that is throwing off the ml-d influence "energy".
The problem is people can't comprehend that such a thing as the ml-d has been built w/o the help of some major company (me,  a barely 2yr BS grad) yet we forget that TV, planes, radio, MAJOR discoveries where first built within a persons imagination then physically (or has a use in the real world as opposed to just in ones mind)  and those inventions/ideas i just mentioned came from some BIG COMPANY or 12 foot man, no, by what one would call (by sight only) an average human beings. Then once people understood of their idea or experienced their invention THEN PEOPLE CHANGED THEIR TUNE from that guy/gal is a nut to come to our college and get an honorary degree so people think the guy/gal went to their college and is part of some "in" crowd.

Here is a major clue to those studying tornadoes, some might ask why are not apts. that are painted to my sides affecting the ml-d? THINK, the pipes that are strictly vertical do not have a circularly ground area FACING GROUND, the pipes that ONCE go horizontal do ...think... now study how a tornado bends (even if slightly)  and you'll learn how to influence tornadoes via certain types of "sound/resonances", you might not being able to influence Tornadoes as the ml-d can but see that there is some push-pull, if you discover the clue call it the MTT "Masters' Tornadic trend" after Dr. Masters.

BTW i could build some walls to protect the ml-d being affected by the painting of in-line Apts. but
1)too costly,
2...should be 1)illegal to build your own rooms within NYC building, NYC fire code standards.

one more thang i use "trump" as a clue as it can mean trumpet thus the use of some type of sound/resonance via the ml-d to influence weather trends.,peace

ml-d diary Tornadic trend

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Updated 201406 watervapor/cloud temps of area near Bahamas

By: vis0, 1:48 AM GMT on June 21, 2014

wATL disturbance East of FL 201406-18;0715_20;2245 - kewego
wATL disturbance East of FL 201406-18;0715_20;2245 - kewego

wATL June 2014

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ml-d ON/OFF ... paintng of othr Apt.(De-ja-vu)

By: vis0, 1:17 AM GMT on June 20, 2014

Found out today that ~2 days ago (~201406-17ish Tuesday) had an apartment in the same "line" as my apartment painted. By "line" that means an apartment that is within the same vertical column as my apt.
Example: If i were in Apt.#52p then Apt.#23p or Apt.#72p are in the same "line" ("p") while Apt.#23m or Apt.#72m are not, the later 2 are in line "m"..

If one (tries to) reads back on this blog or another blog where i explain the ml-d as to glues or paints i.e. low viscosity liquids, one notices i state that if any wall or thing is painted/glued and that object is around the area the ml-d is FACING the thicker drying liquid affects the energy flow as the glue/paint dries the viscosity of such liquids cause the ml-d to act as if being reset (why i state you saw the super El Niňo readouts) as the ml-d was acting as if being shut ON/OFF constantly, early in 2014 when MY APARTMENT was being painted (took over a month to dry being i had to do touch ups to metal cabinets which the city/fed gov. doesn't do) and i'm allergic to metal (heavy oil based) paints, so i had to paint one metal cabinet side STOP get fresh air and paint the other side 3 days later, etc. for 3 cabinets.

Now one might ask BUT IT WAS ANOTHER APARTMENT BEING PAINTED so it wasn't IN FRONT of the ml-d?

Au contraire (or as my cus sez "Oh Conair"), see in projects the steam pipes are outside the WALLS (ONE CAN TOUCH THEM) and like submarine radar picks up spiraling ping of circular tubing /pipes then in painting the steam pipe that is WITHIN my "line" though on another floor the ml-d picked that viscosity effect via the steam pipe in front of it IN MY APT. and since the ml-d readout cannot be read unless i place a mirror under it (ml-d is floating) then i don't bother to look (call it lazy). When i did look today (201406-19) i noticed the feedback indicators where yellow (means not steady). i looked to see if it had spiders on it (explained how animals/insects luv to get near the ml-d which causes a reset if i have to clean the ml-d. Insects /birds when they are to give birth, either get through my window screens or births (pigeons did in 2010 2 baby pigeons looked so clean, seagulls,falcon,crows,ravens tried too narrow @6'') try to make nests on my window ledge the spiders babies are not mine?!!)
Since i last checked the permanent ml-d Sunday into Monday after resting the portable ml-d i asked building management/workers if anyone was painting an apartment. Sure enough there was one, Tuesday PM / Wednesday AM. Now as extra info, notice 2 of several storms occurring under the ml-d after i slightly raised the portable ml-d last Saturday so its reset kicked in Sunday nite 201406-15ish. This is the 3rd time i notice this since 2010 where having raised one setting in the portable ml-d (while ml-d is ON in the same room) seems to benefit the odds for "Derechos" & twin formations of any type of Low/front. Why?, i don't know, that was a question to be solved by those i asked to help (1980s through 1996/7 via snail mail/calls, then 1999-2013 via the web) because THEY knew physics, but no one responded except with remarks as "you're a housekeeper?" from a college professor at nyc's Queens college when i wrote, then called him to help me understand Tsunamis articles he wrote in the 1980s and he was ready to reply but asked me of my phD status i said i'm a housekeeper/maintenance worker he said "you're a housekeeper?" and hung up, or on the web i get correct your grammar comments/replies before i stopped reading my WxU mail. Why i use incorrect grammar to separate those whom care from those that judge by the books cover, sadly out of 8 WxU members that took their time to eMail me all judged by the cover, not 1 Ques. as to how the ml-d works or can you change a setting tell them then see what happens. i guess only babies born w/diplomas and use perfect English grammar  can
make discoveries.

BACK TO ml-d update::

Now it takes 3-4 days for nyc paint jobs to FULLY dry so i expect any tropical or fronts to go through "pulse" type activities as if trying to form looking good then dying down looking raggedy, again trying to form looking good then dying down looking raggedy BUT NOTICE its not directly related to sun cycles as its related to the paint viscosity as it dries. IF there is a unofficial Blob (ONLY WxU member GROTHAR makes the official blob calls) under the ml-d by Friday (late) afternoon lets see if it builds up by Sunday.

Notice i stated after setting the portable mnl-d slightly higher that by Sunday/Monday i expected some tropical formation genesis and you saw just south west & south-east of Florida such spins but i think the painting on Tuesday PM squashed them temporarily, lets see the next 2 days IF the weak spins are still UNDER the ml-d AOI(search "nyc ml-d AOI" or view map here WxU blog [ aoi-bit-more-precise-yet].,peace

ml-d diary


append cmmnt on Dr. Roods blog.

By: vis0, 9:45 PM GMT on June 18, 2014


Loong comment:(at my blog if one cares to read)
Anything as to an energy source that will pass the test of time in that it will benefit mankind and create the least chaos within nature has to follow the rule that it (the energy source) flows naturally as an element and is tapped into without altering that natural flows' element after its used to add energy to mankind's power grid needs..

Benefit to mankind Example1: Hydro power, is the tapping into the flow of water. When the water goes (falls) through to generate power through large turbines it still comes out as water...might not be the cleanest but that's why we have the EPA.

Benefit to mankind Example2: Solar power, is the absorption of light/heat to be changed into a current. Light/heat goes "in" and some heat flows out around the solar panels. No toxic fumes are emitted by the panels (older panels did as they were being tested MANY years/~decades ago)

 NOT Benefit to mankind Example: Coal,oils,gas ANY element one has to burn be it directly with a heat source or chemical reaction causes that element to change as it comes out after its use to generate energy for power grids.
 Soso to not Benefit to mankind Example: Nuclear now this is tricky 'cause if one could constantly & SAFLY recycle the "rods"
 (as a young lady presented (by Dr. Masters) at NYC convention Sept 26 2013, as she (a professor???/Dr???, apology my bad memory) presented an idea/invention to recycle used "rods", then up to 3 recycling i could call the element in is similar to element out, but thereafter the element has been changed. So in the end Nuclear is best used as a last resort and when transferring of payloads is needed OUTSIDE a planets atmospheres and no human being is near the nuclear power source, i.e, far away space missions...till mankind learns how to use low sound impulses to go faster than the speed of light 186,400mps beyond the "complex Star's" Gray halo, within that Gray Halo light becomes tired and is slightly "slower".
i state the REAL solar power is wind.
Wind created by nature trying to balance the warming & cooling areas of a its quasi-closed atmospheres.
If man kind can create "wind streams" (not to be confused with jet streams high above), but wind streams then pass those wind streams through large turbines that have bi-directional 360 degrees of ball bearings to act as gyroscopes in pointing immediately as to from whence the wind stream came then any breeze could be tapped into as even the turning of the turbine would generate power as no motion is wasted.
Now add to that a device that can be set to attract a constant wind stream between 2 floors that are horizontally concave as to the wind stream intake and between those 2 floors (never have the concave be more than 3 fold in size change from widest to narrowest) are wind turbines one can create/generate (i state) up to 60% of man kinds need for energy, 605! now 2014 AD at best/cleanest its ~15-20-% as to Hydro power). One of the important rules (i state) is NEVER USE THE ml-d (or whatever its called when someone else invents them) MORE than 8 hours within a 24 hour period.
Why ?
Because one wants the natural element of wind flow to regain its natural flow and to do that one has to only tap into nature 1/3rd of the warming/cooling period also known as day/night cycles. Therefore 1/3rd of 24hrs is 8hrs.
Some might notice i prefer to use .666 to .333,
Am i the devil i.e. 666 as several would reply to my AOL posts in the early 1990s.
Let me check ("Happy birthday to me  happy birthday Gregorio", nope not Lucifer -ol Benny Hill, Vaudeville skit)
The reason i use .666 to .333 is 'cause its the ONLY 1/3 to 2/3rd ratio that leaves a remainder as Nature uses that remainder of .001 (.666+.333=.999, remainder of .001) to ignite recycling within her means. Other 1/3 to 2/3rd equations end up with whole numbers.
This .666 to .333 (A:B:C as .333:.333:.333) is why scientist in Europe (Einstein's 'ol lab) were able to transfer light from one sealed room to another with the light carrying a "one of a kind message"...but don't tell them they know not IN DETAIL how they did the quantum transfer. By the way its also how Black holes take in light and change it to 0.000000000000000000000000000000001Hz. and "Q-novae" do the opposite and why as of late deep universe reading are picking up light that is stronger by 2 or 3 times than any point should "emit",  (lately i've...the ml-d... gotten up to -40 but only 3 times so not sure if its an anomaly reading)...but i digress.

So i post this in case some young girl or boy passes by WxU and this crazy nutty comment sparks their imagination which in time leads to the creation & harnessing of wind stream.

This is why since the 1970s**  i tried to get anyone in the scientific communities to test a device i call an ml-d (microLow-device).

i in 1996/7 gave up on mailing science related media outlets as The Wx Ch. to whom i sent over 3,000 pages and the only hand written Mr.X dictionary.  i called my self Mr.X-nyc(smilie face), due to the fact that in pre-K (1960s)i defended an African woman who was being insulted as to her race and she called me little X (after Malcolm X) cause i'd stepped up to bigotry (was her words), in time it went from  littler X to mr.X-nyc in  in 1972.

 In 1998/9 when i joined (3 user names, only remember "espyther") i felt let me give the webnet a try to see if anyone interested in testing the ml-d. Now (2013 as posted on my WxU blog)  stopped looking for anyone to test the ml-d and just tweak the ml-d to improve it and as my hobby as i have much more serious responsibilities in life.

**(included over 3,000pgs to The Weather ch. & its parent company THEN located in Md., to in 2010 till 2013 asking members of WxU. Instead i received comments on my terrible grammar & form of writing which BTW i state why i type/write in the manner that i do on every blog i start, but today EVEN GOOD PEOPLE tend to jump to conclusions instead of having a rich conversation. i remember my father having conversation at his job with people whom spoke little English (so did he, he never graduated from primary school, 1st 6th grade...Puerto Rico) and taking an hour just to understand a few things and being happy that they conversed, now if what anyone post has no nudity or shock value or way to make money or one has no "graduate letter" following ones name readers/people will tend to throw the baby out with the basin so they can have the water. (its a play on the old saying...try to hold the water with your arms), get it,peace

Climate Change News global climate schizo To balance man made pollutants Nature goes Schizo Schizo worse than GW harder to predict


Bogus OK on maps but lets try MAGIC!

By: vis0, 6:58 PM GMT on June 13, 2014

Beginning at 1:30P EDT (Friday June 13...full moon too) i set the PORTABLE ml-d to see if it can pull up some tropical moisture, eventually disturbance towards the NE.

When setting/resetting the PORTABLE version it takes ~12 hrs per setting (the permanent ml-d 24hrs per setting and more dangerous to tweak with) and since i only tweaked one of the portable's settings lets see if by Saturday AM / Sunday AM we see Tropical LOW genesis. Of course the Dr. Masters Bogus comment was as to a deep in the southern GoMx formation riding ~northward predicted many days from now.

AGAIN IT IS NOT CONTROLLING OR OUT OF THE BLUE, i see a blob heading into the GoMx (under the ml-d's AOI) so i'm going to see what the ml-d can influence out of it. IF THERE WHERE NO BLOB the ml-d might raise the humidity and cloud coverage but not create something in a snap, kapeesh.
i use the word magic as anything new as to science first appears as if magic, read how X-rays were first thought to be magic or certain medical breakthroughs, anything new has to be tested retested but since my creation is too unbelievable no one cared to even test it, lets see where that type of thinking ;leads this country.
Now let me turn into a ware-wolf...,peace

Bogus Magic! Galacsics ml-d


WV cloud temps Cristina 2014 ePAC

By: vis0, 6:39 PM GMT on June 13, 2014

CREDIT::University of Hawaii
ePac(ific) Hurricane Kristina
Imagery OBS::201406-11;1800_-12;1930UTC

Watch ePAC-Hurricane-Cristina_201406-11;1800_-12;1930UT C in News |
View More Free Videos Online at

Hurricane Cristina Huracan Cristina 2014 June Junio

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UNOFFICIAL Galacsics Calendar 2014

By: vis0, 4:26 AM GMT on June 11, 2014

WARNING: This Galacsic Calendar for 2014 WAS NOT
created with the most accurate (can be OFF by +/-8 days, includes less detail) information, 
as my other posted Galacsic Calendars. It was done at the last minute for my reference and figured 
"ah, why not post it". Read (try to) previous Galacsic Calendar CLUES to "understand".
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
By "space
Wx" i mean how concentrated energies from light outputs can/will affect
a complex planet and help foretell the wx/climate trends YEARS ahead at
over 90% success by understanding that LOW (vibes/sounds) are faster
than light therefore reach Earth before the physical affect occurs via
light. In knowing that LOW!!! sounds can carry this "information" once
one can read this info one will know what the lagging light will bring
MANY yrs. later. Of course for this to have a chance of being factual
discovering that LOW!!! "sound/vibes" (below 1 to the power of (negative)-32 Hz) exist (Black
holes...certain...1 of 5 types...2 types have MUCH lower) are faster
than light (Ml@186,400 ...outside complex star's Gray halo) has to be
discovered. (just realized my spell chk through my fault would change Hz to dB (entered that change to see if anyone would reply
telling me dB its no big deal, & forgot to remove that purposeful error from my spellchk)
...big difference heck my friends 8-track player ("pet rock" of the 1960s)  hits lower than -32dB ...its broken.
Gioing to change a few of my past blog entries that have dB.

During the 2 week anomaly period PHYSICS reigns
therefore the ml-d which taps into Galacsics (not physics) loses the
tug-o-war by being AT BEST at 50-50 but the ml-d can be as ineffective
as 33% to physics 66%. Notice what happened during 2013 and Tropical
Storm developments within & aRound the ml-d AOI? ~90% of the TS
began to form within these anomaly weeks (+/- 2.331 days). That TO ME
meant TS were being "deprived" of "maturing" via ml-d SETTINGS
influences, but when Earth (physics only) reigned TS had a fighting
chance to spin up. The rest of the unaffected DIRECTLY by the ml-d
world will also react(ed) to these 2 week periods, HOW? observe and
learn i zuk at physics so that "ain't my expertise".

Passover on Earth & in space (~sidereal) is very important as to figuring where these 2 week periods "fall".

this yr (2014) and from now on (as long as i'm taking care of parents
& elderly neighbours) i will no longer create an official Galacsic
Calendar (posted 8 since 1997, 6 sites closed yet they should be on
some server somewhere. ( "archaeologist" in the future will be digging
into layers of old servers as opposed to just buried within layers of
earth to uncover information).,peace

ml-d Galacsics Calendar

Updated: 4:42 AM GMT on June 11, 2014


ml-d reminders

By: vis0, 2:53 AM GMT on June 09, 2014

(link opens matching animation/FLV at vidmeup)

NOW aROUND the oblate ml-d outermost AOI

is natures' individual response(s) to the ml-d being ON as to the ml-d settings of  more precip. & mixing of atmosphere(s) UNDER the ml-d.
Natures' response are HIGHS (opposite of more precip. & mixing) form just outside/aROUND the outermost ml-d AOI.  The ml-d "asks" nature to dance to its "tune" (settings) In obliging the ml-d's "kind request" nature takes minuscule amounts of energies from around the ml-d to create the ml-d desired output, in taking those minuscule amounts to raise moisture & create wind shifts, doldrum areas are created.

EXAMPLE: i need to jump start my car's battery, lets say it needs a 1 volt charge i can either get a 1 volt charger or get 100 wire tangled .01 volt chargers. Nature in response to the ml-d does the latter, as in doing so disturbs the least of her surroundings thus any AREA JUST OUTSIDE THE OUTERMOST ml-d AOI has a 25% higher chance of having a moderate drought, REMEMBER the "mosee" effect (Motion overspill energy errors), since weather has a W-E flow it means there should be a slight shift of the drier conditions heading a bit east into/under the outermost ml-d AOI and in the Ocean, a wetter than should be area heading eastward outside the ml-d outermost AOI but harder to tell, since the Ocean tends to be  wet.   Therefore those observing the weather cannot see ONE THING (be it SAL, Mo(mentum) or MjO, Curly(Coriolis), fronts in the mid or further East Atlantic maintaining an average/mean barometric pressure closer to barometric levels more attuned towards HIGHs form all influencing TS to become anaemic and/or other forms of influences where the sudden change in weather comes from as in influencing Tropical Storms to maintain an anaemic life span. In the end it seems like many things ganged up against TS formation just outside the ml-d AOI.

There are as many scenarios as there are 1 minute degree quad. directions towards NYC from any forming TS in the ATL/GoMx basins
, i left a few animations showing several scenarios during the latter half of the 2013 ATL TS season.

Remember the lower the rotation the easier to go against the ml-d so a TD can form into a TS even if its heading away from the ml-d
but as its rotational values rise if it remains going away if it wants to "survive" it has to leave the ml-d influence, in 2013 a few TS did this just NW off Africa. Do an overlay of the ml-d area in the mid Atlantic then watch as the TS/Hurr has a THIRD of the TS/HURR AOI go under the ml-d AOI & HIGHS just outside the ml-d AOI. The TS go into turbulence (Turb) mode head eastward regain form head west again towards ml-d AOI Turb. mode. In case one wants to ask why don't i (vis0) create an overlay. i did, the 5 or more on my blog still here the 2 on Dr. Masters where removed during my bans.

(remember ONLY under 2 circumstances does the ml-d lose its influence:
a)Its OFF
b)Its been moved/reset.

(so from time2time to check & see if the ml-d in ON or resetting as of late had more resets than a cheap digital watch)

As stated on my earlier WxU blogs when the NATURAL TREND is to have TS steered towards the ml-d AOI, be it towards the innermost (even the ~middle AOI) you will see TS forming & moving with ease AS LONG AS ONE OF ITS FORWARD QUADRANTS is towards zip 10016 (nyc) even if a front approaches the TS/Hurr. This is 'cause the ml-d influence being at 2 times the natural average will give the TS 2 times more leverage.
How is this "leverage" determined?
As stated on earlier blogs the ml-d attaches its influence via rotating elements. The faster the rotating element the more influence (similar to how flying orbs can blend several metals as if one and thus fight gravity by using the repelling forces created within those rotating elements as they temporarily share etrons, ntrons & ptrons, these are names i gave electrons etc. at the ethereal level) therefore the stronger rotation takes on the ml-d influence.
As to Galacsics the "sinking" rotating element perpendicular to its complex parental sphere gravitational centre (Earth) has the right of way. This means a TS/HURR (horizontal rotation) being equal in force/energy to a front (vertical rotation) the Horizontal force wins the use of the ml-d's influence. (In Physics i think the opposite is true, BUT NOT SURE) Now how it uses that force is up to nature, the TS could buzz saw through the front (least likely as rules of physics still dominates in THE END), repel the front with its outflow, squeeze the atmosphere of it moisture so it cools the fronts ability to charge up, cause a heat inversion thus drying out all available evaporation moisture that could have fed the/an inflow of the front and much more ...just send 22,000 bazooka wrappers to Grothar. It wont get you ml-d info, but will get you a used AC camper unit & some good advice as to saving $$ for retirement, and the latter is priceless.
Now IF a NATURAL EVENT OUTSIDE the ml-d AOI is more than 2 times stronger and ON more than the ml-d IT (The Natural) WILL trump the ml-d (UNLESS i raise the ml-d above 3 times then only catastrophic influences can trump the ml-d. By Catastrophic i mean large asteroid or sudden over active volcanic activities due to polarity twists which leave a long term domino affect on climate.
What is a polarity twist?
Its another of my crazy 1970s theories sent to The Weather channel during the 1990s, and is how a complex planet quasi-shifts polarity, might leave clues later.

REMEMBER portable ml-d ends its reset sun/mon in <24hrs.

Please take into account that weather systems tend to move W-E & the Coriolis therefore "motion overspill energy errors" (mosee) occur, in other words since weather trends force things to move West to East there should be a dragging of the ml-d AOI influences by a few dozens miles towards the east.,peace

ml-d ml-d AOI

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How 2stifle a confident imagination

By: vis0, 4:20 AM GMT on June 07, 2014

Now being i'm on 56k i just read the comment(hrs. after it went up).
Even in jest or if one thought that a blogger thinks that by blogging or wishing(wishcasting)
that they could change natures' course then that should be specifically stated.

Of course since its a red flag by a person who blogs of creating a weather/nature
influencing device, then please throw any stones towards me, but be thoughtful of all and
try to follow the golden amendment...uhhh...rule of thumb...3 out of 4 rule...rock, paper,scissors
ya know what i meane ask "Tazmanianation"...what?, he's not up to that user name yet?.

darn shame


ml-d diary(portable)+thingies

By: vis0, 8:41 PM GMT on June 05, 2014

Tinkering w/ portable ml-d began 201406-04;~2000EDT (8pm EDT) Since i rarely tinker w/ the portable ml-d the reset affects AS FAR AS i CAN TELL is similar as the permanent ml-d. It does seem to fluctuate more as to its error rate & have a slightly shorter rest period because its meant to be carried thus not fully ungrounded via physics..

The permanent ml-d has a 12-24 hour PER setting reset rate at ~10% fluctuation.

The portable ml-d has a 12 (+/-6 hrs) PER SETTING reset rate at ~33%.

Therefore 3x9=27hrs 3x12=36hrs 3x18=54hrs are the reset choices.
Since i am tinkering with all active settings on the portable ml-d then lets use 54 hours ~2 to 3 days ONCE i stop tinkering which is in 2 hours or Thursday 201406-05;1800EDT.

Therefore THOUGH WE SHOULD NOT SEE the CLEAR reaction as if it were the permanent ml-d, we should have seen some weird -AS IF SPLITTING- weather reaction from last night Wednesday 201406-04;~2000EDT (8pm EDT) beginning from the outer ml-d AOI FIRST then every ~12 hrs moving on towards the next inward ml-d AOI till by 2 to 3 days the innermost ml-d AOI resets. CAREFUL w/ weird acting weather. (remember its an oblate area, read/observe not just mid west, but lower Canada, upper GoMx,Easter half of Atlantic)

This as id splitting is 'cause The permanent ml-d is ON, and i'm tinkering w/ the portable ml-d IN THE SAME ROOM.

(not weather related but its science or to most SciFi)
Shhh don't tell this too anyone but one can turn oneself into an electron microscope?

huh (NUTS!)
When one wears the portable ml-d to the skin w/ perm. ml-d in the same room and goes into the REM sleep in a self grounded metal frame bed one can see ones body at the cell level. Things floating on & in ones body w/o taking any drugs (though one is on the brink of burning oneself (wounds on outer hand towards left wrist, solar plexus in pain & olfactory bruised)one wakes up smelling as if slightly toasted, hey if Carl Yung had his nurse help him administer certain things to help him go within to go without, in me being a thinker it took me 6 yrs to calculate what i needed to do to become a living electron microscope, don't try this at home kids only for the nutty. When i described what i saw a close friend said LSD? but in doing it via the ml-d one reaches those levels through THE FRONT DOOR, when one uses drugs or any physically grounded manner one enter that sub atomic level via THE BACK DOOR so it (the DNA strands,the dead skin eating thingies ,energy floating around ones aura, ones heart intertwined energies, etc.) becomes as if a nightmare hard to understand as w/ LSD.
= = = = = = = = = = =
BTW ON PRESENTATION PAGE for all top blogs the blog "Christopher C. Burt, May 30, 2014 Weather Historian, Weather Underground" has been formatted so its top PRESENTATION text is an ENTIRE link to comment.html?entrynum=278#commenttop. It still gets one to his page but just wanted to alert WxU.,peace

ml-d diary


WatchOut! u almost stepped in it.

By: vis0, 5:03 AM GMT on June 01, 2014

(THE FOLLOWING IS NOT SUPPORTED BY Wunderground NOR any PRESENT OFFICIAL LEVEL OF SCIENCE....though some might be on the brink of figuring bits & pieces of it...usually by accident).

Resetting & Raising ml-d(by Tue/Wed).

Last time i had the ml-d this close to setting #2.3** (READ LAST BLOG AS TO WHY ML-D IS RESETTING) an earthquake i think was triggered (NOT CAUSED), but triggered in SE Canada & was felt even in NYC (next quake felt in nyc WAS THE 2011 VIRGINA QUAKE also blogged here ~3+ days before it occurred). As to the SE Canadian quake, i was setting up the portable ml-d in Kingston ,NY as i blogged here on my WxUblog to be on alert, so the portable ml-d's innermost AOI encompassed that Canadian fault line area, the permanent ml-d's (in zip 10016) innermost AOI (area Of Influence) skims that area, so the quake might happen elsewhere including in the Atlantic. (see this crappy graphic,

for the ml-d AOI, when you see 3 oblate areas the one over NYC is the innermost. (Don't blame me if WxU's blog changed the embedding code on my vidmeup complex links, the 3 other sites i blogged on in other languages did not)

For those too brain lazy to decipher my terrible grammar, by trigger NOT cause i mean the ml-d is not generating "superman" fictional type power to move tectonic plates let alone my dinner plate (mmmmmm arroz con pollo) , but simply causing a continuous cooling via the sub atom...

(CLUE: By deep i mean deep sounds as in the science i call Galacsics sound acts like light, therefore it can cause temperature changes BUT without affecting everything it goes through as light has to heat the brick, the cement to heat my room, Galacsics "sound" can heat my Apt w/o heating anything else (some of physics can do that as MicroWaves) XTRA: In out of body experiences Galacsics "sound" can draw images to you of you on an operating table, "see" through walls all via the upper third of the olfactory)

..of deep mantel areas to nudge tectonics into action by IN THIS CASE using long continuous flows of cooling. By cooling i don't mean COLD temperatures. DO NOT confuse that with the ml-d working via Absolute0's 8 sieves, by cooling all one needs is to lower the temperature. If its 4000° F & the ml-d flow takes it to 3994° F that is cooler, though at that °F&#@*%! temp. its NOT the humidity its the continuousness of that temperature change that will trigger change. Ever been shaken by a plastic milk or soda container left on the table at night and it crackles due to temperature changes, MAGIC!? no the temperature changed was big & long enough to exert a pressure change, ya know that crap of molecules expanding or contracting ...ah who cares it was MAGIC!

Thank goodness archaeologists aren't brain lazy. Imagine, they dig with dental utensils for months in 100 degree weather to find just a piece of a puzzle and people can't take the time to read my blog and ask questions no wonder many don't care of GW/GCZ, if those that do care can't take the time to ask question of things that are new to THEM , why should those that don't care learn of GW which is NEW to them. Try not to talk down to us common folk cause once that fish goes off the hook its harder to catch it a 2nd time (the shark (trivial news) ate it).

Its been a pleasure from 2002-2005,2006-2010. In 2010 once i began to post my blogs & try to chat & converse w/ even well rounded WxU members i felt like Galileo Galilei, ignored in some (church prison) cell...bigger than a NYC Apt?!. At least his work lived on to show that his craziness had some worth. If one thing, (here goes more than one) remember light does escape black holes a form of LOW! sound/resonance starting at 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 and of the 5 "parental lights" 1 is the slowest at 186,400 mps when measured outside a complex star's gray halo, the other "fastest light" can fold anything into thirds including all 5 types of uni-verses, while the middle 3 types of lights are low sounds and 'cause they coil they seem slower when measured via physics but get in one of those coils and you'll throw up on yerself before you know it.

Taking a break for a month, will lurk via other compu'rs if i get near one (specially 'four' the TS) then decide what to do with this blog.

**(in physics the ml-d AT PRESENT SETTINGS influences nature to become almost 2 times whatever the present flow is. Be that natural flow; weather, tectonics or other natural motions including reversing diseases as certain cancers. (as to the diseases only Karma (your spiritual tree) related diseases cannot be cured/reversed BUT ONE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP, cause ones karma debt (neg) or credit (pos) is best not thought of, yall go nuts. Next at a curable rate of 66% to 33% , are family tree diseases, the rest can be reversed. i use the word "reversed" as that's how one avoids side effects. There is a Dr. in New England whom is studying how pills w/ lite electronic charges/pulses seem to cure diseases, she i feel is on the track to figure the early stages (I THINK) of using Galacsics to reverse diseases. By my educated guess it seems that this New England Dr's work is 2 or 3 generations away from being taken seriously as to have it go through trails in the general public. The main problem is how do companies make money w/ those types of pills. Hey, as Jim Morrison once told a young lady backstage, bleeding from a chair toss, "Hey, ...its a democracy".


ml-d diary black holes turn light into LOW sounds Q-Novaes turn low sounds into light Black hole 16 Lghtyrs away will prove reincarnation to time travel, time twist vis LOW! sounds my back itches can u scratch it The Vole Show Grube Tube


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