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By: vis0, 10:47 PM GMT on August 31, 2012

ml-d was switched from stationary too portable version on 201208-30@0100EDT. This was to clean off the ml-d since workers are still removing old cement from building bricks (if one lives in NYC just pass by 27th & 2nd Ave see beige building with sloppy brick colouring & scaffolding that's it) and somehow the plastic they cover the windows with became undone and fine cement particles from the cement being circular sawed off came into the room.

This means anything in the ml-d's AOI is now under less control (by ~30% to 40% less)and will behave more under natural control as the portable ml-d is set at #1.5-ish. The stationary ml-d will resume its control by 2 or 3 days and will be set at near #2.2 then closer to #2.3 by 20120905 or 20120906.


where is the ml-d?
here: (WXU exclusive)

ml-d diary ml-d AOI

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ml-d diary CLUEs

By: vis0, 2:56 AM GMT on August 25, 2012

{if you don't understand some words not to worry 100 yrs ago if you said Television most would  say HUH?
The funny looking arrows are symbols i've used since late 1990 to represent ml-d flow. REMEMBER in GALACSICS things appear to work in the opposite direction (so clued (called), mirror "aeffect"). Therefore though the arrows are pointing (pointy) the area of influence is really away from the pointy side. ml-d arrows i colour as turquoise & magenta as to not be confused with weather maps using physics. When the ml-d settings are used between whole numbers (.1, .2, .3, .4 etc) think of the arrows as if blinking. The higher the  between whole numbers used the more ON blinks than OFF blinks. Oh lets say a TS is just entering the ml-d's AOIs from the east and i pulse or SLIGHTLY (HOW SLIGHTLY?, LEFT CLUES IN EARLIER BLOGBITS) change, in this case lower the ml-d settings the TS will suffer a bit and THIS YEAR head towards a more westerly to south westerly direction. BUT if THEN i raise the settings AGAIN THE CHANGE will cause chaos for a 8-72 hrs period. Time is DEPENDENT ON HOW MUCH THE SETTING IS CHANGED & if its purposely done or changed by accident. Now after that period the TS will regain composure AND IF THE ml-d is left at a setting near #2.3 or higher TS can flow over mountains and not be affected as much by terrain cause the TS's quads are running IN PART on ml-d flow not just physical input/interaction.

BTW this is how real timerwisting and how i state there are 5 "parental lights" the slowest & straightest i call "Ml" at 186,400mps (away from complex star's gray ring/AOI)more to be appended (watching football)

Below crappy drawing of ml-d AOIs, more at Ipernity.

BTW2: the cyan arrows are not predicting any TS, its just a example & clue as to the included text

ml-d ml-d AOI ml-d diary Galacsic influnce weather AOI AREA OF INLUENCE

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please remember its not global Warming...

By: vis0, 8:20 AM GMT on August 21, 2012

... its worse its Global Climate Schizo.  too hot too, cold harder - to predict means harder on all of us.

Global Warming Climate Change climate schizo

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ml-d diary

By: vis0, 8:03 AM GMT on August 15, 2012

To see the affect that i am pulsing the ml-d as stated below, notice storms FLARE UP unexpectedly just before the ml-d's three to most inner ring  - please see -
BUT die down unusually fast before the "natural energies" passes over NYC (notice Mon & Tues. forecasters jumped as to storms over NJ, NOT BLAMING ANYONE I WOULD HAVE TOO, some had hail but they died just before the innermost ring)  then regenerate once over Long Island/west or as the "natural energies" leaves the inner most ring. A similar thing occurs with the outermost (3 rings) just see how TDs flare then die off UNDER/NEAR those rings over the Atlantic & Gulf during this week. This type of pulsing seems to trigger quakes BUT since the ml-d setting is under #2.3 the quake(s) should be ~ 4.0 (Richter). I'm lowering the pulsing today so storms have a better chance to remain over NYC, and chance for ml-d triggered quake which was ~62% lowers below 50%. NOW DEPENDING ON what Galacsics brings after August 16th 2012 -please see calendar link below-
the ml-d MIGHT be adjusted.

Recently (201208-12 Sunday) sent what's below to a NYC station.

Why am i sending the following earthquake info to (??? ????????)you ?

 i dropped my 'ol compu'r so i am having trouble as the Hard Drive is "hiccuping", Therefore instead of waiting to post my next quake alert  sometime near Wednesday August 15th 2012 at wunderground i am sending the info to you (??? ????????) from 3 names i respect (as to TV news people) i placed in a hat. PLEASE KEEP to yourself (if read by interns ONLY tell ??? ????????) as it worries me as lets say it is the ml-d TRIGGERING quakes imagine is people wanting to create chaos knew ahead of time so again keep it to yourself even if you think its crazy.

i usually post it at wunderground about 2 days before i tweak what i call an ml-d (microLow-device) in a manner that i've noticed since 2010 seems to trigger NOT CREATE, just trigger quakes. A theory (thesis) i wrote at JHS 104 ~1978  i stated this type of planet has its opposing energy as to the iron-heat generated, that opposing energy should have a plastic to silicon "footprint"(now i think only silicone) . the ml-d in bringing up extremely lite (0.0001 to 0.01 Fahrenheit) BUT CONTINUOUS up flow of cooling via the edges of a type of vortex it creates in a form of static (undiscovered type of micro-lightning) . How does this lead to influencing weather IN JUST 1 OF 5 INFLUENCING SETTINGS is to think of the vortex as an upside down mountain the deeper the vortex the more it acts as if a mountainside were at 27th street & 2nd ave  toward the ml-d's AOI (LINK is map of ml-d AOI  - ), Why as i explained on wunderground (around January 2012 & March 2012)  any land to the ml-d's west with settings as i have and no salt water to the ml-d's west  will have a 2 times higher drought (as vortex creates a windward affect) than whatever the natural trend is/was to be, APOLOGY went off track, sure no one wants to read ideas/theories not proven.  MY HEART BREAKS IF it is the ml-d creating a worse drought than it was to be. Just as last year i warned the ml-d would cause 2 times more tornado destruction IF THE WEATHER TREND was to already have severe weather. I HATE TO SEE BAD THINGS OCCUR. i've been hoping some scientific research company takes my challenge to get me to Africa and see if the ml-d can break long term droughts there. i am An amateur scientist at heart and do my experiments where i can and in 35* yrs no one responds to my desire to test the ml-d so i test the ml-d wherever i am living). i'm worried to patent any part of my scientific discoveries being they are I FEEL what Tesla )(mathematician - Genius,  i'm just an 'ol soul with deep  "gnowledge" purposely used "G") was to have done if he lived & had something that was perfected in the 1940-50s, and if his stuff/papers were stolen, imagine now that its some-what completed)

If you look at my "vis0" wunder blog since 2010, there you'll notice i posted to be aware of quakes (15 times) either from 3.0 to 4.0 or 4.0 to 5.0 (all Richter scale numbers) WITHIN the ml-d's AOI. Of those 15, 12 earthquakes did occur (one just at the northern edge in Canada (i took ml-d and was at Kingston, NY) all others i was in Manhattan or Brooklyn), 1 other one was 4 miles outside the ml-d AOI so i don't count it & 2 other quakes occurred in Puerto Rico May 16th 2010 and Haiti in Jan. 2010 while i was in Barrio Guerrero, Sector Munez in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
Quake triggering is at 62%

Now as to the weather influence since i am tweaking with certain settings, the influence i am stating (at wunderground) the ml-d is doing will be hindered on SOME days till ~ 201208-19 Sunday.

If one wishes check my Galacsic Calender ( ) read what that means at wunderground as to NATURAL weather trends after the 2nd week of August 2012,peace

ml-d diary AREA OF INLUENCE ml-d AOI influnce weather

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ml-d on Ernesto close but no cigaro (prayers w/ those in affected areas)

By: vis0, 11:43 PM GMT on August 08, 2012

Once Ernesto tightened its outermost bands it looks like the needed interaction as to the ml-d's AOI could not occur. therefore the ml-d in nyc has no direct influence on Ernesto, unless the natural trend takes Ernesto further north (direct north, which is very rare from where Ernesto is presently 201208-08:7:27p EDT. remember AS TO MY THEORY for any storm/Low or Tropical Formation to be controlled FULLY by the AOI of the ml-d the Low's area has to have 2/3rds of its circulation passing within the ml-d's AOI notice in the following crappy drawing

(if image is not fully presented or too small try HERE )

that the ml-d's outermost rings (ONLY ON WHEN PULSED) is just outside the outermost circulation of Ernesto. Lets also watch just off ne/se.

BTW this crappy drawing or a version of it i first drew in 1980, sent The Weather Channel several version from 1992-1995 just in case someone thinks i am making the drawing fit the situation.

BTW2  some might ask that the outermost third of Eernesto's  circulation seems to be under the ml-d's outermost PULSED RING , yes, but Ernesto directional movement is going away so a slight tug will occur on Ernesto but that will turn it more WNW not N and if Ernesto's momentum continues it'll go fully out of ml-d's influence till jet-streams bring Ernesto's remnants back east or Ernesto reforms as ??? over the Pacific

ml-d ml-d AOI AREA OF INLUENCE Ernesto ml-d diary vis0 senor equis

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Will Ernesto have a NW turn or not (201208-06/07)

By: vis0, 9:56 AM GMT on August 07, 2012

(OF COURSE THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL its just like if Thomas Edison said in his time that one day we could use his invention / discovery of harnessing electricity (battery or solar power) to power cameras at higher altitude to help predict weather by taking a series of photos. Now its taken for granted, well what i state will be fact but its too early and no one gives a hoot to discover it for now.

As stated 24hrs ago (not to mention at least 9 times on my wunderground blog) that when the ml-d settings are turned ON, or changed a 2-3 delay period takes in effect as where the ml-d's activity rings START FIRST reaching the changed settings from THE OUTER MOST RING FIRST

(if image is not fully presented or too small try )
towards the INNER MOST RINGS. If one has read my blogbits one will notice how for instance Tropical Storms are affects IF THEY ARE WITHIN THE ml-d's RINGS/AOI.

As ml-d was off it seems Ernesto formed (THIS IS FOR THIS YEAR's Tropical Season as to what i call the Galacsic Cycle which present 2nd third of its ascending cycle ends August 4th 2012

(if image is not fully presented or too small try )

and its NATURAL  2 week delay is ~August 18th 2012. since the ml-d INFLUENCES weather NOT create it IT DEPENDS ON THE NATURAL TREND via several natural occurrences one of which is the Galacsic Cycle (undiscovered by modern science), others are Rossby waves, El NiƱo, etc. Now the problem for me are the next 2 weeks as i see what "natural trends" are to begin for this last third of the ascending Galacsic season. now as the ml-d takes hold nearer to the Northeast this means due to its settings (posted on earlier wxun blogbits) weather formation will act as if there is a vortex draining weather into / towards the NYC area AND THIS EFFECT becomes a form of "circular training" from the ml-d's AOI towards NYC.  Since this is part of what i call the "push-pull" affect this means activity near the ml-d's AOI will be influenced as to come towards the ml-d created inward vortex. So i am watching to see if after the 1st 24 hours of the ml-d's outermost rings tugging at Ernesto (till Monday Early AM) then letting go as the ml-d's next influence are the middle rings, then over NYC AREA will the eventual vortex push-pull be strong enough to slightly give Ernesto a NW tug towards the southern Gulf of Mexico or is it too far away AND IF does tug it can it capture Ernesto to bring it towards the southeast as a Hurricane?  About 67% depends on what this last third of the ascending Galacsic season is to bring, since i stopped studying NASA's star chart i don't even know,peace 

ml-d Ernesto 2012 ml-d AOI

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ml-d diary spider web 2 july 27-aug 04 2012

By: vis0, 11:22 PM GMT on August 05, 2012

ml-d setting was comprised by A SPIDERs (web). 2nd time i forget to do my weekly inspection as to spiders web in the last year,. This time it was that my DVD / ASTC system "conked out" so my mind was on fixing that. It seems the spider web began on the 27th or 28th of July 2012 as the ml-d's last close inspection was on the 26th and by noticing the web was fully developed i figure it took 5-6 days, By using the only ml-d readout device (reads a type of "hidden" "intrea-harmonic" output the device gives) it seems the spider's web on Saturday august 4th 2012 ~ 10pm (when spider web is discovered) had the ml-d instead of near #2,3, was as if at ~#1.4. Ml-d is now (Sunday 1AM August 5th 2012) is clean since a few hrs. ago and am slowly sending the setting to near #2.3 by Monday morning.

JUST MY THOUGHT: Here is were i wonder if 2012 Atlantic Tropical storm Ernesto formed as the ml-d let go of it push-pull effect (when the spider web affected it) and now that the ml-d is on Ernesto MAIN circulation is just out of the ml-d pulsed AOI reach (

To view the entire image/sizes try this link then scroll down in lower right; view ALL SIZES ), but lets see if the ml-d can tug at Ernesto's outer moisture bands (beginning Sat-Sun Aug. 3-4) as its settings are changed as the ml-d pulses. Don't forget the 2 to 3 day delay. beginning Saturday into Sunday ~ midnight, each day its 33% closer/corrected towards the desired settings, further away gets the first umph in energy, thus near Ernesto to Florida to Mississippi Valley across Canada then mid-Atlantic sees first energy rise in storm/weather outputs and thus (quasi-circular) pulse heads inward toward 27th St. 2nd. ave Manhattan were i live.

ml-d AOI AREA OF INLUENCE influnce weather Ernesto 2012 spider web vis0 senor equis

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