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SPOOKY science or just nuts + ml-d diary

By: vis0, 11:03 PM GMT on May 30, 2014


Tried to post [May 29-30th 2014 9pm till ??? EDT] but after 11 tries, several hours left a msg. on CHAT (weather). i
figure its my 5th or 6th
this is a capture of the posting attempts.(creatred a "ticket" as to Wxu's suspicious backgroynd activity (yellow line, user info  4-6 times higher than it should be) in case WxU has server issues, only happens to me on WxU.)
The clip is of me trying to post on Dr. Masters. i edited out IN TOTAL 45 mins of the capture as it recorded  ersonal style="color: rgb(255, 212, 170); background-color: rgb(2, 2, 2);">
ml-d reset today 201405-30;~1600 Friday till 201406-03~1600 Tuesday (double vision caused me to slightly bump into ml-d this morning). Was hit in face with truck's swinging rear door chain this AM taking care of bruises/ style="color: rgb(255, 212, 170); background-color: rgb(2, 2, 2);">
• This means during the first of the next 3 days the innermost ml-d AOI will go from creating a 99% influence to
33% as to the 3 (of 5) ml-d settings (Precip., Horiz. winds/transport & Vert. winds/transport). The center ml-d AOI
will stay at 66% but "fluctuate (explained on other blog and/or 2 blog posts earlier) & the outermost ml-d AOI will go
from 33% to 99% for ~24 hrs (lag time caused by physics)

• On the 2nd of the 3 days (Sun. bit of Monday) Innermost is heading upwards at 66%, outermost is heading  downward at 66% (in pulses, why weather / prediction compu'rs are thrown into confusion as compu'r prefer  definite scenarios, not "hazy" (quoting Dr. Masters into Entry2687) "pulses". By pulses i mean as  "1hr this" (no  rain) "1hr that" (sudden deluge), then 2 this (low winds) 2 hrs that (high winds), 4hrs this (atmosphere not mixing well) 4hrs that (atmosphere mixing up a 1 every 300+ yr storm), 8 hrs. this 8 hrs. that etc. (if U can figure this out, this is a Galacsics rule for the center day of change or any center period as to transport via Galacsics. Save it for when you time twist or transport anything via light some call it incorrectly Quantum...remember to send the "light"of any entity FIRST if it has no "light within" learn of the nearly 900** Elements to figure out how to ebbed "light" into apparently inanimate objects. In the 1990s i sent the Vienna Labs (Einstein's 'ol hang out) the .666 to .333 rule of Galacsics, 12 yrs. later they figured in using an A:B:C "rule of thumb" BTW sent to TwCh's J. Cantore& V. Brown (~1992), do they (Jim & Viv, like someone is going to ask : - p ) remember some nut Mr.X (nyc) writing gibberish (like i do here) with some words like "push-pull" or "mirror effect", why i say if they never received the Mr.X dictionary (hundreds of pgs. hand written to help decipher my CLUEs) the gibberish will not be unlocked. That Vienna Lab became the "first" to transport a "light" via not 100% pure physics, then discovered "quantum entanglement". NOT SAYING THEY TOOK MY THEORY BUT that i've done that (how else would i
know, what i became Back2DaFewture's "Dr. Emmett Brown", that's cah-razy) therefore what some call spooky science or science from far way is really aROUND us one just has to know how to "tap" into it, BTW please respect "native Indian rain dances" as when done correctly its for real, otherwise when modern science discovers how to influence weather w/ types of sounds (read my black holes turn light into "sound" clues on this blog) you'll have to remove the pie from your face to eat style="color: rgb(255, 212, 170); background-color: rgb(2, 2, 2);"> 
• On the 3rd day (Mon-bit of Tuesday 201406-03) the ml-d areas are heading to their stable settings therefore any long term weather predictions/scenarios stated BEFORE i bumped the ml-d (Friday) should start to return IF THOSE WEATHER entities are still near the areas they where predicted to manifest in. EXAMPLE: If it was the forecast for a "pTwF" to try & form around the SE & that disturbed area of weather is still nearby it will try to flourish around Mon-Tue style="color: rgb(255, 212, 170); background-color: rgb(2, 2, 2);">

**i know there are under 200 elements AS OF TODAY, but once modern science
breaks through what should be element 178ish (+/1 or 2 chart element CORRECTED positions) watch out.


ml-d diary spooky science

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ml-d overlay showing its influnce on weather May 18 thru May 28 2014

By: vis0, 9:49 AM GMT on May 26, 2014

(barely staying, very frustrating when a sites blog isn't compatible with most HTML builders, post the same blog on 3 other sites it shows up as typed, here sentences are broken paragraphs split, again WxU is tops w/ the best tru- blu members but if one can't post weather related things, as the ml-d why pull the last few hair i have out in re re re editing my pages.)
Times are in Eastern as AM/PM &(GMT/z) When one sees a washed out overlay this represents that the ml-d AOI percentages are heading TOWARDS (not fully) the numbers overlay. EXAMPLE at frame "" (~5seconds in)  the overlay goes from a brightly coloured 33% over NE & HIGHS weakens out west TO a  light or washed out colour overlay of 99% over NE & stronger HIGHs out west. At frame ""  notice the overlay brightens, meaning the percentages are now at actual numbers.
( ; ;s=8)

If researched what happened under the rest of the ml-AOIs (Canada,Atlantic & GoMx) you'll see similar flow  eactions during this period JUST UNDERSTAND being weather goes from W towards E its harder for a LOW to move towards the NYC area once its in the Atlantic, BUT this can cause a slowing down of LOWS thus cause floods down the line. Again modern science understands that on the complex planet (physics) HIGHs reign BUT via space weather (Galacsics) LOWs reign.  If i state the ml-d is tapping into Galacsics then what the ml-d is doing is triumphing HIGHs by controlling/creating LOWs at a constant refresh rate. The only time the ml-d is naturally weakened are during what i call planetary anomaly weeks. In Earth's case these are 2 week periods,  otice last year EVERYTIME BUT ONCE when an Atlantic TS/pTwF formed it was within these 2 week periods (+/- 3 sidereal day error). Please search for Galacsic Calendars, i wasn't going to create the 2014 Galacsic Calendar but did though it might be off as much as 8 days as a friend whom gets me the NASA star notes i use i could not reach, so i took an Galacsics edicated guess.

Below is an almost day to day explanation of what you see in the VID linked above.

Sunday May 18th 2014 started cleaning spider webs off ml-d (as stated 3 blog notes back) ~1200pm to 0100pm
(1600z-1700z)finished 600pm to 900pm(2200z-0100z).br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
Since the 3 ml-d settings are resting equally AT THIS POINT low over mid CA. begins to look weaker (Amanda is a group of clouds expected to remain that or a TS ~outside chance of becoming a "weak" Hurricane as mentioned  by several hurricane specialist.

Plus i see El Nino back on the rise (when ml-d is resetting) except for the nino area that needs up flow to carry that's remained lower(ing), since the ml-d's vertical wind influence is working fine. A true El Nino has more heat rising ocean transport than lower by 2 to 1. Meaning for any lower period its rising pool of warmer water should  have been two time longer in duration measurements, but i digress that just my obs in looking over 56 charts)

Observe moisture from the country of Mexico/Pacific side curving towards the SE/Ese U.S. after streaming past lower/mid Texas.

May Wednesday 21st ~ 0600pm-0900pm (1800z-2200z) was to be end of the 3 day reset period but one of the ml-d settings the one that influenced horizontal (Crosswinds) winds was affected.  br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1); background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254);">
Unknowingly as by ~1830EzT by (2230z) i began to use Glue on 2x4 boards for a new compu'rs platform i think the glue spilled at a period before that when i opened to see if the glue was "fresh" and left it open next to me thus my body's heat or i sat/leaned  on it forcing some glue out. This had to have occurred at some point after i came in from grocery shopping 0300pm till i went to get the glue again to clue the 2x4s at ~1030p (~1500z to 2230z) on Wednesday May 21st (checked grocery receipt time).

Noticed glue on floor & began cleaning Thursday May 22 2000EzT (2400/0000z) going into Friday the 23rd Should be dry and ml-d rests by Friday ~0800EzT(0000z) br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
 Unbeknownst to me glue is drying in grout between the tiles since the evaporation period causes the unbalanced ml-d influence to act as if going back to being in balance (as all 3 dry are becoming equally dry, 2 ml-d areas where dry the cleaned glue area was drying up thus meeting the other 3 ml-ds as if all equally dry) the nyc area regains a 99% while out mid-west back to 33% towards an arid trend.  

(ePACs Amanda in having great exhaust evacuation towards the N/NE which allows Amanda to strengthen even reach further westward/SW for more warmer energy (moisture) as i read somewhere) could it have been the ml-d at this point fluctuating through its reset that has "push pulled" moisture towards the east/NE therefore as if playing follow the leader, moisture out west followed the path of least resistance created by the ml-d resetting. As i've  stated anything i state the ml-d does Nature has dome billions of times since this planet had an atmosphere to support weather/storms, its just that the ml-d can have it occur repeatatively and at a higher refresh  level that just  nature alone.

HERE is the catch, once the floor dries the ml-d setting w/ dry glue under it now becomes unbalanced again as  instead of all being equally dry with the same material underneath as the other 2 ml-d influencing "arms" now the one that has glue dried under it has something different under it thus throws off ml-d balance and the inner most ml-d AOI goes to 33% as to crosswinds again, while out west crosswinds should become stronger. 

Early Sunday may 25th i noticed there was glue still between the tile grout (grout was shiner than the other spaces between the tiles under the ml-d) Used an old Besler /omega 700/750 colour enlarger magnifying lens to get a close-up of the grout to see the dried glue sheen. 

Its important that the ml-d influence effect be as close to the same on each settings output interaction with the floor, as any different thing one of the ml-d influencing energies has to go through means it will throw off the ml-d settings.   br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1); background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254);">
If 1 setting goes though glue,tile,cement then leaves the room's
specially grounded energy  field
but the other 2 settings go through just tile, cement it throws off the
combined influence power. br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1); background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254);">

(years!!!! ago i used a device to find the most evenly created portion of my room where the ml-d is in by using several magnetic readout devices.)

Saturday ~0800pm [0000z Saturday into Sunday early] till Tuesday into Wednesday early is the next 3 day reset for only ONE SETTING. br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
Why is just 1 setting taking more than the usual 12-24 PER SETTING?br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1); background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254);">
 A special 3 days cause i'm removing grout to get all the glue out that means Sunday i scrap out grout(the Low  over AZ/NM should be pulsing towards drying out with a few periods of strong weather instead of 2-4 days of continuous wet weather as predicted flash floods occur (4-6 local inches, not 6-8 widespread) in spots not large 
areas of Texas as the my floors grout is cleaned.

Why so long to replace grout, doing it carefully & Sundays i watch wrestling with father. Be it Bruno Sarmartino, Ivan Pusky, Killer kowalski (my fav, had the exclusive stomach / intestine grab, LARGE HANDS) MIL MASCARA ... Dad luvs wrestling.

br style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1); background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254);">
Monday (as i type) May 26th 2015 midday i use new grout (same grout/powder had since 1980s) is mixed & spread.

 There should be some severe (unexpected OK-Miss North or South from those
state & if one drew an oblate line using a compass also a 2
times higher chance for unexpected storms in Canada, Atlantic and GoMx,
then 12-24hrs after that / By late Tuesday to Early Wednesday May 28th
the ml-d is
reset .

This is
the clip's link again ( ; ;s=8)
in case its not embedding

explained ABOVE w/overlay


Read the following while gazing at this ( s=8) ml-d generic AOI (crappy) style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
Percentages are the amount of influence being extracted from the settings while ml-d is style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
If settings where to influence towards a drier inactive weather trend the 99% would be driest & least active in weather, while the 33% the most active of the 3 areas & nature would respond with a semi permanent LOW(s) around the outermost ml-d style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
If settings where to influence towards a wetter active weather trend the 99% would be wettest & most active in weather, while the 33% the least active of the 3 areas & nature would respond with a semi permanent HIGH(s) around the outermost ml-d style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
The reason i state its as if ASKING Nature to a dance is one is NOT FORCING
Nature one is using sounds (CLUE: how black holes recycle captured
light toward LOW!!! resonances/vibes,  hints on this blog) and
the ability to create more OR LESS friction via the sub atom and
letting nature select what is used and what is to be the output. Hence
as an example one can not pick up/read using physics alone the
minuscule areas Nature takes from to generate two severe Tornado
forming storms over the same area within 48 hours. Nature might take a
bit from a Low that was to form over New Mexico, a bit from an
oscillation, a bit from a Low over the Atlantic, a bit from a southern
jet stream, a bit from a northern jet stream. This is why (in my
belief) due to the natural trend (to take pTwF toward the west,
wsw,w,wnw) & the ml-d influence (to push-pull any
spinning/rotating vortex towards zip 10016's area) i state last August
2014 that it seems TS in the Atlantic are to be anaemic/being pull
apart at vertical levels add to that, Nature took bits from here
& there (under all 3 ml-d AOIs) to bring more to the 99%
& 66% areas (even the 33% area receives a teenie weenie style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
Now in the colourful oblate areas above notice it starts of as the inner
most oblate being set to style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
Now as the ml-d is touched/moved/all 3 settings reset it takes ~3 days for
the ml-d to reset. (Each setting equals a 12-24 hour period for it to
reset)br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
► For the FIRST 12-24 hours the resetting causes the innermost setting to
be transferred to the outermost ml-d AOI & vice style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
► During all 3 days the center-most (66%) has what i call fluctuation (i
think MIT is going to discover this via its plasma tests) .br style="background-color: rgb(254, 254, 254); color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
► For the LAST of the 3 days (36-72hrs) the resetting causes the all
settings to begin to go back to the desired ml-d style="color: rgb(1, 1, 1);">
the rest was lost by WxU ~ 65 more words. Never had Karpul tunnel but WxU blogs is bringing it on

ml-d diary

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Tower of power in AZ. (reply to Dr. Masters entry=2684p11@546. txjac)

By: vis0, 12:08 AM GMT on May 25, 2014

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Found out the Elmers glue seeped between floor tiles in front of ml-d.
 STILL as explained 2 blog posts ago, since the glue was not on the ml-d nor on walls the effect is minimized to the setting that is directly in the path of the glue which is the setting that influences horizontal winds.

BUT IN HAVING TO CLEAN IT there is another 3 day RESET period BUT ONLY as to horizontal (cross) winds. This means SOME of the drought effected areas should see precipitation BUT in on/off spurts** till Wednesday AM then back to the ml-d influencing trend of drier out west.

El Nino should see rejuvenation plus MJO is also coming around to boost it BUT NOT ALL 4 areas should see a rise. Similarly under the ml-d's inner most AOI precipitation should be in On/Off spurts as if nature is hiccuping.

**Spurts as it'll seem to be a small storm then surprisingly blow up and a major storm will quickly die down. These spurts should be quick till Tuesday May 27th 2014 then during the last 24-36 hours longer spurts should occur.

Quoting 546. txjac:

Another interesting article I just ran across concerning alternative
energy sources


vis0::The following will not be  UNDERSTOOD TODAY (or by the time Grother gets that future
sprinkled w/chronuts
  ) but in time it might help some scientist figure out the pieces of the puzzle.

Good,in time (~40- 60 yrs) it will lead to what i blog 'bout (ml-d) One day when there is a lack out water for this tower someone will figure out how to move air through it by using the planets sub atomic +/- frictION (as close to perpetual energy one can come to WITHIN a complex planet) and people will say whew lucky they thought of it before we ran out of petrol.
Lets hope whomever figure out what i tried to share since the 1970s/80s, does so with respect to fellow human beings & planet earth ... remember this ml-d i speak of is more dangerous than atomic energy, yet cleaner as its end product is to move air i.e. create wind streams (smaller harness-able parts of the jet streams).

THE FOLLOWING IS DELAYED TILL MAY 31st 2014 ON THIS POST (blogbit) i hope to append by xxWednesday May 28th 2014xx  an animation overlay on top of NASA imagery to match the time periods i posted in
my 2 previous blog posts showing the ml-d at work from it resetting twice, from Sunday May 18th 2014 till Sunday May 25th 2014.

energy from wind influencing weather solar power(wind)

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ml-d diary (massive clouds occur everywhere NATURALLY, was Wy's ml-d influnced?

By: vis0, 10:01 PM GMT on May 20, 2014

APPENDED May 22nd 2014 11:12pm EzT

An oops occurred to the ml-d.

Not sure at what time but a drop/dab of Elmers wood clue i found next to the ml-d after checking to make sure all
was okay  after the 3 day reset period ended Wednesday 201405-21;~1800.   Chances are the dab of glue happened AFTER the ml-d reset on Wednesday 201405-21;~1800 as it was after that time i glued some 2x4s ~Wednesday 201405-21;~1830 to raise up the compu'r tower.

The glue ONLY affected one of the settings since it did not touch the ml-d nor was on the walls (anything on walls or on ml-d cause long term resets, not on the floor or ceiling has to do with how the ml-d is grounded to the complex  planets center via non physical means). This added 12-24 hours of reset since i cleaned that area on Thursday 2014-22;~2000, therefore not till Friday evening will the ml-d reset fully.

The ml-d setting affected most was the one influencing horizontal winds, so if anywhere out west, lower Canada or mid Atlantic as they are under the outermost ml-d AOI saw a re-firing of storms due to the sudden change of wind direction (N E S W) today chances are the storms where ml-d influenced.

 Its 201405-20 Tuesday and the ~3 day reset period (12-24hr per each of the 3 settings) for the ml-d is ending.
  i wonder if the Wyoming massive cell was influenced by the ml-d cleaning read  "ml-d diary 201405-18,watch out for sudden shifts") was affected by the ml-d reset affect. Where i state when the ml-d is moved/touch/settings changed the AOI switches to its (extreme) opposite  therefore the furthest AOI becomes the highest from 33% to 99% in influencing its weather as set by the ml-d while over the ml-d (Nyc area) becomes the least influenced going from 99% to 33%.

Am i jumping to conclusion? (i need that exercise)

i don't think so, just noticing when the ml-d resets AND is ON in NYC with settings as explained here since 2010 i've noticed weather phenomenons that are considered 2 times the norm occurred. GW, (i prefer GCS) sure but for so many times for me to reset the ml-d and within the stated dates/period that the ml-d reset we see weather phenomenons of 2 times** the norm.

If we see anything higher (under the ml-d AOI) then to me its the ml-d's 2 times on top of natures natural 2 or higher than the norm output, The Wright, Wyoming (youtube
 CREDIT::BasehuntersChasing) was under the ml-d AOI's 33% which shifted to 99% on Sunday as on the blog linked under "read" above.

Again some then think that "vis0" thinks the entire world's weather is influenced by the ml-d?!?

(ml-d AOI whiles its in zip10016...-/+ a few miles its draw w/ my old eyes)(linked animation show CLUES)

 i have to say no, but as the the old story of how an Elephant's reaction to a butterfly in Africa can affect the weather other side of the planet CAUSE WE ARE ALL IN THIS ONE SPHERE, so if nature decides to use the ml-d influencing settings to stall weather over it (Northeast, USofA) and that down the line stalls weather over England then its a possibility, nature oscillations do this.    Of course for that to be proven the ml-d influence has to be proven, so i leave it ON as such and as CA/west goes through droughts (see my 2013 chats/graphics showing how areas within the 33% and MAINLY just outside the ml-d AOI be it out west North(Canada), Atlantic, GoMx) will have a weather trend of 20-25% drier than the norm add to that GW/GCS well its very sad and just testing the ml-d could've prevented it. Also notice El Nino reacts (40-68% of Nino-Nina-Nada seem affected) to the ml-d settings (match my blog notes POSTED BEFORE El Nino's warm water rose or sank notice the prediction rate as when i post an ml-d reset is almost 95% only El Nino section 4 seems to lag beyond  the time i post by 24-48 hrs.

In other words 40% to 68% of nino-nina-nada output react to the ml-d changes ~within the 3-6 days since i became interested in any correlation between ml-d settings/resets ~ Dec 2013 (i posted for a longer 10 day reset period on 2 occasions, as on a blog 2 Sundays ago) of the times i posted an ml-d reset 95% of the time the it affected nino-nina-nada. i've looked at previous years & noticed several la nada, modoki (sorry if misspelled all i know is Mookie Wilson, a fav human being) as i'd reset the ml-d.

So unless i bump into the ml-d i hope to leave settings alone for ~2 months (next cleaning) and only those 2 week anomaly (see Galacsic Calendar).

Sadly or happily for WxU readers i gave up on drawing those Galacsic Calendars they take ~1  month in having to read NASA star charts and moon cycles plus enter the Sun's growth (be it seemingly minuscule) & my own educated guess using the science of Galacsics for each month. One can look back at  periods i alerted WxU readers of in 2011, 2013 as to how this 2 week anomaly period affects/changes the weather trends.img

CREDIT: NASA imagery

appended Wednesday May 21st 0300 EzT.

 2nd to 3rd day as ml-d AOI resets from Sunday** May 18th the reset order is, last to reset is middle AOI towards inner most AOI. Could it be that you get
whatever the blob over Chicago-Penn is as a result?. Last year a couple of Derechos (Read Wundergrounds weather glossary for an explanation) occurred during a similar period of the ml-d resetting in 2013.

--If links to outside sites are not allowed please remove.  Still i invite people to read wunderground, very insightful & i'm not affiliated with wunderground in fact i'm ignored, but that's what happens when one tries to introduce a new area of science.
►This ml-d i think can power 60% of humanities electrical grid, how? it can create wind streams (not jet streams those are not even touchable unless your on the highest mountain and parts of the jet stream comes down for a few mins. (more on my Wxu blog as vis0)
► A wind stream is when via the ml-d technology air is forced through wind turbines thus in 8-12 hours one can get enough wind turbine generation that would take 20 windmills 3-4 weeks. I've left CLUES on wunderhground.
►Please remember the real solar power is wind, sure try the solar panel, but wind can EVENTUALLY power 60% of man's needs, 20% by hydro (water) 10% by solar/light and the rest by our other creative means.
**(link to what i write on that Sunday:: ?entrynum=218 )

Video : IR(nasa)201405-21;0107_0545UTC


ml-d diary influencing weather clue to generate rain via physics in last blog

Updated: 3:20 AM GMT on May 23, 2014


ml-d diary 201405-18,watch out for sudden shifts

By: vis0, 4:18 PM GMT on May 18, 2014

Dejavu...spiders.  another spider built its web onto the ml-d therefore another dangerous ~3day (+/- 24 hrs) reset period, another heartbreaking period knowing of the dangerous outcomes.

For new readers it may read as silly but when  the ml-d is moved or settings changed each setting constitutes
a 12-24 hour reset period.
This means the ml-d AOI's switch to the opposite AOIs setting as follows;

■Furthest AOI which is at 33% goes to 99%
■ centered AOI goes from 99% to 33%
■ middle AOI though remains at 66% fluctuates as if changing polarity
(see map/animation for ml-d AOI reference
BTW black semi circles represent the trend to maintain perm. HIGHS,
the "pulsing Triangle HIGHS form just outside them. Add this to the natural
weather trend of that period / season to figure out what the output will be

Think of it as if moving two attracting magnets to their repelling ends then back and reading how the energy around them is push-pulled.

When this occurs it gives the AOIs an added kick in the 3 (of 5) weather categories the ml-d is influencing which at present are
1) precipitation
2] vertical wind motion
3] horizontal wind motion

Which will become most active? That's nature's choice.

Will begin cleaning ~noon-ish (1/2 hr after this is posted) Sunday May 18th, 2014 when i finish cleaning (which i will append that time to this post) is when the one should count the 3 day reset period.

As i've posted before this means that we should see almost 2 times the "norm" in weather changes be it vertical or horizontal winds shifts, strength and amounts of rain.

EXAMPLES (as to the AOIs furthest from ml-d that temporarily go from 33% to 99% and/or just outside the ml-d AOIs where i state semi-permanat HIGHs develope when the ml-d is ON)::
►If its considered the observed norm for a wind to shift direction in 15 mins. under these ml-d
settings reaction it will take 7 mins. for that shift to occur.
►If a 30 mins. rainfall in a specific area at max is 1 inch look out for 2 inches
►If a two day tornado outbreak usually does not affect the same area twice (in other words on the 2nd
day the front reforms high clouds miles east of yesterdays storms look for them to reform on top of
where they ended the day before.
►If the tropical trend takes 2 days for a TS to form, it'll take 1 day
►(quakes are also triggered similarly...hey its influences nature be it weather, land or reversing diseases
and anything that has complex molecules spinning.

Think of i & the ml-d as if someone figures out how to generate electricity PRIVATELY in the 1700s and tells people he/she has a way to make machines work longer & stronger than with steam power. No one listens so that person having a scientific (curious) mind goes on testing and making that device better.
In testing it she/he goes around showing others how an electric car works as opposed to steam or how light powered by electricity (batteries) is better than candle light or gas powered lights...specially during hospital operations . Once in a while people get too close to the generator and get shocked even if he/she warns them not to touch the generator.

My problem is the ml-d is too dangerous for one gov't to have or people to learn of how it works and in hoping to bring it to the general public's attention via respected scientist i failed to get their attention so i test the ml-d privately and for my curious mind and in doing so nature shows her power people suffer.

Therefore careful w/sudden flooding to fire movements & storm developments formation within-immediately around the ml-d's AOI. This should give El Niño an added artificial rise...again...sorry NOAA as it makes educated predictions a harder job.

This is what happens when a person invents something and has no place to test it but their home ...apartment. Usually thats no big deal 'cause the invention  has no influence of others till its taken to the market and sold. In this case it has a major influence on anything under or near it 'cause it influences how energies flow within nature.

BTWBTW: quakes (by my unofficial observation) can be triggered by the ml-d up to 3  days AFTER the ml-d resets (that includes the opposing side of this AOI ie areas around Australia. Here 1 Q i would have luved to study, notice the ml-d aoi fluctuating area (middle AOI) has the most quakes triggered, be it near Virginia, lower Canada, Atlantic ocean, Oklahoma. Could it be the ml-d alone near fault lines or that and fracking. Remember (earlier blogs) i state the ml-d is upwelling via sub atomic levels LESS friction that acts as such through 5 things, one of which is cooler air be it just 1/100 to 1/10 cooler IT CONTINUOUS 24/7 (while ml-d is on 24/7) in the quakes case the deep within Earth rising sub atomic cooler air causes fault line areas to shrink thus unsettling the ground underneath. Hmmm, if Masters could have studied this i think he would have figured out a way to place military ships off the pacific coast and caused via ion++ technology an upwelling of air (to meet w/falling particles) to create real rain clouds, ie like creating a man made windward effect, but who am i but just a housekeeper/maintenance worker (local DC37) & nut w/terrible grammar...Finishing cleaning (i hope) by ~6-9pm today,peace

ml-d diary ml-d AOI map (nyc centered)

Updated: 8:41 AM GMT on May 21, 2014


Don't mind me talking2myself

By: vis0, 8:15 AM GMT on May 18, 2014

Video : GOES-EAST201405-15;0600z_17;0000z

2nd pTWF in the lower Atlantic Basin, 1st "~off" Africa dissipated 1 to 2f thousand miles east of the Lesser Antilles.


Updated: 8:40 AM GMT on May 18, 2014



By: vis0, 12:10 AM GMT on May 16, 2014

just knocked into my tower w/vice grip (yanking nail it slipped out of hand) & shocked the HDrive if the damage was bad i'll find out after i restart the compu'r if it freezes ya know why i stopped posting for as long as it takes me to but a new HD,peace

This was posted BEFORE the ...HDrive damage?

The "rawreal" reason Jupiter's red is shrinking...

CREDIT: WxU post, imagery Gro's instamatic? (click...>POOF<)...NASA


CREDIT: WxU post/members


What happened to the other 5 levity creations?
i think 1 or 2 are on this blog under "zillies" i removed the others
as i felt moderators being "heavy" on my discoveries might
also not like my sense of  zilliness even though i made sure it
was a slow wxday before i posted on 'anothers' blog.
If you like creative LIVE commentary humor watch youtube try
TheGrubeTube or VoleShow.

Updated: 9:40 PM GMT on May 17, 2014


ml-dDiary Watch Nino-Wx after 20140513/14 react...

By: vis0, 10:16 PM GMT on May 13, 2014

    Well the 7-10 day period where the ml-d had to be adjusted as i was spring cleaning the bedrooms furnishings.

 Why 7-10 days, since i usually state it takes 12-24 hours PER ml-d settings changed or automatically 3 days if the ml-d is moved/touched for the ml-d AOI to reset?
Things as simple as cleaning, removing spider webs affects the ml-d,  i'm clean but spiders luv the ml-d so i
constantly have to place sticky tape around (i mean around incl. wall/ceiling) the ml-d and STILL spiders manages to connect web to walls to ml-d 3-4 times a year,specially if i'm away therefore any touching of
the ml-d throws it off its settings...remember its floating ungrounded physically.

 The 7-10 days was as follows:
Had to slightly move ml-d, that meant sun nite through wed morning therefore weather under the ml-d had sudden changes as wetter out west and storms firing up faster or stronger than expected by 2 times from west to east till wed/thur (May 7th & 8th 2014.) i think the ml-d was helping that formation near Puerto Rico,  but when i began to varnish (see next 2¶/PP) the formation deteriorated****, lets see what happens from today post 1pm-ish as varnish is dry...use "ish" as my heart thinks its not fully dry weather reactions might fully begin tomorrow wed.

 In bringing in new furniture, took out the old furniture had be careful not to disturb the ml-d that came off w/o a glitch

 Thursday (May 8th ish 2014) had to varnish the cheap unvarnished furniture i got, hence another 3-5
days as i've stated paint/varnish have long drying times and the ml-d is affected by the slowing of energy around it as sound/energy travels from dry areas around the room to wet/low viscosity areas (varnished
furniture) within the room(s).

 Notice how El Niño area reacted or weather around the ml-d AOI (Canada,GOMx,Atlantic,Western U.S.) see this
( )
animation for ml-d AOI. Its more complex (if one looks at my other crappy graphics of the ml-d AOI
but i hope you get the general affected area.

 If anyone wonder how 'bout the entire world affected by the ml-d besides the opposite area of Earth?

  We live in an enclosed sphere so just as [polluting in the U.S. or China affects ALL OF US so i figure weather being man-influenced in one part has to tweak other areas (specially large areas as El Nino if it was to be a Super Nino the present ml-d settings lowers it to a just under moderate Nino BECAUSE the ml-d is constantly ON, El Nino oscillates...shhh don't tell his mother), but that was why i was hoping REAL scientist could have joined me in studying the ml-d instead of caring more of my grammar.

 Now starting tonite lets see how El Niño area reacts & REMEMBER i'll always try to post immediately if for some reason the ml-d is by accident touched or i have to change settings, as i post this so within 24 hrs one can observe if weather changes to the ml-d being changed.

****Hence my off the cuff (NOT generated using a science i call Galacsics)  maxWeather WxU blog predictions & i know in my Atlantic TS predictions the 3rd # is higher than the 2nd # and that's not "kosher" but there is a (dangerous) reason for that lets see what happens


ml-d diary

Updated: 10:32 PM GMT on May 13, 2014


ml-d diary 201405-11

By: vis0, 11:03 PM GMT on May 11, 2014

SAME animation but in mp4 format:
            Magenta line shows southern boundery of ml-d AOI.

           hosted by Vidmeup.

Magenta line is NOT DIRECTION OF ANY STORM but the southern (S-SSW) boundary of the ml-d.

Imagery courtesy of NASA

represent NASA nor any other site, they are the words of "vis0".
 If scientifically proved to be incorrect its my fault if correct use the science for good
purposes...i hope.

CHECK FOR MALWARE, if adware bundled read carefully if one can untick
via choice.

Freewares / APPS used:

TO CAPTURE:Vidshot capture v1.0.0.1 (from

TO create mp4: ShanaEncoder v2.1(search VideoHelp, in my mind the best
site...after WxU & its caring members)

To CAPTURE entire/scrolling pages w/o to much fuss: Simple 
Webpage Capture v1.0.0 (

When people have trouble using newer Firefox versions its usually that
addons be they added by user or bundles cause lockups or buffering
(what is decided to load up first and at what rate) problems. Try
addons that correct "script errors" & buffer. An example as to
the latter is "SmartVideo for Youtube v0.979 or later. Another way to
correct this is WinXP as it has a workhorse approach in accepting
script errors BUT that has security issues and no longer

ml-d diary ml-d AOI push-pull theory of galacsics


FAKE WxU chat 00

By: vis0, 11:01 PM GMT on May 07, 2014

Faked chat
on Wxu since
2002-2005(info on old damaged HD) then last sign up 2006-present cannot
get a conversation started on wxU chat be their 1 other person or a
group of visitors. (That includes when i paid to join in 2002, but then
i only tried to post/converse as to my theories/inventions a couple of
times). This phochat IN PART was created WITH PERMISSION for some 1998
webnet chatroom dialogs.

i see we have
several predicting a 2014 Atl. TS of 10 4 1, which is 'bout

visitor1: What
are your predictions.

i stopped
predicting in 2010/11 and instead explain what can occur by showing how
the ToFo (tropical formations) original direction will influence how
the ToFo will react to the ml-d settings.

visitor1: HOLD IT
ya lost me at "original direction".

visitor2: i
lost him at "vis0" (signing off)

sorry, WxU
visitor2 that my words in describing my theories/inventions caused you
to leave, i hope you can come back as with anything new one has to
read/listen to the entire idea before one judges it, and not judge it
cause its new. If we judged anything new as not worth observing we'd
never learn the ABCs (not Disney disclaimer here only GE)

visitor1: agree
on the learning new thing... but(not Disney disclaimer here only GE)???

(not Disney
disclaimer here only GE) is a joke on that ABC is owned by Disney
& WxU by GE via NBC.

Now back to Wx,
any questions?

visitor1: What is

ml-d stands for
microLow-device, i state that the ml-d can influence nature.

visitor1: you
mean like control nature?

NO, just
influence nature.

visitor1: no need
to scream (uprcase), isn't control-influence the same?

(sorry for the
uprcase), no not the same.

an long analogy:

nature is your
partner in a dance.

controlling means
you are in charge and
partner can to ONLY do as you demand, in time partner will sit or leave
or step on your feet enough so you say lets stop.

influencing means
you present a choice of
dances to your partner (nature) and the partner in turn chooses the
dance and hopefully both in having a part are happy...till you place
your hand on natures ***.

vis0 one more as*terisk remark and your banned for a week.

apologies (i'm

visitor1: Vis0
you have some machine that presents nature with a choice to affect

yes (kind of).
It's not a machine as we today think of machines, but a device that
uses no physically connected energy input at any point. i state at any
point as some might say oh its a microwave device so the energy is
being sent through the air YET the microwave has a physical power
source. The ml-d has no power source whatsoever, thus by today's
standards cannot be traced by SATs...unless they can read sub atomic

visitor1: you're
loosing me.

does the machine
...oops device look like?

sorry its a
secret, but it floats while in use.


hovers in a spot
in which the device grounds itself via clear matter coordinates.

Hovers...clear matter explain please (i'm getting sleepy & a
headache trying to figure that out)

You've heard of
dark matter?

visitor1: yes
grothar told me it was a good tip in race #8 at Belmont.

no, dark matter
in near & far space.

visitor1: oh! yes
they say dark matter makes up the rest of what we can't or presently
don't see in space.

i state dark
matter makes up ~22% of what we still can't see & clear matter
makes up ~45% of what we still can't see till devices are invented to
see those areas of space (rule of thumb clear matter has to encompass 2
times the "amount" of space than what dark matter encompass
otherwise nature/gawd could not recycle light into sound back into
light and when that cycle ends we have the The giant -quiet- crunch
(other end of the big its not on ABC on Fridays) real soon.

visitor1: OH i've
got a splitting headache zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ.

are you there WxU

visitor1: Yes
& if it weren't for my love of anthropology i'd hang up.

Anthro, explain.

visitor1: see in
having to dig up so many things , ancient scribbles, broken pottery,
scattered human bones etc. i've learned it takes time to understand the
ununderstood (not understood) so i enjoy listening to crazy ideas or

that was a band i sung for as a preteen, 1970s.

visitor1: hum a
few bars?

i'm on 52k if i
send an audio it'll show "Doppler red" for taking so long to be

visitor1: Ha, got
that one.

ask a question.

visitor1: What
makes up clear matter?

its how
nature/gawd grounds itself w/.o the use of physics.

visitor1: What
does nature use?

here is a
indirect reply, nature uses Galacsics?


no, Galacsics
 I STATE the next area of nature/the universe that will be

visitor1: oh you
mean Quantum?

no, (HOLD your
reply till i type "OVER-OVER")

me its the real
parental dimension of PHYSICS & real parental dimension of

is/are bridges
that are TEMPORARY and used to cross over IF ONE UNDERRSTANDS how to
send the "complex light dna" AHEAD of the physical "body" otherwise
nothing will be transmitted between or with either PARENTAL dimension.

DIMENSION: i use to use Greek/Latin words i'd make up to represent my
work in Galacsics but found it confused people so i use known words
then leave clues explaining it. Parental dimension are areas which are
on top of all other dimension due to the fact that from that hierarchy

"light" that bathe
all of its sibling dimensions come from.

i will not explain
here but left CLUES throughout the webnet including here at WxU blogs
as to how of the 5 "Parental dimension lights" 3 are via VERY low
sounds, do not ak on the latter it'll get more confusing.


visitor1: WHOA!
you say sound takes the place of light in other dimensions?

like i said/typed
lets stick to the ml-d, but the 3 parental dimension lights (sounds)
are ll faster MUCH FASTER than the 186,400mps we write of today (when
measure OUTSIDE the complex Stars gray halo & BTW its (speed of
M. Light) given as a clue in ancient scriptures as "Davids soldiers
rising/being from the East" (the Sunrise-light) & having
186,400 soldiers appearing quicker than...

visitor1: Ok back
to the ml-d as other stuff too much to register.


visitor1: How is
the ml-d powered?

2 double
Ds? or 2 double thoose?

very funny
Grothar (thanks for the humor, its humanities main way to spread
peace...not to mention heal via laughter i explain deeper how on my
Ipernity account, but laughter cures/helps assist in healing by forcing
negatively/chaotically  grounded energy out as the abdomen
contracts it creates an upside down triangle as to ones breathing
passage(s)...ah getting of course back to weather & the ml-d)

Now it (in this
case the ml-d) becomes turned ON when one understands how atomic energy
works via the sieves of ABS0 (hint why one of my nicknames in the U.S.
visible0/vis0), the energies all ALWAYS there flowing around us all the
ml-d does is tap into it.

i state a complex
planet has 2 grounding sources

Physical (fluid
iron/elements within mantels of planet)  & the
Galacsical in this complex planet's case it should have a chemical
"footprint", of an ether as if silicone.

one learns how to
tap into that ether that has a "footprint",  as if silicone
via ABS0 one then better be careful as it can destroy any living thing
more quieter than the conventional destructive devices we presently
(2014 AD) use. If you've heard of  spontaneous
human combustion well
there you have a sample
of  Galacsics at work, though those are usually natural oopses.

ml-d taps into this
physically ungrounded energy and thus allows to quietly influence


visitor 2: Was
trying to understand what vis0 says but its too weird, see ya at the

visitor1: Still

Now how
far can the ml-d influence, i mean in distance?

That depends on
where on the complex planet its centered, rule of thumb its MAX area is
45 degrees of the planets 360 degrees within ONE HEMISPHERE. See this
link  i'll wait.

goes by)

visitor1: Wow, i
see you say the ml-d in NYC can influence weather up to the middle of
the Atlantic to the East, furthest south cover upper third of Gulf Of
Mexico, North goes over lower third of Canada & westward to
Utah/Colo borders.

the ml-d be
causing the prolonged drought?

Earth has
billions of years of climatological history, and droughts
prolonged/severe are part of that history. In part man made pollutants
changes weather trends and thus make it harder to understand and easier
for nature to throw us a curve ball, heck a knuckle ball meaning create
a trend new to humans in response to our unnatural pollutants. Yet i
believe the ml-d AS IT IS SET is influencing a 20~25% added shift
towards the drier trend in areas immediately adjacent to where the ml-d
AOI has no coverage or 33% or less influence as a response from nature
to the ml-d is to generate what i refer to as triangular HIGHS (see
this crappy animation).

goes by)

how the ml-d
AOI as you draw it correlates to recent weather trends. Even
noticed all El Nino
areas 1,2,3,4 any any combo or trifecta areas react to when you posted
ml-d setting changes as just this past Sunday May 4th 2014 you posted
on your WxU blog.

don't know whats natural & what ml-d influenced, i just know
that when i change   ml-d settings or move the ml-d i see the
weather react to the settings changes or reseting. One more thing
before i have to go, there are periods of 2 week in length (6 in total
during a Gregorian year) i call "anomaly periods" in which Galacsics
releases its hold via Space (Black hole/Novae in/outputs)  and
in Earth's case its left to output weather solely via its planets
influence that is when the ml-d is at its weakest & science can
measure how bad man made pollutants alone are damaging man's
opportunity to leave the planet better off than when were birthed onto
it. i've left 2 years of identifying these anomaly weeks hopefully
scientists can study weather events to see how the planet behaves when
its on its own and least ml-d influence.

 Will you visit the chat again?

sure, maybe in a
few weeks, and write up more questions for me to five clues to or even

WAS A FAKE CHAT. i created it since my wish as a kid was to have people
ask me of my theories which filled 32k of pages. Yet all throughout
life those whom asked where the least educated, the most educated for
whatever reason prefer to criticize me (which is OKAY) but do so
without asking any questions, i.e. judge the book by its cover and that
makes me wonder why do we have a complex brain when all we prefer to do
PRODUCTION only feelings. Transcripts
are available
...just find the nearest bird cage and read its floor liner.


Fake WxU chat Dont ask Never know


My Alert NOT official, 2X WxOutput shifts careful

By: vis0, 11:12 PM GMT on May 04, 2014

THIS IS NOT A wunderground alert, is it an alert by me as to a
dangerous affect that can occur due to effects triggered by things that
affect the ml-d (weather influencing device) i post of.. If one read my
blog of 2013 you'll notice 5 major sudden changes happened after i
tweaked the ml-d (3 are on Dr. Masters billion dollar damage list of

At 1830 EDT on Sunday May 4th 2014**  

Now, i had
to fix 2 things At 1830 EDT om May 4th 2014 that will cause SUDDEN
changes in weather over the next ~7-10 days) (examples i think where
exaggerated by a similar effect on the ml-d was last years Flooding
Colo. , sudden fire shift in forest fires)
what will nature do with
this 2 times energy sudden shift is up to her, the ml-d ONLY influences
by presenting nature with the "fuels" (more ease by 2 times to generate
vert. winds, horiz. winds, precip. etc). Watch how El Nino behaves
during then after these days. What i'm fixing also might lead to some
earthquake activities.

Remember as the ml-d RESETS the
ml-d AOI furthest from NYC becomes 99% active from 33%, middle stays at
66% but has "flux", and NYC area goes from 99% to 33% back to 99% by 7-10
days (+-24hrs)
Please check the ml-d AOI maps and remember the ml-d
AOI is centered in NYC but it opposite affects are on the exact
opposite side of the globe and will also have sudden changes OF 2 times the expected SO WARN those fighting weather related disasters to be alert to sudden shifts. At worst you're be extra cautious at best lives are saved

**(the fixing i'm doing is AFTER that wind storm (almost as if a shelf cloud)
passed NYC, i was under it when it loosened 2 bricks from buildings
& a rooftop tree branch all near 23rd st & 6th ave, only damage
was to a car back window brick blew it out)

ml-d diary


Complex planets conveyor belts + Reminder as to recent ml-d resets

By: vis0, 12:02 AM GMT on May 04, 2014

(ORG post time)12:02 AM GMT on May 04, 2014 (made unwanted error of using dB instead of Hz, corrected June 11th 2014)

Reminder as to recent ml-d resets:
Not just the 3-4 weeks in mid Jan 2014 till Feb. 2014 after
painting the Apartment BUT in spring cleaning
the kitchen, bathtub caused the ml-d to reset. After the long
3-4 weeks in Apt painting & touch ups (medicine cab, steam pipes
etc) THEN around the 21st for each of the following 3 months i did some
spring cleaning that caused the ml-d to reset. Things as re-caulking. 
reset its the same as when one changes  the ml-d settings or moves
the ml-d position, it causes a 12-24 hour reset delay PER SETTING
changed, its explained on my earlier blogs, IF one has the time to read
w/o judgment.   Since adding anything to the walls that takes time to
dry causes the ml-d to act as if reset then
one has to WAIT for that drying time THEN one adds/counts the REST

Short version of what i just typed; ml-d was reset by
Spring cleaning actions, these actions occurred just before mid January
till just before mid February 2014, then the 21st of Feb, March &
April.Please check any ml-d changes via keyword "ml-d diary".

HERE a rare posting of a Q via my private e-Mail no longer use WxU
since its locked (since last Fall) via an AD i refuse to sign up for.

ASKED VIA MY yahoo mail to clarify that i state this planet
(any complex planet) has its MAJOR weather/climate changes determined by "45
degree areas" of the complex planet (its on a graphics i posted on in 1999 then a better graphics posted on WxU in 2013.
(see here [] its a video SO MIGHT NOT LOAD HERE

from my tinypic account (imagebox too), see my links to the mid-lower
right of this page to view it/other crappy graphics i use to try and
get the attention of readers) i state that via a Galacsics
effect(s) that influence climate change from "withon" (yes, "withon"
not within nor without its grammar based on Galacsics just like some
invision math symbols i'll add below, withoff TO ME has to do with
effects that encircle changes in the "clear matter" of space. Since
invision is not a recognized math that's why at times it cracks me up
to see other worry about my grammar when these are words i created to
describe a math not yet discovered).

BTW as i think Science already knows for decades, these "conveyor belts" of transporting energy occurs best/most efficiently, therefore more humans share the wealth of nature when a planet is healthy. When a planet is "sicK" it loses its long analogue transport waves & replaces them with digital like (bit & pieces) thus less effective in being a transport waves. ANALOGY: Imagine a line of fireman using rickety buckets instead of a strong hose to transport water i wish caring/considerate experts as Dr. Masters would emphasize this as to GCZ (my preference) most call GW.

Now one might ask HEY 'vis0'
ya nut, how come over every 45 degree of Earth we don't see some
climate affecting oscillation or thing. Simple cause for the change to
occur it has to manifest down to the physical world and since in the
physical world we have things that get in the way as mountains, air
streams, pollutants, different heat evaporation lengths/cycles (solids
v liquids), Coriolis then the 45 degree areas have to conform to its
physical limits.
Example i stated in 2010/11 here on wxU how El
Niño/LaNiña/La Nada(oops, nothing)/El Loco (crazy) or La Suègra (mother-in-law) latter
2 'cause its all over the place unpredictable (apology to  in-laws,
mo-in-law is a comedy staple for jokes) are ways i describes to The
Weather ch's Jim Cantore ~1993. (in case anyone saved those ~3,000+pgs ...i
went by Mr.X-nyc when snail mailing The Wx Ch from1990-96/7))

These 4
descriptions are due to how i STATE, NOT SCIENTIFICALLY
PROVED...yet...on how all weather/climate influencing conveyor belts as
with El Niño behaves. As there are these 45 degree areas (CLIMATE
CONVEYOR BELTS)  within the ocean (the longest) , 45 degree areas
within what i call the "mixing/blending atmospheres" (sea level -where
waves turn into ocean spray- till the Troposphere) (these should be
many sizes affected by Earth's physical boundaries) & the  45
degrees conveyor belts within the rest of the atmospheres (these should be the
shortest as in short lived sprites are an example, BTW not tooting my
horn, but i sent The weather Channel drawings of all 8 that
interact/intreact (latter, my word) with space BEFORE sprites where officially
discovered, left clues here, 5 other countries/languages & as "espyther" on

Just as i wrote The Weather channel of an effect on how salt & decay
moves the ocean's engine  in 1990 (repeated this idea till 1997, salt portion
was discovered officially mid late 1990s, the decay i think not yet
figured out) so i state the other 2 areas mentioned above (Troposphere
& the rest above that BELONGING to Earth) have things that create there own conveyor
belt motion (one of 4 reasons why i sent WITH ALL DUE RESPECT some at WxU & posted on Dr. Masters blog
that its not best to call pollutions effect on Earth GW, but Global
Climate Schizo (GCS) as natures 45 degree areas goes haywire since man made
pollutants have no natural balance, as lets say natural pollutants as
volcanoes erupting, the "ash/ashes chemical makeup" has its counter
balance through natural reactions while man made pollutants do not.
 Therefore when man pollutes since Nature can make heads nor tails of
whats next it should trigger conveyor belt activities in the Oceans
motions, troposphere & upper atmospheres. Now where those conveyor
belt are located as to the atmosphere (also why on Dr. Masters blog i
stated what more for large cold storms to FIRST try to balance man made
made pollutants as that uses more energy from where the pollutants come
from, the Troposphere). Of course i was hoping those intelligent non
judgmental people at WxU would ask me questions and i'd give my 2 cents
how to figure out the science i call Galacsics in this case locate the
conveyor belts of the atmospheres (think there are Tropo 6, 3 over
Pacific) and in time research will find those conveyor belts of moving
air, but i keep forgetting ignorance has built up to not just affect
those uneducated but those highly educated "two" ; -).  REMEMBER these
are not stable atmospheric areas they are conveyor belts so they might
move though several layers, one clue i am restating is man's own
pollutants in forms of acids are used at these conveyor belts to break
down other pollutants so its not that GW/Global climate Schizoid goes
away it just becomes more complex to fix/set it to a natural neutral

...not to mention 2 things,

the ml-d's effect as so far how the ml-d AOI shows least GW effects
sadly why i state keep the ml-d in mind since so many people that
influence the world's policies live near/around the ml-d AOI some may
not notice that the rest of the world is worse off

2) The Sun's
other cycles one of which i call the Sun phase it lasts 32ish till
42ish Earth years and as it trends Earth towards a cooler phase (not
less storms but a more mixing of cooler areas towards warmer areas)
some might think GW/GCS was a joke, but if GW/GCS is not corrected now
when the next warmer sun phase hits us (by us i mean Humanity) WATCH
OUT capeesh

Whats this?[]

a sample of an Invision answer where at least 3 answers are part of the result (blk bkgnd). right angle w/circles i use as to Black Holes and changing light into sound. BTW when i state that 186,400mps "light" i call "Ml" is the slowest of 5 "parental lights" its that of the remaining 4,  3 are "lights" that are in a format of extremely low sounds remember the clue 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 Hz and how by listening to a black hole ~16ly away one can pick up when clusters of death happen on Earth as sadly with WWII & the recent ~Xmas Tsunami  Light as sound, crazy? That how we visualize through out of body experiences via the upper olfactory, but then again i'm nuts

climate conveyor belts ml-d diary el nino la nina la nada el loco 45 degree AOI global climate schizo invision faster than light out of body

Updated: 5:07 AM GMT on June 11, 2014


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