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Hurricane Sandy as it passes near SI (not official)

By: vis0, 9:39 AM GMT on October 29, 2012

"Sandy does not have time to build a complete eyewall" a quote from one of my fav here at wxunderground i say lets keep an eye on that

Hurricane Sandy nyc akamrx


ml-d diary 20121026 - Sandy: quasi-extra-tropical ...calafraljalistic

By: vis0, 7:23 AM GMT on October 27, 2012

 Was to be sent to Lee Goldberg's Blog or Bust but i'll send it after Sandy leaves as figure he is too busy to be bothered while here its a blog one controls and odds are no one reads but at least its recorded for the public record.


As stated due to a WILL i am to send you information as to the science i state i discovered and any devices used to tap into that field of nature i call Galacsics.
As i've typed before the layman would not care if the forecast was partly sunny & what really occurred was mostly cloudy. But, to a scientist (serious meteorologist) as you (LG) you know that is a big difference add to that sprinkles that occurred throughout NYC (i felt them 33rd st Sis felt some in Queens and its a bigger difference.
As i've sent you (LG) what i call the ml-d (microLow-device) is set to nearly #2.0, but here a clue i've only posted at 2 blogs since 1992. When you look at the ml-d's AOI (Area Of Influence) maps (see "ipernity""Senor Equis""ml-d""NYC"   or this link: ) notice the ring colours. When the ml-d is at #1.3 till #2.3,   whichever of the 5 "paternal" weather categories i have set to influence are influenced at 33% to 66% WITHIN the orange & yellow area of (THIS IS IMPORTANT) THE TREND OF THAT GALACSIC SEGMENT or in physics terms whatever nature/Rossby waves is trending for that area and goes inward & outward decreasingly and at an exponential spiraling level.  Now if i set the ml-d ABOVE #2.3 then the inner most AOI ring begins to attract WHATEVER OF THE 5 PARENTAL  weather influences i have it set to (5 are: H. transfer (leveled winds),precipitation (rain,snow,...cats & dogs : - )  ),V. transfer (sheering winds),static (lightning) & (air viscosity) which temperatures are allowed to flow with less friction.)

NOW the part** a bit hard to understand is my #ml-d settings. i have never set it above the mid #3's worried of what could occur including internal combustion, please remember this ml-d is the other side of the Hydrogen bomb but via Absolute 0's sieves Just like we really don't now what would occur if "we/humans" create the biggest  H-bomb physically possible, same with this. Be happy i will never be influenced by money.

Then yet another thing i have to get readers to understand is THE ML-D INFLUENCES NOT CREATES. Could it create? i think so when set above #3.3, but remember quakes are 66% more likely to be TRIGGERED when the ml-d is set above/near #3.3 so i no longer get close to even #3.0. Now since it ONLY influences then one has to FIRST know what nature 's local trend (Rossby wave(s)) is to be. Why it seems the North East was to have a severe drought but the ml-d set NEAR #2.3 led to bring precip towards the NE at almost 2 times the norm. Therefore if one does the math, a severe drought means ~50-66% less precipitation than the "normal" then add to that the ml-d influence which was on ~86% of the last Galacsic Season  at almost 2 times the norm as to precip. and it should cancel out the drought to a 2% to 5% (include the time ml-d was off or moved the % should be 4% to 11%) deficit. What happened, well when the last Galacsic season ended (see Galacsic calender - ) ~Sept 21st we had a 9% deficit (in area between orange & yellow AOI ring.

So MOST IMPORTANT is to remember the ml-d influences whatever the trend is to be. If next year NYC is to have 2 times the precip. AND THE ml-d IS IN NYC, leaving the ml-d near ~#2.3 AND THE 3 of 5 parental weather influencer as is, we'll experience almost 4 times the normal precipitation.

One more refresh, when i state that the weather system with the strongest rotation wins as to reaching the ml-d's working AOI. Don't forget that even though one, sees not some fronts rotating as in spinning like Tropical storms or large extra tropical formations the fronts are rotating in a horizontal spiral and if a front's horizontal spin is the same as the rotation of a closed LOW the front wins and is attracted to the ml-d's active AOI ring/vortex..

**(BESIDES anyone believing some chubby Nu Yorican/Nuyorican guy who stays under the radar & luvs to make people laugh. (see Vole Show & Grube Tube & Coco Colis VID clips, - i'm the chubby Latin guy w/mustache - . Also volunteers to help the needy & has the youtube site WxRetro could have made such a scientific breakthrough that should have been Tesla's, that's life. Hey we have an African American President (they should name the street where he was born & grew up in Hawaii "Kenya Place" just to throw people off)

ml-d ml-d diary ml-d AOI senor equis vis0 Hurricane Sandy 2012 Nor'Easter superstorm quasi extra tropical


ml-d diary 201210-23

By: vis0, 10:01 AM GMT on October 23, 2012

Still having a bit of trouble keeping cement dust off the ml-d as now the "PARC" building next door on 27th and 2nd Ave. nyc. is having its bricks / cement sawed off. Am setting the ml-d every so SLIGHTLY closer to #2.30. setting it to #2.28  (Was at that # before but in having so much dust it really was acting as if ~#2.00.) Lets see if the TS can be push-pulled closer to NYC it should go between the yellow & orange outline rings nearer to the Orange ring in the ml-d AOI outline see image below. Mind you the AOI RINGS are a bit off to the east.

ml-d diary ml-d influence weather akamrx earthquakes wunderground


ml-d & earthquakes

By: vis0, 9:41 PM GMT on October 17, 2012

This is being posted AFTER the earthquake. (of 13 earthquakes i state might have been triggered by the ml-d, 3 were NOT posted BEFORE they occurred, this is the 3rd.
About 2 weeks ago i stated that i am going to place a thin net around the ml-d to catch much of the fine cement dust that is going airborne as the building i live in is having cement sawed off due to what THEY say is water damage though the water damage is/was caused by people running their water for 8 to 12 hours a day, REALLY! 8-12 hours.

Now we're being told that no more cement removal is needed. On Saturday October 7th 2012 at 11pm after i came back from my walk i removed the net.

As i state it taskes 2-3 days for the ml-d affect(s) to restart after moving the ml-d or changing ml-d settings. The ml-d was jostled that nite as i removed the protective net.

Soon after a Tropical formation strengthened in the unlikly area of the mid Atlantic basin (5th TS in 2012 that not only forms their but strengthens more than expected. Read my earlier 2012 blogbits here at wxu for my explanation. then within 4 days the 4.0 earthquake in Maine

If one sees the ml-d AOI one notices that the things io state as affected by the ml-d are under that AOI.

ml-d Area Of Influence:::

REFRESHER: remember i have the ml-d settings NEAR #2.3 on 3 of 5 weather influencing Patriarchal categories, so if one wonder what does that mean please read my previous blogs.

earthquakes ml-d influnce weather


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