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ml-d diary 201312-30_19,20

By: vis0, 12:20 AM GMT on December 31, 2013

Changed ml-d controls to tweak up/ fine tune them via  1/10,000 or  .0000 levels PERMANENTLY. What this means as to physics who knows no one cared to help me translate my Galacsic theories into physics

goodness knows i asked for help being i "zuk"(scientific term) at physics...some might say at more things, but not Galacsics.

Raised 2 of the 3 settings  by.0002  at 201312-30_08,11EzT in the hopes to attract more towards Long Island/.NYC  the LOW going off shore off the central eastern US coast.

Affect should start kicking in Tuesday through Wednesday 24-48 after it was set or by 8:11 AM Wednesday, 201401-01_08,11EzT.

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Updated: 5:54 AM GMT on January 06, 2014


ml-d diary 201312-22;1919EzT

By: vis0, 12:16 AM GMT on December 23, 2013

The last ml-d diary/change involved a rare manipulation as i lowered the horizontal direction energy transfer (crosswinds) but raised the other two settings which led to the slight raise in quake %.

Since we in the NE received a strong shot of very warm air it leads me to believe that Northerly winds are very strong during the present Galacsics i lowered the ml-d influence on making the controlling
horz. winds less stronger thus the weaker direction (opposite of Northerly) should have all of a sudden become stronger and thats what i state we saw as the southern flow push-pulled warmer air northward (N/NE...Coriolis thing)
(remember the 24hr. delay 1 day per setting changed, and in the rare manipulation 3 settings where changed in 5 directions (hence the weird symbols i used) thus a 5 day delay or on the 18-19th of DEC 2013 we should have seen warmer air heading northward from just outside the outer ml-d AOI))
Setting (201312-21;2200 / 22;1830* EzT) the ml-d settings back to what they where before the last change and raising 2 of the 3 settings by .001. Chance of Quake(s) as i've explained in this blog from 2010 is now PLUS ~12% across all 3 settings.

If you're upset that you can't understand this new science blame those that don't ask questions, don't blame the messenger.

**Why the 2days to change settings, SIMPLE: i forgot to change one of the three on the 21st,  oops! So there should be a 2 output extreme over the next 3 days due to the delay.

ml-d diary


ml-d diary 201312-16,2339EzT

By: vis0, 4:39 AM GMT on December 17, 2013

twkd 201312-14;0435

SN: Quake % raised 07% in continuous .999 ml-d AOI.

ml-d diary


ml-d diary 201312-02,1826EzT

By: vis0, 11:26 PM GMT on December 02, 2013

ml-d tweaked by 0.001 at 20131202-322pm.
What the heck does this mean?
As stated only posting ml-d diaries, for more try to read my webnotes 1982-1992ish via SUNY compu'r.
1993-till present try to read the 123 sites i posted on.
If one can take the time (i applauded that pain staking work/luv of the field of science) to dig up "Dino bones" then one can take the time to read and decipher my notes. Sure much better to get info from the writer but that time came & went (boy how 40 yrs flew bye)Enjoy how a Low off coast connected a bit more than expected to the low in the great lakes area. ,peace

ml-d diary 201312-02


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