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ml-d diaery 201207-27

By: vis0, 3:03 AM GMT on July 28, 2012

Set ml-d Last night at 11pm 201207-26 remember 2-3 day delay. The ml-d has its setting to where they were before it was knocked over by the stack of VHS tapes (again doing my work from an Apt. not some high quality lab, and accidents happen). This means predictions that NOAA/NWS had as to the last NE storms of Thursday 201207026 being tornadic would have been 35% to 43% more on the correct side if the ml-d would have been set as now is , BUT 2-3 days earlier. i state this as their compu'rs i'm sure as most know use recent weather trends  to make future predictions, but since the ml-d went down storms in the ml-d's AOI  (THIS ml-d AOI map when ml-d is in NYC, not adjust to Planets quasi-spherical shape))►
see big size here

 lost almost 40% of their "umph" as i had the portable ml-d set only to #1.5 or so instead of the permanent ml-d set to NEAR #2.3. Some might say but there seemed to be some "upmh" on Tue 24th/Wed 25th in the Midwest, that's due to the 2-3 day delay that within the AOI storms get a sudden 'kick" as when we had those horrific tornadic outbreaks, IT WAS TO OCCUR NATURALLY but in re-setting the ml-d, AREAS WITHIN THE ml-d AOI received a "kick" of up flow to almost 2 times what was to occur so tornadoes became almost 2 times greater, be it in coverage size, duration, wind speeds.  Now lets see since NWS compu'rs are pulling back on the max predictions if some thought to be smaller storms reach levels of 30 to 50% higher than expected in the next week or so,peace

ml-d AOI AREA OF INLUENCE influnce weather Galacsic nyc senor equis vis0

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ml-d diary Greenland ice melts worst in 132yrs

By: vis0, 8:40 PM GMT on July 25, 2012

When the ml-d is turned on AND SETTINGS RAISED TOO QUICKLY it leads to temperature shifts underground which is expelled continuously BUT AT A VERY LOW temp change, be it cooling or warming.

As stated in earlier blogbits here at wunderground and throughout the webnet since the 1990s that the ml-d creates a continuous change in temperature as ONE OF ITS FIVE abilities in influencing nature. This temperature change at the ml-d setting of #2.3 is no higher than .01 degrees Fahrenheit, BUT IT IS CONTINUOUS thus it generates a similar affect as a downdraft moving ahead of a storm BUT instead there is no storm and the downdraft is really an updraft or since its so slow yet continuous the name that better represents it is an up-swell. Since its own continuous cooling gives it the affect of cool air going up a mountain in can generate its own continuous condensations to led to rainfalls to strong storms even control tornadoes and hurricanes (sent The Weather Channel encrypted clues on that and other subjects from what i call orange spheres to how complex animals reincarnate and 3 planets that have the opportunity to support life or has life on it about 6k yrs ahead of Earth, in its knowledge base (the ml-d has many uses including reading fields of energies not yet discovered by modern science, like Hubble using its X-ray abilities to see areas of the uni-verse not visible to visible light or other portions of the spectrum similarly one using the ml-d can see things that would freak most out like spirals flowing out of complex beings (Humans, for now) bodies). This i sent TWCH from 1990-1996/7. AGAIN only if LANDMARK Communications saved the "mr.X Dictionary" (handmade) I SENT THEM IN December 1989 CAN ANYONE UNDERSTAND WHAT I WROTE AND DREW, otherwise its all mumbo jumbo. 

The ml-d does what cloud seeding will never do and much more. To me cloud seeding is like trying to squeeze out as much from what is there or around that cloud. That's like squeezing an almost dry sponge or bringing together several almost dry sponges and squeezing that.. The ml-d injects natural weather actions to take moisture around it and build more moisture to eventually precipitate. This by raising up cool air thus generating continuous condensation. Think of one taking dry ice in a sealed container placing that container under a warm pot of water. THE warm pot of water has a DRY sponge taped to its bottom. Now  poke a hole in the dry ice  container so the only cool air escaping is upwards towards the sponge, since cooler air wants to go down (heavier) only a slight amount will reach the bottom of the pot around and through the sponge (the ml-d uses a natural Galacsic static to force the air upward thus the cool air itself creates its own support). Vwalla the sponge is now so soaked it begins to drip 'cauise on condensation generates from cooler air hitting warmer air.. NOT BECAUSE ONE TURNED ON THE HEAT to cause evaporation onto a sponge ABOVE the pot of water BUT BECAUSE one continuously cooled the air under the warm pot of water (warm pot of water represents earth atmosphere being warmed by stars incl. the closest, our sun.

Now as typed in a previous blogbit explaining on which side of the ml-d's generated LOW does a HIGH form as its opposing equal reaction then also as the ml-d is suddenly turned off or suddenly turned on and AT A HIGH NUMBER (above #1.0 @ 66% at each #1.0) the ml-d generates as the opposing affect a sudden up well of lite yet continuous heat from the planets mantels. Now i turned the ml-d on on July 4th 2012 (see July's blogbits at wunderground here► ve.html?year=2012&month=07   then scroll down to see the early July blogbits. ) ... at a setting of around #2.0 thus (2 x .66)+2 = 2.32 and for those that read my blogs understands once above #2.3 changes in nature reach the noticeable level of 2 times whatever is the norm. Thus #3.2 in ml-d terms equals 3 times the "norm". Also i've posted the ml-d at #2.3, i've noticed 3.0 (Richter scale) earthquakes are triggered or if the fault that reacts CANNOT put out one 3.0 to 4.0 earthquake it outputs several 2.0 to 3.0 quakes in "rapid fire".  Then at #3.2,  4.0 or the equivalent energy at smaller earthquakes are triggered NOT CREATED BUT TRIGGERED.  FOR MORE ON EARTHQUAKES READ MY BLOGS. Notice i posted on wunderground  about 1-2 days before i think a quake might be triggered as don't want people with mischievous ideas to know ahead of time where a quake might occur. Even wrote to NASA in 2010 but no response, sad as of all people NASA should know most science breakthroughs are weird to UNBELIEVABLE at first cause its new, but i guess even NASA has fallen under the "American" lazy ass syndrome to contribute to being 23rd in math, don't just blame the lack of funds blame the lack of wanting to hear ALL ideas as crazy as they read/sound 'cause that kid with a crazy idea might be today's Hubble or Tesla or Einstein and if she or he is ignored we all lose as the idea could be proven incorrect right off the bat and help the kid figure out something else or proven to have some validity and help all Entities better understand each other.  Imagination is free, the studying of (new) ideas is what leads to discoveries and those discoveries allows one to imagine even further. - me circa 1975 at Public School 116 on 33rd st. Manhattan.

Back to the ml-d, Now when i suddenly turn ON the ml-d as i did on July 4th 2012 REMEMBER I ALWAYS STATE THERE IS A 2-3 DAY DELAY and in suddenly turning ON the ml-d at such a high number this means that where their is land to its west (due in part to the planet's rotation"s") a cooling affect occurs that heads towards the ml-d (underground) and if there is water to the ml-d's East a warming affect occurs from the ml-d Eastward UNDERGROUND. So could it be that this SLIGHT BUT CONTINUOUS warming led to the Greenland ice to slightly melt (see this story► enow/la-sci-sn-greenland-ice-melts-20120725,0,6340 849.story  (COPY ENTIRE URL if not linking). The Greenland ice melt occurred July 8th through the 12th 2012, the ml-d was turned on at a high number (never done that before in NYC) on July 4th 2012, add the 2-3 day delay leads to the slightly hotter yet continuous underground ml-d output occurs/begins to the EAST and just outside the brown ring in this map :   ►
 Its not that the ml-d created it but could it enhanced the cycle to that occurs ever couple of  centuries as to upwelling warmer air from below/underground.

If you look AND REMEMBER Earth is 3 dimensional (duh) East of the brown circle includes Greenland, now i'm wondering if the heat triggered some underground Volcanic heat chain to affect all of Greenland,peace

Greenland ice melt July 2012 ml-d Galacsic wunderground Galacsic AREA OF INLUENCE AOI earthquakes

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ml-d 20120724

By: vis0, 6:54 AM GMT on July 24, 2012

*(Also sending this to Lee Golberg's Blog or Bust at ABC NYC website. Whether its posted or not is not my concern as i once in a while send them what i post at wunderground as respect to a request in a Will of someone i highly respected. That person asked me in the 1990s that i write to, then ABC's  news magazine 20/20 to study my device, i tried but ABC never responded. The person "passed on" and asked in a Will that i keep contacting ABC.)

Ever so slightly rising the ml-d at 201207-24 10-12midnight Monday into Tuesday. 

BUT i AM DOING SO IN A MANNER WHERE  i  AM STUDYING to see if i can remove the 2-3 day delay and cause a recharging of the atmosphere WITHIN the inner AOI of the ml-d WITHIN 24hours of changing the ml-d setting.

By my theories as what i am setting around the ml-d i think during the 1st 3-6 hours the ml-d's most outer rings OF THE INNER 3  AOI rings (FEMININE COLOURS in this drawing:

 Then from 6-12 hours its the ml-d's most inner rings OF THE INNER MOST rings that should see receive more (IN THE PRESENT SETTINGS) an uplift of air thus generate storms at almost 2 times the expected under natural settings. 
 After that i hope the ml-d maintains its ability to influence the weather within its AOI(s) as to the point it does not need to wait 2-3 days to get to its settings just a few minutes after the 12 hours of its "quick affects" settings. Side effect of this, because i am CONCENTRATING the energy through certain angles of ???????? is that there is an output microwaves around the ml-d BUT WITHIN  the walls of where the ml-d is housed. At present that means i only can become ill so i'm only trying this once or twice or ...3 times a year.
 Hope those reading this, noticed how when the ml-d was knocked out by the falling of ~80 VHS tapes (what happens when one tests science breakthroughs in ones apt./bedroom) the heatwave broke out west and it caused the longest warm/hot spell towards the East/NE and the moisture plums over Florida stopped/where weaker. Now once i fixed the ml-d ** ...notice heatwave is back on in the Midwest, moisture plums over Floria or Atlantic back On and cool air / fronts closer or go south of NYC. Think when was the last time you could see NYC skyline so crisp  in late July  'cause strong northern fronts keep scrubbing the air. Usually after May not till Oct.  one can't see the NYC skyline so clearly.
 NOW PLEASE REMEMBER ON AUGUST 4th 2012  (see 2012 Galactic calender:

 what i call THE GALACSIC  influence (which sets Rossby waves, as just 1 of 5 long term influences on physical readouts  to others as long as an 8 yr influence)  begins its next "command" which could be to keep the present affect or change it and will be fully presented by August 17th 2012 which is the 2 weeks it takes to influence the physical world.
 READS AS CRAZY , sure but its like a change in Rossby waves DON"T SHOW there affects right away it takes a few days same thing with Galacsics just that science hasn't discovered it, YET, Rossby waves were thought to be as nutty as those that theorized a Jet Stream and now less than ~100 yrs later those in the business of meteorology can't live w/o it.
 If one has noticed since i'm keeping the ml-d how fronts not only survive getting close to NYc where ocean air intake to builodings normally disturb the ability to front to use up flow BUT fronts are bowing over NYC and becoming stronger. i was thinking of setting the ml-d to #2.8 USING THE "QUICK AFFECTS SETTING STYLE" to see if by theory a "Derecho" should be maintained over NYC, but still worried of triggering an earthquake of 4.0 to 5.0 near NYC.  Notice the small yet unusual quakes over Northern NJ as i restored the ml-d a week ago (this happened earlier, but near Philly, its in my wunderground blog). coincidence who knows since i can't get anyone in science fields to study this device.
 **(had the portable ml-d On,  but at a lower setting; READ wunderground blog of the past 3 weeks as i'm "vis0" for exact info / ml-d diary),peace

ml-d AOI AREA OF INLUENCE Galacsic influnce weather senor equis


ml-d diary - hail in nyc july 2012

By: vis0, 2:52 AM GMT on July 19, 2012

As stated a couple of days ago since the set ml-d was turned back on and its 2-3 day delay ended Monday (201207-18) night some noticed an unexpected few showers reached slightly west of the latitude of nyc. Then on Wednesday notice the ml-d"s up flowing of ever so slightly cooler (0.001 to 0.10 F) yet doing this continuously  allows bow echoes to stay in tack or even increase in output over nyc where usually due to nyc's place on the map ocean air "kills" bow echoes formation over the city while bow echoes north of  nyc stay in tack. Anyone noticed nyc has had 3 severe bow echoes in 2012 and 3 other storms all 6 were not to be as strong, even on 3 of these 6 strong storms the NWS did not issue warnings till 25 to 40 mins AFTER THE STORM hit NYC. i had 1/2 inch hail on 23rd st. (Manhattan) 10 mins. after it began to rain (sheets of rain)  and the first weather warning was 15 mins later or 25'' after it began to rain.

hail in nyc july 2012 influnce weather ml-d ml-d diary senor equis


ml-d diary July 14th 2012(+201207-15)

By: vis0, 11:18 PM GMT on July 14, 2012

Hope for the few that might read my wunderground blog you've notice as to 2012 that the 3 times the ml-d was changed, off or down were the 3 times nyc had the heatwave move over it and the 3 times the Midwest/West had either noticeable cloud cover or rain. Since the vhs tapes knocked over the stationary ml-d a couple of  weeks ago PLEASE remember the portable ml-d has been on (its range being so wide i have it set at around #1.5 or #1.6) and though i turned on the stationary ml-d a week ago its finally tuned thus turned off the portable ml-d today 201207-14 Sat(remember 2-3 day delay). If one notices in these 2 weeks while no ml-d was on or above #1.6 we saw what would have occurred, the heat areas would fluctuate eastward (though, molasses slow) as is normal, the west would have summertime pop up showers, but as the ml-d goes on and near #2.0 - #2.3 moisture is attracted towards the east and away from the mid west.

NOW IMPORTANT  is if one reads the GALACSIC calender )

 the next OPPORTUNITY FOR A NATURAL TREND CHANGE IS AUGUST 3RD and anchoring by August 17th 2012. i state opportunity as i no longer read NASA star /energy charts from whence one can (HONESTLY) predict at above 90% what i call the 8 yr Galacsic cycle that influences the so called Rossby waves or any physical long wave influences. (look up my clues to that throughout the webnet since the 1990s) Therefore i don't know whats to occur next, but if its to have a drought anywhere outside of the ml-d's AOI (use non pulsed FEMININE colours Orange,Yllw,Red unless i state ml-d is pulsed)

 then it will be almost doubled while any drought inside the ml-d's AOI will be cut in half.
If the west is to have a 2 times the norm wet period it'll be a normal monsoon period
If the east is to have a normal rainfall it'll be almost double
and any tropical formations will tend to head N/NE from were their rotation hits the point to close their cloud formations. (when rain/moisture creates a closed circulation sound can act like either the attracting or repealing end of a magnet IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO INPUT INTO THE SOUND AND USE THE ml-d to steer it.

added 201207-15;

if i could have fixed the ml-d 1 day earlier you would have seen a more vigorous lightning show over nyc. That said notice the front did not lose its umph (scientific word ?) as it traveled towards the inlet as usually ocean breezes will "kill" such storms. Now SADLY lets watch as the heatwave worsens out west again. Though lets hope the "Galacsic" window occurring Aug. 33rd manifesting fully within the physical dimension by August 17th 2012 brings a change that leads to relief as to the heatwave (has to be a 3 to 4 times the norm Monsoon as the ml-d will cut 2 times off it. Thus the result 4-2=2, a 2 \times the norm monsoon which can put a dent into fires, dryness though too much causes dangerous channeled floods. Be warned campers if floods occur). Also lets watch the Atlantic and see if the El Niño alerts (though weak) alert is really a form of crying wolf after the ml-d redirects SLIGHTLY weather formations ,peace

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ML-D CLUES 2012-7-08

By: vis0, 8:48 PM GMT on July 09, 2012

ml-d Clues (Northern Hemisphere only) + post ml-d diary:

When the ml-d is used CONTINUOUSLY in an area where salt water is to its West the dominant HIGH will trend toward its East.
(pulsing the ml-d changes this affect)

(Was in Puerto Rico Jan. 2010 till early Feb. 2010 & April 2010 till July 2010) Had the ml-d On CONTINUOUSLY while in
Puerto Rico. Had 2 ml-d's running as one in Aguadilla, PR the pueblo / town not the
ciudad / city, another ml-d was in southern Puerto Rico to break the drought in Venezuela.

Please notice EurAsia had one of the hottest 8 months(i state a natural heatwave was tripled in heat / duration by the ml-d being set so high - near #3.0 - and continuously On)...
Coincidence?, well till the ml-d is tested in Africa*3* will never know

When the ml-d is used CONTINUOUSLY in an area where there is no salt water to the ml-d's West  or THERE IS fresh water to the West the dominant HIGH will trend toward its (ml-d's) West.

Please notice the western half of the North American continent (bit of Central America, yet due to the salty bodies of water (Pacific / Gulf) thus creating a tug-o-war as to the  the dominant High there, measure salt/Ph content to see the point. Notice the 3 breaks in heat out west occurred as the ml-d was "off / lowered"**4** Coincidence?, well till the ml-d is tested in Africa*3* will never know

The ml-d has never been used for more than a CONTINUOUS 2 month period (on a few occasions used for as much as 4 months in a calender year BUT NOT IN A CONTINUOUS MODE, till 2010 and 2011 & so far 2012*1*.

==========Asterisks explained==========


*3* Why Africa?, as what i considered FIRST as a side-affect but now notice its just tapping into the energy field of what i call Galacsics the ml-d triggers NOT CREATES, but triggers earthquakes. This i figure is occurring by changing ever so slightly BUT CONTINUOUSLY the temperature under ground around the ml-d's stable AOI thus causing underground shifts. Since i noticed this after the Haitian Earthquake of 2010 and the western Puerto Rican Earthquake of 2010 a few months later, it hit me to check my records. Problem was since i threw most records away (or buried some in NYS) in 1997 after giving up on anyone caring to respond as sent my writings to many in the scientific communities just to ask me any question as i understand it seems all to much to be real and since i never patent any of my ideas (except for toys in which i mold science clues to their plastics) i guess since i am doing this to help humanity its to good to be true. My last full "writings / clues" were to The Weather Channel from 1990 -1996/7 they never responded so i gave up.
 But it occurred to me that if in kept a few jotted notes of years past to match the ml-d use to earthquakes recorded by ""  and i found 5 or 6 that matched of a total 8. i began to tell family / friends in NYC to watch out for 4.0 quakes a week before i set the ml-d. Sure enough 7 quakes occurred during 7 settings since coming back from Puerto Rico in July 2010, 1st was in  SE Canada as i had the ml-d just north of the Kingston,NY bus stop (summer 2010) , weirdest was while near JFK airport one I THINK IN the Atlantic Ocean south of Long Island, most repeated was a specific setting on the portable ml-d while in N.J. seem to trigger 2 or 3 lite quakes near Philadelphia last year and scariest was when i thought i set the ml-d to #2.25 in finally creating a 1/100th micro setting "dial" as before only had 1/10th settings i.e. 2.1, 2.0,1.6 no 1/100th column as 2.11. 2.02, 1.63. Well after i thought i set it to #2.25 knowing that once i set the ml-d above #2.30 it seems to trigger quakes above 4.0 OR WHAT WOULD BE FELT AS A 4.0 EARTHQUAKE AT THE ML-D'S CENTER AOI. Went to take a ugly nap (for me no such thing bas a beauty nap, as every time i wake up i'm uglier) when i'm awakened to my bed shimming, VHS tapes stacked to 80 high slightly swaying. Turn on the TV to see a few minutes later that a quake centered in Virgina just occurred. Call sis, family to see that they are okay. An hour later it hits me to check the ml-d as i'm thinking oh well since i thought i had it set UNDER #2.30 that this quake being so strong was not a product of the ml-d. Guess what?, in adjusting to ml-d's 1/10s number i set it to the 1/100s number and the ml-d was at #2.52 and i think it caused the faster release of energy near the Virgina fault.  Coincidence?, well till the ml-d is tested in Africa will never know.

*4*To find the dates the ml-d was "off" see my ml-d diary as "vis0" at wunderground

Now does this mean every time i leave the ml-d ON - continuously that a heatwave will form in the direction as stated above?, NO the ml-d influences NOT CREATES WEATHER TRENDS, it enhances certain affects AND diminishes others. This depends on how i set the ml-d's 5 "intrea" settings and WHAT THE NATURAL (I PREFER "GALACSICS" TREND) IS TO BE. Since 1992 i've given glues to how i use "ea
" or "ae" as in "intrea" last was at wunderground, please try to  read my blogs to find that clue. but the settings in 2010 & 2012 are the same, only differences are the natural weather trends change and where in the world the ml-d is located. Then Puerto Rico & NYC (27th & 2nd Ave.) /nyc area,  now (so far) only in NYC/nyc area,peace

ml-d diary ml-d earthquakes vis0 Drought


ml-d 201207-08

By: vis0, 9:42 PM GMT on July 08, 2012

Stationary ml-d now @ #2.16 (re-re-repeating, to nature till something is @ 2 times or half of a specific "readout" its not reacting / joining w/ it s to get a noticeable affect...(don't forget the 2-3 day delay after ml-d is changed, though portable ml-d is On & unchanged as to its last settings). For the ml-d 2 times is at #2.30, NOT #2.0.

ml-d diary akamrx senor equis

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ml-d fixed? 201207-06

By: vis0, 11:04 AM GMT on July 06, 2012

On the 4th (201207-04) turned  on the HOPEFULLY fixed stationary ml-d  leaving the portable On till next Tue. This means storms should be 85% to least 100% more "serious" than the Friday (201207-06-1300) predictions , watch out State College, Pa areas (east-se-ward) (ACCUWEATHER)

please notice that after Spring 2012 began the 3 times the Northeast had heat waves or close to heatwave were when the ml-d was lowered or off, coincidence / luck or science experiment fact.  i remember the weather channel having a news report i the 1990s on a gentleman in the Carolinas testing if bass sounds, affect tornadoes (project was named "turtle"?, i the wrote to Jim Cantore (mid 1990s) that the man was on the "right" track. As i figured this out i the 1970s the figured out how to tap into that "intrea-sound' from within the sub-atom. Left clues as to how several types of black holes do this by taking in light and putting out a type of infrasound i call  infra/infrea/intrea sound is part of what i call "clear matter" (its 2 times more than "dark matter"), the rest is linked to Quasars / Novae left clues that on other sites.. BTW "the god particle" is the beginning  "window" to  this clear matter..lets see when they "see" this god particle intertwining (30yrs from now? depending on how long this self luv stays with the discoverers its only human.

ml-d diary the god particle infrasound clear matter dark matter Jim Cantore

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lets see weather or knot we like it (weather channel)...

By: vis0, 12:14 PM GMT on July 04, 2012

Still posting as "vis0" at wunderground BUT IF I EVER get to show my weather influencing device (ml-d) in Africa i'll have to post  at 1 of 3 other independent websites. Those AT THE WEATHER CHANNEL might remember me trying to get their attention from 1990-1996/7 as mr.x and sent wx-product ideas, (as a umbrella to Lisa Mozer then at twch)  a  few years later what became the gust umbrella / gust buster as coincidentally??? a guy who worked in Atlanta is credited for creating it.  i mention this as i offered another type of umbrella to wxunderground (Dr. Jeff Masters) in 2009/10 (no response yet) was 1 of 3 umbrella types i first drew up in the 1970s while at public school 116 in Manhattan, NY...lets see what happens (please search "ipernity, senor equis, nyc, ml-d" for more of the ml-d)

(apology as in facebook i forget to turn off a Firefox app that 'over" spell checks my created words or sentences thus created errors ),peace

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damaged ml-d...

By: vis0, 2:50 AM GMT on July 02, 2012

upset w/myself damaged  ml-d June 30 2012 [last time was over 4 yrs ago] till its fixed or build a new one [latter takes 2+ wks. fixing 2-5 days] heat pockets will head eastward. Setting portable ml-d On, at #1.6, it's less stable as its +/- is .52 WHILE 'STATIONARY' ML-D +/- is .02 [had no ml-d sometime from Sat, after 10pm - Sun. 10am, a case holding 200 vhs cassettes fell on it as i was outside]

ml-d diary correction

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