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ml-d diary 201212-26

By: vis0, 11:07 PM GMT on December 26, 2012

   Just to add my 2cents (as crazy as it reads), in ones spare time check out  my ml-d diary blog here at weatherunderground to read up on a device i state can influence the weather. i've have been using/testing the ml-d ON/OFF since the 1970s, yet ON continuously since Jan 2010. 
   Mostly in NYC, but a few months in Puerto Rico.  (see ml-d's AOI maps.  notice for the umpteenth time in the last 2 years after i either lower or reset the ml-d then turn it back on or it stabilizes, hence the  2-3 days later, the moisture flow (be it much or a little) goes up (ie Gulf of Mexico "opens up" as 1 source).
      The last time was after SuperStorm Sandy i had the stationery ml-d turned down/~off, as i carried a portable version (less effective, explain on wxu blog why less effective) for 2 weeks.
       About 2 weeks ago i posted on my wxu blog watch as within 2-3 days we shall see moisture flow reopen and back to LOWs/ fronts building stronger than expected underneath the ml-d's AOI, this was when all 7 NYC TV stations, NWS, Wxu (Wx4u) , Accuweather had no rain for the 6 day forecasts & just cloudy as to the NE and its surrounding areas on the 7th day (forecast). 
       68 hrs later it drizzled, 90 hrs later it rained and since then the atmosphere(s) overhead) has had more moisture. its Autumn/winter the driest least stormiest (on avg) portion of the seasons. i even posted 4 or so days ago that i was going to tweak the ml-d so temps in the NE drop 2 or 3 degrees lower than the 36 stated / expected as the low for Today 201212-26 in NYC and what happened its 3 to 4 degrees lower, of course temps will rise with the southern flow but there is a higher chance for black ice.  Or just another of several examples;  with the U.S. 2012  drought  posted on Wxu late 2011 / early 2012 that NOAA/NWS predicted a severe drought, though over the entire U.S. it was to  mainly affect us,  East of the Mississippi river. i posted watch how the ml-d set to nearly #2.3 this will lower the drought in the NE to a moderate to slight drought. i even stated since where i live there is much cement  being sawed & drill out of my building (moisture damage had all 19 floors worked on) that the fine dust was going to force me to shut the ml-d for cleaning, sure enough the 3 heat waves (NYC) occurred after i shut down the ml-d for cleaning and since the ml-d forces any STRONG HIGH to form around its AOI guess where the drought became severe, in the outer third of the ml-d, and the "Brown Ring" which is a strong artificial, YET VERTICAL HIGH see image just below
         Some attribute it to "global warming", i prefer "Global Climate Schizo" (explained on blog & webnet)
         Am i saying its going to rain forever?, no!, as to not fill pgs with the same explanations, please read the rest of my blog to understand something i call Galacsics & how the ml-d taps into it. Its similar to Edison taping into a part of physics that we know as electricity, and just as back then at first its not believable, add to that i state its on an entire no plateau of science. Now  its just that what the ml-d taps into is the most abundant energy flow potential (60% of all the worlds needs, Hydro is the present day champ at ~16%) on a planet (this energy flow is from within as the opposing energy as to the molten "stuff" within the planet's mantels. i state that "hidden" (to physics) energy should have a "footprint' as if it where silicon.
         The energy is dormant as to pure physics but is what gives storms the xtra kick in some weather cycles, as one of its natural outputs is the 5th of 5 lightning outputs, BTW not yet discovered "officially" though i've been taping into it for over 30 yrs.  Now when one taps into that hidden energy flow as the ml-d does one has opened the other extreme opposite as to atomic energy as this energy's  "windows" are adjacent to absolute zero as several sieves.
         Let me stop, as in wanting to get some scientific mind(s) to test it, i keep rewriting paragraphs thinking that after ~40 yrs of trying to get anyone's attention that by writing more some scientific mind will care. Its obvious that is has to be discovered by accident and by someone with a degree (preferably in science) so when he or she explains it, they will be listened to
         Check my other maps (including Puerto Rico when i was there)  at my Ipernity blog (my user name is "Senor Equis", here the Galacsic Calender ,peace

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ml-d info for other site

By: vis0, 1:23 PM GMT on December 23, 2012

  WAS for Lee Goldberg of NYC ABC7 station but having trouble logging onto his site, blog or bust.
  If one read my weatherunderground blog (user name THERE is:vis0) one noticed that for the 2-3 weeks following SuperStorm Sandy i turn off the "ml-d" in my Apt and turned on the portable "ml-d" as i went to Long Island to help some of the people.

  When i came back a couple+ weeks ago i posted lets see if moisture flow returns to the NE after i turn on the stationary/Apt. ml-d.

  Sure enough notice since i posted that i was turning back on the stationery ml-d, that moisture has returned and LOWs/Front are more moisture "enriched?" . i tweaked the ml-d Thursday into Friday morning (201212-21) so its a bit more cooler (by 1.75 degrees as opposed to the natural trend) & a bit more precipitation should be attracted towards the OUTER edge of the inner most ring (see. img. below

again as i've stated before since the ml-d created a vortex/LOW centered at 27th st & 2nd Ave. then add to that the 3 "rings"i.e. Area of Influence (see this map; )
then due to nature's rules (physics), a HIGH has to generated around the outermost  ml-d ring, yet its a THIN  HIGH (Why thin?, explained why at wunderground) .

This might be why when storms/fronts pass by (the brown coloured ring) most forecasts, be they from NOAA or Accuweather computers predict the energy will dissipate somewhat in taking in the HIGHs reading but then as the fronts FULLY passes/clear that brown ring are (the thin HIGH) the LOW/fronts regenerate, that can occur naturally due to The Rockies but not continuously over 2 years.   If one notices over the 2 years i've had the ml-d on almost continuously the forecast 4-5 days out as to fronts reaching the NE is ~76% correct BUT THEN the accuracy for the 2-3 forecast goes down to ~48%, then a day before when one can see if the storm/front is gaining strength thus (veteran) meteorologist get a better readout thus update the 24 hr forecast as they go on air. Really check your forecasts since 2010 (specially after i came back from Puerto Rico ~July 2010 to see this trend then if one has time notice what happens as i change or turn off / on the ml-d by reading the ml-d diary on weatherunderground,peace

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ml-d diary 201212-12

By: vis0, 12:03 PM GMT on December 12, 2012

(apology for the writing style posted, as using a new writing application, getting accustomed to it)
If one read the "vis0" (vis0 is my user name there) weatherunderground post about 2 weeks
ago (today being 201212-12) one would read how i lowered the ml-d as i went to Long Island) to
help a few families start repairing there homes. Came back to Manhattan ~ 2 weeks ago and
set the ml-d ALMOST to what it was before Sandy. Bad news is i am setting the ml-d even
closer to #2.3 today. Some might ask why not set it back to what it was before Sandy? As i've
stated on several blogs that the ml-d seems to trigger earthquakes, and if i go back to the
setting too quickly i think the odds for a earthquakes FEELING like a 4.0 to 5.0 in this
immediate area has a 60 to 70% chance of happening. i might be wrong but rather not take that
chance. Notice that when i posted the last blog at weatherunderground the 7 day forecast had
no rain and only a few high clouds on the 6th day. What happened?, 3 days INTO THAT 7 day
forecast we began to get drizzle (not much for layman, but for real meteorologist to predict 5
days of Sun and we get on the 3rd day drizzle then 4th to 7th day into the forecast  its been
cloudy and rainy, all after i stated the ml-d settings was raised back near #2.3 well lets see how
we begin to get more LOWs attracted to the ml-d vortex. NOW one thing to remember is what i
call the Galacsic trend (its what influences so called Rossby waves) is to change soon (see
calender link, .1024.jpg) Once that happens lets see what the next ~2 months weather trend is to be and
how the ml-d's affects that trend by raising to almost 2 times that weather trend outputs. As the
ml-d  is set to affect 3 of 5 things that affect weather (2 of the present 3; Horizontal winds,
precipitation and...the 3rd?. Please read what i've sent, for the 3rd )  again as to the
surrounding  area ,peace

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201211-30 ml-d diary (a wk late)

By: vis0, 8:46 AM GMT on December 03, 2012

In case some wonder what happened to the ml-d since the mkl-d's AOI (specifically the Northeast)  should still be in the same/similar weather pattern, so why hasn't there been more clouds/precipitation. that led to STS Sandy. What happened these last 10 or so days, has occurred at least 6 times in 2012.
That is after adjusting the ml-d (see previous blog bit as to this weeks ml-d reset), 2-3 days later the precipitation returns. as explain in more detail on previous blog bits, while the ml-d is down or its setting (#) numbers are lowered/changed, what ever is the natural trend, is what occurs.
Examples of this in 2012 are in previous blog bits as most of the Spring & some of the summer the natural trend was to have some  drought (as NOAA/NWS predicted in late 2011)  a serious Northeast/eastern U.S. drought, yet the ml-d (once set to or above #2.3 near the beginning of Spring) assured that at worst it was no more than a 35% drought.  Notice when i posted that the ml-d was being changed thus weather should switch to the expected drought. ALL forecasts stated that from 3 to 7 day forecasts no precipitation was to occur yet on 3 of the 6 or 7 occasions where it was to be sunny for 4-6 days, after 2 days it became cloudy to fully cloudy & even had precipitation, cause as i state 2 to 3 days after the ml-d settings are changed or the ml-d is cleaned whatever the ml-d is set to influence , occurs & in this case 1 of the 3 influences is as to more humidity thus clouds or precipitation. Again i'm not taking of a cloudy day predicted & a spritz or 1/2 inch of rain falls, i am talking of a sunny day predicted just 48hrs before, yet we received 1-3 inches, including 3 flood warnings, big difference. The worst official predictions happened when in the Northeast we were to have the 3rd or 4th "heatwave" beginning on the 3rd day of a  7 day forecast. Instead the NE/NYC saw one day hit 93, then 88-90 degrees in the region but it rained on that afternoon & for 3 more days leading to flooding.  Another example is the 2012 Tropical season , experts predicted activities would rise in the Gulf of Mexico, even readouts should high levels of potential energies ready to be tapped. i stated in early 2012 (here at wxu) if T. Storms try to go into the Gulf of Mexico they'll be push-pulled northward or northeast ward due to the ml-d's configurations. 
 AGAIN i INUDERSTAND THAT AS TO PHYSICS IT TAKES MANY THINGS TO FALL IN PLACE TO GENERATE EVEN A SPRITZ OF PRECIPITATION , i'm just stating what i'm doing with the ml-d, i'll gladly let the pros here at wxu (specifically Dr. Masters) & NOAA/NWS describe the physics of weather. If it were a perfect world (to me) those i've written in the scientific communities would have taken me seriously in the 1980s and test the ml-d and see if i'm wasting 20 (then) 40 (2012) yrs of my life or being humble in hoping to have found a caring scientist to help me test the ml-d, but its an imperfect world were sometimes bad wins and good loses which am i, if my pages are saved only time will tell?.
What happened, TS headed north or northeastward to even became stronger or developed on the eastern edge of the ml-d's AOI in the Atlantic basin, read on Wxu how unusual it was that 2 or 4 TS not only formed further northward that the usual ICTZ (inter-tropical convergence zone) or close to the ITCZ, some TS even became stronger even hurricanes in that unusually further north area.
And by accident, proof was posted as the 2 or 3 times during the TS season of 2012  the ml-d was accidentally changed or i had to shut it off to clean it . That was when we saw the only 2 or 3 TS that had either some westward movement after getting close to the Gulf of Mexico or the only TS to go across the Gulf of Mexico as it stayed under or formed west of the ml-d AOI. The only 2 westward moving TS that went completely under the ml-d was TS Ernesto... ( see ml-d AOI map below here)

This link opens a pg at IPERNITY were one can select the size of ml-d AOI map of desires to view.

... the other was TS Helene
after the ml-d was reset the next TS completely changed as to heading/staying towards the mid Atlantic, as to physics the reason was clear it was a sudden change in wind direction i.e. sheer but why that change i state was the ml-d being rest while most if not all scientist would say a change in natural weather currents. Issac was 1 of 2 TS/HURR in which the ml-d was changed 2 or 3 times thus i liked how a wxu member described Issac as Tangoing with Florida. i mention the 3 TS that had some western flow when interacting with the ml-d's AOI 'cause of the (so far) remaining 16 Tropical Cyclonic Formations 5 of them were predicted to head into and westward while in the Gulf of Mexico only 1 entered the Gulf the other 4 headed north/northeastward, i get no money for my science work and am in the high 90% as to accuracy once i figure or see the natural flow/tendency (that could be as early as the  October BEFORE the predicted Tropical season to the May before June 1st, June 1st being the official artificial start) 'cause i know the ml-d settings, NOAA/NWS/Colorado state when you count ONLY their pre June predictions are around 54% correct and get millions. i asked / ask for no money, but ask that man step up to the next level of science.

BTW (remember a rule of thumb as to ml-d influencing; the tighter or faster the TS spin the more its influenced by the ml-d vortex, so a badly formed TS/TD has a better chance of escaping the ml-d push-pull unless i raise the ml-d setting above #3.2, but i hope i never do that (if i ever do its by accident) as won't purposely raise it that high again unless in an African arid area with no population, as anything above #3.2 on the ml-d seems to guarantee a quake above 6.0 were and Africa has low quake activity in those areas.  Also i've had the ml-d on continuously (except for the times i post its off or being changed which comes out to be 12 - 24 days each year, and 2010 the ml-d was in Puerto Rico for a total of ~4months) . Therefore if one does the physics math (friend helped as i zuck as to physics & other things) the ml-d has added 5 to 7 Tropical Cyclonic formations since 2010, and i have been told that makes the fact that we;ve had 15 of more TS 3 years in a row a highly unusual. In fact on an on line scientist meeting/conference 1 scientist said its in the 20,000 to 1 for odds this 3 yrs trend of 15 TS or more to occur & that he wouldn't be surprised just like in years past weather anomalies were linked to gov't secret test activities kept secret (as seeding clouds to H-bomb tests in the pacific)of some type of weather controlling device, hey its not the gov't its little 'ol ml-d set up in small nyc bedroom. By the way the 6 to 9 more TS i state comes from a friend whom is great at physics but went into field of art, he used National Hurricane info/atmospheric to ocean readouts and figured that if what i say the ml-d does is true then ON AVERAGE 6 to 9 TS would not have formed each year from 2010, 2011 & 2012, and if one takes that into consideration we'd would have had 3 years in a row of 11 to 14 TS, which falls into the "man observed/recorded normal extremes".
Now does that mean next year its another 15 to 24 TS, NO!?, it depends on the natural trends and on what number and which of the 5 weather influencing outputs i set the ml-d to affect, but if next year its to be NATURALLY a 3 to 7 TS year you'll see (IF THE ML-D remains as set & stays in NYC) 3 to 5 more of a total of ~10 yet if next year its to be NATURALLY a 9 to 14 TS year you'll see (IF THE ML-D remains as set & stays in NYC) 6 to 9 more of somewhere around 18 to 22. Since i no longer read star, galactic outputs in a manner that if a secret formula (created late 1970s using Encyclopedia Britannica info)

Now notice the ml-d was reset to a number that has more influence of weather activities this past Sunday 201211-25. Notice we're now back to a more moisture rich flow, after the normal 2-3 days delay (201211~28) after the ml-d is reset.

Xtra clue, El Nino can be an influence or be influenced, some might say how since its becomes such a physically big influence, heres how.  The ml-d in supporting a QUASI PERMANENT LOW over the Northeast. In turn that creates HIGHS around it and in turn creates blocking areas  and what i call a "floating domino affect". NOT like falling dominoes which is to mean each one affects the entire row of dominoes down the line. In a floating domino affect imagine a set of dominoes floating in the tub, the weather flows is like water in a tub. If one unplugs the drain (that represents the ml-d generating a weather vortex/LOW over the NE) the permanent domino (representing the ml-d's main LOW and nearest HIGH) stops the first of the other dominoes  or other HIGHS from floating towards the open drain they at first in turn stop other dominoes but in time some of the dominoes go around the permanent domino, or in weather terms become dirty HIGHS. Well the ml-d creates a quasi permanent domino or in weather terminology a quasi permanent trough, hence many HIGHs over the Northeast have been dirty HIGHS. As another example, look at the weather maps of Puerto Rico for the times i had the ml-d there, Jan 2nd 2010 till 1st days of Feb 2010 (add the 2-3 day delays), then late April 2010 till early July 2010  (add the 2-3 day delays). The ml-d was slightly higher thus more influential to its settings in Jan 2010. Notice the continuing troughs over Puerto Rico, record breaking month for rainfall during Puerto Rico's dry month of Jan. 2010, so much rain it entered  the top 10 months of the wettest months and the 20 wettest months BEHIND that Jan 2010 were ALL TROPICAL STORM RELATED PRECIPITATION AND ALL the months ahead of that month Jan 2010 were ALSO wet due to Tropical storms. Think about that, the 1st rainiest to the 30th rainiest Puerto Rican month ALL TROPICAL STORM RELATED, except for the month i took the ml-d over to Puerto Rico and it was the usually driest month January (Enero in Spanish). i then went to Puerto Rico again from late April 2010 till early July 2012, guess what it broke rainfall records...not to mention May 16th 2010 Puerto Rico had the strongest land originating earthquake in over 40 years, a few days before i had the ml-d raised to #3.1 ~ #3.2

(my compu'r is on the fritz (its ~11 yrs old, in human yrs thats 280 yrs old yiichs!) why i'm post this a week late & if i don't post for a while, that's way) ,peace

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