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ml-d diary 201302-21

By: vis0, 10:31 AM GMT on February 21, 2013

Careful down south as duiring the last storms i was reseting DOWNWARD one of the ml-d influences, thus i STATE the widespread severity of storms weren't as expected. This time the ml-d is being left at near #2.3 which in physics terms means ~50-75% more severe than the 2 day prediction. Of course what will become severe is up to nature/ nature's trend & the ml-d's 3 settings that are ON, be it cross winds/ rainfall amounts or the third. 

Am responding to a Wxu member by this wkend. That is the first person to ask me any question directly from the site i'm posting at be it scientific or HUH? since ~2005/6 ABC7 msg. board & FOX5 blog.

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ml-d diary opps 201302-16 (201302-14 timing error)

By: vis0, 11:29 AM GMT on February 16, 2013

Lost track of time (as i thought i might, why i state i'm very forgetful).  If one notices i posted the fact that i was adjusting the ml-d on Thursday 201302-14 in the mid-late afternoon to attract a bit more cooler air.  One problem, it takes 12-14 hours WHEN JUST ONE of the five weather influences is tweaked to take affect and the HIGH usually occurs from 2pm till 5pm (winter). So that means the cooling affect (~3 degrees cooler or less than expected) would not occur till after the HIGH or around 6pm. If one notices there was a sudden drop then rebound from 530pm till 9pm for all thats worth. Lets see if the LOW off to the east comes ~ 75% closer than predicted on Thursday,  since the settings are just under #2.3. If they were set on Thursday to #2.3 we'd see the LOW 85-90% closer (using the ml-d location, 27th & 2nd Ave. Man. as the reference point) & if the ml-d were set to #2.3 before Thursday the LOW would form over perpendicular to the Queens,NY/Nassau Longitude line.

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ml-d Diary 201302-14

By: vis0, 9:25 PM GMT on February 14, 2013

Adjusting the ml-d, though ONLY TWEAKING THE HORIZONTAL WINDS FEATURE/influence as i did just before winter storm NEMO EXCEPT only half of what i set it to, the Friday night before NEMO. It should take ~12 hours for results to show. Then, i expected a 4-6 degree cooling yet it was ~8 degrees cooler,

i'm setting it to half so if it were to be ~40 it would then actually be ~35.5 Fahrenheit YET ITS TO BE WARMER ~50 (predicted Thursday 12pm by all 7 stations i watched in NYC) Fahrenheit therefore it should be ~ or bit < 47. Since i don't want the cooler air to push-pull the storm to sea thus not setting it to attract too much northerly (in this case) cooling (horizontal) winds. Of course if its cooler we'll here it was cause it was cloudy, well that's what happens when cooler air cuts into warmer air, why didn't compu'rs pick that up, simple it was artificially adjusted after ~4-6pm NYC EzT.

ml-d diary ml-d settings influence weather


RE to SANDY findings by NOAA posted by Dr Masters

By: vis0, 11:29 PM GMT on February 13, 2013

As stated BEFORE Sandy went over Cuba (in fact posted here at wxu, tried Accuwx but they closed their facebook comments board,  at foxblogs, ABC7 & TWCh for years... (though only till Accuwx & here did i name it ml-d, before that i just spoke/wrote of influencing weather or in TWCh's case it was mostly in encrypted to where one needed the Mr.X dictionary to decipher the words) ...that when the ml-d is tweaked near #2.3 or above, the static i speak of that is up-welled from the planet's mantel acts as if silicon, thus less friction than when compared to the surface of water be it calm BUT more as stated below when seas are CHOPPY.

 How so?
 Lets say a highly rotating LOW is going from 50 ft plateau elevation to a 500 ft mountain. Understanding the Windward & Leeward flows the LOW encounters friction as it approaches the mountain or difference the rising of the land/in height and in forcing moisture (condensation) upwards it squeezes out more precip while on the Leeward side (down) its comparatively drier as less precipitation can fall BEING it was squeezed out on the windward side.
 The ml-d when set near or above #2.3 (#2.3 equals 2times, #3.3 equals 3times. "Times" whatever the ml-d is set to influence of the 5 categories i state it can influence, please find them in my previous blogbits. and remember the ml-d is set to ONLY influence 3 of the 5 categories and at times i might change which 3 are turned ON.  BTW i've never set it above #3.3 ish, very worried as one of my theories is it can cause internal combustion. Hence i state this device is the other end of the H bomb just as destructive but from within.
 Now in the same rotating LOW scenario add the ml-d at #2.3. Now the LOW goes from a 50ft plateau elevation to a raising mountain that is emitting these NOT MEASURABLE VIA PHYSICS micro static (inner & inward atomic reactions via its sieves) Now, there is a measurement it would be to show a constant MICRO cooling (0.01 FAHRENHEIT AT ITS HIGHEST while at #3.3 while in Puerto Rico at sea level, so i figure ~ 0.001  FAHRENHEIT at #2.3, but please REMEMBER its doing that CONSTANTLY, so that tiny cooling on such a vast area of land in time creates a column or rising ever so slightly COOLER air that can change an f1 tornado to an f4 or vice versa. Vice versa if one builds the ml-d up (enclosed in a certain container) then uses a form of radar/microwave (with certain audio boosts) introduces that radar through the THEN opened/exposed ml-d pointed at the tornado's formation and lowers then ml-d  #s, its like yanking the energy extension chord of the storm**,
 Back to the LOW approaching the mountain. Therefore if on the mountain, the mountain side has lets say a buildup (as if an aura) of this static energy BROUGHT UPWARD BY THE ML-D then the  LOWs winds at 100feet instead act as if its just a jump of 25ft (notice less than the plateau) , at 200ft acts as if its 25ft, at 500 ft friction still acts as its 25ft. Add to that, less downward friction at the the higher mountain elevations as less downward buildup from clouds & less mountain to go against as mountain's width tapers off with height. So, to THE LOW its as if the higher the mountain (w/ a longer slope) the less friction AS LONG AS ITS VIA A SLOPE. If its a sudden HIGH CLIFF the backlash of winds will be too strong for the LOW to ignore at any height while on heights that slope the winds are blended/folded into the storm thus little backlash. Therefore as Sandy reached Cuba the topography though not a perfect slope does raise slow enough that the LOW strengthens or stays the same instead of the expected breakdown as long as the ml-d is near #2.3 or higher and the storm is under the ml-d's AOI (see previous blogbits for AOI area). NOW on the Leeward side instead of the LOW gaining strength as the heights lower the LOW might break up or stall as to its strengthening as to the LOW its a steady 25ft friction from the highest height to then coming off the mountain or onto the sea level BUT remember the waters are choppy so the LOW goes from an ml-d influenced CONSTANT 25ft from 500 ft to 50 ft  to a choppy sea. NOW REMEMBER THIS EXAMPLE IS AS TO WHAT NATURE WAS CREATING as the ml-d DOES NOT create, it opens/interacts within sieves within the atom to INFLUENCE nature. Therefore if next year there is another HURRICANE going over CUBA and the ml-d is set to the same settings. YET  IF THE NATURAL FLOW IS TO TAKE THE HURRICANE EASTWARD WITH NO NORTHWARD  quadrant direction then you'll see a hurricane seemingly trying to go northward to NWestward, yet the Hurricane/TS should be sheered with W to E winds thus have the Hurricanes "head"/upper field chopped off. Now if i raised the ml-d to ~ #3.3 then i think even with nature push-pulling the TS westward ther ml-d to create a closed HIGH as to push-pull the TS towards NYC but i don't set the ml-d above least not while in NYC.
 i repeat the latter (INFLUENCES) over & over as of the few that eMail me, some ask why don't i cause it to snow in July?
 i first state the ml-d does not create it influences and even in doing that its a very impressive device.
 Secondly,  i say go to Argentina or Australia in July if you want snow.     

*** this i posted on FOXBLOGs 2006ish, ABC7 2004ish sent to Jim Cantore in the 1990s and no one cared to even a negative reply,  but for youngsters reading this when its discovered in 10,20 50 yrs please point out this blog NOT ME just the blog so modern science understands wisdom comes not from outside (schools etc) but from inside). One should get the most education one can afford or get assistance for Yet education should never mean the castration of new ideas. i went to NTiT for 2 yrs (early 1980s) and every time i tried to introduce a new math & the science i call Galacsics i was laughed at my the teachers. One teacher asked me not sign up for his math class though i was telling it to other students during the post class break. Move ahead 1998 a Japanese professor has figured out 1/3rd of that math and its being used to study light & measurements of far galaxies.  i never say i'm 100 % correct (not even close),  but my hope was that the ideas/devices be studied and if the ml-d did not influence as i've stated, nature and it was all coincidences oh well. Yet if it did influence nature, then i would show those doing the studies the ml-d's inner workings. Now, its just post the ml-d diary and maybe that Virgin Atlantic guy or some entrepreneur might take me/ml-d to an arid area of Africa to see if the ml-d can influence moisture into those areas.,peace.

SANDY findings by NOAA upgraded ml-d ml-d diary

Updated: 5:29 AM GMT on February 14, 2013


ml-d 201302-13

By: vis0, 8:29 PM GMT on February 13, 2013

BTW after tweaking the ml-d to attract more cooler air during(just before) Winter storm Nemo "bombed" i reset the ml-d to what it was before Nemo, so weather prognostications might predict a few degrees below what will occur till Thursday. i'm thinking of setting the wind direction AGAIN as i did before Nemo to see what occurs with this next scenario predicted for the 16th,17th of February 2013.Quill post the next ml-d change by Friday evening i HOPE i REMEMBER.

ml-d diary Feb 2013 201302-13 wxu weatherunderground


ml-d diary 201302-11

By: vis0, 8:38 AM GMT on February 11, 2013

In the previous ml-d change i only tweaked 1 of 3 active weather influence(s), it was, to influence towards stronger the  force of Horizontal winds. i'm cutting the amount i raised it ( be it so small) in half and that change should take hold by 10am Monday 201302-11.
Now it seems the minuscule change lowered temperatures by 6° F during / just before "winter storm Nemo bombed"  @ ~7pm-8pm, the  cooler than expected wedge of air began during that morning and reached cooler than expected readings ~2pm, in that the dominating horizontal winds at that point were from the N.   Therefore the cut in half of that setting means if its predicted  (20 hrs before) to be ~ 40° F 201202-11Mn morning it should be 37° F & the HIGH predicted to be 47° F on Monday PM should be 44°/45°. That change not being important, being its still why above freezing makes more important any clashing of crosswinds & small hail caused by the injection of slightly cooler air.
i state the ml-d can tweak 5 areas of the climate that directly influences weather, please read my earlier bolgbits for those.

Please read description at Ipernity of the 2013 Galacsic Calendar.

ml-d diary Galacsic calender AREA OF INLUENCE (AOI) Galacsic influence weather vis0


ml-d diary post Neno 2012/13

By: vis0, 8:56 PM GMT on February 09, 2013

Winter Q1-super storm I of 2012/13 AKA SuperWinter storm Nemo. (i prefer breaking winter super storms into the 4 quads of the U.S. of A. & then either Roman numerals or masculine names (winter initial cold core storms, masculine//initial warm core storms as Feminine names, but i'm an 'ol school gentleman, instead of a modern day tyrant.

Superstorm Nemo?,
Global warming


Global climate Schizo (my explanation of how Nature balances man made pollutant / outputs)


i can see the fewcha...though then why don't i play-win lottery ONCE and take myself to Africa (were i want to test the ml-d see if it brings precipitation. (where just 1'' of rain in places there equals 30 yr total) as to arid areas + a quake** (later below why i mention quakes)as there quakes not as dangerous to lives.


its the ml-d (an invention from the 1970s i call a microLow-Device) at work

i state the following with great sadness being so many lives lost and if it was the ml-d that accentuated the strengths of these weather events imagine if instead of me having to test the ml-d in real life, someone in the many scientific communities i've contacted since the 1980s just helped me get the darn thing tested in a Lab or as i've asked for a quarter of a century to have it tested in an arid region of Africa, explain in wxu blog why Africa.

Since the ml-d is ON continuously (except for times posted here on wxu, in its ml-d diary blogbits) The ml-d's AOI (Area Of Influence see linked map) has had at least 13, 100 yr storms occur under its AOI in 3+ yrs.
From 3 Tropical Storms that turned or stayed STRONG going westward over the Appalachians, to westward as they approached the NJ coast. Or 4 mega snowstorms. Then horrific Tornado outbreaks, i think 5, 100 yr outbreaks since 2010 plus several Tornados within the NYC area and on about all of the tornado outbreaks pre 2012 i posted 2-3 weeks before to be careful, as before 2012 i was still creating a Galacsic weather trend chart which one can use to figure out the 8 yr. Galacsic Trend thus weather trend. think of it as like Rossby waves are to short trend weather predictions, well Galacsic trend is to Rossby waves further explained on blogs here and elsewhere. While in Puerto Rico, 2 times in 2010, Puerto Rico broke rainfall records. In fact while in P.R. from Jan through early February 2010, January being 1 of the 2 driest months (Dec the other) shattered rainfall records as became the only month to break the top 20 months in rainfall ( i think went into top 10) and the only top 40 months to do so WITHOUT a Tropical Storm or not within the TS period (~June-October) Sadly that's when it hit me that the ml-d triggers NOT create but triggers earthquakes (one of the things the ml-d does is create an up well of cooler air and since only cooler air can lift other just cooled air upward as it wedges underneath and stacks upward as a SLIGHTLY cool stream (in Puerto Rico i recorded a digital thermometer constantly refreshing every second at 0.01 cooler air rising wanted to feed it to FOXblog NYC, but FOX5 unbeknown to me stopped me from uploading Dec 2009 by pending all my uploads. i was "akamrx" (nyc) at foxblog & saved my old foxblog posts as captures at Sevenload (sevenload closing Feb 2013, read wxu for update were i'm posting those captures, maybe here on wxu, they are science related), if anyone cares. The ml-d "upwelling" of SLIGHTLY cooler air creates a upside down affect that either forms troughs or feeds any Low that takes that "stream" in. YET one of its unseen (to physics) influences is in bringing upward what i call the opposing affect of the mantels iron smelting i state generates the 5th lightning which is a form of static which to nature at the cell level acts like a cooler river of air, once it reaches a certain atmospheric level or the Lows/fronts tap into it. moisture begins to condense. i state that affect /static should have a footprint as if silicone (stated in a 6th & 7th grade classes (PS 116 & JHS 104 respectively) that it should read as plastic. Changed it to silicone around mid 1980s after i bought some silicone at Vercesi Hardware (BTW were i buy most of what i used to create the ml-d) and asked sis to read up on silicone. Now in upwelling cooler air & that cooler at the cell level static i think it disturbs/shifts the pressure underground where energy is suddenly released thus quakes are triggered.
When i traveled in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico i was there for a sad reason, Father fell (in his 80s still climbing trees (mostly w/ a ladder), yet it was some torn batata (sweet potato) or yam (yammi) debris he tripped on, hit head onto cent driveway. Recovered only to fall a few more times, weird the worst was leaving in the bathroom, still recovering his legs as in trying to hold on tore lots of muscle. Now wile there for Dad, i set the ml-d in Puerto Rico, actually 2 ml-ds (read flight to PR at end) to its highest #. ml-d was set to the upper #2.7 to #3.2 and after the Haiti earthquake and discussing the ml-d with a family member, it hit me to look back at any records i might still have (threw out thousands of pgs, buried in NYS ~1997-8) to see if when i set the ml-d if earthquakes occurred within its AOI.
Sure enough since the 1970s till the present when i've set the ml-d above or at #2.3 somewhere from 14 to 20 quakes occurred within its AOI. The last 8 i've told friends/family a week or two before but only post it a day or so before on wxu as i think that info can be used to create havoc if people with bad intension get it more than 48hrs in advance.

The Filp (other) side of the ml-d is that in generating a vortex Low (vertically/Horizontally) HIGHs have to form and i think do so following a rule i posted as depending ON THE ml-d's closeness to bodies of salt water. That was explained on an earlier wxu blogbit, find those to get that info. It seems to follow that rule as while in Puerto Rico in 2010 it seemed to add to the strength of the HIGH over Eur-Asia (Eurasia) more so than in the other direction. That lead to all time heatwave over a vast area of Eur-Asia. Then while in NYC it seems to add to the heatwave over the areas outside the ml-d's AOI. Before i go further, THESE AFFECTS ARE NOT AUTOMATIC PLEASE REMEMBER THE ml-d DOES NOT CREATE IT INFLUENCES. Therefore if the westerly areas that had severe droughts in 2012 this year was to have NATURALLY 4 times the man recorded average in precipitation the ml-d being set at near #2.3 in NYC means that the 4 times the precip. to naturally occur would be cut to ~2 times the man recorded average, as a reflective VERTICALLY stacked thin HIGH is generated where i drew the thin brown line/circle. Therefore if an area usually gets 10'' of rain during Spring and the natural trend this year/spring was to be 40'' we'd see 22'', If the ml-d is on continuously at #2.29 as its forcing the opposite to its settings just outside the ml-d's AOI.

(why American compu'rs misread forecasts as they seem to take that HIGHs vertical strength and output an horizontal strength thus 2-3 day forecasts from when the LOWs/FRONTs move across the rockies the storms are downplayed by about 2 times.)

Therefore here a few scenarios/examples:

If i set the ml-d to negative #s then a HIGH vortex (reversed vortex) forms (you'd see lots of sprites + 4 other types of "light angels/angles" outward towards space / going outwardly over the ml-d AOI, and LOWs would form around that thin brown circle. But to create a negative is very tricky and that i'll keep to myself as when i state this is the other side of the H bomb it really is. Imagine knowing that one can use this to turn people into a mound of sand well it can and one day sadly this will be discovered (unless some already knows) Its a controlled way of internal combustion trigger, think of it wiping the entire Human race/ any animal off this/any planet though i state 1 ml-d can only control 90 degrees of a sphere/planet so you'd need 8 of them for each hemisphere, as what i call flying Orbs (most of the UFOs recorded in S. America is the natural output of the Equator reacting to a plasma interaction as the Aurora Borealis is to the poles (post clues here on someone else's youtube) Understand those at TWCH, why i had to send info in encrypted manner only decipherable by the Mr.X dictionary sent ONLY 1 and that to Silver Springs LANDMARK communications Dec 1989 as they were the parent company of The weather Channel, this is a more dangerous energy than anything known to man, and will ever be known once fully understood. i decided to share my pgs with then an unknown named Jim Cantore whom was the TV "husband" of Vivian Brown (weird TV couples/ had gay marriages before real life, Jim & Mark, Marny & Viv etc.). Viv (i heard Jim call her) whose beauty caught my eye and i thought showed interest in perfecting her weather savvy, as i worked at a LIVE TV studio and would watch TWCH head end transmissions and saw how hard she wanted to do well (between her birdie like sweet humming) so i figured let me send them both my ideas. That then became quickly more penpal-ish to Viv as figured let me not bug Viv and bug instead Jim as his ON AIR enthusiasm for weather coverage had me pick him, but i digress.

Therefore understand FIRST... OKAY 39th, read what the ml-d is set to, then where it is and whatever the natural trend is to be within the ml-d's AOI then multiply that by the ml-d's setting. UNDERSTANDING that #2.3 = 2times, #3.3 = 3times, yet i'm keeping the settings at between #2.20 & #2.29 (hoping to add/fix the 1000s column thus tweak it to #2.2999 some time in 2013/14, therefore almost 2 times the natural trend, unless for some reason the ml-d is moved or turned OFF & portable ml-d turned ON or worst case (for me, i pass on). The tricky part is figuring out ahead of time what the natural trend is to be, W/O taking in what the ml-d was/is doing/affecting. Why i thought it was more important to share the 8 yr Galacsic trend. Start here

to learn 'bout that or ask a real Mian still connect to their e-spirit (part of my Heritage)

and why i spent countless hours thousands of dollars (not rich, heck barley middle class to poor) in sending snail mail, phone calls, eMails to people i thought might be interested, but no one cared to respond except a few comments by other lay people as a Teacher from The Bronx on my FOX5 blog in 1996-9, 2 guys from NJ on ABC7 Bill Evans blog ~1994-96 (had 2 user names) & the autoBot response here at wxu.
So did Nemo stay 1/3 closer to the coast as ml-d held it nearer, did the ml-d in me tweaking it to bring in more cooler air (SEE PREVIOUS blogbit on my "vis0" blog) ever so slightly bring in the wedge of colder air that one saw all afternoon before the 2 storms finally merged, though most predicted a HIGH of 38 i posted 35 it was 33, only nature knows. Therefore think of it as scifi as going to the Moon was before the 1950s or not falling off the edge of Earth before A.D.

Xtra- FLIGHT TO PR = (weird xtra info, both times i had the ml-d ON, in the Jetblue flight both times sudden cold/cooler fronts reach past Florida to Puerto Rico, flight was super bumpy, Jan flight we bumped as if on a slalom a total of over 200 times over 3 areas. ,peace

ml-d diary 2012/13 Nemo ml-d AOI blizzard climate schizo influence weather vis0 akamrx


ml-d 201302-08 or come here Nemo

By: vis0, 7:45 PM GMT on February 08, 2013

  (was to be uploaded this morning, had to go out & do shopping for elderly neighbors (widow & a WWII vet.),  plus give Dad (he's near 90 and rehabilitating from several falls last yr 2010/11, he's stubborn but that what makes him a good parent), that took me till 11am then i remembered i forgot to upload my science notes NTM for some reason my explorer at WXU ctrashed 3 times in 1 hour as i've had to change from FF to IE to chrome to IE to post this.
   i have tweaked ever so slightly the Horizontal winds (sheering winds to some) as this is one of the 5 controlling "arms"  that the ml-d uses through "Galacsics" to influence weather patterns.

A bit of background on ml-d settings before i explain this weeks setting changes:

 i've stated that if one changes/moves/disturbs the ml-d settings or surroundings it takes 2-3 days for it to regain the settings, BUT here a clue i never posted. The reason is each of the five influential settings takes ~12 hours as it has to do with the closest bodies in  the heavens that influence the ebb & flow of not just H2O but all ~178 elements (40 or so not yet discovered) as EACH YES EACH ELEMENT has its 5 categories/form as H2O thus in time science shall learn how in TOTAL there are nearly 890 fluctuating elements. This is how one can (by intrAEcting or intrEAacting, please read my webnet posts since 1980s as to AE or EA) through ABS0's sieves as this changes metals to act as a blend(s) of other metals even as as a fluid. One of those uses can be as to timetwist (what most call timetravel. Timetwist not to be confused with a fav, Chubby Checker twisting forever).

Back to the ml-d.
Now by just tweaking one (in last nights case the horizontal winds) i'm hoping to keep the cooler air in as the LOW from the west arrives a bit late. Notice instead of the lows auto combining as occurs usually (further south ~ Carolinas cause of topography) they are acting as if dancing around the area where the ml-d is influencing again see orange ring. PLEASE REMEMBER SINCE i HAVE the ml-d just under #2.3 as i state once at #2.3 a quake of 4. to 5.0 has then over 66% of being TRIGGERED, then by having the ml-d setting at ~#2.29 the most weather ACTIVE areas should be AROUND the inner most circle (orange in this map, inner most circle)

Now by only tweaking 1 of the 3 (are b5 in total as leaving 2 inactive, too dangerous to use all 5) weather influencing "arms" in active use the delay is ~12 hours and since the tweaking was done last night after Craig Ferguson's show we should see that more dominant horizontal air-flow take charge around 2-3pm 201302-08Fr. Now since i've notice it seems that the most dominant airflow is from the NNW  & N.  i'm taking a chance as to tweak that setting (in wanting more snow. The reason i'm taking a chance is if the dominant airflow was from the south then it would rise to around 44 degrees around NYC  by 3PM or even too strong a NNW  might force the LOW further towards the ocean more snow for Boston less for NYC. Yet in observing the Galacsics weather flow (see last years Galacsics calender

(above was for 2012, adjust for 2013)

to figure that out, its simple start it when TRUE SPACE PASSOVER occurs Now to learn what will influence the Rossby waves as i state one can "read" up to 8 yr patterns/climate trends (as Mians did) at an over 90% success rate will no one asked (i wrote to TWCh, FOX5,ABC7,NBC4,PIX11,Accuweather & here at weatherunderground, heck just read my blogs no one cared to ask me how only response in 25 yrs of writing to or at places where people in fields science work was the wxu autobot) so i'm taking that info to the afterlife - hopefully not in 30-40 yrs am in my 50s).  So the latter info that takes much more reading of how stars or lack of including resonance output by blackholes (i prefer void holes (5 types), void toward its entering point)as the light doesn't escape its outputted at .000000000000000016 SOUND honest.  i sent clues to Jim Cantore on that 1990 - 96/7 as Mr. X (nyc).

So lets see how this turns out if the temps last night by all 7 meteorologist i saw stated HIGHs around 38-39 then it should not get above 35 in NYC,peace

ml-d diary blizzard 2013 2012/13 Galacsic nyc akamrx vis0 Nemo blizzard Nemo winter storm Nemo 2013

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