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ml-d Diary - important TO ME

By: vis0, 2:44 PM GMT on February 08, 2014

Apt. being painted, upcoming thurs-sat

Will be moving AND MAYBE turning off ml-d. &/or turning ON portable ml-d.

What does this mean to those within / around/ just outside ml-d AOI? (search "ml-d AOI nyc") then refine search to images.

Lets see what changes (outbreak???) ocurr after ml-d is moved or OFF/ON, remember the 3 day delay

Some might say "vis0" its too cold to paint homes/apt.

i agree, but decided to get it done during a period where there is a lower oppurtunity for severe weather outbreaks. This in case the ml-d has influnced weather to output so many 100 yr outbreaks since 2010 i.e. F3/F4 Totnadoes to sudden fire wall shifting within forest fires to floods...lets see how the ml-d's counterpart affect on the oppisite side of the world reacts, i.e drought/heatwaves Austrailia for this upcoming 7-10 days. (If you have a Globe just reference the NYC Ml-d AOI graphics the search finds. Then find the oppisite side of Earth then that oblete AOI influnces in the oppisite manner as to create a semi perminant HIGH counter vortex WHEN the ml-d is ON as over NYC /U.S. easrtern ~half its to favor lows & certain wind directions.


ml-d diary


Peter Max radar colours over NYC

By: vis0, 10:31 AM GMT on February 05, 2014

ml-d influenced weather creates Peter Max radar colours over NYC 201402_05;0330 till 0500.

Whats an ml-d?
i state the ml-d influences weather, in my case over a Just a reminder (see my "vis0" Wxu links for the Tinypic account (my RECOMMEND links,  column down & to your right) for charts, if you can't understand them sorry no one cared to ask.)
The area the ml-d influences can be seen in the images/charts tagged ml-d AOI (nyc or Puerto Rico), in simple numbers its 45 degrees of a "complex planet(Earth).
This is why the inner ml-d AOI will see almost 2 times MORe as to the 3 settings turned on, one of which is precipitation.
The flip side is areas just outside the outermost ml-d AOI will see almost 2 times LESS of those 3 weather outputs the ml-d is set to influence.
You see this out West as those drought areas are skewed 20 to 27% more towards dry. In Other words if in an AVERAGE 10 yr period we see 3 yrs more rain, 3 years average rainfall & 3 yrs below avg. rainfall/drought
by skewing it towards the dry by 25% we see in 10 yrs 5-6 yrs dry, 2 avg & 2 wetter.
Again i've been on 5 major web boards/blogs that deal with weather since 1998 and instead of getting questions as to the science i write of, i get complaints, criticism as to my grammer THOUGH i clearly state i do that purposely.
Why i've stated i'd rather be Galileo In Catholic "jail" and still have my pages read & questioned  & saved, than be free and my pages ignored, even though just on the web alone i've posted theories that have yrs! later been recognized
(BY THE WORK OF OTHERS, thank goodness for humanities sake) as scientific breakthroughs including an idea i was hoping to tell DR. Master at the Sept 2013 meeting but could npot speak with him. Too bad i think the ml-d together with one of the "new" ideas Dr. Masters pupils presented "pollution vacuum"
could bring Earth's ecology to a balance within 30 yrs, i will always wonder what if the ml-d was placed over/around the Norh pole.
Since 2010 when ml-d is ON continuously (unless stated NOT ON in my WxU blog)   i've experienced 16 thunder snows in NYC & 6 more around NYC. The bad part is the ml-d is keeping this very populated area cooler/wetter than if it where not ON (twice since 2010 NWS predicted severe droughts for NYC, we had mild or no drought) so lots here don't get to "feel" GW as areas away from the ml-d AOI, plus check my tinypic account for the ml-d HIGH effect DIRECTLY opposite (west of Australia) hmmm wonder if that's why they have a semi perm drought,peace

Peter Max radar colours, NYC NYC radar 2014 winter ml-d diary


ml-d diary 201401_31 (posted 3 days late,,,SB wkend delayed)

By: vis0, 9:19 AM GMT on February 02, 2014

ml-d cleaned last Fri Jan 31st 2014 (staggered cleaning as 1 setting per 6 hrs) will explain how cleaning affects the ml-d later including + recent 2 week anomaly period.

For those that have read my blog (tried to) you already know what happens when the ml-d is cleaned (spider webs) though i staggered the cleaning which is different & will re-re-re-explain of the natural 2 week anomaly period, notice last years TS season was a magnificent example of this 2 week anomaly periods that occur every ~2 months. The chart i posted in Oct 2013 shows how of all TS/TD only 3 occurred outside these 2 weeks...ooops almost got back to trying to teach Galacsics forgot i stopped that and am only posting the ml-d diary.

ml-d diary


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