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By: vis0, 10:35 PM GMT on July 31, 2013

If Nature changes the next trend its to begin Aug 5-7th 2013.

If Natures' trend is still to have storms head west
(250° to 290°) i still see the TsF (Tropical storm Formations)
being ragged,

UNLESS Natures' western flow trend is of a strength higher
than 2 times the average.

figure that strength research the last 120 yrs of storm energy output
(though i don't think records of tropical storm energy go back that far
Then find the average.
If NATURES' trend after August 7th 2013 is above AVERAGE
2 TIMES or HIGHER then we'll see CAT 2 OR higher hurricanes in any
direction though still not perfectly vertically stacked when heading
with a west coordinate WEST of the longitude line that goes through zip

If its lower, sadly for those whom study  TS (good for
those fearing any TS hit) we'll see quantity but not quality
as in more ragged formations.

The reason? i've explained the "ml-d" enough and its push-pull
outcome, that's what i believe.

If there are blobs or remnants lets see how they react
after August 5-7th 2013..

Though SAL is around SAL is not everywhere,
its a normal to slightly above SAL and normal
Dust storm /  output.(as of 201306-31;2100)

Here would be a Q for Dr. Masters and TS aficionados,
since it involves what i call an ml-d (device influences weather, NOT
control it). i understand even if my question is answered its based on
something that to most (99.9%) think can't exist or is years away from
being developed by some official arm of the government not a lone person
in an apartment.

Since it seems there is some energy to be spent
via the wider & warmer GoMx.
Could it be the TS season will be extended VIA NATURE
to be more active in November and
though the man made end date is November 31st.,
could we have 2 or 3 Hurricanes below the tropic line
then turn into Extra tropical storms once they head north
in December.
The reason is as we head towards Fall/Winter
the flow in the tropics tends to be with more of a N - S / S - N
directions as fronts dig deeper.
Since those directions agree more with the flow
towards the ml-d at zip 10016 therefore less of a tug-o-war between NATURES' flow & the ml-d's flow.
(again read my blog for the unbelievable explanation as to the "ml-d")
============below to be removed after a test====
not directly related this VID of GOES-E 0201307-31) i'm using to test an mp4 interface with toggle ability so if i blog it can load fater and allow members toggle at desired speeds.

2013 TS Afican Duststorm 2013

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More graphics explaing ml-d influnce as to TF

By: vis0, 1:23 AM GMT on July 30, 2013

First to explain the ml-d (microLOW-device) numbers.

The ml-d set to almost #2.30 (i at times make a real error in that is to state the ml-d is at #2.00 confusing physics 2 times represented as 2x's
and type 2.00.

Ml-d settings do NOT use a physics centered number scale as  #1.0, #2.0, #3.0, #4.0, #5.0
 it  uses  #1.3, #2.3 means 2 times, #3.3 means 3 times, #4.3 means 4 times and #5.3 means 5 times.
 Therefore 2 times something in the ml-d is set as #2.3.
 The ml-d is set to #2.28 therefore if #2.3 equals 2 times the #2.28 is equivalent to the physical 1.99 or almost 
 2 times the average. Below i discuss what i mean by average.

image host

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The blue line to arrows indicates A NATURAL PATH TO A TS OR HURRICANE**.

As the ml-d (microLow-device i state INFLUENCES WEATHER) is presently set (201307)
at nearly #2.30 the following i state will occur IF THE ml-d trend or influence strength is Stronger than NATURE'S .
trend or influence strength.

(A) The more the NATURAL forward motion of a (TF) tropical formation is PARALLEL
to traveling TOWARDs the ml-d ground (red dot/zip code) the higher the odds the TF
will blossom / develop.

(B) The more the NATURAL forward motion of a (TF) tropical formation is heading AWAY from the
straightest line to the ml-d ground, the more the TF will suffer.

(C) NOW IF THE NATURAL TREND IS STRONGER than the ml-d setting(s) then NATURE will win that tug-o-war.

Both (A) (B)  &  (C) have another important thing that influences how it travels. The faster the rotation
of the TF (TW to Hurricane) the more it will follow the stronger of the 2 TRENDs, be it  the Natural or the ml-d trend.

How do i measure this strength?

As Follows:
(feel weird asking myself questions)

i use the last 120 years of recorded weather charts.

i then divided the weather trends into 11 total categories.
(took me 6 years 3 days a week while in JHS& HS as on my free time 
i'd go to MAD magazine HQ 485 Mad. Ave (NYc) get the latest soft cover of MAD then an hour later
being i was in a good mood read the tiny print & jot down weather charts.
A nice librarian got me copies of these charts, from where i don't know.)

i'd place 5 in the negative field, meaning -1 to -5, where -5 is the most extreme as to a "negative" as in LOW output

By  least in output as to the following 5 weather outputs.

1] Horizontal winds (some call cross winds)
2] Vertical winds
3] Temperatures (hardest for me to understand as to ml-d settings, still after 30+yrs can't get right)
4] Humidity (the category i understood first, ~1977)
5] "Static-L" BUT NOT a physical static, its the 5th type of lighting(s)

The 4 types of presented Lightning are known as:
1] ground to sky,
2] sky to ground,
3] cloud to cloud,
and what i called
4] "mirrored lighting"

(i called it "mirror lighting" when i sent to twch from 1990-1996.
In 1997 my sister told me 2 men discovered it in either ~1989 or 92? while on the phone.
One man was on Long Island, NY calling a friend, (another man) in Australia (sorry, know not the city), when one heard
lighting a few times the other said here too. The story is better than i just told it, sis says.
BTW, There at times is a delay to that type of lighting, i sent clues to that delay to TWCh, IF its not known yet.

Since this static lighting is at best at the microscopic
level it'll be YEARS before modern science figures this out - my opinion of course.

Therefore the 5 levels of extreme negatives affect each of the 5 weather outputs just mentioned, here a few examples.

A negative 5 (-5) in my categories means 5 times BELOW the 120 year recorded normal or average.

Since the easiest to measure (TO ME) is precipitation, lets use rain.

If the 120 yr average/norm for a 30 day period in a given city is 5 inches, then a -5 or "5 times less" or 20% of 5
would be 1  inch of rain for that 30 day period.

If the 120 yr average/norm for a 30 day period in a given city is 5 inches, then a -2 or "2 times less" or 50% of 5
would be 2 1/2  inches of rain for that 30 day period.

Now if i use the "+5" or positive 5  then its to mean 5 times the 120 year average.

If the 120 yr average/norm for a 30 day period in a given city is 5 inches, then a+5 OR "5 TIMES MORE" or 500% of 5
is 25 inches.

So called 100 yr storms or weather events i consider somewhere between 4 to 5 either on the positive or negative
(a 4 or 5 negative could be a drought that by man  recorded measurements occurs once every 100 yrs)

Why not a single "zero" instead of going from -1.3 to +1.3?

Zero to me represents a stopping point of going from -1 to +1 or +1 to -1 as in this science of nature i call "Galacsics"
the glass is not half full nor half empty, that describes physics and stopping pointed inherent to physics. To this area of
nature i call Galacsics the glass is either filling (ascending, building / collecting moisture) or its emptying
(losing moisture / evaporating) hence one of the most important equations i came up with and uses .666 as its
anchor. (.666 to .333) is VERY IMPORTANT to nature. How important?, i state one day will show how the uni-verse
we exist in has 3 "birth" periods. The youngest is ~20 billion light years (i know modern science states ~15 billion) while the oldest
third of this uni-verse (GET READY TO FALL BACK LAUGHING then hurl some stones) i state is ~120 billion light years.

Now since ZERO is used as a moving point then
zero to plus 1 / +1.3 means a normal weather trend with a touch of slightly more. Then from ZERO to negative 1 / -1.3
means a normal weather trend with a touch of slightly less. This "touch" uses is around +or- 10% of the average.


Therefore if NATURE has its trend ABOVE what the ml-d is set to, then NATURE will win BUT since the ml-d is ON that win
comes with a price.

That price is that the TF will go in the direction that the stronger natural trend "commands", but that TF will suffer as its
being sent in one direction by the NATURAL TREND yet at the same TIME if the TF IS UNDER THE ml-d AOI then
the TF is also being sent towards the ml-d ground (red dot) but with a less stronger force.

Natural trend is for a TF is to head west into GoMx (Gulf Of Mexico, don't use GOM as that's a software that plays VID
& MU files)
The natural trend's force number is a +1 to +1.8 , since the ml-d force number (influence) is set near #2 the ml-d "wins"
and only TF that are going in a forward direction towards the ml-d will develop to the utmost capacity FOR THAT REGION
(BTW, if the TF is off CANADA don't expect a Cat5 in December, lets be real things STILL have to manifest into & follow
the laws of physical world. Thus in the end those that only know physics will say the hurricane off Canada happened cause
the atmosphere(s) was just "right",  but if people could use instruments that "view" Galacsics you'd see things swirling &
intertwining days before setting things in the physical world "just right" for the Hurricane formation.

But, if the natural trend is for a TF is to head west into GoMx and THAT natural trend i read as a #3.3 in force, then the same
TF that suffered in the last example, in this case will head more towards the GoMx. Yet at times this TF will become less
vertically stacked (read WXU bloggers for more information on the stacking of 3 levels as to TF intake & exhaust flows), but will look more like a "classic" hurricane.

In becoming less stacked this TF instead of becoming a CAT 3 Hurricane might be a STRONGER CAT1 or WEAKER CAT2.

Why to i say Weaker not weak? (asked once at foxnlogs)

i don't use weak or strong when describing weather events as to me it leads to false sense of security.
 i use weaker or stronger.
i've heard meteorologist say "a weak CAT3 Hurricane", i know they mean a hurricane that barely meets the wind requirements for a
CAT3 hurricane, BUT  Are you serious! (in a John McEnroe voice), Since when is a father's or mother's slap weak, well a CAT 1
wind can slap you harder, therefore it "ain't" weak. . BTW never been slapped by Mother nor Father as i was a curious,
yet obedient kid.  Have seen other fathers/mothers give out punishment.

while i'm on things i dislike as to informing on  weather events, also dislike
when people say he or she when describing any storm ("he" was reserved for Hurricanes for a while. Now TWCh
is now naming cold core storms.  i prefer warm core = female names & cold core = male names, i've heard RUMORS
that soon TWCh will name cloud formations i.e. "BINKY", The ANGRY BUNNY, or "UNICORN", THE FIERCE HORSE
this to raise ratings with there 10 and under demographics. What next official Weather ch. diapers (if so let Vivian Brown
design them) , when the suns turn to rain clouds its time for a change, opps junior has cumulonimbused!, time for a change.
(inert Al (whom i respect) jokes here)

Therefore the ml-d influences the weather within the ml-d AOI and i think areas around that just like El Nino / La Nina
influence weather around the globe. Anything with an AOI that large can't help but influence weather under & near it.
BTW if you read "Lo Nada" (Lo Nada i used in the 1980s to mean a Pho - El Nino or La Nina meaning the prediction
went into the drink i.e. didn't occur.  As "nada" (present) "nadar"  or "nadando" means to swim / swimming while "nada" (past)
means nothing)

I'm only including one graphic at first, but within a week i'll add other graphics to better show things like the ml-d AOI.

ml-d ml-d AOI TF(Tropical Formation)


DORIAN & the ml-d

By: vis0, 11:22 PM GMT on July 26, 2013

Imagery provided courtesy of the Naval Research Laboratory Monterey
These images are from 201307-26=0045till201307-26=1515

A bit more than half way though the animation above
you'll see an ablate turquoise shape and a more Longitudinal oblate Orange shape.
The turquoise represents the ml-d area (repeating a clue: 45 degrees of a planet x .666)
while the orange oblate represents nature's response to the ml-d which are HIGHs around
the ml-d, BUT REMEMBER there is a salt water (moist land) versus fresh water (dry land)
rule of thumb. The salt water side(s) the HIGH is thinner above wider at sea level.
This is why if one studies the orange oblate lines there are 2 and the inner oblate area is shifted
towards the either fresh water or dry land area (western U.S.)

To reiterate one has to view the dash line ml-d mapping animation (below)
to either become more confused or understand the ml-d influence area.

PLEASE REMEMBER there are two thing at work under the ml-d AOI,
the devices settings & NATURE.

If a TF's (Tropical -cloud- Formation) NATURAL TREND is to follow the green dashed
line direction  it will blossom.

If a TF's NATURAL TREND is to go against the green dashed
line direction it will run into some form of chaos.

This chaos is HIGHLY DEPENDENT on how strong the NATURAL TREND is.

If the natural trend IS HIGHER/STRONGER than the PRESENT ml-d setting
of almost 2 times the man recorded natural average (~120 yrs is what i use as the natural average)
then NATURE WILL WIN versus the ml-d BUT there will be chaos
as to the formation of a TF since the ml-d is ON, just that it will be a lesser chaos (i.e. dry air intake, unstacked vertical formation) .

The more away from this direction the more
chaos, worst being (perpendicular)180 degrees from the lines
direction or 0 degrees ml-d "space" grounded center.

Green equals 100% to 67% chance
Yellow equals 66% to 34% chance
Red equals 33% to 1% chance
Magenta means no direct ml-d influence, though if the YTF is
close or has a third under the ml-d AOI an
indirect influence does occur.

Xtra notes:

The scale i use goes from negative 5 times the average to positive 5 times the average.

This is why i STATE (my opinion) when experts state it'll be an El Niño or El Niña year yet we get they
"poof" "El Nada years" (i called it in 1998-2000 on an science pgs username: espyther) (some call pho-el niño/la niñas) as for El Niño or La Niña to overcome the ml-d influence they have to be
over 2 times more active than their average  "normal" zero balanced state.
The danger i see in this is since the ml-d is squashing El Niño / La Niña's
outputs when they are below a 2 times strength, then when El Niño/La Niña
goes into a 3 times to 5 times output WATCH OUT 'cause
things will go from nothings happened in a few yrs to 3 times the norm floods or drought.
Why i warn to watch out for sudden shifts in wind and trends around the ml-d.

ml-d ml-d AOI Pho El Nino Pho La Nina


Fav to unfav TF directions as to the ml-d settings 2013

By: vis0, 6:36 AM GMT on July 25, 2013

Was told why i had a couple of posts on others' blog removed.
So i'm only posting my theories on my blog though can post animations
of my theories elsewhere.
The following weird map represent (what i state) are favorable to
unfavorable paths for TF (Tropical Formation) in relation to how the ml-d is set
.  If a TF follow the dashed lines
once within the ml-d AOI the dashed lines turn green then
TF has the highest opportunity to flourish.

The yellow dashed areas mean if the TF goes by those paths they'll be Two
driving forces NATURE/Natural trend and the ml-d push-pull effect. A TF
can still flourish, but the faster their rotation the more the TF will become ragged,
unless the TF makes a sudden turn towards the green dashed lines then a TF can "blow up"
RISE  2 categories when 1 is expected, ie. Cat 2 to Cat 4 within 24hrs.

The red dashed areas mean if the TF follows this direction Tf will
suffer the most as to moving AWAY from the ml-d's push-pull

The magenta dashed areas mean their is no direct ml-d affect only
secondary effects until the TF has 1/3 of its AOI under the ml-d's AOI.

Fav to unfav TF directions

Fav to unfav TF directions ml-d 2013


Why i'll comment here + 98L + more ca-razy theories

By: vis0, 10:30 PM GMT on July 22, 2013

Since i no longer post comments on other members blogs
due to complaints (several eMails, NON wxuMail) & 2 strikes via Administrators.

i know Wxu has no 3 strikes yer out or suspended for a period of time policy.

i place the stop on commenting on myself, as its been
my experience from 4 of 8 other blogs / boards i've joined
after 1998 that i have a following of haters (non are regular
WXU members, even regular members of most of the other sites). But once
i received a certain amount of complaints then these haters ruin it for
all other bloggers.

i'll post some comments that were for other blogs
As i feel if one is in a good mood (laughing, smiling) then they'll
stick around WXU and take in some science.
hope that's okay.

For example on Dr. Masters' "NHC's Tropical Weather Outlook:
How Accurate are its Predictions?" posted this

wanted to add this comment:

"i thought maybe an un-painted paint by number painting?"

Probably will do this as i get over withdrawal from not commenting directly.

TO a more serious subject, weather yet if you read the following
it will be confusing as i post only CLUES to a science i call Galacsics.

Since this science is not officially recognized by anyone
it'll just read as mostly mumbo jumbo, but i hope you can get some of the points.

If you're into researching weather, then during your free time use audio readouts (specially
below the "animal ear" as to long term trends and above the animal ear "blips" as switches)
to discover new ways to predicting weather trends. Place strong pin point magnets
away then toward rotating fields of winds in LAB situations, pass sound through the rotation
and see...hear if you can pick up the 4 influenced quads

as to 98L (201307-22).
i state things that spin in this type of uni-verse communicate with each other.

Of course to most that is so outrageous that they won't read any further.

But for those whom care to find NEW things to be studied through science, spinning
entities be they spinning Horizontally (land touching Tornadoes, TS, Hurricanes or spinning
vertically or some call rolling Tropical waves, Gusts fronts, Derechos.
BTW, BLOBs (as deemed by Wxu member Grother??), are both, hence blobs
are not TW nor Tropical depressions they are the "hermaphrodites" of tropical weather, please
don't gawk and point while looking at a weather blob and ask is that...?

CLUE: The theory has to do with how an entity spins within or around any magnetic
fields (why i spell universe as uni-verse) they develop a form of communication
(its a theory that goes against Einstein's belief or theories but goes more with Mr. Hubbles
& Teslas's way of thinking and how i theorize what i call Time
Twisting (i state how resl so called time travel can occur, CLUE light goes AHEAD of the
physical body and becomes the outside "skin" and carrying the physical body to...)
. This also explains what i call tired twisted light and why Doppler becomes incorrect at
certain spinning speed cycles. As an example speeds above 123,024 mps when close by and also
when light has to travel distances further than 2/3rds the distance/size of ANY SIZED UNI-VERSE,

As to the uni-verses PHYSICAL body (at present i state the physical uni-verse is ~18-21
Billion light yrs, modern science states its ~15-16 billion. Understand when i first stated ~20 billion it
was 1972 when modern science state it was 8-11 billion. So either science is catching up my
my wrong ways or the brought a better (looooong) yardstick (punchline for older readers)
or better laser measurer (punchline for younger readers).

So what does this have to do with 98L, i state certain commands bathe space and a complex planet
can take those "commands": and interpret it as to it laws of physics, in this case Eatrth's laws of physics.
Another complex planet might have more CO2 so it would interpret those same commands differently,
as these commands are influenced by the composition of the complex planet.

Now the more 98L spins or further it goes with its present spinning speed be it Horz or Vert. it charges
its internal AOI.
As it does that it sends out its own commands and if that command is for any other opposing
TO IT entity to decrease or move away then since SAL or a strong HIGH is opposite in composition they
will move away or winds will pick up and disperse the SAL and inject a more humid air.
(SAL as i see it being drier Sahara air plus particles, PLEASE READ / ASK WXU they will explain it correctly)

Now THE HIGH and areas of weather that are the opposing weather entities are ALSO sending their commands,
the trick is to find out WHICH COMMAND(s) are stronger.

Now since i have a device i call an "ml-d" set to favor precipitation, and certain wind polarities by 2 times ABOVE the normal
(~150 yr man recorded average) then weather entities going UNDER the ml-d's AOI are weighted more to form
towards LOWs or fronts (an example, when more occluded fronts happen over the ml-d, its in zip 10016, NOT ALWAYS as
occluded fronts have occurred for millions+ of years, but i state when the ml-d is ON as its set more occluded fronts occur
if there is moisture "hanging" around..

Now since i state we are for the next 2 weeks in an anomaly period as to weather trends this means any man made influence can
tilt a chaotic or doldrum event to become more uniform.

Now as to how uniform?, that's where i now no less that 2 yrs ago as i stopped reading NASA star maps to figure out
Tropical season trends (from 1990-2010ish had an average of 98% accuracy as to TS and ~86% as to trends and only made
1 prediction for a Tropical season and posted in December never updating it, did miss 5 yrs in that period including the year of Andrew.
(On those missed yrs. either had flu or was on vacation, as to read those star maps took ~2 months @8 hrs a day, my eyes would feel as if on fire when i closed them
after using magnifying glasses/loop reading star positions & spectrum analyzing.)

Now, 2+ weeks ago on wxu i posted to look out for this 2 week anomaly period (its in my 2013 Galacsic Calender,
search the webnet) mentioning for my ego's sake.

THE NEXT IMPORTANT THING is what happens AFTER these 2 weeks.

Is the natural trend to form weather entities with similar polarities i.e.
falling pressures, ion build up/down etc. and if so which areas of the world's 8 colour crystals [...huh?] will that occur over.

i divide the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere into 8, 45 degree areas,
each is presented by the R O Y G B I V colours (NOT IN REAL LIFE, its what i use to represent energy field changes)
PLUS 2 slivers that i mark as ascending and descending those two i mark in what
i use to call golden colour, but since R O Y G B I V has yellow (which can be confused with gold) lets call the
golden areas golden sparkling areas.

These areas are marked by nature as the deepest trenches and phosphorous (see La Palgera, Puerto Rico, or Just ~SE of Philippines).
If one finds scriptures or cave marking of ancient times as to a sparkling area do not confuse it with the modern tale
of foreigners coming to NYC and writing to families back in the old country of streets paved in/with gold, those are TWO
DIFFERENT things one is 100 yrs old misunderstanding of things mixed with asphalt the other over 11,000 yrs old, and deeply ethereal.

If one want to see maps cheap graphics of the ml-d's AOI please search my blog for graphics, or the webnet.
I'm sorry that i'm holding back on posting the same graphics or a slightly different view but it's looked down (i understand)
by administrators as a type of mono-posting.
Though, to me (NOT COMPARING MYSELF JUST THE ACTION) its liking telling Thomas Edison - in his
discovery years - to PAH-LEASE stop talking or taking out ADs about electricity this electricity that. With 20/20 hindsight
Edison (his 600+ discoveries) & electricity deserves all the attention, but back then i'm sure some thought Edison was
nutty for just talking over & over 'bout electricities wonders, i wonder what his childhood friends & adults thought.

ml-d Galacsic Calendar uni-verse tired twisted light

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ml-d diary July 18th 20th 2013

By: vis0, 8:40 PM GMT on July 19, 2013

Wanted to post this last night  but was busy (sending 3 eMails to
members of Wxu (1 Wxu Mail to personal eMails) as to my science, ideas
& stuff.

The anomaly period is beginning today/tomorrow, i was off by ~2 days
even with the + / - 48 hours window.
(if one read my comments on Dr. Masters' blog...unless they where
removed then the last few blogbits on my blog
you'd notice the date July 23.5 + / - 48 hrs. gives me (going back) a start date of
21.5 tomorrow is the 20th.

So off by a bit less than a third of a percent
and the prediction of this anomaly period i first posted at Wxu 2 weeks ago on a Dr. Masters' blog not bad
for someone on a 2001 HP compu'r. Remember WITHIN the ml-d if the
ml-d settings are not touch the anomalies start first and spread outward

Notice how storm pattern sudden;ly shifts from heading SW/retrograding to the
orthodox motion FOR THIS AREA of the world as if someone threw
the switch to reverse the conveyor belt, here come the chocolates LUCY!!!

(no longer adding nor receiving comments as not to burden admin. will miss adding comments yet as to receiving i think i received 4 comments in 6 years though to be fair as to this membership (not counting the pre 2006 paid membership) i was only active after July 2010. Keep up the fun and teaching senior wxu member you'll teach younger members of days past and add wisdom to their thought as your life stories WILL teach newbies (Hockey has a Metropolitan division geeesh!) ,peaxce

ml-d diary

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Rating disasters on a Monetary method ONLY is a disrespectful to Nature.

By: vis0, 12:28 AM GMT on July 19, 2013

Rating disasters on a Monetary method ONLY is a disrespectful to Nature.

Rating disasters on a Monetary method i understand.
It gets the attention of the public & gives one a reference point to compare disasters.
 But i think in the end it places disasters in wrong categories, mainly man made categories.
TO ME its a very bad precedent to set as then the value of life
and "getting back on ones feet" take a back seat (not as important) as
what did it cost.
TO ME ITS just as bad as saying the, raising temperatures AVERAGES
 are all man's fault.

Earth's climate trends are MAINLY
controlled by OUTSIDE sources NOT MAN.

Is there a problem as to pollutants that is adding
to this raising of temperature averages YES, and
it has to be dealt with NOW but if one keeps ONLY using
short term statistics and monetary graphs to
show that point,. IN THE LONG RUN it will be easier
to pointy out the flaws by those that think man has done
nothing wrong.

One says its the most expensive year.
Yet lets imagine in 200 years if New Orleans gets a TS
that sits over that area for 3 days and rainfall reaches 20 inches
(a possibility, that could happen 10 times in the next 200 yrs, but lets
just imagine it only happens 200 yrs from now)
Though no levee  breaks or is breeched, the flooding even though not as bad as Katrina's
including no death in this imagined 2213 flood occur
a well meaning Dr. Masters VI types that its the worst flooding in
N.O.'s HISTORY as it caused 170 billion in damage.
How can that be?, because in 200 yrs everything including real 3D atmospheric enclosed TV's,
expensive ion ACs, and the tanks at walmart gasoline stops, storing 55 dollars a gallon
gasoline are damaged, so even a water main break can cause millions in damage.
 Most by then that lived through Katrina and lived out their lives (hopefully in a good light)
 would flip in their grave hearing of such a comparison...if they could.

Well imagine how disrespectful it is to the millions that died in past
disasters but since the disaster didn't occur after 1900/1940s/1980s it
doesn't count as to be even placed on the global warming charts.
To me KNOWN disasters of the past  seem to be ignored because it
makes it seem as if 65% of the present warming of this planet is the fault of nature,

Which is a fact, if one reads all known weather / climate trend records.

Remember even if there is a wolf in the distance if one cries wolf,
and people can't see it, in the long run one loses. Lets post the FULL statistics
use long term statistics that so many hardworking well  respected researchers
have found by looking back at Earths history. So we show that YES MAN IS
DAMAGING this planet and correct that man made problem. NOT TALKING ABOUT
opinions of how to interpret those long term records, just post records that weird
enough nature leaves behind as tree rings, sediments, pockets of preserved fossils
that show climate trends.

If nature (meaning all Natural things that influences Earth) is going through a
heating period man should work on maintaining Earth at the natural rate or
¿#maybe tiny bit cooler. What if in maintaining Earth NATURALLY warmer nature is
preparing its contents for a warmer Sun...okay that is millions of years in the future but
it took millions of years of Ice & Radon ages for humans to exist as they do.
(¿# my way as to leaving a question / remark for blog writer)

Why do i carry chip on my shoulders (not Intel nor ADM ...nor potato) i find it weird
that from 1976 till 1997 i tried to give scientists, science related media outlets a
look at a device that i state influences nature. To state it simply this is to the ethereal
world what electricity is to the physical world, but things grounded to the ethereal gives
off no side effects (stabilized) unlike electricity. One of the points i tried to use to get
anyone to see this device was that it can influence  wind currents to come down as
i then call those "wind streams" (not to be confused with Jet streams).

Then by placing this "ml-d" 9the device i state influences weather)  2 floors above & below (clues)
a wind turbine can harness these wind streams  (the "TRUE SOLAR POWER")
Eventually bring the CLEANEST energy (unless the wind is blowing from my bathroom after
eating onions & cold beans, just a joke) to EVENTUALLY fill 60% of Earth energy grids, i think
presently Hydro reaches ~20%). Did i hear from any of those i wrote, no. (actually mailed it,
 was the 1970s-90s) including several at The Weather Channel. i was even asked to leave
 ABC7 (NYC) weather board 'cause i was thought to be bothering the weatherboard's "content"
 by posting my theories (as i do here). And on myfoxblog just when i was getting ready to post
 LIVE feeds from Puerto Rico (had a friend with a TV studio in South P.R. that was skype ready)
 as  from September 2009 till November 2009 i was placing LIVE feeds from a station in NY
 where i volunteer as a gopher to camera man to food eater (inside joke)
at the studio is called "TV studio Inc." and the show was "The Grube Tube" . Yet, myfoxblog
began to set anything i posted to "pending" (see if its still their mt user name was AKAMRX, look
for TV studio or Grube Tube at myfoxblogs.
In late December 2009, and myfox never replied to by questions so i tested the ml-d in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico,
& East/NE of Ponce, Puerto Rico and only sent NOAA messages to read Puerto Rico's weather
Sats/Radr (Jan 2010 - February ~3rd 2010 & mid May 2010 till ~July 2010). Never heard from
NOAA either.
So here was someone offering to help lower Earth's temperature by 1 degree CELSIUS by 2022,
if wind turbines are created i think it would take ~10 years for enough to be built and protected plus
workers have to be retrained as i wanted not one single job based on present energy work forces lost.

Instead i'll continue to post clues and hope/ pray / meditate thar whomever comes up with this theories and creates his or
her version of the ml-d has a good heart to share it CAREFULLY and not be influenced by money.
Remember I STATE this is the other side of Atomic Energy output. This can turn one into sand from
the inside out as opposed to Hiroshima or larger type explosions vaporizing one from outside inward.
My offer to present this stopped in 1997 for several reasons, as it i THINK would take 10 to 15 yrs to implement.
From testing it to see if its for real (hey i may just be on a 40 yr luck spree), i'm getting old and odds are could not
be around to see it finished as i only would be making this device 9been side swiped by a truck and BOLT
bus in the last 2 years... i was walking, one was my fault other truck went on sidewalk, luck some times
out. Finally  40% of my present chores/love is taking care of my father
(mother hope she remains healthy) as both near 90
they are still with good minds but physically challenged and i feel its more important to warn humanity of
a crime being committed (since the 1950s) that weird enough uses a portion of the science i call Galacsics.

BTW, When this science is proven to be factual give 90% of the credit to Tesla, i stumbled upon it and nurtured it. Tesla
suffered hours to figure out the math, heck Tesla's dandruff has more smarts than is in all of me. Tried to give
a few big clues to the Tesla car company, as to an engine that charges batteries by using the breeze going
through the cars ion grills, Tesla co.  never responded as twice i left notes on a Tesla service van parked near the
Flatiron building.  i will no longer have comments On, by default am too busy.

i'll be posting that crime around Fall 2013 on my site no wxu,peace

ONLY using Monetary ratings of disaters


Reply to Qs from member (here, not to burden Dr. Masters' blog)

By: vis0, 4:55 AM GMT on July 17, 2013


Part A as to 97L, 
Pt. B as to a question on how i figure certain
percentages on 300 hr predictions.
Pt. C (eMailed question as to If the ml-d is real why are storms retrograding NE to SW)

PART A: But miffed at how 97L is marked though its from remnants of Chantal see VID
though the low level swirl is what i place the yellow arrows over, green areas of yellow
arrows are the direction i saw in the low level vis but i couldn't get all those frames
so i used Images from the Naval Research Laboratory of Monterey.

For a animation/mp4 of CHANTAL from start to Faction/fractions please view this clip

(if one want to view that TINYPIC album its

PART B: Someone web named "SAR241" asked how did i get percentages in stating what
might occur in the Tropics several hundred hours from now.
 i used the equations that come from figuring out the science i call Galacsics. A type of
math not yet discovered (as far as i know) that i gave several
nicknames one of which is "invision"** in the early 1970s.
As examples; In addition we have the SUM,
in subtraction we have the DIFFERENCE, in multiplication we have the
PRODUCT, in division we have the QUOTIENT, in invision result i'd call the answer TRIBRIDGE (1972),
TRIUNE (in 1976) and a few other names. as there are ALWAYS three results,
which is why i think it might have been discovered or
seen on certain ancient  scriptures even stone carvings, but since modern math tries to MAKE THE FINAL RESULT,
 ONE or a common result, therefore an answer of 3 falls under the heading of an error.
 Well the 3 are for the "intrea"-action (H & He thang)  windows as to; 
 physics (grounded to the planet),
 and the science  of Galacsics (grounded to the heavens).
 i no longer share those formulas, last i  sent it to in a encrypted manner was the
 weather channel (1990-1997ish, only other i sent  during the  1990s were to a Mr.
 Snowden Ifft (professor of Crystals, i think), Dr West who i
 saw in a TV show on the Sphinx in the 1990s & Dr. Gray In Colo. St.
 The encrypted words (sent in the 2nd envelopes, as i send envelopes in pairs, TWCH on science
 alone i sent ~3,000 pgs not counting my pen pal letters to Mrs. Vivian Brown (1988-96) though i'd send
 some science clues to her as well) can only can  be figured out by using
 the Mr.X dictionary. The only Mr.X dictionary i sent was to the weather channel in
 December/January 1990 via Md. as then  TWCh's parent company THEN was located in Md.

**As i was 8 yrs of age when i tried to give this math a nickname, i first gave it envision but
soon found out by asking my home room teacher (P.S. 104??, near the Elevated train tracks
of #4 & #5 trains, Ms. Familatt, i think was that teacher) if that word existed? It did so i went
with invision and about five other names, but friends liked invision so its stuck, BTW, yup
they though i was weird in asking even deeper questions of science and ancient scriptures,
but they also knew i was a good kid.

Apology to "SAR241" since i did not give an answer, just a bit of the history since i don't share the
actual formulas after 1997.

Part C:
If a natural HIGH has a higher "strength" level (higher in strength than 2 times
the average at which the ml-d is presently set at) than you get the present result.
Where LOWs are retrograding (going in an unorthodox direction for this area).
As the ml-d is still influencing at 2 times, but its output in not being able
to manifest OVER IT or slightly eastward then the LOWs are produced where nature allows it,
in this case heading west/southwest. REMEMBER the ml-d INFLUENCES not creates thus i like to say
the ml-d DANCES with NATURE, and when one dances with nature she allows
you to continue your desires. Also why the ml-d Trumps haarp as haarp tries to force
nature and you'll suceed till a point then get bad side affects,peace

ml-d Qs ml-d AOI Triune Invision 2013 TS CHANTAL


Azolla Event, led to or was led to by outside influnces.

By: vis0, 5:23 AM GMT on July 15, 2013

Why this blogbit?
, skimmed through a well written theory titled, "Azolla Event" report'.

i think its not something or somethings WITHIN a complex planet
as Earth that determines a planet's main MAX climate changes,
i state there are 5 affects that come from outside a complex planet
that determines that planet's Ice & Radon Ages. .

i state its more the 5 major climate influences that
trigger climate changes WITHIN a planet and causes extremes
within the planet that seem to be the trigger, as with Azollas.

In other words Azollas reacted to energies that BEGAN to bathe earth.
If one researches other climate extreme periods you'll see
other plants that seen to thrive or die just as a MAX radon or
Ice age is to begin. Its usually another plant as the time between
MAX Radon / Ice ages is so long that plant species change,
Otherwise if it were just Azollas they'd be found enormous quantities
(in sediment) just before each MAX climate extreme.

i state that the 5 major climate influences bathe
or influence Earth by their output.

When the output is more outer wave spectrum, heat related i.e. forms
of light bathe this Solar system, Earth warms to even heats up NATURALLY

When the output is more inner (intrea or intræ spectrum, 2 prefixes as to a science i call Galacsics)
cool related i.e. forms of "sound / resonances" bathe this Solar system, Earth cools to even Ice up NATURALLY

"intrea" or "intræ" has not been discovered by known science, one way it WILL be discovered
is how Black Holes take in light sources and output sounds as low as .00000000000000001
and these "sounds" are intertwined with Hydrogen & Helium, why i use Æ or æ as clues to this science.
This intertwining is only found within complex entities in space its what i call "clear matter" and
makes up ~45% of space, proving one day that space is a living "thing" though some might confuse
that for an old man with a white beard ...SANTA!

Here my theory for the 5 major climate influences as to a complex planet.
(remember angles are very important, in ancient scriptures they are left as clues named angels,
as the "EL" represents that they can become electrical component, just figure out what their names represent.

image host
image host

This Universes biorhythm (Green line)

Galaxy Cluster's Biorhythm (not really ONLY Galaxies clusters) (Orange line)

Galaxy's Biorhythm (Magenta line)

Closest Star/sibling black hole's biorhythm(s) (i call the Duodecium effect as it
pertains to Earth ONLY) (Violet line)

Planet's biorhythm (Blueish line)

When the line(s) are near the top that means the output
from THAT natural influence is sending out energies to create a Radon Age
IF a complex solar system is in the SPECIFIC DEGREE path of that output.

When the line(s) are near the bottom that means the output
from THAT natural influence is sending out energies to create an Ice Age
IF a complex solar system is in the SPECIFIC DEGREE path of that output.

If ALL lines are reaching their APEX then the Solar system in its
output path is bathed with energies that lead to what i call
a Radon Age.

If ALL lines are reaching their NADIR then the Solar system in its
output path is bathed with energies that lead to what most call
an Ice Age.

Micro Ice or Radon ages can occur when certain certain
catastrophic events occur within close space as to specific DEGREES.

By my studies of what my Sis reads, as to the study of this planets
past, it seems this planet has gone through 6 or 7 MAX Radon & Ice ages.

The yellow dot i magnified 100 times (horizontally) so one can
see at as if a yellow line, is the humans effect
and could eventually damage human's evolution to even
extinct man kind as we know it today but lets
use real long term statistics otherwise when nature
goes schizo and certain years become cooler than
the norm those whom don't believe in just global warming
will say see global warming was not real. Instead use
Global Climate schizo. My friends prefer Catastrophic Global Climate Correction
(CGCC) or Catastrophic Global Climate Natural Correction (CGCNC)
they say still conveys the urgency as the words
"Global Warming" but without making it seem that only warming is
how nature balances ARTIFICIAL pollutants. CGCC means 4 years we could see
Heat, Heat, Heat, Heat (not Basketball champions) then 2 years Cold, Cold.
Having extremes at both hot & cold is the worst for Humans and for
predicting weather. If it were only warming AS SERIOUS as it is
we could just lower pollutants and instantly and see results.
Pollutants have been lowered (NOT enough) yet we still see
weather extremes warm & cold.

Here is were i lose any creditability IF i have any.
As to weather extremes i say do not COUNT the EASTERN HALF of the
U.S. of A. to mid Atlantic as i state i have a device that influences
weather within that area, see this map and read my blogs to learn how i've
had that device set since the 1970s till 2000 then began to change its
settings and since 2010 have the device ON continuously. The device i call an "ml-d".

Please see previous blogbit( ent.html?entrynum=159)for a map of ml-d's AOI.

Ice Age Radon Age major climate trends

Updated: 5:27 AM GMT on July 15, 2013


Map of ml-d AOI (bit more precise, yet)

By: vis0, 12:38 AM GMT on July 14, 2013

or a bit more cleaner look via this FLV at vidmeup click on image below to go to vidmeup.

ml-d AOI ml-d map nyc

Updated: 1:34 AM GMT on June 20, 2014


(livescience article)10 most polluted Places on Earth

By: vis0, 9:19 PM GMT on July 13, 2013 aces-earth.html

...probably should be 20 if one includes other sites some might think of as to their experience & here 2 more not included on technicalities.

1. Weird 2 not mentioned The world's Ocean (the largest),
yet 'cause the Ocean is so massive i guess its
not thought of as "a place" or the pollution in it appears tiny when compared to were its in..

2. Fukushima (not a made up Pacific Rim name, though apologies to anyone named Shima.)

My Opinion;
BTW i am NOT a true Global Warming backer, more of
 a Global Climate Schizo (GCS) backer.
It's (GCS) is still based on man made
problems, i just figure lets present Earth's entire (or as much info as we
can obtain via our sciences) climate HISTORY and
plot the present to that not just the last 200-500 yrs.
One main reason in plotting our climate to the last 500-600
years then the base low/ mean low temperatures are
 changed as ~500 years ago Earth had a micro ice age
 (some call it mini or little ice age) and
that skews up the final result.

Its as if saying today's (2013 AD) U.S. teenagers
are the most intelligent teens after the industrial
revolution 'cause we are only going to compare
years from 1980 till present.

If one remembers the 1980s were super saturated drug years,
so any teens after the 1980s looks more intelligent.

But if we compare ALL U.S. teens (not just super intelligent anomalies)
after the industrial revolution the most intelligent teens were
during the 1950s....hopefully sites as WXU can change that for the better in the years "a head" (Benny Hill joke).

My teenage yrs? 1970/80s a milk n cookies guy
...little wine with fish/meat, in case anyone "axes"...Nu Yauker can ya tell?

polluted Places on Earth 2012 2013


ml-d favorable to unfav interaction directions (CLUES)

By: vis0, 2:05 AM GMT on July 12, 2013

This pertains ONLY to ml-d influencing tropical Formations
(TF) in the NORTH ATLANTIC + Gulf Of Mexico
(don't use GOM as its already a VID player... maybe GoMx?)
while ml-d is in NYC. Ml-d area is
ROUGHLY within the green oblate area of
the first frame of this VID.  THIS

The dashed lines/arrows represent the direction
of a Tropical Formation (TF). The more faster the TF
has its rotation the more it should agree with the
colours in the dashed line/arrows.  If its a Tropical Wave
since its rotation is really as to the slower rolling
(as opposed to a rotation) of the clouds
its affected the least thus TW can go against this
ml-d presentation the most of all TF.
Tropical Depressions are next have a 60% to 40%
chance of going against this presentation.
Tropical Stroms(TS), Hurricanes will tend to follow this
is HIGHER THAN THE ml-d settings.

At present the ml-d is at zip 10016, settings being used are 3 of 5
(explained on my blog, IF ONE CAN UNDERSTAND MY CLUES).
The 3 of 5 settings are all set to ~1.96 times THE NORMAL,
which i'll round up to 2 times, for the next explanation.

If the natural trend is to have IN THIS ml-d influenced AREA OF THE WORLD 1.5
times the "NORM" in TS strength, then since the ml-d is set to ~ 2 times the
strength, it trumps the natural trend and influences that weather as the ml-d
settings are set to influence.  BUT remember since is an influence NOT
CONTROLLING affect,  nature decides the final as to that 2 times output.

Rough example:
Natural trend is to have average in rainfall TS,
but with ml-d set to influence the precipitation to almost 2 times the average
if a TS enters the ml-d area it should have1.5 to 2 times the precipitation output.
The ml-d AT PRESENT is set to influence 3 of 5 weather outputs,
please read my blog as to which 3.

i get from averaging out a TS's rotation, forward speed,
cloud coverage/depth, outflows, vertical "stackness".
Jokingly call it the Tropical Locomotive Output Strength (TLOS).
 During a Galacsic season on can figure this ahead of
 time, up to 7 years ahead  of time, honest.  This is important
 as one can then extrapolate the real affects of man made
 pollutant which i state lead to Global Climate Schizoid.
 FYI: Sent  TWCh (in Ga.) then Colorado State this formula
 in 1991 when i heard TWCH's Mr. John Hope mention
 Dr. Gray. Sent Colorado State another a year later no
 response, so that's that.

If you see the magenta or hot pink that means anything
occurring there is purely natural not affected by the ml-d directly,
might be an indirect affect but that's a whole other story,
like El Nino indirectly affects weather at the poles, or how
the human diet in having so much salt affects the ocean streams.


Where you see yellow means any TF (TS or above)
is close and GOING in the arrows / lines direction
and the TF  has a third of its area within the ml-d AOI
then a push-pull tug o war begins.

When one sees the green dashed lines then the TF is
under the ml-d's influence and if the TS IS GOING WITH
influenced by 2 times. Two times what (rain, winds,
formation) is up to nature.

Where one see RED arrowed lines if the TF is
following those red lines then the ml-d influence
will be detrimental for any TF and one might see unstacking
,  dry air intake, multi-blobs (to take a WXU members word)
UNLESS during that period NATURE has its storms strength
above 2 or 3. (5 is the highest strength on my TLOS chart, but those
strength periods i think only occur two or three times every 50 years
and then in which direction is another question.

● How does this pertain to 2013 CHANTAL (remnants of)?

Since CHANTAL (remnants of) seems to have a NATURAL TREND
one looks at the VID frame #3, notice
just under the Greater Antilles the lines
are yellow or hot pink. That means no
ml-d affect (hot pink)  to an affect where the ml-d
is trying to push-pull a TF towards the NW (yellow).

 But, CHANTAL's NATURAL forward motion
 (due to a HIGH, other  steering flows, Trade winds)
forces her westward thus CHANTAL (remnants of) will continue
  to look raggedy till she or steering currents either
  slow down so   that the ml-d's push-pull is not so harsh.
  If   CHANTAL (remnants of) slows down we get a TD and TS
  blob(s) around Florida. If CHANTAL's natural trend
  continuous with a hard westward motion then a
  front will  pick her up, no pun intended Dakstar.


ml-d ml-d AOI 2013 TS CHANTAL ml-d fav to unfav TS interaction directions


ml-d & Atlantic Tropics

By: vis0, 6:13 AM GMT on July 08, 2013

image host

ml-d AOI is the oblate shape. perfect circle is for reference. The oblate solid brown line is the created HIGH in response to the man-made vortex LOW. HIGHs out west (due to Gaklacsic rule decribed on earlier blogbit) are wider in the upper atmosphere narrower at sea level, why i warn constantly as to fighting fires out west as things can occur almost 2 times quicker than expected. The HIGH in the Atlantic should be narrower in the upper atmospheres and wider at sea level. HIGHs also tend to be "dirtier"

image host

BELOW, zoomed in Caribbean area of above, GIF blinks
ONCE ITS OPENED ON OTHER PAGE, (IMPORTANT careful with some of the ADS where my images are hosted, THEY ARE LEGIT, but i don't like when ADS offer codec advice or state you need to upgrade. ONLY do that through known providers)
Puerto Rico and area TS/Hurricane  has to pass as to the Western Gulf to be influenced by the ml-d. One more thing, the faster the rotation the more the ml-d push-pulls it, hence the slower the rotation the less the ml-d affects it.

image host

ml-d AOI oblate area


a Comment (looong) as to Dr Masters 2452 entry.

By: vis0, 3:42 AM GMT on July 04, 2013

My comments to this article / blogbit cle.html?entrynum=2452
(posting the response/comment on my blog
as received complaints when i post on other's blogs and
this comment is long.

If one thinks its only Global Warming
then why has it not progressed and remained
a global warming pattern from when said
affects began (~1850s till present).
If one researches Earth's "physical life" well that's
too far back. Lets just go back a millisecond of this
planet's "life" oh a measly 10,000 yrs or
so back and what the average temperature have
been from then till  now.

The present if a may call it, "biorhythm" span of this
Planet is a warming cycle.
i state that a snake graph should be used to really
figure out the 5 influencing biorhythms of this planet's
climate trends.

The 5 are Uni-verses's in/outputs, so called Galaxy
Clusters in/outputs, Star Clusters or Galaxy in/outputs,
Our sibling Star  (i state to have complex life, as Humans
on Earth  one needs sibling stars one
output centered (a Sun) another input centered
(Black Hole, this planets should be a black hole
~16 light yrs away)

Why are the 5 important?
Cause though i think Earth is going through its Duo-decium
or Duodecium warm cycle (Duo-decium was a nickname
as to half of Earths precession)  IF any of the OTHER 4
biorhythms is sending energy to cool earth/solar
system then we could have mini ice ages within this
warming Duodecium. We did , i think during the 1500s.
If one measures this present Earth warming
cycle ( NOT MAN MADE, BUT EARTHS) from 10,000
yrs back  its ~10 degrees Celsius  warmer and in
the last 100 yrs its warmed . 08 Celsius when by
extrapolating from the10,000 yrs understood record
of 10 Celsius its 1 degree Celsius warmer per 1,000 yrs

From 1900 to now we should have raise 1.00 Celsius
degree instead its .80 celcius so it seems as actually
cooler than the natural long K (1,000yr) trend.

 understanding of the Science i call Galacsics that
 micro ice age (some call mini ice age) was
due to an anomaly either something like a very large
volcano erupting or something that that occurred
in space, i.e. a star explosion that caused the so
call mini ice age if one entered that mini ice age into
the equation then were actually .1 to .2 COOLER
as to the biorhythm of Earth at to the last 10,000 yrs.

But if one focuses in on the last 50 yrs one sees
instead of a natural trend rise of .50 Celsius its .65
to .70 Celsius.

So something is raising temps by 30% to 40%. That
could be man influences  mainly tearing down forests
without thinking of the short or  loooong term future
 (their own kids to grand kinds) also building cities with
 materials or in a manner to holds in heat (asphalt... non
 reflective black), air conditioning units that heat outwardly
 easily 1.6 times more than what is cooling inwardly, talk
 about inefficient.  correct AC would involve cooler air
 being taken at ground/underground levels and openings to
 exhaust hor air on top of buildings  and use ion technology
 not freon though. Ion is  not as cold yet  one still gets a
 continuous cool  breeze that is healthier plus the outward
 heating is 1/4 of inward cooling so places like subways
 and major cities would loose that stifling feeling caused
 by freon AC hot exhausts.

IMPORTANT is till we really know the 4 other complex
planet influencing biorhythms mentioned above its still
an educated guess as what if one of the other biorhythms
is warming us a bit more or even (to defend pure global
warmest theorist)  maybe one of the other complex planet
influencing biorhythms is cooling Earth
 and man made pollutants are really even worse

HERE the even crazier part as i state a man made
device is influencing weather as stated below.

or as i prefer Global Climate Schizo, but a combo of
the latter and the affects of a  man made device.

The man made device is what i call an ml-d.

(This, just above is a crappy graphics showing the ml-d's AOI)
It doesn't mean a LOW forms directly under its center (zip 10016), but that as i have it set LOWs will be attracted towards its center and HIGHs will become either thinner, "dirty" HIGHs or be nudged northward or southward if the HIGH is weaker than 2 times the normal HIGH weather trend.
As to what is "normal" that one has to research.

If something be
it natural or man made spans the area i state
(see ml-d AOI map)
then it will have an influence on weather
For a known example, El Nino/La Nina when
the two are below half of their MAX potential their affects
are still dominant as to their world's weather yet still  covers
a lesser area than the ml-d. Therefore if El Nino has
influence on weather around the world how can
something IF REAL that is ON continuously and
cover a similarly large area not have a similar
 influencing as to weather trends. The difference
 is the ml-d influences are as to settings i set and
 are invisible to instruments grounded to pure physics

Again a re-posting of the ml-d's major long term  setting changes

From 1972ish till 1997ish i had the ml-d
i state influences (nature) weather and it was ON
for no longer than 2 months as to a Gregorian year's period,
BUT NOT ON for more than ~2 consecutive weeks
during those years.

After 1997 the consecutive 2 weeks remained the
same, but had the ml-d ON for ~3 months within a
Gregorian year's period.

After 2010 the ml-d is ON, year round UNLESS
posted on my WXU blog that its OFF (blogs
tagged "ml-d diary" has 70% of the info. as to the
ml-d being ON/OFF & settings info).

remember the ml-d DOES NOT control the
weather it dances with nature, thus influences nature.

nature dances when SHE wants to
all one can do is change the tune.

In twitter words:
What electricity is to physics
The ml-d is to a science i call Galacsics.



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