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ml-d diary 201209-26wed

By: vis0, 9:28 PM GMT on September 26, 2012

This fine cement dust is setting back the ml-d. Had to clean it again on 201209-24 Monday. Even with window filters it gets in (very fine dust) therefore in cleaning/touching the ml-d its reseting till 201209-28 Fri. the affect is it will seem as if LOWs want to build up then poof till Thursday nite/Friday (unless i have to clean the ml-d again Friday, though just finished placing a curtain filter around the ml-d to prevent the fine dust build up, i hope it works.) the ml-d is set to #2.22, but this dust lowers it to ~#1.80. When cleaned the permanent/stationary ml-d i set up the portable ml-d to ~#1.60. Also being its Autumn its the lowest period as to moisture in the air for this area, so to the layman a sprinkle seems trivial but to meteorologist if
.25'' is predicted and .75'' falls they know its a big difference as to predictions.

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ml-d diary 201209-23

By: vis0, 11:29 AM GMT on September 23, 2012

ml-d cleaned again as the last time due to cement removal cement dust).3-4 days for ml-d to reset ~201209-27

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ml-d diary 201209-14

By: vis0, 8:46 PM GMT on September 14, 2012

AGAIN. due to the fact that the building i live in (BUILT IN 1962-63)** is having cement removal as to ALLEGED water damage the fine dust from cement being electrically sawed off is covering the ml-d thus from when i was away 201209-09. Cleaned one level ~3pm on Friday 201209-14 but will not clean the entire ml-d till after Sunday nite football. At the moment AFTER the mini cleaning ml-d readout has it at ~#1.7 (Please remember that to influence weather to the point that the lay man notices it really doesn't begin till ml-d is around #2.0 to #2.3 (#1.3 till #2.0 IF THE 5 ml-d "PARENTAL" SETTINGS ARE SET CORRECTLY it will causes humidity to rise clouds to form which only scientist might notice but the layman only notices if precip. falls. ┬┐So what does this mean as to the weather predictions of Friday for the weekend? That precip./winds/lightning might be a bit more (~30- 40% more) than expected this weekend. IF I'D clean the ml-d completely the weather predictions of Friday for the weekend would have 40 to 80% more precip. You should notice the Gulf moisture flow "reopening" Again if 1/2'' is to fall yet 3/4 of an inch falls.  That, most wont notice, but where 1'' is to fall and 2'' falls, it's same percentage change but the physical experience is more noticeable as to the latter rainfall.

Reason i mention the building built  date, is that a NYC law as to fixing water damage was to apply to buildings built After 1968.  i think the city should investigate why older buildings are being ruined MADE worse by having their GOOD cement work removed and replaced bu shoty 2012 work, not against workers its just that cement prices today doesn't allow for top quality cement as it did pre 1966)). The reason for this cement removal is mainly buildings after 1970 included AC vents/holes and that caused water damage. This is due to  being rain entering the vents, the building i live in never had vents.

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