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direction to healthy public tree + some (i SAY) undiscovered science

By: vis0, 5:01 PM GMT on April 14, 2014

(ORG post time)5:01 PM GMT on April 14, 2014(made unwanted error of using dB instead of Hz, corrected June 11th 2014)

Who wants to see in Manhattan,NY one of the loveliest public trees blossoming (also one of the best NYC trees during fall foliage), go to 2nd Avenue & 27th street (East side)

Directions for tourists: If you are at 5th AVE & 34th street (Empire State building, go EAST pass 5th avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue (very downhill), Lexington Avenue, 3rd Avenue then 2nd Avenue.

Now turn to the South (away from Duane Reade/Walgreens) 34 street, 33 st.,32 st. 27th Street.

Once at 27th street look west you'll see a big tree with a healthy blossom on the NW corner of 27th st. & 2nd Avenue.

NOW for those that understand nothing comes easy, as in finding ancient clues in hieroglyphics when you read the following it will be hard to understand unless you care enough to take the time.
For those that know my crazy weird posts 2006-2013 at WxU boards/blogs the tree is healthy i SAY, due to the ml-d "air grounding"* flow (Dia. only a few feet). being right next to it, look around all other trees take longer to flourish and/or look sick. During the FALL this tree stays fiery red for weeks other trees become dormant in a day.

Asterisks explained;

*(ml-d uses no physical connections to ground, just like clear matter does in space to allow the grounding thus transfer of captured light to extremely low** base/bass sounds from Black Holes to Q-Novae which spew it out as "VL")

**How low is the base/bass sound/resonance that the black holes send out?
i state (only what the ml-d measured, could be lower) 0.000000000000000000000000000000001Hz

Do not confuse clear matter with dark matter. Dark matter takes up ~22% of space and is connection to the temporary bridges of Quantum-ing

Clear matter (i STATE not science fact...yet) takes up ~45% of space and is where 4 "things" faster than ML (ML, what i call the light we measure at 186,400mps). But since modern science does not consider "sound" as a form of "light" then they see not things that in being so low in base/bass actually is 'cause they are going withing the atom to create faster than light connections.

HERE A CLUE i've posted this weird clue on the webnet since the early 1990s.
When someone has an out of body experience (OBE) one has 3 levels at/from where to observe the physical dimension. They are at 15 feet, 30 feet & 45 feet (then your light DNA "flies" via sound towards somewhere else near a black hole ~ 16LY away, its our Sun's unlit sibling.

How does the person going through OBE see?
The person going through OBE "sees" via sound being filtered through the upper third olfactory aROUND the 3rd eye. (Lower third is for Pheromones, an accidental discovery ) via sound and can see through walls ...heck through planets, the slowest of "lights" (@ 186,400 mps) can't see through solids.

Reads as crazy, yup, me saying that 186,400 mps is the SLOWEST of 5 "parental dimension lights" is like someone on 4,000 BC saying "the world is round and NOT the center of creation" lets see who is given credit for proving my theories

Use to post mostly on Dr. Masters' blog, before supervisors/member hinted i stop posting (monoblogging) as to my discoveries and the ml-d.

Asking me to stop posting on "ml-d" is like asking Mr. Edison to stop talking/posting about electricity BEFORE he began his discoveries/inventions, except electricity falls under physics, my science falls under the yet undiscovered "Galacsics".

But if one reads my old posts on Masters' blog notice i was linking weather trends to the settings of the ml-d and notice in JUNE/July 2013 i posted if the ml-d settings is left as is and the natural trend is to develop TS mainly off Africa then you'll see the amount of TS professionals predicted in March/April 2013 but the TS will be anemic/look shabby UNLESS they NATURALLY have an open pathway to head towards the ml-d (zip code 10016). Since many fronts flowed off the east coast then only TS that went "under" the fronts could form but since the ml-d AOI push-pulls the spinning formations towards zip 10016 (NYC) then TS where push-pulled apart, what did we see in the Atlantic...anemic TS.

i've explained on several blogs/messages boards including WxU blogs even took the time to draw graphs as to the odds on which TS formation pattern can or cannot flourish. AS LONG AS THE ml-d is ON its present settings & in NYC, use those graphs/arrows as to the natural trend for this & other years.
Natural trends? you'll notice that every couple of months wxpatterns tend to behave similarly (short-long oscillations) notice via my graphics which directions-trends are favorable to have hurricanes reach cat 4 in 24 hours & which directions-trends are unfavorable, while your at it look up how the other side of the planet is affected by the ml-d and why Australia is 20-30% more likely to go through heat the area just outside the outermost ml-d AOI, but in Autrailia's case the ml-d AOIs are opposite ...HIGH in the 3 center AOIs with thin lows around it.

AS LONG AS you see me state the ml-d is in NYC & at the present settings of almost #2.3.
Weird, from 2010-2012 i had an accuracy of 95% AS TO POSTING WEATHER TRENDS, but i was set on ignored so no one read it as i posted...i didn't even get a cookie...don't forget i sent several respected members in 2013 an idea that had 3 features as to creating a better umbrella if used use the proceeds for PORTLIGHT

For a simple/crappy animation showing ROUGHLY the ml-d AOI see this WxU blogbit titled: aoi-bit-more-precise-yet

or this animation
or see it at animation host TINYPIC here:

For Australia's/opposite side of world ml-d affect see this crappy (HIGH is at CENTER (TS flourish under certain HIGHS) but Low triangles not drawn correctly...who cares anyway) graphic:

the above image link at host TINYPIC:

NOT RESPONSIBLE for any TINYPIC AD or TINYPIC images they decide to share under my images.


ml-d healthy nyc tree

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ml-d diary 201404-08 oops - shows WxEffect

By: vis0, 8:40 AM GMT on April 08, 2014

By my mistake/error you can see the effect on the LOW entering CANADA.

201404-08;1000 (EDT) Monday, in my haste to go out to Home Depot (23rd
st, Manhattan) i threw the PJ top i was wearing and the PJ hit the only
thing that can blockĀ  the ml-d flow, in this case it blocked ONE SETTING "NATURAL SIGNAL" (CLUE to only thing that
blocks ml-d : though its made from several natural formations/things,
artists use the type i prefer) and happened to fall under the
(floating) ml-d.

Till i came back that afternoon ~
201404-08;0300 (EDT) this 'caused the ml-d influence to shift outward
to the outer ml-d AOIs (notice where Mississippi /southeast sits as to
the ml-d AOIs.) also notice 2 other weather/wind events that became
"worse" during this time and towards the ml-d's middle to outer most
oblate AOI

Notice the thing that fell only blocked ONE of the
ml-d influencing "natural signals", therefore as soon as i took the
fallen thing away and for the next 12-24 hrs** look at how the
LOW/front responds as for any moisture flowing away from the inner most
ml-d AOI (NYC area) begin to flow BACK towards the parent LOW (in
Canada) thus the front is tilting ahead which usually means more severe
weather where the tilt is furthest ahead (i.e. whipping action)

i understand these "fronts tilting ahead" happen naturally just explain that my belief is that the "oops" had an influence in this case.
one reads my WxU blog you'll notice i state how each ml-d setting (are
5) when moved,changed or blocked takes 12-24 hrs to reset to its
programed settings. This blocked ONE thus the 12-24 hr delay.

my earlier blogs or tinypic account (link on my Recommended Links to
the middle- left of my/this blog page) for graphics showing ml-d's Area
Of Influence *(AOI),peace

ml-d ml-d diary Effects LOW in CANADA natural signal

Updated: 8:41 AM GMT on April 08, 2014


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