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By: vis0, 3:05 AM GMT on October 06, 2013

Due to size constraints i've had to break up this last blog  into "last blog A",last blog B,last blog C etc. If you don't see a graphics referenced to below chances are its in part B...C etc.  will add as stated below till its last entry Nov.  31st.  Sadly in updating i lose the original upload date rest assure most of these blogs were created before the predicted weather event occurred.

i thought one could add as much as one wanted to one pg, oops my error.   Thank you to Ms. RJ (personal mail) for bringing this to my attention. This last blog i will add bits n pieces to when i feel like creating a satellite animation blends or clues to the science i call Galacsics Words in RED describe that science be they known words or my words.
Will take no questions (like anyone here wants to.) Was axed 0 (Z E R O)  REAL questions in the 3 years of  participating on WxU. i had 2 friends act as trolls to see if they could get questions, they DID in just days! Shows why a car wreck gets more attention than a good conversation... uh hold it a car just crashed outside :-P. 

NXT NOTE: ml-d diary 20131018

ml-d tweaked Sat 20131026 & Tonite 20131028 at a grand amount of #.001. 

Remember its not the amount of the change but how much closer the actual setting is to #2.3000. 
Its at #2.293.  
Please (try to) read my blog as to the importance of the ml-d setting(s) reaching #2.3 (#2.300) & other #x.300 settings.

NXT  bLOG============ 

(as posted on Dr. Masters blog w/2 appended areas) Hope this is not removed (has TS Karen prediction info) , though i will remove it to my blog  after i've tweaked the ml-d (harder to post on my blog , my blog hard to format style and am too busy working on ml-d, remember its floating and one bad move a 300 lb device falls ~1 foot anywhere it tilts too not  fun if its on ones toes, i wear steel toed boots as i tweak.

▪ i rarely post an ml-d settings change before its FULLY changed.
▪ Since i'm now ready to implement the thousands/ten thousands decimal column on the device.

▪ Began testing it yesterday evening (sorry TS Karen fans, as i made
settings SLIGHTLY favorable for for TS Karen (posted on Dr. Masters blog 2 days ago) -any weather under the ml-d to flourish Wednesday night but now that i'm tweaking the ml-d one has to wait till ~Saturday/sun for

TS Karen to re-Flourish BE CAREFUL you saw how the last tweak caused  higher isobar squeeze out west (wind /rainstorm, Tornado odds raised  mid-west & TS Karen was healthiest at night non Sun max or min but  at 3AM eatern then INVEST 97L was looking perfect i believe that was the ml-d at work

▪ Couple of years ago posted (my blog) on WxU that i began the 100s
column as to the decimal point i.e.  .01,.02,.03. (Now trying .0001,.0002,.0003. , fine tuning 1000s & starting 10,000s) Since
i never could get this device studied by today's science/scientist i 
know not what those numbers mean as to their value (calibration) within physics. All i know is once i go over an ml-d settings of #2.3 on AT LEAST 3 of the 5 controls that #2.3 acts as if TWO TIMES the 120 or 128 year weather  average & it seems to trigger (NOT CREATE)  earthquakes by upwelling a slightly BUT CONSTANT cooler molecule that has less friction. Never set it above the mid #3.?  .

▪  Settings change should be done by 8AM on the day of "save the  elephants" 2013. DON'T forget the delay that occurs as the energy lag going from  Galacsics to "molasses" physics', SINCE i'm TWEAKING 1 at a time a STEP DELAY occurs. TO ME step delay means 12 hrs we see a bit of the ml-d  affect then at 24-36 hrs the full ml-d affect

▪ WATCH out AFTER these time periods for any storm outbreaks land or  ocean (TS Karen other "baroclinic BLOBS" so deemed by the great
Grother???) under/adjacent the ml-d AOI, see my blog for ml-d AOI 

WxU TIP i posted in August/September  2013 as member posted they could not see the top areas of WxU  new page. If one zooms their page more than ~150%, WxU home page does not load correctly, i can't remember a free program i posted THEN (hard drive damaged) that delays the zoom action AFTER page loads , this action removes any resizing errors that occur.   It might be corrected also by only resizing the text (not full  zooming), a firefox program (used for years) titled (one word) NoSquint  v2.1.9 or higher does that nicely ...see if  one reads through my crap  one can find some useful info.

(This is how i first posted years ago sar2401(whom gave very good advice),  problem is i tried that advice 20 yrs ago when i 1st posted on
webnet,  40+ yrs testing this invention), but in no one responding why bother BTW can't use my WxU as i posted months ago its "broken" & i'll be only "lurking" after Nov31st

APPENDED: (i think, NOT SURE this is the 7th or 8th comment removed from a Dr. Masters blog.  By "removed" i mean  5 or 6
just outright removed & 1 or 2 removed before i was to remove
it as i stated in those comments. Sad that a person posting weather
notes on a "weather site" as to a scientific discovery (weather you
believe the ml-d or not i'm posting as to weather AND on a
breakthrough as to science). Am not spamming or wasting time fighting or posting "win-win" comments. Win-win or "Winwin" to me is when one posts "if the TS continues to head as it is it should strike a certain state otherwise its going to curve into the ocean and miss land."

This type of statement allows its writer to say "i told you so" no
matter  what the storm does ...unless it falls off the edge of earth, lands on

the moon,  :-P.

CONTINUES in the next blog
which is " Last Blog ptC" ==== 

Last Blog ptB pt.B influnce weather Galacsics ml-d vis0 akamrx Gregoro OM

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Last Blog ptC

By: vis0, 2:53 AM GMT on October 06, 2013

NXT bLOG============ 

not to post on blog fearing it would ruin this last blogs colour text
presentation Pulled out most of the needed files from my damaged HD to
try & post w/o ruining the previous text colours (fingers crossed)
 Taz wondered why i haven't upgraded since 1997/202 compu'rs.
i find
it a challenge to have my electronics last & do upgrade them
INTERNALLY (tattooing boards myself saves 70%). The 1997 originally a
win98 board upgraded to a  2002Win then WinXp only sp2 (sp3 files cause
that compu'r transfer light to go haywire) the one that fell was from a
200q2 HP now at WinXP sp3 . Thank you for the concern/tip.

ADDED this info (in purple)WAS NOT at the Dr Masters blog.

state when the ml-d settings are changed it takes 12-24 hours per
setting changed for the new  effect to take hold in the CENTER ml-d
AOI.  Now from when i change the ml-d setting(s) till the time the
change pulses to the nyc /center AOI  "bulls eye" (see ml-d graphic/maps
below) that time is divided into 3 AOI areas.

The outermost AOI ring, center AOI ring & last the inner bulls eye.

one reads my other blogbits or blog entries sadly you'll notice since
2010  wherever the ml-d was as i changed it 100, 500 & lately i here
1000 year events have happened. BTW those long year events are better
stated as a WxU member posted, in percentages, that comment i saved but
its in the damaged HD,.  Here some (can't remember all) low lights of
 weather catastrophes that occurred within the ml-d settings change time
table. NOT IN  correct order of occurrence. (last year) F5 tornadoes
within weeks, several tornado outbreaks within days, (this year)
Colorado flash floods, Western fires moving faster than expected, Texas
Flash floods (yesterday). Next is whatever Nature decides to do with the
almost 2 times added energy (not visible to physics till its already
starting, should happen from OK. to Tennessee, Lower edge of Canada to
northern GoMx and ALSO don't forget the AOI oblate ring not only over
parts of the U.S. of A. but Canada, GoMx and to the mid-Atlantic. Watch
till today/nite (notice TS11 flared up just as that pulse hit that outer
ml-d ring (again see AOI rings in graphics below)

Saturday,  201309-28:0900EDT & 201309-28:2100EDT tweaked the ml-d
#0.01 higher on 2 of the 3 settings that are ON. The two are, vertical
energy transfer or some call down/up drafting. & Horizontal energy
transfer or crosswinds, not touching the precipitation setting. Please
remember this tiny bit  in how i write it  (0.01) is much more  in
physics but its not calibrated to show its output in physics. This tweak
should give the LOW off the GA. coast 20-30% higher change of getting
closer to NYC, by  ~25% i mean as to the Saturday AM forecasts. Don't
forget the 12-24 hrs. delay per setting or in total a 36-48hr delay to
see results.

All three ACTIVE settings are still under the ml-d #2.00 markings, yet
this raises the odds by 15% of the NYC area FEELING a 3.5 to 4.5
earthquake. By FEELING i mean (goodness forbid) if a quake if triggered
by this change occurs under the ml-d AOI, in a place ~1,000 miles away
it would be large enough that the FEELING in NYC immediate area (~600
dia. ...Canada/ocean included dia!) would feel like a 4.0 quake on  the
Richter scale. Much of course depends on the depth of the quake &
what lies between the quake & NYC as to amplify or dampen the quakes
outward "ripple".  15%  is not a good way of stating it as 15%  from
what starting point? That is what i'm also trying to learn and since i'm
the only one that (i know) understands this science then i can only
continue to learn from real life experiences. i know to most if not all
whom read this or my blog this seems like a joke. 

of it, if real (read my 2010/2012 blog updates notice when quakes
occurred a 1 to 6  days after i posted ml-d tweaks & quake warnings,
including the recent quakes in Virgina, PA., SE Canada, Atlantic Ocean
quakes)  in total i posted ~15 (19 half tweaks) times (2010 till
recently) to watch out for quakes within the ml-d area & 13 or 14
occurred (half tweaks 16), coincidence to me no, but since no one cares
to study my papers will never know if they where coincidences.
the heavy heart i carry every time people suffer only 'cause no one
cared to help me study (35 yrs asking scientists) this device in a area
where there is least danger to human life i.e. near/south of the 
Sahara[n] area.   Some still might say remove this comment has nothing
to do w/weather. So influencing weather has nothing to do with Wx? 
Offered WxU, Accuweather, Twch  if  they could help me test a device &
30 yrs after we build the first public ml-d we could reach 60% of the
worlds (then) energy needs by using the ml-d in surrounding (why i say 2
floors) a wind turbine as the ml-d would bring down "wind streams"
(small air currents as opposed to jet streams) continuously, therefore 1
wind turbine in 12 hrs. can what today takes 100+ windmills in 3+

i hope when someone
else figures this out, she or he understand to limit it to having the
ml-d ON 8 hrs a day, MAX 12 hours & store the energy in movable
Tesla batteries & build what i called "Tabasco Co. Turbines" to
better the southern U.S. economy in turn the U.S. economy its entire
economy by harnessing TS energy. Harnessing TS too "far out" of a
"thought" "dream"? So was the Hoover Dam (be it good or bad) so was
going to the Moon but several nuts got together (ouch) and put there
minds to work and accomplished a dream. That why the U.S. of A. was
looked up to in years gone by(e), other countries invented things from
what they saw around them, people whom came to the U.S. of A. (mostly
foreigners) in taking that long trip away from home brought to this
country their IMAGINATION and thus we developed not what we saw around
us but what we saw from within our imagination to fit the needs of many.
Instead i see bickering amongst each other that only lowers our value.
state your point as one has the freedom of speech, then listen as the
freedom to listen thought not in any bill of rights (per say) is just as
important of a virtue (7th of 9). 
Oh forgot to add to my last comment on this Dr. Masters blog (my 2 cents
going to the NYC IPCC convention), Dr. Masters is better looking also
more professional in person.(BTW- don't forget the umbrella idea i
sent,  this to the Dr. & 2 members (VID still  at youtube), use the
profits to add to portlight or red cross monetary needs.,peace


a tiny bit of my 2k words Glossary. Posting again from 2010 blog, took
out 2 words as i think WxU had glossary removed 'cause those words in
not being "official" dictionary words seem to be not "kosher". These are
words/initials i created to represent parts of the science i call
Galacsics. Words/letters in RED are such words.

ml-d:: A
device i state influences nature from reversing diseases to influencing
weather. The initials stand for microLow-device. It uses an energy
within a complex planet that is the opposing energy as to the melted
minerals (iron etc) within the planets mantels intrAEcting
with a form of crystal harmonics. i state this opposing energy should
have an element "footprint" as if silicone, but is in reality a 5th type
of lightning that will not be detected by physics alone (inner 2/3rds
of electromagnetic-Spectrum). The device uses several features i figured

out, and grounds itself to "spaces' clear matter" NOT EARTH (don't
look for an extremely long 3-prong extension chord). Clear matter which i
state makes up 45% of space, not to be confused with dark Matter that i
state makes up ~22% of space. i state the ml-d can influence up to 5
categories of weather, 3 are only being used at the present time.

positive Tropical weather Formations, i use instead of typing
TW,TD,TS,Hurricanes in other words warm core anticyclonic storms. i use
these initial cause one day NASA-Wx will have to use + or - to show in
everyday forecasts, incoming influences from space as to our weather .
pTwF opposite would be nTwF. As to non tropical i use pPwF & nPwF
where Tropical is changed to Polar for cold core systems. If its
xtra-tropical i use (you guessed it) pXwF and nXwF.

AE or Æ:: is
a clue i use as to when H & He spiral together to form energy
windows, one of which is the next major discovery in science via ABS0's

Galacsic trend:: see
2013 Galacsics calendar a few posts below on this  last bLOG (look in
parts B or C on continuing "Last Blog"). You'll see 2 mini icons below
certain dates every ~60 days. One looks like dashed lines other like
mini barbells. i state weather/climate trends can be forecasted up to
7-8 yrs ahead 90%+ accuracy once one learns how to read these energy
flows that bathe complex solar systems & complex planets as Earth is
and part of (Tried sharing info/formulas w/Colorado state 1990s,Weather
Ch 1990s several scientists 1980-1990s never receiving a hoot, in case
anyone wonders why you haven't heard of me. Between these 60 day trends
are the GP anomaly weeks.
These anomaly weeks occur as the physical world, Nature has a learning
of ~14 days due to the gravitational influences of the moon (~Sun)
cycles. There is also a period BEFORE & after the anomaly weeks that
last 2-7 days BUT i'll confuse you further if, i add that just watch
and learn from nature.  After all the animal kingdom has had most
meteorological tools for millions of years as radar(dolphins,whales),
infrared(insects), cold/hot censors(insects, night vision(birds),
portable censors (plants, oh sorry that's not yet discovered) but for
some reason many think HEALTHY animals can't read weather trends as up
to the horizon of their living areas. i use HEALTHY 'cause "electric
hum" ruins many animal's senses by over 70% HONEST.

Are HIGHS that nature builds and constantly reinforces from a lower
than normal reading barometric pressures in RESPonse to the ml-d AOI.
The RESP. HIGHS form around the ml-d AOI (yellow oblate circles dancing
around the ml-d AOI in animation), which will be more dominant? only
nature knows (for now). A clue i've left is the vertical HIGH (in this
case) to the West is thinner at the bottom while the vertical HIGH to
the east is wider at the bottom. In an example i blogged a few years ago
i state we could see anemic pTwF if natures trend is to reinforce heavy
air as the RESP. will assist in that reinforcement and closing down
windows of rising air when they try to form. i used the wrong word in
using "heavy", should have used sinking air as i read in Wxu's official
bloggers, you learn many things here at WxU like a guy named S-A-L
beating up defenseless Tropical waves.

This is an animation of the Area of Influence for the ml-d while its in zip code 10016
(Kip bay/Rose Hill, Manhattan,NY)

The present settings of the ml-d are to attract Cross winds, Vertical winds & precipitation at almost 2 times the normal ("normal" as for last 120 yrs) towards its center third. In animation see/read 99% arrows pointing at inner most third of ml-d AOI. These thirds within the ml-d AOI change are changed in four ways;

a)One changes the settings

b)The ml-d is moved

c)During a 2 week period i call "GP anomaly weeks" which occur 6 times in a Gregorian Calendar Year.

d)When what i call a Galacsic
(not misspelling Galactic nor Glassic pickles ...hmmm hungry) season
has its changes, i state there are 6 weather trend influences a year due
to these Galacsic changes. Of course if the previous Galacsic trend
is similar to the next most will not notice the change, just as if it
rains from the north, then its rains from the south most say its still
raining**  Think of the influence of Galacsics as
influencing HIGHs & LOWs & all those other influencing weather
goodies but from space, i.e. solar winds plus much more not yet
known/understood by modern science.

 Since we are in (i state) the middle of a GP anomaly weeks (~Sept. 9th 2013 till ~Sept 22nd 2013) everything goes as this is the chaotic area  between Galacsic trend changes were planetary weather influences are king and the ml-d is least effective in maintaining a particular push-pull on a Galacsic trend, yet watch as HIGHs projected to be strong become dirty HIGHS (cover the kids ears).  Since the ml-d has only been ON continuously
since Jan


2010,NYC till mid MAY 2010,  AGUADILLA, PUERTO RICO + a 2nd
ml-d in southern Puerto Rico,  Mid MAY

2010 till early JULY 2010 then since early JULY 2010 till today

in NYC adjust the ml-d accordingly. (on the webnet if one searches

Ipernity member: Senor Equis you'll e v e n t u a l l y find ml-d AOI

maps of Puerto Rico...amongst my other hobbies of posting other science
and images of newswoman, sorry "ain't" star Trek's Spock just a regular
human being that has more likes than dislikes to some its science &
fishing to me its Brains & the sound of mirrors
breaking in front of me i guess i'm the brains.
abruptly cutting off no more room, CONTINUE on "Last Blog part D"...

Last Blog ptC pt.C galacsics ml-d ml-d AOI ml-d map influencing weather vis0 senor equis senor X akamrx nyc


Last Blog ptD

By: vis0, 1:21 AM GMT on October 06, 2013

(continues from  "Last blog ptC" (grey words). Much of this "Last Blog" series was posted 2+ days before the mentioned storms reacted as stated below, but in editing this last blog to fit into WxU's allotted space per blog the creation dates have changed)

 ...maps of Puerto Rico...amongst my other hobbies of posting other science theories and images of newswoman, sorry "ain't" star Trek's Spock just a regular human being that has more likes than dislikes to some its science & fishing to me its Brains & the sound of mirrors breaking in front of me i guess i'm the brains. My fav hobby is photography, hopefully though this is my last blog at WxU i'll be allowed to post images under another user name.

Watch as we head deeper into this anomaly week(s) then lets see what the next natural trend bring us. If it brings pTwF (TW,YD,TS) with a more northerly forward motion watch out! U.S. Of A., predictions below. If the present (last ~60/88 days+) dominating natural westerly motion of pTwF continues more of the same in that you'll see vertically unstacked millibar areas wobbling within pTwF

**(sorry Texas, lets hope Nature push-pulls some moisture northward otherwise 2 areas will have 20% more drought periods than the norm as long as the ml-d is ON its present settings, western Texas and part of the Florida panhandle, explained why months ago on this blog. An example of that would be if out of 10 years western Texas & part of Florida panhandle (closer to pan than handle) had 5 wet yrs & 5 dry years with present ml-d settings you'd get WITH THE SAME WEATHER TRENDS of those 10 yrs, 7 dry years 3 wet years AND WHEN IT RAINS it will flood its a price as to having salt water on 2 opposing sides w/ present ml-d settings. West Texas has Pacific "air" & GoMx, Florida GoMx & Atlantic though Florida is more likely to have Tropical front skim by lowering drought if not by precipitation at least by high humidy holding evaporation effects down. This i've posted since 2010 here, on TWCh board in 1999, 2000 in case anyone cared to write me. No replies i guess no believes me &/or no one cares. BTW my WxU mail is unusable since i don't want WxU's weather alert i can't use it.

In conclusion i thinkthe weather trends you see as, sinking air, Brazilian drought air, ULL meeting up to pTwF and other weather entities are the result of the catalyst, that being the ml-d settings. Lets hope the next site i post at can ask questions so we all learn. Hope to add a few more bLOGs here. 2 questions i wished could have been studied were how the RESP. HIGH going past the north pole and the RESP. HIGH going past the equator(s) act upon the weather being normally weather doesn't go across those areas but around it.  Equator(s)?. i state there are really 2 "Equators"(A - & A +, though physically we see only 1)  and as a result what i call Sphorbs (not the musical group, but a name i made up 1973 as to the equatorial version of Aurora Borealis) are those right angle turning balls of light  (form of plasma, many seen over South America and deemed UFOs) you see near certain Volcanic crystals & when certain INWARD Sun activities is present (usually occurs more often as Sun/star "quiets down,  BUT NOT ALWAYS). Why for the last few yrs. i've posted as to GW and how if the Sun gets into a cool phase be ready for those that don't think pollution lowers the human race chance for survival to say "what GW?" as i prefer Climate Schizo as that implies that weather goes not just warmer but haywire as nature tries to balance an UNNATURAL pollutant(s). Earth has had much more C02 or "dirty air" in the atmosphere(s) via volcanoes, celestial bodies (celestial objects) hitting Earth but when its naturally emitted nature has ways to balance that Unnaturally created pollutants throws a monkey-wrench into natures short term schedule & in response Nature throws unexpected natural events to cleanse itself of whatever is giving nature a "headache". BTW  a clue to the  sphorbs/volcanoes was a previous username "azozeo" (azurite-zeolite)

======NEXT bLOG (Sept 13 2013 93L's "dirextion" is...)

CLICK new window opens w/VID

As i stated over several blogs (mine/others) in the last 3 years here at WxU, when the ml-d area of influence & immediate areas surrounding the ml-d AOI go through an anomaly period then pTwS (TW,TD,TS,Hurr.) tend to be attracted towards zip 10016 (where ml-d is located)

This is because while the rest of the planet has a natural elevated  tug-o-wars between the last weather trend & the next weather trend  within these 2 weeks of the anomaly period, the ml-d settings are NOT being changed. 

Since the ml-d has the same setting through this anomaly period as nature is "changing her settings" the ml-d is  still push-pulling rotating/spinning pTwF (anticyclonic thingies) more towards zip 10016 than not.

Therefore for those 2 weeks pTwF tend to want to head more towards zip 10016, AGAIN depending on the NATURAL trend this motion might or might not be detectable. As if a car crosses a bridge on a day with crosswinds at 20mph versus 40 mph.  Both winds are pushing the car sideways but one only notices the 40mph push. the pTwF de-couples cause of the ml-d push-pull but we think its some close by weather entity/body be it a ULL, front, HIGH, Sal, El Nino, Jim Cantore ( ;-) ) that is causing the pTwF to de-couple (i use de-couple as the ml-d is working at the sub-atom-electron levels) but if you want use uncouple. 

How much more towards zip 10016 than what would ocurr w/o the ml-d ON?

That's tricky and i was hoping the degree members of WxU would've  helped me via conversations through comments or on WxU chat, but they prefer to argue w/trolls. So all i can say is, tricky, there are so many physical influences on the flow of weather as ULL, Coriolis, Water vapor "thickness" and many others that as they change their trend (or not) they are still influencing the weather patterns all over the world and all that weather plays a part on the area the ml-d is influencing. 

Lets see how pTwF act as they near the ml-d AOI, i already see 93L (today is September 13th 2013, 2am EDT) reacting not as predicted on its first forecast  tracking !2 days ago by most major trackers.

Lets watch and not learn, its easier to repeat the same mistakes 'cause its what you learned to do from social pressure be it in schools or jobs don't rock the boat.

On the Colorado flood, i know it reads/sounds like a broken record but i've stated that the ml-d "pulses" when its moved (amount of days depends on how many ml-d settings of the 5 are ON, i.e. 2-3 days for 3 "ON" settings or 12-24hrs per 1 setting changed), and when we go through what i call GP anomaly weeks 2-3 days AFTER the start of these 2 weeks and 2-3 Days AFTER these 2 weeks are done. Now what weather event happens around the ml-d' AOI i can only edu-guess (educated galacsics & physics guess) as its up to nature how it translates the enhancements the ml-d creates. But if the 3 settings that are ON at present are to add ALMOST 2 times more moisture,crosswinds & vertical winds then whatever those 3 can create will be created, lets see what that is around Sept. 22-25th 2013, THREE DAYS AFTER the ~21st when this 2 week anomaly period.

Continued in "Last blog E".

Last Blog ptD pt.D Galacsics influencing weather pTwF vis0 Senor Equis Gregorio OM

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Last Blog ptE

By: vis0, 12:56 AM GMT on October 06, 2013

CONTINUES from "LAST BLOG PART D" (can't fit all into one pg.) 

==========NEXT bLOG

CREDIT:AEmet, though the final presentation was filtered to show closed tropical systems.

 video hosting by Vidmeup

==========NEXT bLOG

MY APOLOGY to anyone following my incorrect Galacsic trend date on Dr.
Masters blog & my blog.  Actually had 3 people eMail my yah. account
alerting me to my error 3 weeks ago but i did not check the mail.  i
state the next change in weather trends begins around September 19-22
2013 ends ~2 months later. Also state a device that influences weather
is set up my me in NYC, to see its area of influence view this map. 

To find out the ml-d settings one has to (try to) read my blog(s). Hey anything good doesn't come easy

The change i state we are in NOW i call the GP anomaly period/weeks. GP is shrt for Galacsics to Physics.

During this 2 week period the physical dimension has to relearn (if i my use that term) the next Galacsic trend.  The
GP learning curve can add ~2 up to 14 days to this delay BEFORE the
anomaly period, i THINK though my recent studies shows it might be ~2 to
7 only. 
Below a VID/Ani showing the Atlantic Tropics from 201309-11;2145_201309-12;0515UTC from NOAA Sats filtering; WV, RGB & AVN.



====== NEXT bLOG BELOW ===== 

Why am i worried?
 See the MAGENTA/YELLOW arrows notice how the ULL and blob south of  Hispaniola are moving slightly NW\N AND ARE FORMING with ease, in other words no front confronting it unlike the previous 4 months you'd see something disturb the TS growth  Now i state this is an anomaly period of 2 weeks as we go between WxTrends steered by Galacsics. IF this trend continues the comment i left on Dr. Masters last blog (2518) where i stated Colorado St./NOAA predictions of ~18/10/4??? can still be on the dot & occur as 8-10 Hurrs. can form with this NW/N wxtrend flow IF IT CONTINUES AFTER SEPT19-22 till December 2013.

Below the VID003 i was
to post but instead posted how i made a big error in dates below.

VID 003 above 

====  NEXT bLOG BELOW  ==


Words in small red text are words explaining a science i call Galacsics.

Am worried if this the turning over start  beginnings of anomaly week starting in 8-10 days. 

As posted on Dr. Masters' blog a few months ago, there is a "learning curve" for nature just before the "GP anomaly" weeks begin. The curve is dependent of the angle (acute or obtuse) of the energy batheing the solar system. Not as you might think if that thinking is based on physics. If its acute the learning curve begins up to 2 weeks BEFORE the 2 week anomaly period if its obtuse the learning curve begins up to ~3 days BEFORE the 2 week anomaly period i see the 3 areas of moisture/plums or even ULL becoming pTwF (+Tropical Wave (Wx) Formations, positive meaning they will "circulate squeeze out their moisture as warm core systems.) i don't use cyclonic/anticyclonic 'cause i'm referring to a connection as to space where NASAWx in the future will learn to use =/- in forecasting weather as its influenced by "space" Please remember anomaly weeks DO NOT represent the next Galacsic Trend, next begins ...

. Anomaly week began on the 8th of Sept 2 weeks before the next Galacsic trend which starts Sept ~19-22 2013. WOW WHAT A MISTAKE so the affect is OBTUSE NOT ACUTE. 
What you ARE SEEING IS the ANOMALY WEEK already started f*%#! i messed up too busy taking care of family forgot my dates. FAMILY IS MORE IMPORTANT, still was in a fog.

See the little barbell & dashed line icons (graphic: Galacsic Calendar 2013,
below) on certain dates THAT IS THE BEGINNING OF A GALACSIC 2 month TREND period. 2 WEEKS BEFORE that date anomalies begin and depending on the acute/obtuse information above one can see natures learning curve up to 14 days before to as little as 3 days before the ANOMALY period. 
WOW WHAT AN ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By: vis0, 12:37 AM GMT on October 06, 2013

From a comment on a Dr. Masters blog (moderator removed?). Words were added to this copy posted here. Why? i accidentally removed some words when i edited the coloured tex. Being it was my 1st blog with a coloured text format in over 5 yrs. i accidentally deleted parts in editing the coloured format.
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CREDIT: NOAA. SAT INFO magnified for easy ID purposes. 

THE EXPLANATION BELOW is only for the period of June 06, 2013 till
September 19, 2013 EXCLUDING 2. a 2 weeks period (14 and 14) or 28 days in total within those dates. Its explained on my other bLogs & Dr. Masters bLogs

The magenta lines are direct lines to/from zip 10016 (Manhattan, NY near Kips Bay/Rose Hill) Would have drawn more precise sine /cosine lines, but i think that would confuse readers more than they already are. 
The cyan curved line is a form of sine line as to the an anti-Coriolis force the ml-d creates.
kidding), just to be clear 'cause some think if one influences weather
then one can control it to be exactly the same output each year,
NO!!!!!!!! its influencing what nature presents not controlling. Therefore don't compare or expect the same results each year, even though the ml-d settings might be constant.When i say the ml-d creates a tug-o-war/push-pull influence on cyclonic, anticyclonic and "rotocyclonic" formations, that influence depends on the ml-d settings & WHAT THE NATURAL TREND IS dominant.
In a year where nature has pTwF heading 
towards zip 10016 (meaning natural influences as ULL, MJO, el Niño, La
niña all those long term influences are positioned/forming in a manner
to send weather formation towards zip 10016 or in not being so dramatic
the Northeast U.S. of A.) i could see 35(+/-3) TS forming from June 1st till November 31st as to the Atlantic/GoMx.  On the other hand as posted on another Wxu members blog (Dr. Masters?) ~2 years ago i posted if the natural trend is to have pTwF head with a southward direction the final tally for the Hurricane season could be 2/0/0 (+/-3)...(how
can one get a -1? as to TS formations island or sub-duction area
disappears? :-p. The formula i use has an error or +/- 3 and the result
is 2 meaning -1/0/0 to 5/0/0 can be the last Atlantic Basin Hurricane season total) 
Imagine instead of those magenta lines being static think of them as attached to the 2 present pTwF (TS Gabrielle & ~Hurr. Humberto).
As the pTwF moves, a line attached to the pTwF center moves along (as when
NASCAR or Horse races place an ID icon over each racer as they round the track's bends that ID's icon points out each racer w/ a line) Imagine that ON THE Magenta LINE you'd see the degrees as to the compass aka  N,E,S,W. as to the ml-d's center.  Now create an formula where one takes into account the forward motion as to is it extending that magenta line or shortening it, the forward speed of the pTwF and at what point does the pTwF cross the imaginary line of having a northern forward component. if one drew a direct line to zip 10016.
(in other words one first needs a zero degrees for reference, i use the ml-d towards 5 points of north, 2 you might know of as "Magnetic north pole" and the the planets physical north pole, lets use the latter  Now if Tropical Storm/~Hurr Humberto (closest & NW of Africa) passes the imaginary line of 90 degrees in line with the ml-d then it loses completely its northward component as towards the ml-d in which it could strengthen via ml-d push-pull laws. 
Of course being we are in the physical dimension and nothing using just physics can really turn on a dime Tropical Storm/~Hurr Humberto will loose its best Hurricane form as it passes ~135 degrees as to the straight line to the ml-d center. (Humberto is barely in the ml-AOI so its more of a secondary effect via what i call RESP. HIGHs, see earlier blog to confuse you more)

Same with TS Gabrielle except being closer to the ml-d the push-pull should be "harsher" to the point one might see it as if it where exorcised & become disheveled in a quicker than normal fashion. Of course the front approaching or interacting with TS Gabrielle will be blamed for the quick switch, i just state the ml-d is the catalyst everything else comes in as a type of conduit for the physical dimension to do the dirty work of "killing" & "birthing"(using art lic., one could say creating and ending) in the endless recycling of energy through nature

This explanation/clue(s) will not be removed (at least not by me) i will add to this Blog, NOT CREATE A NEW TITLED BLOG till i can't add anymore, in other words lots of scrolling. i might only place links to VIDs when more than 3 VIDS are active as not to
make it too long to load for those that have slow connections .
 Please read the entire "Last Blog" series for some explanations
as to "my words" in red.
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CREDIT: EUMETSAT  Time: 201309-09;0800_201309-10;0700U

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